The Light Collective: On the Journey

Eagle Creek, Eagle Cap Wilderness

The Light Collective: On the Journey

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Light Collective, a gathering of light beings, ascended masters, archangels, angels, ascended galactics, and elementals who are overlooking and guiding the ascension of humanity and of GAIA, your beloved planetary home.

Today, we would like to address some comments recently received by our channel wherein people express that they are at some loss in the present energies. This is to be expected, dear ones, as you are actively engaged in the process of deconditioning yourselves and your lives of all that you have been taught and guided to do in your previous existence as an unwilling captive of the 3D Matrix.

Every day, being a physical being within a physical world, you engage with individuals who vibrate at a lesser and more rarely, higher frequency signature than your own. As you have been long conditioned, you may look down at the ones who appear to be asleep and perhaps envy the ones who seem to know and experience more than yourself. Thus, you are interpreting the energies and unconsciously sorting out people and organizations into categories as you have been taught and conditioned to do for ages. You need to step away from this unconscious habit and really look at what you are doing, to yourself and to others.

Humanity has been systematically divided and hence conquered by arbitrarily categorized through the training and conditioning of succeeding generations according to outward conditions, whether by gender, sexual preference, skin color, nationality, religion and/or creed, financial status, genetics (blood lines) or other divisions. This has been done to keep you from realizing and feeling that you are truly One being, living on a physical planet but sharing a spiritual inheritance.

You have been encouraged by us and by the words of many messages delivered over the last decades to look within and beyond the artificial boundaries that seek to divide. By acknowledging your own divinity you begin to return to that state of wholeness that is your right to experience. You cannot get there by continuing to believe that others are more special than you or less special or deserving. Each of you is unique, yes; different, yes, but ALL are needed for the transformation of your species to occur, the translation from Homos erectus to Homos Luminas.

Yes, there are ones who walk this planet with you who carry within them an awareness of what they are, or at least the potential of what they can be if they but trust the process. Some of these early pioneers came here with more of their divine gifts intact because of soul contracts made prior to incarnation. Others of you came in without this so-called advantage of being sensitive to the energies because you had, at least initially, other work to accomplish before turning to more spiritual activities and engaging in the process of de-ascension of your Higher Self into your physical body.

We tell you now that many of you who have wakened up and now avidly read the works of those who have walked the path before you, you will not physically ascend in this lifetime. This is not something that people want to hear, especially if they are drawn to spirituality and even to the promise of a better life in a promised land, the New Earth.

The New Earth already exists. The golden etheric cities are being constructed even as we convey these words and thoughts through our scribe. However, many of you will not walk those streets and climb the steps to enter the temples in this lifetime as you have not yet mastered the ability to consciously raise up your frequency levels so that you might do so.

Beloved ones understand that this is in no way a criticism of your progress. The wakening process of humanity is progressing faster than we hoped was possible, but if you are content to evolve with the masses at their rate; you will not evolve quickly enough to make the needed grade to completely anchor the higher frequencies of light into your etheric and physical bodies. Still, whatever progress you do make in this lifetime will carry forth into your future timelines.

Dear ones, you are participating in the evolution of an entire species. The sheer magnitude of the work being done, by all of you, is tremendous. And there is much that you do not see and will not see, outwardly, for some time. The anchoring of the light codes is a work that must be done consciously and approached with vigorous intent. It is a life style that does not appeal to many individuals, so those who volunteered to go forth as the scouts and pioneers have done so in full knowledge that they would not live “normal” lives. And so it has been.

These volunteers came in with seemingly more gifts online than most of the population so that they might engage almost immediately with their intended work on an accelerated path of self-mastery. Others have come online later in their lifetimes, perhaps after undergoing various triggering circumstances, which compelled them to break through any pre-existing fears or resistance, to seek that which they could not yet explain to others. And still more individuals are coming online every day, waking up first to the need to question everything that is in their life, their means of livelihood, their personal relationships, their station in life, the things they have been taught by family and mentors, their religion, their nationality… in short, everything that no longer resonates with a yearning that emanates from their very soul.

Perhaps you are now experiencing the midst of the chaotic awakening process and feel very, very uncomfortable because of it. And why shouldn’t you feel uncomfortable and allow for that very uncomfortable sensation. It has been described by our scribe and others as a kind of divine itch that cannot be scratched, an inner yearning for something different, something more, and something that is as yet still unknown.

