Journal Entry 02.12.2012

Eggs & Butter

Journal Entry 02.12.2012

It has long been a joke among outdoor-oriented folks in
Washington State that if you wait five minutes the weather will change. Well, it took a bit longer, but where we had 28 degrees F temps on Sunday, it is 51 degrees F today, with swiftly melting snow. Needless to say, the creeks are full of melting snow waters and the white is turning to brown on the ridges. Fortunately, the snow we depend on for summer water lingers a long time in the cooler NW facing canyon of Mill Creek. And Bluewood Ski Area received some nice powder over the weekend which will be consolidating down into some fine spring-like snow conditions.

We call the warm winds Chinooks; the weather systems emerge out of the Southern Pacific, through the Hawaiian Islands in what is also described as the Pineapple Express. Equally possible, until late in spring, is a total reversal of the temperatures. And it’s been particularly abnormal and unsettled this winter, with extreme drought conditions for the most part.

I’m experiencing an extreme drought of my own in regards to writing. Not feeling motivated or inspired right now. I seem to be processing quite a bit of… something… at a level deeper than conscious thought. Am feeling stronger physically which feels nice, especially coming into late winter, early spring (just a month away per calendar).

Am facing some challenges and changes at work, although nothing I can’t handle. Had a classic Mercury Retrograde confrontation with an individual the other day. She reacted way over the top. Interesting. I was able to keep my voice down and even the entire time, and also managed to hold my own despite the woman’s manifest aggressive attitude. She backed down. I would rather work with someone, but when they attempt to walk over me, they’re not going to get far.

For my readers who live in Northern latitudes, it’s nice to have more sunlight streaming in through the windows in the late afternoon, isn’t it. Soon I would like to hit some local low-level trails, especially at a local lake, once the mud has dried a bit. I’ve gotten to be kind of a fair-weather hiker in Eastern WA. I used to clomp through the mud, all seasons, in Western WA, but I had lots of company. The trails here are lonelier. Sometimes I will go all day without seeing a soul. Depends on the trail.

Well, enough for now. Hopefully some inspiration will emerge and there is a three-day weekend looming.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Silly “holiday” but some people enjoy it. Love shouldn’t just be expressed on holidays, but everyday.

Hugs and kisses,


Photo: Daffodils, Spring 2013

2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 02.12.2012

  1. Opportunities to clear old wounds are really coming up the last few days! Situations and those around me are triggering old 3D frequency loops that I want to be free from. I’m appreciating all the parts and seeing connections…but still have to go deeper. This clearing process feels new, and requires something distinctly new from me. The whole illusion that there’s anything solid to hold onto is rapidly disappearing. I’ve also been digging out lots of snow & ice the last few days – a perfect metaphor! Seems important that I express my appreciation for the space you hold here – the light & warmth support my inevitable thaw. Right now even my thoughts are awkward chunks – like the ice that hasn’t found its’ natural flow yet.

  2. Hi Eliza,
    We’ve had a very unusual snow/ice storm in South Carolina this week – forced hibernation. Woke up bored (always a sign that something’s about to happen) and now can barely put thoughts together. Here we go again!
    Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

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