Eliza – On Leaving the Warrior Behind

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Eliza – On Leaving the Warrior Behind

Yesterday I had a Timeline Clearing with Master Thoth. I love it when I can express such things with a matter-the-fact kind of air. Master Thoth was channeled by Christine Meleriessee or Mel as she is called, of Walking Terra Christa, a spiritual teacher based out of Mt. Shasta, CA (www.walkingterrachrista.com). A timeline clearing passes through all 144 levels of your multidimensionality. It is a powerful process that takes but a half hour or so to accomplish, considerably shorter than it took me to get to the place where I could face the revelations.

With what I learned or had verified confirmed much of what I have connected with through recent years of inner clearing work. I have been a warrior, both female and male, in many lifetimes upon this planet. And since a short difficult life spent in Lemuria, I have carried an energetic shield of protection, which, in effect, made it difficult for my higher self to contact me. I have relied more on my masculine energy than feminine, primarily as a means of survival. And I have walked dark paths as well as light ones. Now, I can let go of the third dimensional duality and integrate the dark into the light, to become Whole, again, reunited with my higher self and Soul.

As the timelines ascend, you come to know a bit of your origins from various levels. I was told that I’m extremely powerful, power that emanates from my connection with Archangel Michael, as one of his Warriors. He is a part of my I AM Presence or I am a part, a very humble part, of Him. I’ve felt that connection for a very long time and rejoice in knowing it consciously.

In my Galactic timelines, I have connections to the Arcturians, Sirians and Pleiadians; again, no surprises there. Nearly every night, I call upon the Arcturian Healing Guides to work with my auric field and bodies. And I’ve connected quite consciously to my cousins the Sirians and Pleiadians through my channeling work and night time chats.

At another timeline, I discovered my participation as a member in the Order of Melchizedek; again, not surprising although I have not had a much confirmation of that before this time. And I was embodied during the years when our Lord walked upon the earth, although I do not yet know the particular connection there. I have long regarded Yeshua as a Brother and even some 27 years ago “spoke” to Him in moments of spiritual despair and contention. I couldn’t understand why people would call him the only Son of God. I probably knew him as a man like any other, a teacher and one who strived to bring God’s love to the conscious awareness of those who shared his world. Hmmm…

Apparently, at a galactic level I am highly gifted with knowledge of “high tech.” I have no clue right now what that might consist of as I’m mystified by IPhones and don’t use much in the way of “high tech” accoutrements in my present life. Still, it seems that will be revealed in good time as I continue to allow my Higher Self to de-ascend into my physical body. There are some natural gifts that I use, as I can pick up the use of software pretty easily and always have, but I don’t really fiddle with techy toys beyond my laptop and digital camera.

At the 46th level or so of my multidimensional being, there is a connection to the Divine Mother / Father God, as we ALL share; it is a part of our Oneness.

At the 50th level, comes the connection to Archangel Michael, as one of his warriors… I connected to Him a long time ago and speak to Him just about every day, although I have never yet channeled a message from Him. He’s just a part of me as I am a part of Him.

At the 100th level, I am an emanation of the spirit of Ra and have carried much of his fire into this embodiment. I can smile at the clever disguise of a quiet retiring woman. We are so much more than we seem.

I share these things with you, not out of a sense of ego and pride, but to let you know that each of us contains different levels of Beingness, which is now in the process of being integrated into our daily conscious awareness. We truly are Gods in potential and carry within or will carry great power. Yet that same power must be balanced in full measure with compassion and love, as well as wisdom. And the feminine nature will be united with the masculine in the sacred marriage as the emotional and mental bodies become a unified body of light.

The masters teach us that we are part of a soul family or monad, which consists of 144 souls. Over this monad is our Over Soul or I AM Presence and so on, until one stands before the Throne of the Presence. We speak in metaphors as God has no shape but is pure Thought. During the process of de-ascension, we are reuniting with all 143 other “parts” of ourselves. It does not mean that you will suddenly find yourself flying a Pleiadian light ship, although you might experience this during lucid dreams, but that you will have access to all the wisdom and experience garnered by your individual parts throughout their simultaneous existence. Of course, there is much more to the process than can be expressed here, but that is for each of you to discover for yourselves.

Trust your inner wisdom, dear ones, and know that you are greater than you seem. Even though you walk today through the valley of the shadow of death, you shall emerge into the Light of the New World, which even now exists all around us. It is a process that will take a while as we are working with vessels of clay that can break or fail if the energies become too intense. Yet those of us who go forth as wayshowers, each of us with our own unique way, will demonstrate the way forward for those who follow in our footsteps.

It is a time to surrender to the Higher Self and to allow Mother / Father God to direct our path. Each of us has work to do. Know that this work starts first with a foundation of learning to love self and then integrating the Higher Self into the body. Surrender, acceptance, allowance and compassion will lead the way as you open up to the higher energies and reunite with all the formerly “lost” parts of self left behind in unexpected places.

Some months ago, in a dream the Divine Mother handed me a bowl of seeds, a symbol of nurturance. And so I lovingly surrender the warrior energy that has protected me for long ages and embrace the Divine Feminine that wishes to reunite within.