Many of you have been trained that you must have a life plan in place in order to succeed in your physical world and that it is or should be the goal of every person to desire to complete with others for those very few positions on top of the heap.

However, those with greater wisdom or perhaps cynicism have noticed that the game of succeeding in the old energies was a perfect set-up to continue reinstating control over the masses and only allowing a selected few to succeed, but only when they had given up their honor and handed over their “soul” to the devil. The old game was one of manipulation and control, sometimes subtle and sometimes overt. It was designed by those who volunteered to act as goads for the awakening of the masses and the game is up for these individuals who have now played their parts exceedingly well.

It has been long understood that humans resist, sometimes with all their being, any change from coming into their lives. However, now, due to physical, financial, emotional and other stressors, change is coming into everyone’s lives. You can look squarely at said change and choose to see it as an opportunity to transform your world or you can dig your heels in and resist as hard as you can. It is a matter of choice and it must be a conscious one.

Ascension is about mastery. Becoming a master takes conscious effort and focus. There is much to overcome and to clear, be it karmic relationships, timelines or energetic misalignments. You must be willing to look at yourself with clear and discerning eyes. Nothing should surprise you as it presents itself, for all of you have lived many lifetimes, as either gender, in all nations and tribes, in many cultures, and even in many forms that you would not recognize as being human or even animal.

We ask that you begin to pay attention to the small things that enter your life, especially in repeating patterns. Your ancestors knew how to read the stars and heavens, to listen to wind, to talk to the animals through symbolic language, to listen to their own heart’s call to find their way through troubled times. All of you need to reconnect to these abilities for many of you are your own ancestors.

Perhaps in this lifetime you learned to track animals and to hunt with your father. Perhaps you gathered berries in the wildwoods with your mother or learned to pick certain plants for healing remedies. Perhaps you learned how to walk the concrete jungles with authority and ease. Or perhaps you were born with certain gifts and abilities that made you feel uncomfortable around others, feeling at unease in this world and longing for something else to present itself to you. And perhaps you longed to be saved by another, to have that one perfect person magically present themselves in your life and carry you away into a land of milk and honey.

Dreams; all of you carry dreams within that you do not or cannot yet share with any other person. Perhaps there are secrets from this life or others that you fear revealing… and yet we tell you now until you are willing to become fully transparent and vulnerable before yourself and the world you will not master the frequencies in order to fully ground your Presence within your physical body… at least within the time granted to you during this particular lifetime.

The way into the future space that has been promised exists within your own heart. And it is your willingness to accept all those disparate parts of yourself home, to become fully integrated, dark and light, so that you might be whole, again, that will see you through the various stages of mastery. Becoming a master takes perseverance, sincerity, conscious focus and intent and great stubbornness or will power.

You see, you are mastering the rays of God that enter into your body. The first three that must be mastered are the Blue Ray of the Will and Power of God (Divine Masculine); the Pink Ray (Active, Creative Intelligence – Divine Feminine) that is the Love of God; and the Golden Yellow Ray that is the Christ Consciousness (the Divine Child that emerges from the union or sacred marriage of divine Feminine and Masculine). This is a simple concept of the rays that we present here and there is much information available that can further instruct, but let it suffice for us to say that the rays represent certain steps towards attainment and mastery that must be passed before one can proceed on the journey.

Yes, there will be moments when you feel as if you have reached a plateau or have even lost your way, but these are moments when you need to regroup and to acknowledge just how far you have come on the journey. These are moments when you need to acknowledge and accept with gratitude the opportunities you have been given to be able to consciously experience the ascension process in this lifetime or even to become aware of it as existing as a potential. We tell you this so you might let go of any self-judgment you might experience because you do not “feel” the energies like someone else does. Your experience WILL be different, because each of you is a unique focus of God’s energies. Each of you contains the potential to command and use different gifts; it is up to you and your decision to willingly surrender to the process that you might discover just what these gifts are within.

Only through surrendering to the process will the light begin to dawn through self-realization. When you are willing to complete accept yourself as you are now, in this moment, without prejudice and without self-judgment, then you will be ready to open to the path of self-mastery.

Surrender is not a popular word or concept in your culture, in any culture the world over, as it conveys that one has given up, let go of their power, allowed some conqueror to master them. However, it is surrender you must do in order to master self. It is in the process of giving your future into the hands of your Creator and your Soul that you begin to open up to new possibilities and realizations.

