The Light Collective: On Waves of Light We Come

Granite Peak

The Light Collective: On Waves of Light We Come

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Light Collective and we come to you upon waves of light. Feel the love within your heart that resonates with the frequency of this transmission. Feel the love that you are.

With much eagerness we come to you today, in celebration and recognition of the masses of humanity who are now coming awake. Like the princess locked in her deserted castle, these people are stirring from a long sleep as they have been kissed awake by the cosmic rays penetrating the thorny forest of the matrix surrounding them.

As the frequency of the planet increases, your frequency also rises. If there is resistance, there will be souls who choose to leave. There is no judgment for each soul has its own lessons and own timing.

Have you begun to hear the voiceless voice within your own being, your divine guide that will lead you through the doubts and fears that you might still carry within? Do you trust your body, your intuition, your inner guidance? Do you listen to yourself and the conversations that you experience within? Do you doubt your abilities to discern for yourself as to what to do, what direction you should proceed? Do you still require a plan before you will proceed?

When the limits of your world are expanding, how do you respond? Do you attack those who present new ideas of how to do things? Do you envy those who seem to be more in touch with their center than you are at the moment? Let these things go, dear ones, and allow yourself to be fully where you are now.

Even if you believe in all sincerity that you have just started your journey, we now lovingly remind you that for all of you this is a process of reiteration that you are now embarking upon. All of those who are incarnated upon the planet are masters. We do not share this information as a jest or impossibility, but as a truth that you will begin to recognize for yourself as you proceed to open yourself up to the energies of your higher self and full multidimensionality.

All humans are starseeds. The human race is the creation of many galactic races and as such you carry the seeds of divinity within. All of you are ambassadors for other worlds and dimensions and even Universes, as part of the Multiverse. Your presence here is a sacred journey, even if you do not yet deem it as such.

Whether or not that seed has been activated depends on the frequency levels attained by the individual during any particular lifetime. Each life is a process of moving closer to the Path of Mastery. Some lifetimes are spent learning lessons and undergoing challenges.

As you proceed towards self-awareness and awareness of Self, as the I AM Presence or Christic consciousness that resides within your heart flame, you anchor all the attainment and gifts that you have won through previous incarnations, whether on GAIA or other worlds and dimensions. You are truly the sum of your Wholeness.

Allow yourself to open to the possibility that you are more than a housewife, a mother, a brother, a co-worker and at the same time revel in the revelation that even the most humble soul embodied here carries a divine seed within. Through simplicity, sincerity and humility you can approach the throne of Mother / Father God. It resides within you.

You will find your Mother, as a lovely woman who in a dream graciously hands you a plate of seeds. As you gaze upon her face in wonder, you will see your face reflected in her dark eyes. In the face of your Father, you will see compassion and strength, the protective spirit that guides and informs, yet allows you to grow in your own season.

We are the Light Collective, a gathering of spirit, light beings, ascended masters, angelic beings and elementals, all of whom desire to be of assistance to those who are feeling the first stirrings of growth within, to those who desire to be filled with the transmuting flame of the 7th Ray, with the fullness of the compassion and love of the 3rd of Active Intelligence, with all the Rays of God.

We ask you to sit with self in a quiet place and allow yourself to open up to the 122 rays of God as they stream forth from your Higher Self, and fill your four bodies. Feel the union of masculine mental body and feminine emotional bodies take place as the rays swirl and spiral through your being. Allow the masters and elementals, the healing masters and light beings to work their magic within your temple of living light.

Do you realize that as your frequency rises up so will your understanding grow? This understanding will not always translate into words, but you will suddenly know that you know. It is not necessary to understand from where this wisdom emerges precisely, but know that the knowledge will be there when you are in need and open yourself up to the possibility that you deserve to receive that which you need.

