Adventures in Dreamland – 01.25.2014


Adventures in Dreamland – 01.25.2014

Of the recent dreams that I can remember upon waking seem to have a water theme, be it lakes, streams and even huge rivers. A dream that I had a couple of days ago, I was walking with a friend and we came to a river crossing. There was a huge stone slab, rather like a long stone plank hanging above the river, but it was broken in a couple of places. My friend urged me to jump onto the stone, but I hesitated a moment. Then another person, a man jumped onto the stone and it sunk beneath him into the stream’s strong flow. He was able to cross, but he was literally up to his neck in the water. Then the stone bounced upward again and the course of the stream changed. There was a lot of sand cushioning the resting place of the stone, so I ventured onto it and crossed safely until reaching the last bit where I had to jump into a sandy bank and scramble up the side of a short rise.

In a dream that I had just this morning, I was lying in a large, darkened tent and woke up to the sound of a heavy rain hitting the tent wall. I worked my way across a pile of sleeping bags, talking to my companions as I did, until reaching the door. As I emerged, I looked around the edge of the tent and saw the sun was shining on a singularly remarkable lake. The lake waters were translucent and showed various colorful geometrical forms within and above it. On the distant shore, there was a translucent orange pyramid resting at the foot of a heavily forested mountain.

I was with a large group of friendly companions, mostly men. We were camped by a large river and I was being told that we had to cross the river to get back to the trailhead. As I watched, another man tried to cross the river. He succeeded but he was chest deep in the flow. I didn’t see how I could cross as I was quite a bit shorter in height. Then as I watched, the scene changed. There was now a highway off to the left which curved nearby. I pointed out the graveled shoulder as being a place where we could “cross the river”. My female companion disagreed stating that it was too close to the traffic. Then the scene changed again and there was a clear path where we could walk.

In another dream, I was with my sister. We were joyously hugging each other and talking. She lived in another city and we hadn’t seen each other in quite a while.

In the latter part of another dream, I was hugging a little blonde boy and talking to him. Then I noticed his older brother slightly off to the side looking glum. I left the younger boy and went to his brother and began to talk to him. I told him that if I left, I would come and visit him sometime.

My dreams (those that I can remember) are becoming quite vivid and colorful and have changed in theme and content. Where I was once struggling to “find” people, I find myself in the midst of pleasant companions, facing some challenges but always finding a way forward, and experiencing much happiness and pleasure in the process.

Woke up this morning to discover a skiff of snow coating everything outside. Our local temperatures have not budged higher than 33 degrees F (or 0.1 C) for the last two weeks, without much precipitation. The entire West is apparently within a drought cycle. Hopefully, the drought will be alleviated by some late winter storms and a mild, dampish spring. If it does get warmer, I may be discovering emerging crocuses soon.

Enjoy your day / evening.

Hugs and kisses,


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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Dreamland – 01.25.2014

    • Michael,
      I have seen these photos before; makes my palms sweat just looking at those precarious planks! Even though I used to climb, I had to sit in the middle of the summit once on top as I’ve always been afraid of heights. I overcame that fear to a great degree, but rock climbing never appealed. I prefer standing on the ground looking up at the great rock. And I seem to be doing a lot of wading in dreams of late, rather than climbing. Moving through the subconscious, I guess.

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