Journal Entry 01.18.2014

Southern Cascades - Sun Flare

Journal Entry 01.18.2014

Hello, there! I’ll still here. It’s been an interesting week for me. Busy nights, heavy and lengthy dreams. Assorted ascension or otherwise symptoms (headaches, hot flashes, diarrhea — don’t you love it when people “share” too much!) but finally I’m beginning to feel much better. My energy is returning, although I still feel some pressure in my head. I’m also utilizing a turmeric drink in the evening, which should help in strengthening my immune system. Being in a physical body as a sensitive has been rather challenging for me, even as a child and now as an adult.

Last Sunday, I received a comment from one of my readers with another channeled message and website, I had never heard of them, but soon found out that the website was founded by a student of Joshua David Stone. Personally I have worked on and off with ascended masters for about 25 years or more. And have channeled some (namely Mother Mary, Sanat Kumara and the Great Divine Director) in messages presented on Blue Dragon Journal. Anyway, I dived in, exploring the various venues in the blog and found much of what suited me.

The energy (on the website) there is very high, but probably wouldn’t suit everyone. Christina (or Mel) and Mike live in Mt. Shasta (the town) at the foot of the mountain, Mt. Shasta, in Northern California. And in synchronicity I have been thinking about traveling to the Shasta area this coming spring / summer, as well as taking in a bit of Mt. Lassen National Park. I have some history with the area, in that I visited Mt. Lassen when I was three years old and had my first encounter with the magic of mountains. Apparently, Mt. Shasta is the Root Chakra of the planet, so it is an important energetic area to clear and to visit. Should be interesting whatever happens. We’ll take it day by day. Things are changing rapidly now; who knows what will happen tomorrow.

I’ve taken this plunge in a rather intuitive fashion. I’m following my nose and don’t really have a feel for where this is taking me as yet as it is all quite new. Mel and Mike sponsor a couple of phone calls every week and there is always some channeled material. I can really “feel” the energies. The calls go to some of the new 5D cities that are in the process of being built across the planet, through visualization. Interesting experiences all.

Another synchronicity that I noticed, even as a child I understood that the real name of the planet was “Terra”, not Earth… and not GAIA. Terra Christa is the higher Self of the Being who embodies the planet. The name appeals to me at a deep intuitive level.

Mel and Mike utilize shamanic practices along with material from the teachings of Joshua Stone, which in turn came from Esoteric teachings by Alice Bailey… who was taught by Djwhal Khul, one of the Ascended Masters who presents teachings as a part of the instruction received. It all feels quite natural to me, although I realize it wouldn’t to everyone. Still, I’m up for another adventure as Bilbo would say… Mountains, give me mountains.

In one of my recent dreams, I received a present from a friend. When I opened it up, there was a large pink candle-like crystal, with a elongated pyramidal shape, dangly gold earrings and a complicated gold necklace. I was surprised in the dream. I don’t get too many presents in “regular” life.

Our weather started out warm this past week and has gotten about 10 degrees (F) colder every day, finally dropping to 19 degrees F this morning (-7.2 C) with frost on everything. As the day broke, a heavy inversion layer set in, something that is quite common in Eastern Washington… in other words, a thick fog that clings to the ground, but leaves the higher elevations sunny and warm. Still little snow has fallen and it is now the middle of January. Another drought year in the Northwest, it looks like.

I haven’t felt quite writing anything this past week and enjoyed taking a break. No messages seem to be coming through either. I think the readjustment of my frequency will lead to some changes in that direction. In short, I’m not sure if I will be channeling in the future or not, but I’ll let that go for the moment. All of us are undergoing changes, some of which are difficult to express in words right now.

Love you all,

Hugs and kisses,


Photo: Mt. Rainier National Park – December (

7 thoughts on “Journal Entry 01.18.2014

  1. Reblogged this on Healing the Dragon Lines and commented:
    I am glad you are feeling a bit better. I did not know that Mt Shasta was the root chakra of the planet. I find the naming thing whether of planets or otherwise and the funkiness of translation between languages and between the nonlanguage state fascinating. For me language itself is sort of a step-down that requires adjustment and translation to understand so I often accept multiple names of things as coexistingly correct. For me the “names” of things are felt more as a tone or I’m not sure how to say it like a still harmony? A multi timbered, multidimensional sound without words, a feeling or resonance that identifies a being that registers more in my chest/heart area than in my head or ears. I wonder if the linguistic names resonate with us based on our genetic blueprint? Since Terra is Germanic rooted tho I believe actually from an older than German language, Gaia is Greek and I don’t recall the roots of the word Earth but its another one whose roots go deeper than extant languages. I always thought the name people call their planet was like the way Mama is different in each language but means the same essential thing.
    It does feel lately to me like everything is in a state of flux, a real tumbling chaotic vortex of change with multiple portals opened all around each of us. It is comforting to read that I’m not the only one experiencing the odd symptoms and need to withdraw a bit and redraw my map of me.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with such clarity. Not feeling natural to language I often have a difficulty distilling my experience into clear language and defining it so I’ve really been quite grateful for masters of doing so like yourself and Denise le Fey!

    • Terra is actually from the Latin and simply means “earth” in English. It brings to mind “Tara” from the old Irish that might be a derivative from an even older and now lost language. Sanskrit and the ancient language of the Basques are some of the oldest languages on the planet right now. Language is a 3-D concept and hopefully will be replaced with telepathy at some point. Then there will be no ability to lie or deceive.

      Thanks for your lengthy comment. Each of us has something to share. My writings are an attempt to convey that none of us are alone in our experiences and each of us is working along at our own speed, according to the dictates of our Higher Self.

      Much love and appreciation,

      • As another aside, as to whether or not the planet is “Terra” or “Gaia”, I don’t think it matters. She can be both. It’s not either or anymore but both; inclusive, not exclusive. Not my way or the highway. We’re leaving the need to pinpoint anything down to absolutes and allowing freedom, fluidity and flow. So when I bring forth an idea, it’s just an idea. There is no need for you to accept it OR reject. Just see it as a passing observation of a singular understanding. We’re growing so fast it’s not necessary to continue to hold onto any belief system as we are greater than any of them. Limitless and quite breathless at this point with wonder! Love, Eliza

      • Thank you for correcting my misperceptions. I am fascinated by the way words and their roots/etymology go back thru history often connecting across cultures. I don’t know why I thought Terra was German. I have avoided studying Sanskrit because it seemed too complex when I first encountered it as a teen but your comment is another synchronicity. Lately many things have been encouraging me to pay closer attention to that ancient language.
        I very much appreciate your ability to convey your experience and help more of us to feel that connection and know we are all going thru this process together.
        I love finding words like Terra/Tara that appear to be connected thru a deeper ancient root, possibly in a language that was once global and is now disappeared but for tiny fragments like that:-)

      • Yep, you’re getting it. There was once a global culture that disappeared, reappeared and disappeared, again. Our world is older than we realize and many things have been kept from us. However, all that has once been hidden (sometimes in full view) is now being revealed. Much love, Eliza

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