Journal Entry 02.16.2014


Journal Entry 02.16.2014

Just a short bit to note that the energies are particularly present today. When I stop my various activities for a moment, I can feel them clearly. Strong, fluid and persistant… and neutral.

We had a brief break in the weather today, but with a peek at the weather radar, it looks like we’re in for another bout of rain / snow starting in a few hours. It takes a while for Pacific storms to get inland, depending on wind velocity, but I know a big one is coming. Still, our weather has been moderate compared to the Mid-West, South and NE States’.

I’ve had rather a lot of practical projects this weekend having to do with work and household chores. And with the strong energies have felt a stronger desire to rest and sleep. It’s all a matter of keeping some balance so I might get things done and relax, as well.

Thank you to all my commenters on your continued support of this work. I never know quite how my words are going to affect (or not) my readers and am still quite surprised to see that they do. Still working on the self-confidence side of things, although I have advanced quite far from what I was just a couple of years ago.

The new energies are quite “new”, a bit unsettling and that’s all for a purpose; to enable us to let go of the last little bits of “stuff” that may be holding us back. Early spring cleaning, I think, folks.

Be well. Love yourself thoroughly. Give yourself a hug. And smile. Laugh. Play with a child or a loved pet. And enjoy life by the moment.

Hugs and kisses,


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