Journal Entry – On Channeling & Perception


Journal Entry – On Channeling and Perception

by Eliza Ayres

It’s nearly the end of January already. This month has been a strange one. The first two weeks I hardly felt like communicating anything; could barely put words together to frame what I was in the process of experiencing. Now I feel different, but words still are barely expressive enough to convey the various sensations, aha’s and realizations that are coming through. I can also say that I do not have a belief system that is carved in stone; my understandings are ever evolving and developing.

My perceptions will be and can be entirely different even than someone who has received similar information as I have, simply because each one of us “sees” things differently. And what someone sees, another person might totally overlook. As we open up to allowing and accepting our higher self to direct our life, we will inevitably approach that same life very differently than we did before, simply because our eyes are now open to seeing from a higher, broader perspective. And what I present is mine and no other’s and will vary in effect.

I’m always fascinated by some of the comments that I receive when an especially powerful message is received, such as the one yesterday from the Light Collective. Let’s face it, when you put all the channeled pieces together, you are going to have some glaring inconsistencies. Such is the nature of the “beast” of channeling. I mentioned to one of my Facebook “friends” that channeling is, by nature, like playing with a ball of lightning. It is powerful, unpredictable and highly dependent on the state and frequency level that the scribe is holding while the message is being conveyed.

As I have mentioned before, the messages that come through me are not like those that come through other scribes or mediums. I am not a voice channel. Whenever I am writing down a message, the download is received and processed through my own mind, so it is also colored by whatever I am experiencing in the moment. I can get extremely high during a session, losing any concept of the passage of time and seldom feel hungry or thirsty until the message is finished. Anyone who spends time deep involved in any creative activity knows how I feel.

The messages are often wordless, as I don’t actually know what is going to be conveyed but start typing. Sometimes I will “know” a couple of words in advance, sometimes I just type. It is not exactly automatic writing but close. I feel that the downloads somehow braid into my consciousness and then utilize my grasp of vocabulary to express as best I can what I am sensing needs to come forth. I’m not always successful.

Yes, it is difficult to put into 3D words the concepts that are being impressed on my consciousness during these sessions. Words are limited in their ability to convey what is being given in non-verbal content as energy and downloads. I just have to trust the process and know that I will be unable to convey everything that my “friends” wish to share with all of us due to physical constraints and my own “stuff”, but I persist because I feel compelled to do so.

I totally understand that some individuals in reading the material that I present and then reading someone else’s which is contradictory might get confused. However, I would like to gently suggest to those confused ones that they need to get out of their lower minds and into their heart space. The egoic and logical mind will NEVER understand what is perfectly understood by the heart through the avenues of intuition and knowingness. This fount of inner wisdom emanates and filters down from the highest levels of your beingness and is not subject to the rules and categorizations that are so beloved by the rational mind. No; within the higher dimensions it is perfectly natural for paradox to rule. You simply disregard the “rules” that we have come to abide by in 3D and allow for many interpretations and perceptions to be presented.

It is also natural that one person will approach the delivery of a message in a totally different manner than another. I seldom go into meditation before sitting down to write a message, but I have the inherent ability to be able to communicate to my guides and higher self at all times of the day and night. I’m not always in the highest level possible as I need to function in an everyday world, but it is sometimes easier to get there than it might be for others. It is a gift and ability that I have carried within all my life; I’m simply able to utilize it now for the benefit of my creative endeavors and being able to share with others.

So when I come forth with a message, I do not have an agenda in mind. I do not mean to confuse people as I am hoping that those who do read the messages will have developed the necessary trust in their own inner wisdom in order to be able to discern what resonates with them and what they need to leave. Making criticism or accusations towards an author is not a healthy way to establish your own ability towards self-determination and reclaiming your power. By continuing to place the blame on others, you are continuing to project your own issues and unrefined darkness within on those who are simply acting as mirrors.

We need to each be responsible for ourselves, first focusing on our own process. Within the old “rules” of the 3D world, this kind of behavior was deemed to be selfish, yet it is a necessary step and most often times one that has to be taken alone, without family or spouse, since there is a period when the focus on clearing and balancing is going to be extremely intense. This is not an endeavor that all persons might wish to take upon themselves as there are certain sacrifices that must be made, but for those of us who have chosen to concentrate on our spiritual advancement in this lifetime; it is our choice and our commitment to do so. This decision emanates from our higher self. It is a choice that is taken moment by moment, as we are constantly tested in order that we improve ourselves by viewing the tests and challenges as opportunities for further growth.

I am beginning to realize that by concentrating on changing myself, the only person that I CAN change, I transform my world. My frequency signature and the energies that move through me extend far out beyond the edges of my physical vessel and affect my environment and how I interact with others, whether people, animals or my environment.

I can hardly express how much I have changed in just the past year since I’ve done this work of sharing my process, channeling the messages and “meeting” new friends on the Internet, learning and experiencing new energies and incorporating more of my higher self into my lower bodies. It is a process and it will never end as I am never satisfied with lingering too long on a plateau, but have also learned to pace myself. Too much light and you can burn out the sensitive mechanisms of your body. Exercise, rest, Epsom salt baths, fresh food, pure water and fresh air are essential ingredients to spiritual development.

