Journal Entry 02.20.2014

Washington Native Plant Society Workshop 2012 081

Journal Entry 02.20.2014

Interesting day just passed (02.19.2014). I understand that the planet was hit with yet another large CME, courtesy of our Sun. However, instead of feeling exhausted and burnt out, I was feeling pretty mellow and happy today. Nice. And everything seemed to flow well. Amazing when that happens; I am so grateful when it does.

And tonight did a great Violet Flame meditation with the Elohim Arcturus and Victoria. Ahhhh. Violet flame is better than ice cream.

We’re all changing at such a rapid rate, it’s important to let go of the river bank and go with the flow. Leave off planning and thinking and just do it, whatever it is. Takes a lot of trust, I know, but that’s what we here to learn.

Well, just a little message tonight. I probably did feel the CME early this morning ‘cuz I woke up about 4 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep. Even the early rising didn’t cut into my energy reserves; I felt great physically all day, as well.

BTW, the State of Washington got a major dump of snow today in the mountain ranges. Snoqualmie Pass, a major east – west conduit was closed (CLOSED) for over seven hours. The pass is fairly low, but can receive a tremendous amount of snowfall within hours. Crystal Mountain also added 113 inches in seven days. That’s nearly a month’s worth of snow (or more) in a week! I guess the weather is making up for lost time. Looks like Washington farmers, at least, will have plenty of water this coming growing season. Fortunately for the major towns and cities, the snow stayed in the mountains. We didn’t have even a drop of rain in the valley today, just lots of chilly wind and piles of clouds above the Blues.

Spring is just around the corner, folks, for those of you who live in the Northern latitudes. And for those in the south, the cooler weather is approaching, a good thing if you have been suffering through a long fire season like Australia has been experiencing.

Use lots of Violet Flame in your meditations, for your own transformation and clearing and for GAIA. She is in great need of it right now.

Hugs and kisses,


3 thoughts on “Journal Entry 02.20.2014

  1. I’m wondering how it will be like here in southeastern Arizona this coming summer. It’s so dry here now and the other day I had a dream about needing to water down the plants, trees and such fairly soon. The problem is the city we live in charges high fees after certain amounts of Ccf of water is reached. Last summer we put in water devices to help cut down the water usage and it is definitely helpful when we live on a property with a lot of tall Oleanders. Anyway my ❤ to the upcoming fire season here in certain parts of US and definitely those in places like Australia. I do understand what we are going through for the Gaia changes and such, but to the unawaken people, they don't so ❤ and light to them and definitely blaze on the Violet Flame. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂 ❤

  2. Good morning Eliza,
    My name is Maria, I’m from Sao Paulo – Brazil. I love your posts I usually translate them to portuguese so that other people are able to read them. I’m grateful for you and your posts, they are like flags of the path.
    And you always make update about how the weather is going over there…I’m sorry about the cold and snow… so I send to you as a present of mine the warmth and brightness of the brazilian sun to brighten your day.
    Kisses and hugs

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