All that read these words, whether today or years from now, are frontrunners for a new humanity. Much is to be done to reclaim our world for the people and the creatures that walk upon her surface. Much healing needs to be done for the Earth that has suffered at the hands of the ignorant and prideful both. Let us return to the way of our wise ancestors who knew how to walk softly on the earth and to leave only soft footprints in the soil or bent stems in the grass. We are our ancestors and can reach within ourselves and pull out the knowledge that has been stored for so long within our own etheric bodies. However, to do so, we first need to acknowledge the need to integrate and accept ourselves as we are now and then going forward, step by step. Let us accept the need to fully acknowledge and love all of our parts, and then to ground the highest essence of our Beingness as fully into our physical bodies as we can.

These are challenging times, but they are also times of great potential and expansion. It is all a matter of perspective. What direction do you choose for yourself, dear ones? Will you go forth into the Light, in full acknowledgement of all you have been, all that you are, and all that you will be? Or will you settle back into the shadows and sulk for another thousand years? The choice is yours and yours alone.

For myself, I will walk forward into the Light of RA, on the Path of Return.

Blessings to all my sisters and brothers. Namasté.

I AM Eliza

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20 thoughts on “Eliza – On Leaving the Warrior Behind

  1. Thank you, Eliza. This is an amazing post to read right this moment.

    I have just spent several hours reading at FreerSpirit – a site I found today because you posted a link on Facebook. She reads Akashic records, and has several posts about simultaneous lifetimes and more.

    I feel — my intuition is telling me — that to shift into love, love, love, total love for all things and including and starting with myself, is the KEY to everything we’re doing. I’m getting intimations that suggest things like — “you can’t make the horseshoe until the fire is hot enough to prepare the metal” — that to try to “do” something before I have heated and purified sufficiently is premature.

    So I’m just keepin’ on keepin’ on.

    I can answer the question, though, at the end of you post — I choose to go forth into the Light, no matter what. Simply no matter what.

    Thanks, as always, for sharing your journey. Mel does seem like extremely good news. I signed up for their emails and I find them helpful, insightful & informative. Thanks for sharing the experience. much love, Sarah

    • Your intuition is quite correct… learning to love self is FOUNDATIONAL to the ascension process. Nothing will happen if you continue to carp and complain about life and what is “happening” to you. All that we experience and look upon is SELF. As long as there is a corresponding emotional hook, you need to continue the inner work… and that, my friend, will continue until you are well secured in your 5D Light Body. It is a sober realization that not many people want to face right now. And yet… there’s so much fun in discovery, isn’t there! Here is where my warrior energy serves me well. I’m not afraid of death as I have faced it in all its forms and know with all my heart that I AM eternal. Love, Eliza

  2. Articles like these make your blog a unique one! Pleasure to read them. Well, now that you can track your past lives, could you reach the beginning point or the origin of your soul life?

    • Chetan – the Creator gave birth to “me” and “you” and sent us into Creation to experience. There is no beginning except in God and no ending except in God. On this planet, I was first embodied on Lemuria, apparently a short, difficult life as a female. Atlantis was next… and so on. Love, Eliza

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  4. Thank you my dear sister and I so agree with you. Self love is paramount for so much and until we learn to love and forgive ourselves we can’t go further. I learned so much ybout myself the last two years and to accept and integrate also my dark side I had as a preparation time for this incarnation. Now I learn and work on being MY SELF in this incarnation. To accept who and what I AM and to live exactly this. There is a warrior in me too, I had my times in the legions of light at the side of beloved Michael too.
    Much love and blessings, Isabel

  5. Thanks for sharing, dear Elizabeth. It is a profound article!

    It seems that February’s theme is RELEASE, and releasing some of our darkest attributes shall clear the space for more Loving. That is my conscious intention, for the next few days especially.

    Happy February!

    new desert

  6. Eliza – for many years I have also called Yeshua my brother, and refer to him that way to others. Christianity is based on a mistake that was made by calling him “the only son of God”.

    When he said –
    “I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Way and The Truth and The Life; no man comes to my Father but by me alone.” (Aramaic Bible in Plain English)
    he was simply saying that “no one cometh to the Father except through the “I AM” He said I AM THE WAY and they mistranslated that as HE is the way.
    As we now are returning to the I AM presence, we are remembering that we are all the “son of God”.

    I concur with you about the “de- ascending” you speak of, that I have been told is the process that I am also going through as I bring my higher self into embodiment here.

    All My Love

  7. Eliz – I am honored what you have written about your session. You say it with such eloquence and style. It makes me want to have a session with Thoth myself although I have already done so. It was a pleasure to work with you and thank you for joining our soul family of light.
    Love and blessings, Rev. Christine Meleriessee – Mel

  8. This is wonderful – I completely connect with your explanation of being all things at once – I also feel the shame/guilt of difficult timelines has been largely ameliorated – I can access them without sorrow.

  9. I can relate so much to this too,we are so similarly connected,so it’s not just with White Cloud! How interesting was it to read about your protection blocking you,as I have never been able to ask for protection,I have tried to due to others telling me I should, but I feel as if I am going against ‘my truth’ I get very teary.
    I read in Remember the union a statement that spoke to my heart and soul “Take thee from within thy shield of protection it serveth thee not”
    I will share your post on my site, thank you Elizabeth,it always makes me smile how I get guided here when I am meant to read something,I normally am too busy to read the endless emails that go into my inbox everyday,but I clicked on this one that was sent by Heather along with many others and felt the need to read when I saw it was from you ….much love Kerrie

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