Mother Mary: Be Love in Action


Mother Mary: Be Love in Action

via Eliza Ayres

Good morning on this first day of your new year. I AM Mother Mary, but you can think of the One that I AM as the Mary Energy, a part of the Divine Feminine that came into embodiment some two millennia ago on your timeline.

When you embody, beloved, you leave so much of your Self behind. This other part of your Self is your full multidimensionality, of which you are now becoming aware. As you attain and can sustain a higher vibration within your body vehicle, you will become reacquainted with that greater part of Self, because now you will be able to hold more of You within. And you will begin to communicate with your guides and mentors who are ever with you, even if you have not always been aware of their presence.

As has been communicated, beloved, you are here for the purpose of weaving compassion into your Universe. You have come, first to experience the extremities of polarity and now, secondly, to take those polarities and to weave them together into Oneness.

This process proceeds from self-love, for it is through self-love that you build a foundation in order to begin to weave together through the golden threads of compassion all that is separate. You see compassion is love in action; you are taking the love that you are and weaving it consciously within as you radiate out self-love and well-being.

Do not feel that you are not worthy of love, beloved, for you ARE love. You came here because you love.

Do not fear that you will lose your individuality through your work, for while compassion connects all in a field of Unity Consciousness, the one that you are in expression will remain separate and connected. Thus expresses the paradox of Unity Consciousness wherein the One is One and the many.

Your love is what moves the stars through the heavens. Your love is what will open hearts as your self-love radiates out to melt all that stands in opposition.

Love cannot be resisted; it is the force that binds together each individual separately and together into Unity Consciousness. Unity starts with you and works out.

Observe that the weaving of your compassion will flow forth from your heart, touching one and then another who will in turn touch still another until all are connected by this golden sparkling Web, expanding and extending out even beyond the boundaries of your solar system and into the Universe.

Be patient with yourself, beloved, for what you do is unprecedented. You are here, descended into form, a spiritual being, a being of energy and frequency. It is understandable if you have felt frustration and even anger at being so contained. However, dear ones know that as you weave compassion you feel yourself begin to expand out, following the lines of connection, beyond the earth and into the Universe. You will begin to connect with your star kin and those who presently exist in light bodies.

Communication doesn’t merely come through words, beloved, but feelings and frequencies. Even as you read these words or speak them aloud to yourself, you will be taking in the information that we have woven into the words and as you open to the possibilities that lie before you, the information will present itself to your awareness as it is needed.

We see many of our light workers beginning to connect in ways that will begin to serve the greater good, emanating out our love through projects and events.

And there will be many who wake up this year. They will wake up like little children having many questions as they begin to discern a whole new world that lies before them. Many are not prepared so well as you, beloved, at least initially, but through encouragement and trust, they too will open up to the wisdom held within the heart and within the beauty of nature that abounds on this planet, even in the midst of the great cities.

Love is everywhere, in the fabric of the life that surrounds you. You will begin to see all who enter and leave your life as a lover does, with unconditional love, placing no boundaries or judgments upon them, but letting them walk free. The beggar on the street is sometimes a very old soul, beloved, one who sees no further value in holding onto material wealth or belongings. Honor that one, beloved, for the maturity of experience and even for the ennui that has taken form in their heart.

Not all who souls who are presently embodied upon this planet are of the same soul age, beloved, so allow, allow, allow all of them to experience what it is that they came for. They are a part of you and you are a part of them. Each will learn from each other as you mirror for other that which is up for transmutation and transformation. Release, breathe and drink lots of water, in order to release what comes up, beloved. You will find that you gain confidence and can accomplish much by letting go the need to judge self or others.

Love radiates out in pure fashion from the eyes of children and the animals who you gather as companions in your life. Let them remind you of the innocence that you may have left behind temporarily when sore beset by circumstance and life. The child remains within; love it whole, again, beloved, with the tender love of a gentle mother, allowing for the releasing of all the old programming to go, until once more you feel free and flowing in your life.

Each of you is our Son and our Daughter, beloveds. Each of you is worthy of love on this day of new beginnings and on all the days of your life.

You are in the process of bringing a new Universe into being, one woven from the golden strands of compassion. Our Son, Yeshua, is the guiding force behind this project, as he first seeded it as a possibility on your world. And now, each of you are working with him, stepping forth as you assume the golden mantle of compassion in your world and weave love into the air.

You are loved and supported by the Universe. We watch in excitement and awe as you strive to figure out your direction every day. We view your actions and advise you as we can because from our perspective we can see the whole picture that is not possible for you as an individual to discern at this time. You are creating your new world as you go. It is so amazing to watch.

Go forth, beloved, with love in your golden hearts. We walk beside you on the shore of the still lake within your heart. Discover that calm place within so you might sit with us and commune in the language of light and begin to remember those things that you have forgotten.

We love you, beloved, with the fullness of our Being of which you are part. We are One.


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11 thoughts on “Mother Mary: Be Love in Action

  1. Dear Eliza, Thank you so much for this beautiful Journal. Don’t ever think of stopping, cause you are love in Action. By reading this journal LOVE is coming so close, I can’t stop crying. May 2014 bring you what you are dreaming about and more , and may peace and love be the best part of it.

    Namaste Ria

    Blue Dragon Journal schreef op 1-1-2014 17:49: > > Eliza Ayres posted: ” Mother Mary: Be Love in Action Good morning on > this first day of your new year. I AM Mother Mary, but you can think > of the One that I AM as the Mary Energy, a part of the Divine Feminine > that came into embodiment some two millennia of your timeli” >

  2. Thank you Elizabeth,I clicked on this in my inbox as it was sent to me in one of Heather’s many daily emails of posts,that I rarely get time to view these days,as usual there was a reason I opened it,Mother Mary guides me and around 4am when the solstice began here in Australia I was startled when I awoke to see a gold web or net over the top of my head,I quickly waved my arms and it disappeared,then when I composed myself I realise all was well and that it was spirit,I went back to sleep with a smile on my face feeling such peace and comfort,that feeling usually means Mother Mary is close:) Do I have your permission to share it on my site ?

  3. Blessings to you Mother Mary and Eliza for a comforting and nurturing message to guide us onwards and upwards in this new year.
    With much love and light


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