Journal Entry: Adventures in Dreamland

Adventures in Dreamland

by Eliza Ayres

In my dream, I was in the midst of writing a paper. While concentrating on my work, I noticed a girl and boy approach and move into “my” space. I encouraged them to move away as I was hard at work. My teacher approached and asked to see my paper. I showed it to her, but she seemed disappointed. She said, “I was hoping for something a little more developed.” I thought a moment and then decided to go to the library to get another book. I found I was on a boat, so I dived off and began to swim across a calm, wide lake. I seemed to have some difficulty swimming and tried different ways to pull myself forward through the thick liquid. Then I reached the shore and walked out of the water. However, the library was up on a cliff and out in the open. I climbed up and started looking at the books. I couldn’t find what I needed. Then I saw my teacher at the door. She told me that this building was closed, that one of her friends owned it and that we should leave. I found myself hopping down some large, wide stone steps towards a garden. There was a gentleman there working. He said that they were going to do a meditation. I left my teacher there (or she disappeared) and started “walking” across a large green meadow. I say “walking” as, again, I was having a difficult time moving my body. Then I came up upon a bit of forest. I swung into a tree and kind of wrapped myself around it, swaying with the tree as it dipped towards the ground.

The dream stopped, but I found myself thinking about St. Francis of Assisi. A voice started speaking to me, “Yes, you were there, as one of my followers.” I “turned” to the voice, “Are you Kuthumi?” The reply came, “Yes, I AM Kuthumi.” I tried to remember his story, as a young man from a wealthy family in that small city-state. I “saw” myself as a young, proud lord, eager to wage war against the city’s enemies”. We went out and fought a short battle; none of us were prepared for the reality of war and destruction, especially when one of our childhood friends was killed by another warrior. We returned to the city shattered and disillusioned. Francis fell into a strange illness and when he awoke, he was like another person entirely, renewed and whole, but not his old self. Yet we were attracted to the innocence and sincerity of the new Francis. Since we loved him with our whole hearts, we followed him out of the city, leaving friend and family behind.

As these images coursed through my awareness in an instant, I suddenly became aware that I was standing next to another person on the bridge of an intergalactic ship. There was a large curved window in front of where we were standing. Below, I could see the blue-green planet, with spiraling designs of white clouds covering it and knew that we were looking at Gaia. The word, “Pleiadian” entered my mind and I knew that I was somehow translated to a Pleiadian ship, not one of the huge mother-ships, but a smaller one, more of a scientific ship for observation of the surface and interior of the planet. And the person that I was standing next to was one of my star Family.

The fluidity of this experience shows how easily we will be able to access our multidimensionality once we can be open enough to accept the possibility that we exist in more places than here, on Gaia, and on many different timelines and in many different lives, all at the same time.

As a child, I was introduced to St. Francis quietly and obliquely, as my family was Protestant and I received no training or lessons on the saints. However, my grandmother had a little statue of St. Francis standing in her garden. And I knew him, somehow. I found out about his life much later. I am being told that I knew him in India, too, when he was a great ruler there. The death of his wife shattered him. It was to her that he dedicated the building of the Taj Mahal. There I was a dancer and singer in the royal court and served as a teacher of the royal children.

And so it goes. What is the dream and what is “real”. As we wake up, we will enter new and vast worlds that we have wandered through in previous, simultaneous existences. Who is to say what is real and what is not, as all is energy and all is frequency. Enjoy the journey.



P.S.  Taz later learned she incarnated as Lady Clare, the female soul mate of Francis of Assisi and founder of the Sisters of Clare.  She was also incarnated in ancient India as a Hindu dancer and later as a teacher in the Court of Akbar the Great and his sons.  Akbar was an incarnation of Master El Morya and his son, Shah Jahan was an incarnation of Master Kuthumi.

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4 thoughts on “Journal Entry: Adventures in Dreamland

  1. Eliza,

    What a flood of YOU, bubbling up.
    What an amazing (life movie ) you can create soon, with the knowledge of all your past experiences and then hopefully soon, your future experiences all rolled into to one, in the here and now!
    What amazing steppes you are taking,
    blessings on you path,
    and Thank you for sharing them again.

  2. Dreams are always interesting, but I can’t remember those as you are.
    Through dreams, we can travel the world that is not here…and that is very interesting.
    I used to dream that I was flying(very often), even teleporting, but usually I can’t remember the story of dream. I wish I can remember dreams as you are! 🙂
    Always love your writings.

    • Eun-jeong, I certainly don’t remember all of my dreams, but this one was compelling and I had the time to write most of it down in the morning upon waking. It is suggested that we keep a dream journal at our bedside with a pen or pencil and jot down images when waking, even in the middle of the night. Dreams tell a lot about our inner processes. Mine have changed quite a bit recently.

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