Journal Entry 1.23.2013


Journal Entry 1.23.2014

I’ve had a piece published in the February 2 edition of Fountain International Magazine:

Download the magazine to read (I’m on page nine!). There are a lot of other great articles to read, as well. Enjoy!

Here in Eastern Washington, we’re still dealing with frozen fog and gloomy days. Hope the rains and/or snow come soon to wash away the polluted air. Not a part of winter here that I enjoy.

Lots of changes going on. Hope all are doing well. Get lots of rest / sleep, drink water, exercise and remain as calm as you can manage as events and energies swirl around you.

Hugs and kisses,


4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 1.23.2013

  1. Don’t come east of these United States. It’s below zero and dropping, with snow floating playfully around our ears!!!
    Warm mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows and warm blanket…..Oh so cozy.

  2. Congrats dear Elizabeth for having one of your channeled messages published. And a great one!

    Sending lovely sun rays from the East as well! Gorgeous day, just as yesterday.


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