The Council of Nine: On Self-Mastery


The Council of Nine: On Self-Mastery

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine. It has been some time since we last spoke through this scribe on our “own”. Yesterday, as our scribe was returning home from a refreshing walk in the country, she noticed a grouping of cloud-ships in the western skies. Yes, we and many other Star Nations, have ships in your skies, all busy on various missions and for different purposes.

Many of the awakened ones of GAIA wonder why we have not yet landed upon your shores. We understand and feel your pain and frustration and desire for change to manifest instantly, but we cannot remain long in your environment as yet nor would you be comfortable for very long in ours at your current frequency level. It is for the similar reason that your cousins, the Lemurians, have not yet revealed themselves freely among the surface dwellers.

The vibrational patterns of most of humanity have not risen to the level that would enable ourselves to be visible to you, without us lowering our frequency enough in order to be seen. It is a simple matter of physics, dear ones. You cannot see or feel what is not within your own frequency range. As you raise your personal frequency you will begin to “see” into other worlds and dimensions, including our own. Until that moment, each of you needs to continue clearing your physical vehicles of the stored thought-forms that weigh you down, like ballast on a hot-air balloon.

Do not depend on the actions or decisions of someone outside of yourself to free you from your own miscreations, for to do so is to continue to disempower yourself. You are here to reiterate or to walk through the stages of ascension into full consciousness and mastery. This can ONLY be accomplished individual by individual. As a result of a pre-existing interconnecting web of light that ties all life together in a living Web, what one does affects everyone else around them. So, as you gain mastery, your light will naturally flow forth into your world and all, conscious or unconscious, will be affected. You will begin to notice that people seem to be waking up more rapidly than perhaps you did.

Another consideration in the process of ascension is pre-birth contracts. Some of the souls who volunteered to come to this planet also agreed to go “first” and to begin to blaze the trail that many others would follow. It does not mean that you need to follow these individuals but to take what resonates with you and discover your own pathway, for each one is unique.


Many lies told to you by authorities of all stripes have served to keep mankind from re-connecting with the ancient wisdom that dwells naturally in the heart center and higher mind. You have been instructed to look to an outside Savior or saviors to fulfill your salvation, but this is not the path to Mastery. Becoming a master involves much personal sacrifice and dedication, leaving behind much that is considered “normal” in life, yet offers much solace and peace to the one who discovers the inner sanctum of Peace and Love within with the Beloved.

The Beloved is your own Soul and Higher Self, parts of your multi-dimensional nature that you left behind when you entered into embodiment. You were told that you would be veiled and so it has been a journey of some length to pick up the threads that would lead you back to the Secret Garden wherein the sacred Pink Diamond lies. And still further to reactivate and reignite the flames of the sacred altar of your own Heart, allowing your Soul and Higher Self to descend into your physical vessel for longer periods of time.

Many are those who have experienced the bliss and wonder of connecting with the Divine during periods of meditation, but would you not want to extend this bliss into every moment of your existence on this beloved planet, whether or not your outer circumstances reflect your inner experience? Monks and hermits have lived in caves without light and heat for years, without the requirement of material luxury, and have connected with the Divinity that lives within each of you and within us, too. Material goods, health and abundance are not necessarily signs that you have raised your frequency levels. Many times those who strive for self-mastery will be confronted with many tests and trials as every step of mastery must be won and re-won.

Cosmic and universal law also prevents us from landing too soon on the surface. Remember the crews of Star Trek and their efforts to uphold the Prime Directive? The creator of the series was a visionary who understood that a more developed star nation could not interfere with the development of a world that had not yet developed intergalactic travel on their own. Thus, members of enlightened Star Nations, as well as angels and light beings have answered the call to embody during this profound transitional cycle for your planet. Only from the inside can a people be changed. Each individual who has embodied here now has an opportunity to contribute to this mass awakening process called ascension. You are your own savior, but only by doing the work yourself and making a lasting commitment to your own inner being to let go of all human conditioning and to be willing to let go of the need to control, cajole or direct your own inner process. You need to be willing to not know the next step and for many this means releasing the conditioning of years of education and advice from mentors on the need to plan and delineate every step of your life plan before it happens.

