Journal Entry 12.19.2013


Journal Entry 12.19.2013

Last night I barely slept or spent large parts of the night talking with my guides and processing massive amounts of downloads received during the 2nd Telegathering for Energy Sensitives and Energy Alchemists, sponsored by Judith Dagley (for further information go to

It was quite apparent that something fairly potent is happening internally. And many channeled messages fully support that we’re in another portal period, between 12.12 to the Solstice, 12.21, as well as being influenced by the Gemini full moon. Who would have thought that astrology would become so important in our lives? Yet, although these portals seem to bracket particular time frames and opportunities for advancement, we are no longer limited to strictly linear time.

In fact, linear time was a complete construct devised to contain and suppress. If you were always running out of time you could be kept in a chronic state of panic and fear. We have stepped out of linear time, now, or you can chose to do so simply by changing your perception of life.

Judith explained that in the “higher” dimensions, time is used as a location to find a particular event or occurrence and then to enter into that event. Time is quite malleable and can go fast or slow depending on what you require. In other words, we are about to become masters of time rather than being mastered by time. Doesn’t that sound great especially if you’ve ever been anxious about finishing a project or two?

Today, despite not having much sleep, I was able to function quite readily and remained in a good mood all day. In fact, I was able to simple tweak my mood if I felt I was moving off-center. It felt so easy and natural to do so. I didn’t have to worry any more about what anyone else thought of me. I know that I’m okay and that I’m only going to feel better as the frequencies increase in their intensity, for I’m home in these frequencies and in the lighter densities.

Judith was reminded, again, to tell us that we (the energy sensitives) came in embodying the higher frequencies. It is home to us, so we feel better and more at ease as the frequencies continue to rise. And I have to say that it feels easier to open my heart now. Last night during the meditation with Yeshua, my heart center felt like it expanded to encompass my entire chest. And now, even just thinking about it, I can feel the glow and warmth in my breast. It is the feeling of love being emanated from my Higher Self and the myriad of light beings, star beings and ascended masters with whom we connected with during the teleconference.

In many messages we hear that we’re never alone. It’s true. Each of the participants brought either a couple of guides, while some brought entire collectives. I’m sure my Light Collective and my more recent contacts, the Sirians, were present and accounted for at the gathering.

During the day, I find myself shaking my head in wonder. I know the world is changing and I’m so ready for it. I’ll embrace whatever comes because my heart is now open which makes managing change so much easier. I can let go of whatever keeps me from moving into the higher frequencies with more equanimity, although I might have to bargain about chocolate!

Still, it takes really listening in to your individual body vehicle to see just how you can fine tune your own process. There are no rules anymore; it really is a very individualistic process, ascension. Openness, a willingness to adapt to change, flexibility, the ability to let go of what is not important anymore, the ability to discern what resonates with you… all these qualities will aid you in finding what supports your process into rising in frequency level.

Ascension for energy sensitives is simply a full return Home. We brought Home with us when we incarnated upon this planet. And now the rest of the population are becoming aware that something HAS changed. We’re here to aid them to adjust with ease even as we rejoice in the lightness and love-filled environment that is so familiar to us.

As frequency decoders, we can tune into what is out of alignment in an individual. If we are triggered by a confrontation with anyone, we know that there is something that needs adjustment in our own being, as the “other” is simply a mirror for what we have not dealt with ourselves. There is no judgment, no right or wrong, no one way to be, no rules. We simply can adjust our attitude and feelings and move on. It’s so simple, at least to an energy alchemist.

I’ve written before of an experience while receiving a reading from a fine psychic / channel. She was going on about how depressed and out of sorts I was feeling to her and had just started to evoke the presence of Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael, when my energy suddenly shifted, like a cloud moving aside to reveal the sun shining. She paused and then gasped out, “How powerful you are! You changed your entire frequency in a second!” It was then she advised me that I had been on the Path all my life and came in on the Rose Ray. According to her own website, the Rose Ray was not anchored fully on the planet until 2011. I was born in 1950. The Rose Ray, of which little is known as yet, is the feminine equivalent of the Ruby Ray, a potent male energy often used for clearing.

I’m not trying to hoot my own horn when relating these things to my readers. I merely want to point out that there have been particular sign posts spaced out along the journey my entire life where I was given subtle (and some not so subtle) hints as to my true identity. I have known for a long time that I was being prepared, like a sword, for a “mission.” And now I know that I’m completing my mission simply by being what was always so difficult to be in the third dimension, being an energy sensitive. And you will discover, when looking back, that you have also been given signs and encouragement along the way.

