Eliza: On Walking in Bliss

Are We There Yet?

Eliza: On Walking in Bliss

This is a funny title for me for my life as I view it might not look too blissful for people looking in. I live alone… or rather I share space with my furry family, Lilly and Ivory. I work at a prison and get to sit down at a small table with murderers, rapists and whatnot, assisting them in looking through their records. My general health has been good, but I’ve been profoundly slowed down dealing with the incessant (and blessed) onslaughts of cosmic and solar energies, as well as various manifestations of ascension symptoms. And yet I’m able to feel the love that underlies all of the challenges. It is the love that I feel during a brief exchange with an older lady at the grocery store or the moment of compassionate understanding of a co-worker’s situation at home or a moment gazing up at a beautiful silvery moon and starlit sky, just taking in the breathtaking beauty of our world.

Bliss comes in little packets and bursts in upon our awareness, blessing us with a feeling of warmth in our hearts and connection with all life around us, whether or not we are actively participating in what others call “life” in 3D.

Who needs to feel love in their life? All of us, especially those who are still feeling lost and confused. Especially those who are just in the process of waking up and noticing what is really going on in our world and feel a sense of betrayal and hence an eruption of anger at those who are “doing” things to us. As if they could…

Yes, Team Dark is doing a great job in waking up the multitudes and the multitudes are responding with acts of rebellion, defiance, anger, blaming; in short, projecting all the miscreations they are having mirrored in their faces at someone “out there”.

The realization that you are a creator of your own world can be a great leap of understanding for a lot of people who are still in victim – perpetrator dualistic thinking.

And then you finally step into that place where you are willing to open to the possibility that you, too, have been an active member of Team Dark in the “past” on another timeline and then that’s when it is too hard for some people to handle and they go sideways into denial and self-judgment. It’s not about going to the dark side but recognizing that the dark exists within. To return to wholeness, the darkness must and will be integrated and loved.

I’ve always known that I carry warrior energy within. Why else would I be attracted to adult fantasy novels, dragons, stories about ancient Scotland, myths and legends; all of these tales contain a great deal of violence. And yet, I’m not a violent person in this lifetime. Being a double Libra and ultra-sensitive empath I tend to want to avoid confrontation. Yet, I’ve had to learn how to walk through life with suitable energetic boundaries and protections. Learning self-love is part of that process. Stepping into personal enpowerment is another. And accepting personal responsibility for how you deal with your own energy, focus and intent, is another step.

Then eventually the 5th initiation arrives and with it the beginning of the Pathway to Mastery… opening the heart chakra and permanently anchoring the energy of bliss into your awareness. Coming to this point doesn’t mean the striving for mastery has ended. In fact, for most, it has just begun as mastery comes in increments. And given that we live in more than one dimension right now (3 / 4 / 5) we will experience ups and down along the way, including tests to see how well we can hold the light.

I experienced a little test this morning when my entry of 1.17.2014 received a comment from a long-time reader to the effect that she didn’t resonate with my work anymore and was now in bliss that I was “going away.” I think it was in response to my writing that I might not channel anymore. Well, that’s not a decision written in stone, as I was visited just last night by several masters who indicated that they might want to communicate messages through me.

This same person wrote a derogatory comment or rather comments when I first presented some of my channeled material on this blog, many moons ago. My question to her and others like her is: “Why read this stuff if it doesn’t resonate with you?” It’s not like I’m holding any obligation for someone to read my work and automatically accept it, but I will command my own space, so comments like that are removed. And anyone who doesn’t resonate with my writings is welcome to go to another blog or source that does. With some wonder, I read the comment and then simply deleted it, understanding that the individual is at a particular point in her journey that does not resonate with mine… and why should it? We all different and unique; I honor this woman’s ability to discern this for herself, but not her need to express it in my space. The latter is MY issue. I’m still working on it.

What I have encountered in my life is my experience, placed before me for a particular reason or reasons by my higher self. It really doesn’t matter to me if someone doesn’t know anything about the Ascended Masters or the occult because I do. It is a pattern that repeats in my life. Anything being repeated means you need to actively look at it.

An aside about the so-called “occult”; the knowledge has always been there and taught for thousands of years in various spiritually orientated schools. Occult simply means “hidden”, but the knowledge has been there in plain view all the time. Our scientists and explorers are discovering that ancient teachings from old cultures be them indigenous or highly sophisticated have known about quantum physics and the connection between all things in the Universe forever. It’s not new, folks. We are just re-learning these things in the general sense. And then there are beings like me (I’m not special, just different, lol) that see the connections intuitively. And that is a result of having lived numerous lifetimes as priest / priestess, shaman, healer, teacher, druid, seer, guide, master… you name it, I’ve done it. Of course, I intuitively understand these things because I have previously experienced them… and you have, too, my dear commenter, but you have forgotten that you know. You will remember when it is appropriate for you to do so.

