The Light Collective: On the Coming of the Lord of Nature

Golden Beech

The Light Collective: On the Coming of the Lord of Nature

via Eliza Ayres

We stand here with you on the threshold of a collective awakening of humanity or to be more precise, a reawakening to your true nature which is love.

Collectively you are the second coming of the Solar Logos embodied in flesh, incarnations of the most high God, your own internal Christ Consciousness.

We know that many of you will deny our words and seek to run away from self, but you cannot run away from the truth of what you are, beloveds.

Yes, you are Our Beloveds. Embrace the love energy that we send through your heart centers. We are there with you, standing before the holy altar within, where the sacred fire has been re-lit on this day as done in the times long lost in the Mists of Forgetfulness.

You are the Children of Avalon. You are the ancient druids, priest kings and priestesses who held the balance within that it might be reflected outward to the people.

Remember the Green Man. Remember the Sun within, the Sol Invictus. Remember your role as co-creator with the forces of Nature.

You walk among the trees of the Great Forest that once stood on these shores, the shores of your imagination. See the moon and stars swing in their movement across the wide dark skies, spiraling in a slow majestic dance. Hear the notes of the music sung by the Angelic choirs on high; each of you is a corresponding note, a singular frequency within that great symphony of Being.

You are coming back into alignment with the Will of Creation. It is your will to be in alignment for that is why you came here.

You have forgotten who you are, but now is the time to wake the sleeper within and come alive, again, fully with all your senses.

Toss your long hair in the solar winds and dance in the moonlight with the fairies and elves. They welcome your coming, beloved, for you are their partners in creation; they cannot do their work alone.

Our blessings accompany you on your journey into Oneness.


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