Journal Entry 01.11.2014


Journal Entry 01.11.2014

Woke up with another headache, feeling like my third eye is being drilled out, on my brow and inside…the pineal gland. Then the medulla oblongata feels stretched and heavy. Redecorating. I call in the golden light to soothe my weary head and have been sleeping heavily, waking up with a cat pillowing my head and another one sprawled over my chest… my furry Sirian healers.

Another Pacific storm is lashing at the windows, with temperatures in the low 60’s (16 C) making it feel like spring. The strong winds are also picking up a lot of dust from the plowed fields making the air seem kind of like a floating garden. I’m sure the animals and birds are getting thoroughly confused by now. Wonder if the bears have bothered to go into hibernation yet — we have a good population of black bear in the Blues. Provender should be easy for the deer, moose and elk this year, with the old grasses and lots of tender stems to chew. Still, we need some snow for summer water, so it’s another odd winter like the last two.

Had a series of colorful lengthy dreams, the last one I was driving through a very green city with my parents.

Spent some time on Mars last night watching John Carter of Mars. I read the whole series as a teenager thanks to a friend whose father had an entire collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs fantasy / science fiction works. What an amazing imagination; he was truly a man before his “time”. And probably a time-traveler in his own right.

Although my constant companions (thanks Aisha!) have been around, I have not had much in the way of inspiration for writing, especially given that my physical condition is, well kind of slowed down right now. Feel like I’m floating in a kind of void; it’s hard to express in words, but there, at any rate. Still, you never know when I’ll be triggered by something I encounter or read.

Think I’ll wander out to the kitchen for a bite to eat and drink. I’m taking in a whole lot more water than usual and just seem to want more. Redecorating in progress!

Oh, and anyone else noticing an intolerance to some foods that used to be quite compelling? I’m beginning to love the subtle favors of vegetables, fresh vegetables. And fruit… yum. And raw nuts. I’ve discovered an intolerance to chocolate candy (probably something good to have!) with all its added fat and sugar. Gives me a headache now. So much for that Valentine’s Day box of chocolate!

I grew up in a family that ate cookies, cakes, pies and ice cream (one at time) every night of the week AND never got fat. Food sure has changed since I was a youngster and most of what is contained in grocery stores is quite nauseating now. I kind of shop around the edges…and take advantage of our local growers in season. The valley is blessed with truck gardens and orchards besides the vineyards and wheat farms. Anyway, I’ll drop in later to connect with you all. Much love!

Hugs and kisses,


P.S. Forgot to mention that I saw 4:44 5x yesterday. Thanks angels for watching over us! And today is a 111. Another portal…

4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 01.11.2014

  1. Eliza,
    Is your redecorating a minimalist design or Italian furniture with plastic slip covers??
    Plus as for nuts…..Almonds are wonderful.
    Water, water everywhere!!!! En-joy.

    • Actually, I enjoy the cottage look, lots of wood, baskets, plants and fabric curtains, but minimum fluff. Remember I have animals…

      Slip covers? Ohhh, my eyes are aching.

      Almonds, pecans and Brazil nuts! Yum. And oranges. Even celery is delectable to my palate of late. Salty and crisp without added fat!

  2. Hi Eliza,
    Seeing 4:44 means something? I kept seeing that almost everyday for years.
    Also, My preferences have changed too, so I don’t like to eat chocolate(I love them when I was young) or junkies that contains fat or artificial flavor, anything that is not natural. It’s surprising because I thought my preferences are never going to change, but there is much more things that is being changed, isn’t it?
    So I guess it is very natural, because we are in great transition.

    • According to Doreen Virtue, 444 means “angels watching over you.” Or you can see it as another activation sequence much like 111, 22, 44, 33, etc.

      Food preferences, etc., will naturally change as your frequency levels increase.

      Thanks for the comment. Eliza

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