Be open to the awareness that you are more than you seem, as a solitary human living in an unkind world. This is not truth as you are never alone. Even during those darkest moments of isolation and despair, if you but reach out and call upon the angels to assist you, you will discover immediate assistance in the form of a sense of well-being and nurturance. Even if you cannot see the arms that embrace you in compassion, you will feel them.

We are ever with you and wish you to call on us. Surround yourself with the protective energies of Archangel Michael and then call upon the highest energies of heaven to assist you in your endeavors. Know that you are worthy of receiving guidance, and that if though you may not yet be aware of it, you have been receiving guidance before ever you stepped into embodiment.

As you proceed along your journey, you will receive and be able to receive more by being willing to open, to explore and to move beyond the limitations that have been artificially created in the old world paradigm, designed to keep you within bounds and confined in a mental / emotional and sometimes physically enslavement. You have been freed from those binders; now it is up to you to move beyond the walls of fear and anger and step into the love that you are.

Become aware that within each of you exists a unique guidance system. As you connect to that inner beacon, you will find yourself moving and changing in unexpected ways. Allow for flow and abundance to enter your life. Allow for the love that is carried by the cosmic winds to scour your energetic bodies of all astral and karmic debris. Step forth into the light of the new dawn as an entirely new creation, a divine being capable of walking between the worlds and dimensions.

This journey proceeds step by step, as your frequency levels are increased slowly to allow your physical vessel, the temple in which you reside, to adjust and adapt. You will feel, to various degrees, the aches and pains as the body protests and then realigns to the higher frequency levels. You will find yourself craving different foods, experiences and states of awareness. Allow for the changes to occur and know whatever presents to you in your daily life is there for a reason. Understand that you are not here to be punished but tested to see if you have truly incorporated (brought into your body) all the energies to which you have been exposed.

If you continue to dwell in a place filled with anger, resentment and hate, the Universe will continue to present more of the same to you. We are not advising you to not see what presently exists in your world in the form of suffering, despair, destitution, destruction and division, but know that those things are not what your Mother / Father God desire for you.

However, you are the only one who can decide to lift yourself up out of the pit of despair and to embrace the at-one-ment that God desires for all of His children. You must reach out and allow spirit to enter within to activate the fire on the altar. You must realize that you are co-Creator with your own divine flame and have come here to overcome all previous timelines when you thought that you were not worthy of love and turned away from those who love you unconditionally.

You have not been forgotten or abandoned. You chose to come here, to experience all the extremes of duality on a free-will planet. You have come here so that your soul could grow faster than would ever be possible on a planet where all exist in harmony and Oneness. You have come here to be challenged and stretched beyond anything that you ever imagined possible and so it has come about. You have succeeded in educating your home worlds of the possibilities that exist when there is some duality in experience. And now some of you are ready to return to your worlds as teachers and leaders and so it will be but not before humanity as a whole ascends, here and now.

Ascension is really de-ascension, where the energies of the Higher Self are downloaded and allowed to be incorporated into the four lower bodies, which in turn, become one activated light body of great power and beauty. This is not a process that can occur overnight. And for some, it is not a process that will be completed in this lifetime or even the next. However, there are those who are the frontrunners of humanity who will lead human awareness to greater heights in this lifetime and those who will return in bodies more suitable to carry the higher vibrations, who will return in future lives.

Whatever you have been promised, know that you are the one who will do the work of grounding heaven on earth. Ascension will not just “happen” to you; mastery is a course of many lifetimes. Some of those who are embodied now, have been preparing for these times for many incarnations. Not all are prepared to let go of their daily existence and leave all that they know behind them. However, those who hear the call within will be prepared and will respond because they must; it is their will to do so and they respond to the call of their own Soul.

Do not despair if you do not hear the inner music of the soul reverberating through your heartstrings. It is there nonetheless; it is real and you will hear it when you are ready and open. Do what you can to release fear and the expectations placed upon you by others. Do what you can to respond to your intuition. Become aware of the beauty that surrounds you. A world of great beauty, abundance and grace already exists, even on this planet.