You have created a life plan before you came into embodiment, but it will be one that is very different than that meant by your mentors. By going willingly into a world darkened and made heavy by centuries of miscreation and disempowerment of the masses, you have dropped yourself into a dark miasmic sea from which you need to discover the way out, on your own. Along the way you will discover your own intuition, inner hunches and feelings that verify that you are on the right path, IF you choose to acknowledge them. Much of what humans have been taught has been to distrust intuition and to shut down your feelings, as being unreliable. You have been encouraged to shut down and armour your heart so you won’t get hurt. You have been encouraged to look outside of yourself for direction and guidance, looking always to the minister or priest, the teacher, the doctor, the accountant or business advisor, to the congressman or representative… always to another. Such is not the path of mastery. The only one who can guide you, as a unique being of god back to your Center and purpose is yourself, your Self, as you exist in the lighted worlds from which you emanated as a being of pure consciousness.


Yes, you will discover other beings like you who yearn to return Home, who will serve as lighthouses and lanterns in the darkness that surrounds your early steps, but only you can take those first staggering steps that lead through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, out of the illusions that have been woven around human consciousness for so long. The stories of just how long vary, but the evidence is there, the world as you have been taught as a human, is an illusion and will dissipate of its own as the frequency of the planet rises. Even now, as the depths of hypocrisy and arrogance of the few who have controlled the many are revealed in ever more glaring detail, the illusions of the third dimension will crumble and fall before the righteous indignation and rage of the many who have formerly surrendered their personal power to these controllers. Yet, in rage and anger does not the path to Mastery lie.

One must surrender the need to punish “other” as well as the desire for “other” to act as one’s savior. See these as being two sides of the same coin, one that represents what the people of GAIA have done for a very long time, and that is surrender their power to leaders and beliefs and leave their hearts behind, dusty and forgotten. Where you have been sub-divided and categorized as being from different nations, cultures, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, families, etc., you will find beneath the surface the same colored blood, the same organs and beating heart and a Spirit that binds you all together as One living collective along with every other living creature upon the planet, as well as the elements that make up the planet, air, fire, earth and water. Your body is made up of the elements of the planet and one more, ether or aether, the consciousness that enlivens your physical body lest it be clay and return to the earth from which it sprung at the moment of the merging of egg and sperm.

Your body is NOT you. You are a living consciousness, a light being, who is sojourning upon the surface of this gracious planet for the purpose of bringing heaven to earth, that is, anchoring the full consciousness of your own Higher Self within your physical vessel so that the reality of a New World can be manifest within your waking life. Each of you is a carrier of the seed of God within; it is up to each of you to allow the seeds to germinate, grow and bloom into their full beauty and potential.

So, to return to our reasons for not yet landing on the planet, we will when enough are ready to receive us with open hearts. Contact has been made on an individual basis already, primarily through lucid dreaming and so we prepare you for our arrival.

We come in Peace and with the highest regards for your current struggles and endeavors to free yourselves from tyranny, but remember you came here out of choice. The work ahead of you is your journey of self-discovery, your journey back to self-enpowerment and creativity. Each step that you take is won forever and emblazoned in the Halls of Akasha as being won by your soul. Would you deny your Soul the right to win greater mastery through its own endeavors? We would not and so we do not interfere.

Nevertheless, we are here to assist and guide you from within, to give you encouragement and assurance that what you do is for the good of all. Humanity has come a long way, dear ones, but further steps are needed before all can come together in peace and harmony. Let that peace and harmony find its way into your own hearts, dear ones, and feel our presence there as we are truly One in love and light.

Ascension is a journey to self-discovery and mastery of self. It is a journey of one and the many. And on the journey you will discover that you are not alone, that many stand beside you. Perhaps you cannot “see” us yet or even feel us, but we are here, for we are your brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives. We are your twin flames and soul mates, your loved ones whom you left behind. We hold the balance for you as you walk through your daily trials. You are not alone, ever.


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13 thoughts on “The Council of Nine: On Self-Mastery

    • Thank you, Maria Isabel. I “felt” their presence this morning as I woke up. Our Pleiadian friends wish us the best. They have created much karma for themselves through past dealings with this planet and have become wiser and more patient to allow the process to proceed naturally within its own cycles and flow. Love to you, Eliza

  1. Hi sister,

    You always take your camera with you. So, , next time when you see the cloud ships or a UFO, please don’t forget to take a snap and post onto your blog.

  2. a wonderful gift of wisdom for me today, thank you!
    I have been searching for an open channel to the Council
    and am happy to find a loud, clear voice! Namaste’

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