Journal Entry 02.22.2014


Journal Entry 02.22.2014

This morning saw a bright waning moon in the southern sky, with Venus glowing in the SE over the cloud-laden Blues. Great start to the day.

This afternoon I went for a walk… first one out at the lake. It was almost like spring, 50 degrees F, light breezes, with clouds swirling above. I saw a couple of falcons, a ring-necked pheasant and the first robin of the year. There was snow on the highest ridges above Mill Creek and more is forecast for tonight and tomorrow, but I was happy to be outside in the fresh air. I took my camera and, of course, went a little crazy taking photos. Good thing I moved to digital years ago. I used to use 35mm, Kodacolor, a good film, and occasionally Kodachrome (which isn’t made anymore). Better quality than digital with less camera.


I woke up last night while having a “discussion” with my guides. They’re very present, on the edge of my consciousness. I ask a question and they answer. It is silent speech; you’ll know it when you “hear” it.

I actually mentioned the Violet Flame to someone at work today. They didn’t know what I was talking about but didn’t make an issue of it. People are opening up to alternate perspective without really being aware that they are, as yet. Interesting.


For once, I had excessive energy to burn off, so the four mile walk was quite refreshing. The sunset was pretty, too, gray / blue clouds, sky tinted coral fading into gold and silver, with cloud-ships in the western skies above the prairie.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Hugs and Kisses,


17 thoughts on “Journal Entry 02.22.2014

  1. Hi Eliza, I’m Bill. My mother was Mohawk. I am starting to reclaim my heritage. It is just before sunrise in SW Ontario. Beautifully clear. Saw Venus very bright at 5:30 am. No cloud ships this morning. Yesterday morning my vision was a square mandala with creamy interior and some things on the four sides, but I couldn’t identify what they were. Perhaps you may know what they might be. My Guide was not close today – present but not speaking…yet.
    Spirits all around the planet – waiting, watching. Contact from very few people: wife, family, friends. I feel I’m on different frequency, higher dimension… Can be lonely without kindred spirits. Namaste!

    • Just left a comment on your May 18,2013 post, on Reassurance.
      Led to it by you, Angel. It was in my file from last year. Guide’s answer and help was immediate! Deep Gratitude and Thankfulness to Creator/Source and whole Company of Heaven!

    • Bill, mandalas are an ancient symbolic language. Four sides usually indicates the four sacred directions. Look to the mandalas used by indigenous cultures, the Hopi / Pueblo, the Mayans, the Tibetans and others. With your Mohawk blood, you may be reawakening to some ancestral wisdom. Allow it to develop and bloom. You will see when it is the moment of seeing. You will know in your heart when it is the moment. Reconnect with the people of your mother. The five nations still live. You will find your answers within. Eliza

    • The photos didn’t come through. I sent you an email from my address. BTW, your heritage shows in your face. You may be interested in also reading some of my messages via White Cloud, a Native American guide who also has been instructing Blossom Goodchild (from Australia) for a number of years. I encountered the presence of White Cloud near Lake Wallowa on a bit of holy ground set aside to honor the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce, who were forced to flee from their homeland so many years ago. The echoes of that people still resound in the surrounding landscape. And descendants of the Nez Perce and other tribes live nearby on the Umatilla Reservation, outside of Pendleton, Oregon.

      • Hope you now have the Cloud-ship photos by email. Thank you for the connections and history with White Cloud and Blossom Goodchild – and the comment on my photo.
        FYI: My mother (1986) was Mohawk. My oldest daughter, my two brothers, and I, have our Indian Status cards. My father (1971) was Irish (born and raised in Scotland) and emigrated to Canada in 1929.
        Thank you for the info on the mandala, and the comments and advice on re-awakening ancestral wisdom. Very helpful!
        It appears you connect the Mohawk with five nations. I have always understood that there Six Nations. Bill

      • Pardon me, Bill. The great nations of the Eastern alliance still live.

        I figured you had an Irish connection, as well. Gifted genetic lineage, the mystical Celt and Mohawk. Both peoples were driven from their homes and have gone through the fires of transmutation for just this time, so they can bring forth their ancient wisdom now when it is most needed by those who have lost their connection with the Earth and Sky.

        Long ago, I walked in Eastern forests, too, as a young man. A beautiful place.


      • Your guides are at your side waiting for you to invite their participation in your awakening and journey. Many blessings, dear man. There is much to re-discover and savor that is your own Higher Self’s wisdom and love. Eliza

  2. I was in a contemplation last night at bedtime and I thought of you (it was probably because my youngest son had been watching a reality show back-to-back episodes about prisoners and jail) and I also had my newly adopted cat go with me wherever I went. Many people do not understand what few little things I try to share with them (Violet Flame, etc.) so I am trying to speak in their language in the ways so they can understand Love you…! ❤

    • Yes, we need to be creative and compassionate when dealing with our unawakened kin. Yet, there is always someone who can surprise and delight when they suddenly “get” it. Love, Eliza

  3. Hi Eliza,
    So nice to see you up and about in the nature you love so much, we all do really.
    Please keep snapping away with your wonderful photo’s on what ever camera, they will be great because of your perspective. Let me try to remember….Kodachrome Asa 40? Were you part of the 70’s-80’s, blue images crowd? Photos had to be shot with a blue hue, like a color blind, Monet? :).
    I smiled at this sentence:
    “It is silent speech; you’ll know it when you “hear” it.”
    Can’t wait!!!

    • Michael, I’m not so very aware of the technical details of photography. I just point and shoot. Having a “good eye” helps; always have been good at composing. Just ask one of my former art teachers, those still living…

      And I’ve been hearing that quiet inner speech for years upon years. Haven’t always listened but am endeavoring to do so now. Blessings, Eliza

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