The teachings of the ascended masters has been a part of my life experience since I was in my twenties and is continually thrown up into my awareness so I have a choice to turn away or allow that door to open onto new vistas and opportunities. I choose to expand, not contract due to teachings received as a child in Bible Study. I tend to incorporate and absorb the teachings of many cultures that I have encountered through my studies, life experience and readings. It is all a part of the Whole and I would rather be inclusive than exclusive.

Clinging onto a particular belief system has not been an important issue for me. As I change in my frequency signature, my interests and those things that I am drawn to continually changes. This is called growth and it can create discomfort in someone reading about my experiences if they feel somehow a lack of understanding or as being less than me.

The lady commenter also noted something about my ego, which makes me laugh. I just accept the fact that I am intelligent, see things differently than a lot of people and enjoy sharing. My perspective is uniquely my own and has nothing to do with pumping my own agenda. I do not need or want followers. I would prefer that people discover their own purpose for being here and accept their lives as being what they need to experience in the now. It can change in a moment, but you need to love your life as it is RIGHT NOW and love yourself and see yourself as doing the best you can right now and then decide to take responsibility and change the way you view your life. You might discover that blessings are overflowing in every instance, but you haven’t taken the time to be able to see them.

What we experience coming from others is either a test to see how we can hold our light or frequency without going into fear or anger… or it is simply an chance to see challenge as opportunity for creativity solutions to enter in. You do have choice. You do not need to do things the old way, the tried and tested, for you might find those methods DON’T work in the new energy.

So… after spending a week not writing and actually relishing the release from the need to perform, I am now enjoying being able to share with you a little bit of where I’m at and how I’m feeling.

It is all about feeling now, rather than thinking through the 3D mind and ego. It is all about getting out of our own ways and believing that we can change, expand and grow and actually deserve to feel bliss and to experience well-being and abundance in our lives. And it is all about feeling the love, that you share with friends and with family, with your animal companions, with the stranger in the grocery store, with your co-workers, with your light family and with your guides and angels. We are truly one, but that understanding comes to us in increments and light packets. The understanding of this will penetrate into your awareness at some point; just when will depend on you.

As for the advent of the much hyped “Event”, personally I’m not going to wait with bated breath for something “out there” to happen. I’m going to make it happen here, within my own heart center, as I come into greater awareness of the love that my Higher Self holds for me, as I ground those energies of my multidimensional self more and more into my physical body, as I undergo the various physical and etheric adjustments being made so I can anchor more light into this environment which I share with all you beautiful people, animals, elementals and GAIA.

May many blessings unfold in your life and the understandings keep on coming. Namasté.

I AM Eliza Ayres

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27 thoughts on “Eliza: On Walking in Bliss

  1. Thank you for this most recent post, Eliza. I enjoy and value your down-to-earth (not sure whether this is a pun) wisdom. Keep following your own truth, which I hope includes continuing to post blogs!
    With love and light,

    • Thanks, Akankha. I may be a sensitive, but I’m also plain-spoken. And I love to write. Have no fear; I’m NOT going away any time soon. Love and hugs, Eliza

      • Dear Eliza,

        I really love your blog and I am also a double Libra (Sun & Moon). As far as the dissenter goes, some people are so desperate for attention, and don’t know how to
        gain attention in healthy ways, that the only thing they know how to do is criticize to get a reaction from people.

        I suppose it is a test to help us hone our abilities to stay calm, cool and collected under any circumstances – and to not get hooked into other people’s issues.

        Hope 2014 goes well for you. Namaste’ and Blessings.

      • Thank you, Shauniel. I’m actually a Libra Sun / Rising and Aries Moon. And have sought balance all my life. Each of us goes through various stages in life, but I always have tried to adhere to the values taught me by my mother, to be polite to others. Being an empath has made the journey a challenging one, for I have not only had to deal with my own feelings, but that also of my attacker. I felt her confusion this morning after I did not post her comment. We need to remember that we are free to the extent that we do not hurt others. Many forget these simple terms in our free will world. Mastery is self mastery not mastery over another, or trying to change people’s opinions or to force others to your own will. I have not done these things. I strive to share my experiences as my own personal journey fully realizing that the perception of others will not be what I perceive and so should it be. To be kind to others is just. In doing so, we are being kind to ourselves for we will not have to balance the harm done to others in our own futures. It is all a matter of perspective. In mastery, we see the past, present and future in the now moment and act accordingly. I’m working on it, as are we all. I still reacted today, a bit, but the emotional sting is largely gone and for that I am grateful. The lesson is nearly completed.

