Journal Entry – Ascension Symptoms, et al

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Journal Entry – Ascension Symptoms, et al

by Eliza Ayres

Is anyone else experiencing memory loss? It’s only minor lapses when I’m talking to someone. I’ll forget a word in mid-sentence. Just forget. I’ll remember later, but the moment is past. It’s just another, sometimes funny “symptom” of ascension. The brain is getting re-booted like a computer drive; the rational mind is being taken off-line, at least somewhat, and replaced with more right-side functioning, coming from an intuitive, knowing level.

This phenomenon, while somewhat disconcerting (occasionally) isn’t really anything to worry about. It’s a phase. It’s also vital to trust that your higher self, who is now taking over the driver’s seat, knows what it is doing.

Another thing… there is kind of pattern to the waves of energy and how they affect each of us. I’ll feel really good one day and the next, more symptoms crop up. Resting is a must these days, when I can. And I totally crave alone time. I get it at home, but not work, as you might suspect.

Dealing with all the changes, transitions and transformations with a large dose of humor really helps. Be kind to yourself and others, especially if a little irritability crops up due to the added stress of change. Learning to go with the flow and release expectations and the need to control any outcome, is also helpful.

The energies continue to be very strong today. I can feel them when I pause for a moment.

As for emotions and memories coming up for “review”, we’re currently undergoing past life reviews (at least some of us) although I’ve been doing that periodically over the past 20 years. The memories don’t seem to catch at me like they did many years ago, but I’ve released the need to be attached to them. I have arrived at the understanding that I’m living several simultaneous lives in various dimensions, planets, etc. and that it is simply not necessary to concern myself about what is going on elsewhere. When it is appropriate, I will move my focus, but not now. Be here now, is the mantra of the moment. Reflect and allow whatever comes up to be gently released. Running some Violet Flame to facilitate release is always good, just remember to “fill in” the holes left over with some nice Purple Ray (for support and reconstruction) as well as Pink Ray for love and compassion to bring your auric field back to a stable condition.

Change is occurring at so many levels, so make sure that you’re getting the rest you need, extra laughs to lift spirits, hugs and kisses (whether from loved ones or beloved pets) and good doses of nature when you can manage to get outside.

Hugs and kisses to all,


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4 thoughts on “Journal Entry – Ascension Symptoms, et al

  1. yup,i’ve experienced memory ‘lapses’ for the past few months…even today, i was writing and i couldn’t remember how to spell ‘tune’..for just a it toon,thune?…(and i was an English major!)….for me, i’ve kinda gotten ‘used to it’ and it makes me chuckle and i reassure so many Others who think it’s senility. It can be ‘almost fun’ when i forget in the middle of a sentence to just ‘fess up…then laugh and shrug my shoulders. Especially when i’ve ‘forgotten’ someone’s name…easier to just say That, then try to ‘fake it’. oh, well…what the heck, huh?!

  2. oh, and heavy rain and wind here in SW Wa. The sun peeked out for a few moments today and i rushed outside to just feel it on my face and in my heart. The rains are such a blessing for the green lushness. (and i don’t have to shovel it) thank you for your reminder of the purple and pink rays…blessings and a hug to you.

  3. Yes, the memory lapses, I have them too, forgetting what I ate the day before or names and what I wanted to do. Iam used now to write down when I have appointments or other ‘important’ stuff. I greet changes and they can’t come fast enough for me 😉
    This winter is one of the warmest since long and it really looks as if spring is around the corner hurray. This is good for Mother Nature with lesser heating and salt on the roads. I love spring. ❤

    Love and blessings to you my dear sis ❤ ❤ ❤

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