Journal Entry 12.17.2013 – Imagination


Journal Entry – Imagination

How many of you heard the words, “It’s just your imagination!” when growing up, from parents, teachers and other mentors? I certainly did, so I spent a lot of time on my own reading. I first discovered my love for reading with fairy tales and then eventually science fiction. I was an early reader of Tolkien, reading it when I was about 11 or 12, soon after the Lord of the Rings was published. I soon got bored with “children’s” books and was reading adult novels in middle school. And later, as adult fantasy took hold, I embraced that genre.

So where is this ramble taking me? Recently I read a phrase in a channeled piece (don’t remember which one) which stated that imagination is at the frequency of 5D. In other words, your imagination will carry you into the higher frequencies. All that discouragement to share dreams, be creative, to fit in was just another ploy to keep you under rein, controlled by those who thought they knew better than you did.

I always knew that even so-called fantasy stories had more truth in them than the gabble presented as history. Once I signed up for the History Book Club and quickly cancelled my membership when I realized that most so-called historians didn’t know how to write a decent story and could not imagine what the people they were researching were really like. Historical novels were much more preferable than most history texts.

This past weekend, I spent at home resting, yet again, as the steadily increasing energies leading up to the full moon today (the 17th) were pressing in on me or some such thing. And as I rested, I felt the pressure of a story or stories pushing at the edge of my awareness. I soon realized that these were not fictional; they were scraps and pieces of my story…from the parallel lives I am living in the Multiverse.

For a long while I felt like I was suspended in a void, outside of time, and then I began to see myself as a dragon. I picked up my rose crystal pendulum to check what was coming in. In the lifetime that I was picking up on, I was a magician, a real magician who could work with the elementals and animals. I could speak to animals and command them to my will. I could work the weather. I could encourage people to work with me. And I was made to work against my own people. It was a betrayal of my power, the repressed memory of this lingering deep within my DNA until this day.

A couple of my favorite authors, Mercedes Lackey and Marion Zimmer Bradley wrote about powerful telepaths or people gifted with extrasensory abilities. Portions of their stories, of Valdemar and Darkover, spoke to me about my own “past”. And now I understand that I was being prepared to someday “see” these things shown about myself. Never ever tell me, again, that it is “just” my imagination.

Now I can take the memory, embrace it and release it as there is no more emotional sting left; I have prepared well for it. And I embrace the re-membrance of my powers, which will eventually come online as I grow in emotional intelligence in being able to cope with them. Power is granted only to those who can wield it for the good of the collective, not just themselves.

The power that I speak of is not the grasping after of material goods or the command of armies; no, it’s the mastery of the elements, the ability to work WITH nature, not to destroy, but to heal. There is so much that we gave up when man fell into the third dimension, but those abilities will be returned to us, as we earn them by ascending into the higher frequencies.

Of my former powers and abilities, I merely have some telepathy right now, as well as being an ultra-sensitive / empath. Believe me when I say that I can feel it when someone is reading the text of my latest article, especially when there is a strong accompanying emotion evoked by the words. I first became aware of this sense some 7 to 8 years ago; it becomes stronger every day.

When I was a massage therapist, I could tell the emotional state of some people as they walked into the office. One day, a pregnant lady came in. She was visibly upset about something. I set up the table for her and then did a light massage, ending with a short Reiki session. When she got up from the table, she was a different woman, relaxed and at ease. It was a blessing to see.

Another gift is the gift of calm. You cannot imagine how useful this little gift is when sitting across a very small table from a felon. Keeps things “lighter”.

However, while this journal is about my life and experiences, it is also about my readers, today and in the future (as long as the Internet is up!). What gifts have you experienced or are beginning to become aware of as you grow and expand your horizons? Do you feel different than you did just a year ago?

What were your expectations of 12.12.12 and 12.21.12? Today, we have reached 13.13.13, but you could say that we’ve gone beyond linear time. Our development is now going in a spiral fashion, which is a more cyclical and natural process. Some of us are slightly ahead, some slightly behind and moving at slightly different speeds, but all under the guidance of our Soul and the Collective ALL THAT IS that guides our lives and experiences from the inside out.

All I can say is that our world has greatly changed, but it has been more of a change in perception, rather than outward change. I’m seeing and feeling things differently. I know things that I have not been taught. I am starting to put 1 + 1 and getting 3; in other words, I’m stepping beyond the limitations placed on me, around me and into my DNA by “past” experiences and transforming the lot. From what I manage to change in my perceptions and ability to discern what IS mine and what is not, I will affect those parallel lives everywhere I exist as “me” in the Multiverse. What I clear here will be cleared elsewhere. It is wonderful to imagine the changes that those wonderful beings will be going through, all the “Me” in creation.

Yes, this is a bit esoteric for some and perhaps a bit beyond the ability of your rational mind to make hide nor tail of it (to quote an oft spoken phrase from childhood). The higher frequencies are beyond the ability of the rational mind, ego and emotions to discern or understand as they were constructed specifically to keep humans in the artificial construction of 3D. We’re not there anymore, Alice (or Tom); we are somewhere else on our way to transitioning into 5D.

