Journal Entry: An Elemental Song of Creation


Journal Entry – An Elemental Song of Creation

by Eliza Ayres

Sometimes the inner workings of transformation are just too difficult to put into sentences, so you must resort to the ageless voice of the muse, poetry:

I am the seeker and the sought
I see now what has not seen for ages past
The one within and from without
Light in the forest
Rain on the meadow
Wind in the willows
Playing with the harp of branches
Soaring clouds float overhead
I AM in love with all that is seen, felt
And exists beyond the sight of my eyes
I walk within the great forest of my dreams
The boles glimmer in the moonbeams
As proud trunks reach high
And touch the stars in the sky
I AM One with Creation and
One with all that moves within
And without my body
My awareness soars to worlds unknown
Untouched by the hand of man
We are reunited, my family long lost
I see your ships drift by
On the streams of heaven’s light
In my dreams I greet thee
In my heart I join with thee
You are my love, my king, my heart
And I am your love, your queen, your heart
Together we join in the sacred dance
Together we bring new life to the earth
Through which we walk
As One, as many,
Dancing in the great circle of Life.

Glimmerings of what I have been, will be and are becoming are coming to me now in ways that are difficult to translate into coherent sentences. The Green Man, mythological figure that has come to symbolize the Green Movement, has returned to my awareness. He is the masculine counterpart to the Great Goddess. Together they dance in the spiral dance, the sacred marriage of feminine and masculine energies, without which there would be no humanity this day.

Those of us, who have chosen to remain on these shores as the New Elves, are reawakening to the fullness of our beings. We resonate to the frequencies contained within the old stories of mythological beasts, of great giant trees, of soaring crystal castles, of elves, fairies and dwarfs. We sing within the crystal song that will awaken the quiet springs and crystal waters, to transform and bring this world into balance and alignment with the new blueprint of Creation that is activating now.

The energies flowing through, touching me now are the gentle hands of elementals plucking at my heart strings. They rejoice in the reunion of God and Goddess within each of us who walks in the path of the ancient ones. These same elementals have waited for this moment a very long time, as they are our co-creators in Magick.

I have not learned much about magick in this lifetime, yet an awareness of something just outside waiting to be rediscovered by me has lingered in my heart. And now I have the ears to hear the harps in the faery ring, and the eyes to see the silver path that will lead me Home, to Faery, to the Realm that exists within the fifth and sixth dimensions.

Faery is calling to us and some will answer for the song resonates in our heart of hearts. Not all will see; not all will hear, but those of us that do, will linger long on these shores and work alongside the elementals to bring healing to the earth plane.

“Yes!” cries the voice within my head. It is the voice of the Green Man and the Faery Queen, the ones who embody the sacred energy of the sun within the earthly realm.

Long has mankind turned away from Nature out of fear, out of separation, out of distrust… but, there are those among us who have long walked the paths through the forest without fear and I AM one.

I greet my sisters and brothers of Faery in the dawn of the golden age, when mankind and the elementals will work together, in peace, for the renewal of our world and our hearts.

We are One in the great Circle of Life.

The Elementals:

Dancing in the Moonlight, singing the sun high in the Dawn, we walk in the mists of dream and myth, but we are real. We are the ones who weave the energies of the sun into the earth, blending the elements to create a world upon which you can live and breathe and enjoy the sensations of the physical realm.

We work with the Mother and with the Father; we work with you, if you will, as co-creators, sons and daughters of the most High.

A dream is about to manifest, to come about because of you the dreamers.

And we will stand along side of you as the light of dawn breaks over the purpled mountains, in the East.

Beloved ones, go forth and grow like a great king oak. Be flexible and adaptable like the spring-fed willow and as hearty as a great springing stag.

As your hearts expand, you will begin to sense our presence. We rejoice in this sharing and has waited long for the return of those who walked with us through the ages of man so long ago, the druids and seers, the healers and musicians, the dancers and artists, the poets and singers… the ones who flow in their imaginations with the songs of heaven and earth, intertwined, merry and brilliant.

Go with our blessings, we are also your kin and walk among you, mostly unseen, but not for long.


Eliza and the King and Queen of Faery

Copyright © 2012-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. Replication via recordings and/or videos is not permitted.

12 thoughts on “Journal Entry: An Elemental Song of Creation

  1. Dear Eliza,

    Your messages are more and more meaningful and sublime. Thank you for this beautiful glimpse into our true connection with Nature, Nature Spirits and All That Is.

    You mentioned recently that you participated in a tele seminar with Judith Dagley. You recommended Judith’s past archives of writings from the celestial team. I’ve been reading them today. Wow. I’ve only read two, from the very beginning, and I’ve received valuable insights already.

    Thank you for suggesting Judith Dagley’s archives.

    My happiness is starting to bubble up as I see all my dreams coming true – to return to my close relationship with the Faeries! To see Dragons again! To appreciate the Elves! To BE and Elvish one! or one of the Fae. Oh, all my best, most secret dreams are coming true!

    And added to that, the remembering of what I am, and that it is my Beloved I Am Presence with whom I share this existence. To love myself is natural and passionate, as I discover who I AM. And from there, to love others is to love myself. There is no “others.”

    I’m 100% committed to this process. I’m at a point at which I’m not triggered so much any more. Many traumatic energy injuries have been released and healed. I’m more present. I look forward to more and stronger Awareness of who I AM, releasing all fear, so that the love may flow. There is more to go, but the process is strongly begun, and cannot be stopped.


    Thank you for the beautiful evocative poetry of your expression. Your eye, your ear, your soul, are so dear to me. Thank you. With so much love and appreciation, Sarah

  2. Wow Eliza.
    “We sing within the crystal song that will awaken the quiet springs and crystal waters, to transform and bring this world into balance and alignment with the new blueprint of Creation that is activating now.”
    What is the song we can sing?

    Except for the super sensitiveness of your life Eliza, my life could mirror yours externally. I follow your journey intently.

    I still can’t believe they are making 4 movies our of a 200 page book (The Hobbit) and only 3 movies out of 3.. thousand pages books. Where is the justice!!!

    You have me researching Elves and their purpose. Thank you.


    • I think it is 3 movies out of 300 pages. And parts of the movies come from the Silmarilion, background of the developments that move the plot towards the War of the Rings.

      • OK, oh wise ring master, never did completely read Silmarilion and finished reading the hobbit 43 years ago. So have compassion on my ignorance and Thank you for educating me on Ring lore. Frees me up to just enjoy the journey :).
        As for Elves, I came upon a story as I wondered what the purpose of elves was. It is fiction, but it moved me. It may resonate with some so I’m sharing it here.
        Still on the search for the purpose of Elves!!!
        Chapter 1. The Bonnet Master – The Purpose of Elves


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