Resistance is futile. Humanity as a collective has chosen to ascend. That means that every man, woman and child will ascend, along with the planet. Just how long that process will take is currently unknown for the consciousness of the collective changes. Know that many will leave the planet, only to return in new bodies more capable of enduring the ongoing frequency changes of the planet. And others will succeed in mastering the incoming light so that their physical bodies undergo the transmutative process from a carbon-based creation to that of a silicon-crystalline based creation, so that the body can absorb and contain even more light.

Do not feel so lost, dear ones, if this knowledge and what is involved seems confusing and beyond your understanding right now. You are accustomed to analyzing your world with your rational mind and many of these concepts will NOT make sense to that mind. And should not, as the rational mind is a product of your stay in 3D; it does not function in the higher frequency levels. So, instead, turn to that intelligent center in your etheric body that does function readily at higher frequency levels, known to you as your High Heart Center, based over the physical thymus gland, as well as your Higher Mind, that is centered in the Soul Star Chakra, above your crown or top of your skull. All of your glandular system will take on different meaning as you come into an awareness of the master within, as more of physical body functions are given over to you to govern and master; as the marvelous creation that you are comes into a waking consciousness of its own divinity and potential.

You have long yearned for what cannot be yours; now waken to what is yours and has always existed within and beyond the reaches of your physical senses. As you manage to anchor more and more of your higher self within your physical body, your meta-senses will begin to come online and you will begin to register those subtle shifts in energy with increasing competence, but it takes practice and patience, dear ones, and like any other skill undergone in this physical world, it takes determination and focus.

A master ice skater or ballerina does not become so overnight; so it will take all of you some time to adjust to being more than you appear to be now. The important thing is to be able to accept the fact that you don’t know anything now and to step forth into the unknown with an open heart and an equally open mind, willing to learn, to observe and to act when it feels right to do so. Faith and trust should become your motto. Faith in yourself, trust in the process and having faith and trust that your mentors and higher self will bring into your awareness those things that must be undergone and/or changed.

Perhaps you will choose to reject the guidance we give you; that is no consequence to us as you live on a planet of free will. It is up to you to discern what is right in this moment for you. Nothing that we can say or do will make any difference if you are not able to move beyond those prejudices or judgments that block your process. And know that your ability to discern will develop as you begin to trust and “listen” to the inner promptings of your intuition and spiritual guidance.

Your soul speaks to you all the time, but most of you have been unwilling or unable to hear its whisperings. Some of you experience the guidance as intuition or a “gut feeling” or as an unexplainable “hunch”. Know that trusting and abiding by these hunches is the first way to awaken to the awareness that you have always been connected to your own divinity but chose to let go of the outer awareness of that connection so you might plunge into the experiences that this world held for you.

Now that the opportunity to step onto the Path of Return has entered your awareness; allow for those things to come into your awareness to be scrutinized by your inner beacon. You will know what to do as you move forward if you but trust the process and come to understand that it is a process, a journey that is being undertook step by step so that you might successfully anchor what energies you can and go forth in the dawn with open eyes, in your return to full consciousness.

We end this message for now, in hopes that you have reached another level of understanding of that which we have attempted to convey through this scribe. As your own inner connections become stronger know that the need or desire to read such messages as this will diminish and that is as it should be.

These messages will then serve as verifications or signposts of your own inner process. We do not mean for you to follow any messenger blindly as they, too, are quite human and have their own challenges to contend with, so let go of any desire to judge or strike with criticism if their messages do not please you. For you will change if you allow yourself to change; today you may not understand our words, but tomorrow you may come to a sudden understanding as the downloads and star codes are opened within like Christmas packages, revealing the contents and showing you the way forward.

Our blessings go forth to you all, dear ones. We bid you to call upon us at time of need or just when you desire to feel a little touch of “Home”. As you go forth, you will begin to “feel” the energies of Home more readily, as they exist all around you even now. For now, be content with where you are in your journey and know that you are so much more than you appear. And in the singular paradox that exists within “higher” worlds, allow for the divine discontent within driving you forward on your journey of self-discovery, of your unity with your soul and the Gods and with each other. It is an adventure, you will agree, that is unprecedented in the history of your species, this planet and the Universe itself. And you are all an important and vital part of it.

Namasté; we bow in respect and reverence to the God / Goddess within each of you.

Copyright © by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered from its written form, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. Replication via video and/or recordings is not permitted.

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