Are you ready to embrace the possibility that you deserve love and are capable of sharing that love with all that you see and experience in life. Can you love the darkest part of yourself that you can imagine within? Can you love the lost child that each adult has left behind? Can you love the homeless man who sleeps on the grate in the cold night? Can you embrace those who seek to destroy you and your world? Are you ready to step into the light and be shown by the angels what you have been and have done? Are you willing to let go of self-judgment and the judgment of others and to embrace your connection to all life? Are you willing to love yourself? Are you willing to feel that you are capable of great things?

Step forth into the light of your Higher Self and know that you are love. Know that you will continue to experience challenges and tests along the way. It is how you choose to react or not to those challenges that will determine whether or not you are capable of carrying and holding more light. And as you accept the challenges as opportunities so shall your light expand so that you become a beacon for those who come behind you.

Ascension is not a race, so it is wise not to compare yourself to others. Each of you will approach your path in your own unique fashion. Some of you will want to use others as guides. Still others will prefer to undergo the testing and steps on their own, seeking the guidance that resides within. As you open to the energies and fiery tests of ascension you will naturally come into resonance with those who are at a similar level. Never expect your journey to match that of another; it will never be so as you are a unique, one of a kind facet of the Diamond Mind of God, and as such your journey is your own, but you can share and come together with those who also feel the fires grow within.

And you will eventually or all in a moment of revelation come into an awareness of the sacred and interconnectedness of all life, whether human or animal, plant or the planet itself. Whether the stars, the moon, the sun and the galaxy beyond, all is connected by the great quantum Web of Life; the dark matter that is the Mother binds all together, and you will feel it when you are ready.

Our words that emerge from the braiding of our energies with that of our scribe are simply meant to be guideposts on the path to your mastery. You will be the one to walk that Path. You are all at different levels of awareness; it is as you all agreed it would be before you came into this plane of existence. You all know each other and at some point you will know this in your heart.

We know all of you by name and by your frequency signature. You are followed by your guides and angels. Call upon them in need and even in those moments that you deem less than sublime, when you are washing the dishes, working in the garden, doing the laundry; we are with you as your constant companions, along for the journey. And some day we will walk together under the shining rays of your solar body, side by side, laughing and sharing our companionship with you all.

We end this now, but know that we are ever present on the edge of your awareness. We wait upon you to invite us in so that we might become better acquainted in the now moment.

Our blessings and our love go with you always.


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10 thoughts on “The Light Collective: On Waves of Light We Come

  1. Dear Eliza,
    “We ask you to sit with self in a quiet place and allow yourself to open up to the 122 rays of God as they stream forth from your Higher Self, and fill your four bodies.”
    Where do I find out about this sentence?
    What are the 122 rays and what are four bodies?

    This was a wonderful channeling. We ARE worthy!!


    • Michael – I’m not actually sure of all the rays, as I just heard another person refer to 350. I think it’s best to get out of your head when it comes down to these things. Years ago, I learned there were 7 rays, plus 5 “secret” rays… then Jim Self mentions the Rays of Creation (12, I think) and so on. Let it suffice… there’s a lot of rays of which we know little at this point in our evolution. Blue, Pink and Golden Yellow are the colors of the three flames of the 3-fold flame. It’s all VERY colorful. I sure would enjoy “seeing” them, too!

      The four bodies are your lower spiritual body, mental, emotional (astral) and physical bodies. The lower four bodies are mean to blend into one crystalline light body. The mental is apparently “masculine” as the emotional is “feminine”. You might peruse the works of David Joshua Stone for more information.

      • Eliza,
        So I will take you at your word to get out of my head.
        Now when I believe in my heart that the LC wants me to open up to these rays, it seems great to me. Love the thought of these 3-fold flame colors especially Golden Yellow. Seems it’s time to see the colors as the planet raises.

        Thank you for your response.

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