Journal Entry 01.29.2014

Horse at Sunset

Journal Entry 01.29.2014

January 30th is Chinese New Year and heralds the Year of the (Wood) Horse. I painted this horse a few years ago. Hope to have some time to do more artwork!

We had a touch of blue sky this afternoon, not a big deal for some people, but we’ve had two straight weeks of fog and overcast here. And another Pacific storm is coming onshore even as I write. Finally some fresh air is coming into the valley!

We’re having an influenza epidemic locally. Three people in my office were sick today. I’m feeling fine.

Working in a heavy-duty 3D environment is a trip. I’m really experiencing dual dimensions, 3D at work and 4/5 at home, depending on what I’m doing. Bridgework… I guess.

I’ve noticed that I’m starting to see “sparklies” in the air around me when I’m in a relaxed state and it doesn’t take much to see prana bubbles as well as the vortex coming off my third eye. Developing slowly, bit by bit.

Enjoy your evening / morning / day.

Hugs and kisses!


10 thoughts on “Journal Entry 01.29.2014

  1. Good Evening, Eliza!
    I’ve been seeing sparkles after I open my eyes from meditations. It only really happens when I do this where I feel most comfortable; surrounded by nature. The sparkles are so vivid and don’t leave for a few minutes. It’s quite wonderful! It’s great you’re seeing them as well.
    Hope all is going well tonight! Take care 🙂

    • Thanks, Christa. It’s done in acrylics, but I would enjoy venturing into oils, perhaps using oil sticks to start to loosen up my painting a bit. Horse at Sunset is the title. Violet, orange horse… if you look at white horses at sunset, they take on interesting tones. I love color.

  2. Hi Eliza Love your painting of horse!! Very talented😃. I wish I could see “sparkles” ! Enjoy anyway. Micki 😃

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  3. I too love the painting, you are an artist really. We have sun again today, but not so clear as yesterday. I am sick at home today and have more time to meditate and see sparkles too , also I can see some movements around me, the bubbles only with closed eyes. Stay safe and warm during the stormy weather. I can so reate to your being in dual dimensions, my co-worker all in 3D and at home in 4/5D. It really isn’t easy for us.
    Much love and blessings for you

  4. Love this sweet horse! Again, I am inspired. The colors in this horse are wonderful! Horses are such magnificent beings.

    I have only painted in oils, and this summer worked on trying to finish a painting of a ship for my Dad that I started a few years ago. Currently, it sits in his garage, since I have more free time while visiting, but he’s not there, he’s in Florida for winter. Hope to get it done by summer if I can get down to the Cape. Before this, I had not painted in decades!

    • Thanks, Phoenix. I used a series of glazes to get the translucent colors, something that probably works better in oils since they dry more slowly. I need to get back to painting, too.

      Love, Eliza

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