        Thank you for your comments and support.

  2. Moi aussi, dear Eliza. I love your writing. It does resonate with me. That is a lot of fun.

    Sensitive, and yet plain-spoken! What a great combination!

    Also, to be clear that you are intelligent and be ok with that. I love it. “Each of us has our own special gifts, and you know this was meant to be true…” — a slight paraphrase of Bob Dylan. “Dear Landlord” — Some are good with words — some are good with color, dance, numbers — everything. Probably we’re all good with everything, deep inside. I want to celebrate my gifts and I definitely want to celebrate yours and everyone’s.

    I want to say “I love you” to everyone in communication to the heart. In humble knowing that we are Divine and here to lift our dear Terra by being Light and conducting Light. (Another moi aussi — I always thought the name of our planet is Terra, as you say you did!)

    Eliza, I just had a session with Andy Bojarski and it was so wonderful and meaningful, I want to tell you and anyone who feels resonance with your writing. I did not know him before this, and now I feel I have met a friend. And I feel there has been a shift in me that will help me to tune my dial to the NEW station, the station of LOVE IN MY HEART.

    This is what you and others, such as Karen Doonan, write about, and I agree, agree, agree, but my mood has been so heavy. I think I found today and integrated with love, during the session a beloved little fragment of me that thought she had been so “bad” that she was excluded from love and was going to be left out. I welcomed her home to our heart, and I feel different!

    So I feel that when the worried part of my mind says: “you must pay attention and worry in order to survive,” I will say, WE ARE LISTENING TO THE LOVE IN OUR HEARTS CHANNEL NOW. Happy for no reason, happy for all reasons.

    Eliza, I appreciate you sharing your journey so much. You have given me heart when I needed it so much. You, and so many other dear bloggers, have shown me that I am not alone — I am part of what I hold most dear — a family of light.

    with so much love,
    in the midwestern USA

    • Andy is pure Love in a masculine package. Well met. Great to hear that you’re loving that little bit that had been forgotten (for a time). Integration and grounding unity is what this year is all about. Thanks for the great sharing and comments. Love to you, Eliza

  3. Eliza, you may have seen this already but I’ve been working my way through the material at galactichistory.com. It was there when I needed it most. Those folks who are catalyst, like the commenter you mentioned, are there (I think) to test our resolve. Usually It’s kind of like a graduating exam… A challenge to your thesis. 🙂 namaste and ❤

    • Indeed, Troy. I’ve actually read a great deal of the galactic history website. And indeed I have had (as we all have who are on this path) those who served as catalysts and initiators, to test our resolve to continue on. My father was one of these for me. And when he died, I felt the blessing given by his Soul and I knew that he always loved me despite what happened between the two of us. Even those who serve as lesser tests are those whom we know, who have agreed to take on this role for our benefit as we do for them. And we will laugh together and share our stories when we reach the other side… Good to hear from you, dear brother.

  4. Thank you Eliza.
    I’m a shy and quiet guy who rarely responds to blogs and such. Yet I just had to let you know how much I enjoy and resonate with your words. Keep them flowing!

    I also have to thank you for a post last November in which you mentioned Jim Self and Mastering Alchemy. I got a big tingle, checked it out, and signed up for level 1 & 2 the next day. And so glad I did! Its perfect for me in this now.

    Love & Light!
    Ottawa, Canada

  5. Dear Eliza, I very much enjoy your writings and musings and channelings. I am grateful that you take the time and effort to share. I look forward to them very much. But on the other hand, even if someone does not enjoy your writings I simply cannot see any reason to tell you about it. We all need to remember gentle manners and treat each other as we would want to be treated. So again, I thank you for putting yourself and your work out there for the benefit of all who wish to partake.
    Hugs to you from my heart to yours,

    • Sharon – it was a huge step for me to come forth and bare my soul as it were to the world. And in return, I have had the privilege of “meeting” dear friends and comrades on the Path. Thanks for your comment and sharing. Eliza

  6. I am treasuring all you are sharing of your journey, Eliza,
    for it assists me with mine…and often turns
    on a “needed” light bulb…much gratitude, Judy