Not everyone is going to understand or agree with the messages that are presented, whether by me or other scribes and mediums. That is the way of the world, which so often outright rejects those who exist outside the “norm”. Yes, channeling is not exactly mainline, but it will become more so as more people awake to their innate telepathic abilities. Then we will be able to communicate through feeling and symbols rather than words and no lies or deception will be possible.

Enough for now, as it is a work evening and I spent all day in class. I wish all of you great happiness and hope you can open up to new possibilities and abilities in your own lives.

Hugs and kisses,


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11 thoughts on “Journal Entry – On Channeling & Perception

  1. Dear Eliza,

    I feel I understand very well what you are saying. I feel that for myself, my first step is to check to see if I am taking full responsibility for my experience.

    That’s because there is no “out there.” I take this as a working hypothesis. To my human logical mind it looks as if there is an “out there” and “others” — but I remind myself of my working hypothesis and ask, let’s say that is true. What does that mean in this situation?

    I remind myself that my “Reality” is a movie I am projecting from my very own REALITY THEATER. And if that is true, it is a waste of time and a futile errand to go down to the movie screen and argue with the characters in the movie.

    A tool I love is the Hawai’ian forgiveness practice called Ho’oponopono. There’s a video – in 6 pats – with Dr. Hew Len, describing how he uses it. We use it to clean up situations that have something in them that we don’t like. We take 100% responsibility for our own experience.

    Like you, I am amazed at how I’ve changed in the past year.

    For me, there is a new joy emerging as I begin to perceive myself as a volunteer with a definite intention for being here. As I read, from Aisha North and Karen Doonan and so many beloved others, that we are moving into place, and that our dreams are there so that they can come true, I find I have so many things I want to do to help us all realize what we are and why we’re here.

    Awareness is opening the door to joy and so much gratitude. Happiness is starting. This is finally starting to feel good!

    Your writing is important to me. I feel I understand you as a gifted, and also reasonable person, who has found a way to survive and be stable in this world; and yet also cherished your gifts, allowed your gifts to emerge. This lights the way into the beautiful forests of the unknown, and gives me a feeling of camaraderie and shared experience. Thank you so much!!

  2. Thank you Eliza,
    your words make sense.
    You had me through your last strong channeling Of the Light Collective,,, really going to places I never thought I would go. But I realize it could be a possibility.
    Kryon just had and audio message and in it he explained that all channeled work is in metaphor form even his
    You wrote:
    “I totally understand that some individuals in reading the material that I present and then reading someone else’s which is contradictory might get confused…… The egoic and logical mind will NEVER understand what is perfectly understood by the heart through the avenues of intuition and knowingness. This fount of inner wisdom emanates and filters down from the highest levels of your beingness and is not subject to the rules and categorizations that are so beloved by the rational mind.”
    That statement works for me.

    I see similarities in your life as mine and wish to see your journey. It is enough for me to read you listening to your still voice… with appreciation and love.

    Blessing and blessings again.


  3. Dear Eliza,
    I so admire your work and your words, and your being open and wise. Your blog is way up there, as far as I am concerned.
    With love,

  4. I appreciate that you not only share your channeled messages, but also some of your insights from everyday observations, and pieces like this that offer clarification. I agree that we all need to take responsibility for ourselves and our own process. The more we do this, the more we develop our own discernment. This is what I meant in previous comments about resonating with some channeled messages and not others, whether yours or by other channels.

    I re-post many channeled messages, and have been confronted at times by others seeking clarification. While I can share what I take away from the message, I also suggest to the questioner that the answers they seek are within themselves, or perhaps they need to direct their questions to the author of the article. But it isn’t realistic to think any one channel has all the answers for us, or that they are somehow responsible for our understanding.

    I do see a pattern of resonance and themes where their is a similar message coming from many sources who are not necessarily even aware of each other. Those messages tend to reinforce each other, though each voiced or expressed in a unique manner. Ultimately, we readers always have the option whether to embrace a message or not, but there is no need to “shoot the messenger” or condemn them. I respect anyone who speaks their truth, whether I agree with it or not.

    I do want to add that I appreciate your insights, as they help foster my own, and as a nature lover, I especially enjoy the photos that accompany your pieces. Thank You, Eliza ❤

  5. ♥ ♥ Been through similar processes sweet Elizabeth. Was not able to communicate, channel nor put anything in words for 4 weeks. I only could BE and it was actually wonderful, another giant leap of transformation within. Seems you are too ♥ Thank you for always sharing your own perceptions and work so honestly. I appreciate you! much love

  6. beautiful Eliza,
    I get what you are saying as that is how I channel. I love your journal as it is inspiring and at the moment resonates within me, opening up more concepts for me and verifying my own stuff. even inspiring a bit of blogging.
    Stay awesome!! x

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