Journal Entry: Solstice

Lake StuartJournal Entry: Solstice

Powerful and potent Solstice time, Winter and Summer, depending on what latitudes you live in. For us Northerners, it’s a time to reflect on the past year and what a tumultuous one it has been. My life has been quiet, but around me there is a lot of change going on…and within me there is a lot of change going on, as well. However, the inner change is difficult to write about, except to mention that I seem to spend more time at night in partial meditation, dreams and conversations with guides. I have a difficult time remembering everything and I really don’t think it matters at this point. Hmmm, I just floating down the great river and rising in frequency level at the same time.

Today (the 20th) was a very entertaining weather-wise. We had a mild morning which turned into a fierce little snow storm and then a very sloppy wet melting snow on the ground kind of evening. Snow is coming down heavily in the mountains which make the skiers and other winter recreationists quite happy, although travel might be difficult for a couple of days until the roads are sorted out.

Although benign in appearance, the Blues can really pack in the snow, topping 6 to 7 feet or more every winter. That doesn’t sound a lot to many people, but this is a semi-arid part of Washington / Oregon, with plenty of sage brush blue bunchgrass steppe around. In the Blues, in the damper canyons and gullies, tall Douglas Firs, Subalpine Fir and Spruce grow in abundance, while the ridges are spotted with barren areas of lithosol soils which are dotted with abundant wildflowers in season.

No, none of this rambling has anything do with metaphysics and yet it does. I’m aware of the natural environment around me. I can tell you where specific plants, some rare, grow in the Blues because I’ve seen and photographed them. I would like to be more aware of the presence of elementals when I’m out in the woods, although I do make a point to acknowledge them and always bless the forest when I walk through it.

Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year. From now on, the days will begin to get longer. I always relish the return of light and this year Solstice has a double meaning, for it truly signifies the Return of the Light. The planet has moved completely in 5D and now, our bodies will begin to reflect that transition, at least those who are members of the 5D Tribe (actively pursuing ascension). Others, our neighbors, friends and family members may be experiencing a lot of confusion, but that’s part of the reason we’re here; to assist them to make the transition when they are ready to do so. It is an individual decision, made at a soul level, and definitely not a race, as the Divine Mother so beautifully pointed out in Sirian Heaven’s (Isabel Henn) latest channel.

2014 should be another interesting year for the planet, the light-workers and those who are waking up. Keep breathing, keep calm and centered, laugh a lot, find things that bring joy into your life, spend time in nature and live the Love that you are in truth.

Hugs and kisses,


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3 thoughts on “Journal Entry: Solstice

  1. So Dear Eliza,

    I laugh in the face of danger…Ha Ha Ha. And see Christmas all around with Joy. Ho Ho Ho.
    I have a bunch of very happy thoughts that I attract on face book. Like “where is Matt,” and on You Tube videos. And a star trek(next generation) talking Xmas song. Not tech savvy or I would send the links, sorry.
    Suffice it say, I’m smiling and hope all are too!!


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