  7. Hello Eliza,
    I am just passing thru for however long it need be. As I do with many things this lifetime. I want to say 2 things, 1)thank you so much for sharing your words and light with people. Especially at this time on the planet people will need your words of comfort, for there is a comfort to them. I feel your sovereignty and also feel the nurturing aspect you hold and offer to your readers. A mother energy I suppose, as those who have decided not to birth children are still mothers in some special ways….Also….I acknowledge the special gift you give every day by going to your work. You are, without a doubt, offering great service by being in physical proximity to the prisoners. You, I feel, and this may have been said at some point on your blog, are assisting them in raising their vibration and downloading the codes of light for healing and expansion…this of course is done without their conscious knowledge. How beautiful!
    2) I find it hmmmm….annoying? for lack of a better word…how many writers/teachers/intuitives/teachers etc. are constantly trying to downgrade their “specialness” so as to not offend others or “make” them feel inadequate in some way if those people are not psychic or highly intuitive or channel and they get mad about it. Please just SHINE and let others deal with their own feelings of inadequacy without hiding any of your light. Yes, we are all special, and we are special in different ways. I say own your special :). And I Thank You for sharing YOUR special.
    Shine on!

  8. My dear sister I always enjoy your articles and messages as often as I can read them. Don’t worry about those comments anymore. Delete them and you are done with them. Many bloggers and channels receive them, we have to learn to deal with them. Even our galactic friends receive them. SaLuSa once told me that he gets negative comments to his messages and that he just ignores them as being part of those people and he gave me the same advice. And not to think about why I receive them. It is the maybe expression of what they are or what they have to teach us.
    We are all here to remember who we are and to help sharing the love of the One and spreading our light into the dark and You are doing a wonderful work. I love it and I love you so so much. Keep on doing what you do please. ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. I always enjoy your insights (and those of many other bloggers/channelers), even if they don’t always resonate enough for me to share them. It could be my mood that day, or maybe I am too busy or overwhelmed, or maybe I just don’t get it. No big deal, because I find you overall to be a deeply reflective, fearless and fascinating writer. The posts you make that DO resonate are profoundly felt, and I am only too happy to pass them on, in case another will click with the info as I do at times.

    However, I don’t understand that reader’s need to express her dissatisfaction to the point that she feels “glad you are going away”! It’s as if the need to find fault or get a dig in supersedes any wisdom she might gain from resonance, and therefore she feels a need to punish you because she does NOT resonate. I completely agree. Move on, lady! There is a channel I used to follow, because he re-posted such volumes of interesting things after he stopped doing his own channeling (due to being compromised..seems to have been some sort of mind control game or trick someone played on him). I liked many articles he shared, but I noticed the overall content grew darker over time, and he made some commentary expressing an increasingly bleak outlook at the future of humanity. I grew tired of his intermittent paranoia and dark posts, so I opted to discontinue receiving his posts in my inbox, and pursued the individual channels that I found through him, that I DO resonate with, on my own, by subscribing to their posts. I felt no inclination to slam him or punish him, I simply disengaged.

    I think you are right on with your statement that its all about feeling right now, rather than thinking. Lightworkers come in all forms, but those who can disengage the mind and allow the heart to lead will have an easier time of it…many people are talking about this lately, and I find it to be increasingly true for myself. When the energies are challenging, I find I am more in my head, and it is easier to succumb to fear, anger and reaction. But by being in my heart, things just seem to flow a lot more gracefully and pleasantly. While I agree with your going within approach to “The Event”, I am at the same time excited for it’s “imminent” outward occurrence, as despite whatever collective challenges come along with it, I believe it will usher in a time when all of humanity will be forced to face their own fears and choose to access that heart space…or not! And since we will draw more to ourselves of whatever we resonate with, it my prayer that most of humanity will choose to get into that heartspace, which will lead to a far better co-creative outcome. You are a leader, a mover and shaker, just by virtue of being you, Eliza. By being you at your highest, you inspire others to do the same for themselves, and demonstrate that yes, these things ARE possible! Thank You, Sister of Light!

    • Dear Fiery Phoenix,
      I hope you have a blog of your own, for you are a prodigious writer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Eliza

  10. why I seldom comment beyond friends’ posts on FB, and why I don’t feel ready to share much writing yet. However, thanks for your gracious example and inspiring posts. I also enjoy your lovely photos.

  11. Yes, I am fiery, loquacious and direct, yet sensitive to criticism, which is why I seldom comment beyond friends’ posts on FB, and why I don’t feel ready to share much writing yet. I also have trouble navigating some of the blog site controls. However, thanks for your gracious example and inspiring posts. I also enjoy your lovely photos.

    • Ah, another sensitive, intelligent being. My honor to meet you and the others I have encountered on this blog. Your time to shine is NOW. You will step forth when ready. I had to be coaxed as well. And this blog does have a “delete” control for those comments that do not resonate. You must also have some degree of empathy else you would not “feel” as you do. Truly blessed. Thanks for being here and being you. Love, Eliza

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