It’s rather ironic. After spending years being chided for being too sensitive, now I can use that sensitivity to my advantage, in making the transition from 3D to 5D with more ease. And as I radiate out my ease and calm, I will affect everyone around me, those who interact with me at the supermarket, at work, the drivers who pass me on the highway, wherever I go. And I can sit in my room at home and radiate out the heart love that passes through me into the neighborhood, my town, the state in which I live, my country, the planet and into the cosmos.

Another thing that was brought up in the telegathering was the mention of the great Web of Life that interconnects us all. Science has long maintained that everything is separate. However, now quantum physics is in the process of discovering just how connected everything is, although they don’t yet understand just how. The concept of the interconnection is nothing new. Our ancestors (ourselves!) were well aware of just how the inner and outer worlds, as well as the higher and lower worlds were and are connected. As above, so below; all the worlds reflect and echo each other. The only difference being with the 3D frequencies, were vastly slowed down and denser (heavier) than what is expressed as the higher dimensions.

There is much more to share, but I would encourage those of my readers who sense that they might be an energy sensitive to obtain a copy of the recording of this last telegathering. Specifically, Yeshua came in to activate and initialize the beginning of the second part of each of our two-part blueprints. If you haven’t read my other pieces relating to this blueprint, energy sensitives came in with two, not the normal one soul blueprint for their lifetimes here on the planet. The first part has finished and now starts the second part, where we will begin to blossom into the fullness of our beings, fully anchored here in physical bodies. It will be the coming of the Christ Consciousness embodied.

And more food for thought:
Christ Consciousness = Love (Unconditional Love)

So, that’s enough for tonight. Have a blessed finish to your week and enjoy the holidays as you celebrate the Festival of Light with the upcoming Winter / Summer Solstice, depending on where you call home on this beautiful planet.

Hugs and kisses,


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5 thoughts on “Journal Entry 12.19.2013

  1. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your experience so clearly. For so many of us who are sensitive, having been mocked and put down for who we are for so long, often have difficulty freely expressing ourselves. Seeing another with similar experiences can be so liberating:-)

  2. So THAT was the Ray that came to/through me a couple of years ago — Ruby! After ‘seeing’ and feeling it come to me, to be utilized for the ‘cleansing’ of my immediate physical region (added to several other Rays which I already had ‘gathered’ over the previous few years, none of which were ‘requested’ by me), I talked to a couple of other spiritual people who knew about these things (rays, colors, associations, etc. — I knew almost nothing, the ‘details’ not being important to me), and we concluded that it was the ‘Magenta Ray’. But Ruby, although very similar in tone, feels better, more accurate, especially as it is more a MALE energy. And I’ve got THAT in spades — but very harmoniously balanced — all through my entire multiple fractal fragment composite Soul!
    BTW, a very nice one-two-three maximally purging/cleansing combo is to do Ruby – Violet – Platinum (immensely powerful penetrating Ray, great for the densest of the dense energies, only to be utilized in ‘hard cases’). Top it off with Golden, and it’s all Go(o)d 😉 . . . .
    P.S. — Ain’t our Elder Bro and Fearless Celestial/Galactic Admiral just TOO MUCH?! His simple Presence just collapses my ability to function . . . .

    • My…Ruby, Violet and Platinum would be a very heady mix, then sprinkled with gold dust! And yes, Yeshua’s Presence was quite…well, powerful and loving. It’s funny…in about 1985 I “told” Jesus that I could accept as a brother, but NOT as the ONLY Son of God. Somehow I knew that I was, also a Son / Daughter of God, as well. And now, he is insisting the same thing! Wonderful Being!

      • Yeah, it WAS quite a heady mix, lol! But necessary for a short while back then. Still had those nasty wimpy-nasty darkies lurking around those days, some of them pretty . . . formidable themselves. Helps to BE better equipped, supplied, and supported ;-).
        Ah, I went to Catholic School, and could never get over the FACT that Jesus says (even in the twisted, mis-translated, drastically edited English bible) ‘God is my father, AND YOU ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS’ — and yet in church they kept saying he was the ‘only’ son of God. So I quit at 16. Never could take hypocricy, especially when it was SO blatant! Glad that whole mess is finally over now, and the criminal Roman empire is finally falling for real, and under a new emperor (pontiff) who is fully conscious of that ‘reality’ 🙂

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