Journal Entry – 01.14.2014


Journal Entry 01.14.2014

Folks, I’m going to be taking a little sabbatical from writing, not for any particular reason other than I feel that I need to do so. I’m integrating a lot of energies right now, feeling a little unwell and, well, just need a break.

Will be back when the spirit moves me. Until then, love ya all.


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8 thoughts on “Journal Entry – 01.14.2014

  1. Dear Eliza,

    I can so understand. It’s so strange right now. Each day seems to have three or four days in it.

    I love your writing, and I look often to see if you have written. Your writings have helped me with something so important — they have helped to show me that I am not alone in this spiritual quest, in these feelings about this life. Thank you SO MUCH.

    I want you to know that I can understand that you may need to take a break, just because. Just because, because. Because.

    I wonder if words come back, afterward. I think they will. I’ve always loved words, and anything we love can be of the NEW.

    Catch you on the flip side! Whatever that may mean! Thank you a million gajillion times!


  2. Dear Eliza,

    The energies are so powerful now. Enjoy your time, be safe and stay in love and light.

    All my love to you from the other side of the planet 🙂 / Louise

  3. I think many of us are going through this. Last night I was thinking ‘old’ stuff and such and thought to myself, “Why”? Now I know. Do rest easy dear. {{{hugs}}} with a ❤

  4. So glad to hear you are having a break too Elizabeth,The Federation of Light have spoken about these energies ,I am exhausted,everything aches! I have decided to go on retreat in an ashram in India! (I never travel outside of Australia! yet this came up and I knew I had to go!)

    Blossom: Actually yes … I know our time is nearly up yet … I am aware that myself and those around me and those who write in are FEELING SO EXHAUSTED and really strong aches and pains throughout the whole body … I mean REALLY STRONG. Any comment … other than … ‘part of Ascension’?

    The Federation of Light: We would say it is causing you to rest more whilst you normally would not consider to do so. We would say too … that it is literally change in your density of bone structure … That which you are ‘made of’ at this time is too heavy for the new energies that you are to reside in. In simple terms ‘walking/moving’ would not work!

    When enduring such aches and pains … visualize your body rising/lifting into air … becoming ‘aerated’ … resting on soft fluffy clouds as the density leaves and therefore one is left with ‘less of it’ … simply Lighter Beings … Lighter bones … for now.

    Lighter EVERYTHING. FOR ALL THAT IS YOU IS LIGHT … and it would seem improper not to match your heart.


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