Journal Entry 01.12.2014


Journal Entry 01.12.2014

Well, the winds have blown themselves eastward, although we’re due for another storm, again, tonight. Apparently there were winds up to 90 MPH in the State of Washington. It didn’t approach anything like that locally, but I could hear the wind howling last night as I went to bed. The rain wasn’t much, but things do look a bit damp outside.

Doesn’t look like I’ll be giving any channeled messages today, although it could happen. I appear to be in another transitional stage. This morning, I listened to a MP3 recording of a live channeled session with Lord Ashtar regarding the weather manipulation that is apparently underway across the planet. It was put on by Walking Terra Christa, an organization based out of Mt. Shasta, California (see their website: The energies carried in the recording were quite powerful. I’ll be listening to more of this work, which is based on the teachings presented through Dr. Joshua Stone and carried on by Mel and Mike.

In the recording, which I would encourage people to listen to, Lord Ashtar spoke of his (or their) gratitude for people stepping forward and being willing to ground their multidimensionality into their bodies, as well as consciously connecting with the Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters and other Christed Beings. He made it clear that we need to work together. He also made it clear that Disclosure will not happen tomorrow, as there is work to do before it can happen. Step by step we will get there, together.

Much of what was presented echoes what I have presented through various messages during the last year or so, including my personal thoughts. We will meet each other, ground crew and galactics, by working consciously together, blending our energies and grounding unity consciousness into the planet. That way, we raise up not only our own personal frequency vibration, but that of the surrounding environment, including people in our daily lives. We are in this process together. No one is going to hand our ascension to us; we need to work on it by raising up our vibration, grounding the rays of God and taking on our responsibility to be all we can as masters.

My humble words cannot express what a simple joy I’m feeling. I realize that I need to take responsibility for what I am experiencing, but I don’t have to suffer in silence. I can seek out remedies, by connecting within to inner promptings or by acting on suggestions given to me by other thoughtful people. We all need to learn what specifically resonates with self and then act upon it.

So… with a light heart, I will be doing a lot of housework today, as the headache of yesterday has worn off, thank Goddess!

Enjoy the moment and discover what gives you that bright inner smile.

Hugs and kisses,


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4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 01.12.2014

  1. Thank you, it seems for me what resonates can change and then drift away only to return another time. Happened to me today. Lots of gifts coming and going. My strange life. Much gratitude for you’re journaling

    • Timmy, I think it has to do with the spiraling effect of ascension or de-ascension. It’s best to just let go of things when they don’t resonate, which is far easier to do now than yesterday (old paradigm). And then re-connect when appropriate. Thanks for your comment on my journal entries. I find they’re a way for me to “keep in touch” without spending a lot of time when I’m not particularly inspired to write…although some of the entries have occasionally grown of their own accord.


  2. Hello there Eliza, I hope i’m not too late in wishing you many warm New Year greetings from the south of France where we are currently enjoying a balmy type of weather for the past few days. Thanks again for your words of encouragement.
    Much love and blessings

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