And the magick is coming back into the world. I embrace its coming for it is part and parcel of me, the wholeness of the real being that I am. I would dearly love to ride a dragon, to fly across the sky without aid, to dance upon the water with the fairies. I can do that now in my imagination. What are your dreams? Feel them, live them inside and someday, they will manifest for you.

Hugs and kisses,


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23 thoughts on “Journal Entry 12.17.2013 – Imagination

  1. Thank You, That was Lovely to read,very up-lifting.. I was hoping you were going to speak about your friends from Sirius again but this is exactly what I needed to hear. Funnily enough I was just going upstairs to re-read one of the Narnia Chronicals for the umpteenth time to stop my mind from thinking too much. I too started reading fantasy from a young age and have read just about everything available, including the two Authors you mentioned. Anne McCaffrey and the Dragons of Pern would have to be one of my favourites… I also agree about the History books and have read many Historical Novels. I am having trouble accessing my memories and communicating with my Higher Self, have been beating myself up over it as I feel i should be getting it by now and was off to read to give myself a break. I have been feeling all these adjustments to my Chakra’s, 3rd eye etc very much and now the full moon all a bit much. Thank You, Your post made me feel a lot better and now I’ll go and relax with a much lighter heart and a Smile on my face. Much Appreciated, Fiona :))

    • Fiona, allow your imagination to wander and perhaps you might discern a skein of a story. Start winding up the ball (of yarn) and see what happens. Its all “imagination” or eye-imaging, so you can change the storyline to whatever you want. Be playful. You might surprise yourself and see yourself looking back at you in the Mirror… only you won’t look like the You looking at the mirror! Relax and have fun. Love, Eliza

  2. Your words always speak to me. I love reading your posts. I know that I will always read something that resonates, something without all the extra pink spiritual fluff.. Somewhere I can feel comfortable saying.. “I’ve been feeling lately that I’m from Andromeda”.. Or.. “I feel so at home with dragons, fairies, mermaids, etc..”.. Or.. I can’t wait to be able to comfortably communicate with plants/mammals/pixies/spirits/etc.. I can’t live without magick.. It’s who I AM.

  3. Dear Eliza,

    When you ramble, you do it sooooo well.
    When you get to those dragons, ride for me will you? At that time I will start calling you E-Merlin.
    Or Wizard Divine.

    ” What I clear here will be cleared elsewhere. It is wonderful to imagine the changes that those wonderful beings will be going through, all the “Me” in creation.”

    I wonder if you feel their changes when they change outside of your progression? Esoterically!!

    Loving lambs bleating warm fuzzy blankets of calmness to all.


  4. Hi Eliza
    i went to a gong bath a couple of days ago to help support during the full moon in gemini energies so there was a gong attuned to mercury. We were told about the energies of mercury and one of them is the magician. This ties in what you said your post…i was also guided to make a gem elixir of merlinite and rose quartz. Never have put merlinite in an elixir before so i am looking forward to seeing what develops…merlinite is linked with merlin and magick! So i love all these synchronicities! Much love, Gemma 🙂

  5. Thank you for your courage and honesty. Your blog always inspires me. As a child I used to explain to people that many “fiction” stories were actually real, just on other dimensions or timelines. You can feel it when you read them. Tolkien I always thought not only told tales of a real but very ancient cycle of history; but also gave us a wonderful manual of what we have to do on multiple levels to heal the world and complete this cycle now ending.
    Star Wars, Harry Potter and Avatar also appear to me to have made use of the ancient Druidic tool of encoding a map within a tale widely told; hidden in plain sight:-)
    The Australian songlines do this quite literally as they physically walk the stories across the land.
    Anastasia explains in one of her books ( I think it was in 4- co-creation) that the one with the strongest images rules the world. From our imaginations we dream the world into being. Creating a tale so beautiful it draws others to dream it as well is powerful. No wonder the slave-minded hierarchs took such great pains to villify and suppress our imaginings!
    I’ve spent much of my life becoming knowledgeable in multiple scholarly fields in order to escape the ridicule my joyous imagination earned me in childhood. But even Einstein said “Imagination us more powerful than knowledge.”;-)

    • Ohnwentsya, thank you for your profound sharing. The movie, Avatar, when I first saw really struck an inner chord, especially with how connected all life was on that beautiful moon (planetoid?). Harry Potter, Star Wars…and many other books and movies have taken all of us deep into worlds of the imagination. Now, we can bring the magick back to our own planet. What a wonderful challenge and all we need use to start is our imaginations! What fun! Eliza

  6. My dear Eliza, when we are back I invite you for a ride with my beautiful Dragonlady Ifegena. I think she will take you. For me it is the same, I love fantasy and history novels and I have read some of them and especially Eragon brought me back into connection with my lovely Ifegena. I heard her voice when I read the book and then she continued talking with me. And my mind told me it was all imagination and I stopped. I have my telepathy back to talk with my team and also some healing abilities as elves on Sirius are all healers. Also knowledge is coming back, suddenly I know things I didn’t know before. We are changing and we are getting lost abilities back.
    I am glad that I am not alone anymore in this and that others feel same. Love to all of you ❤

    • Oh, Sirian Heaven – I think I’ve seen your name as Isabel? THANK YOU for this lovely message to Eliza. I heard the BEAUTIFUL message on Matt Muckleroy’s YouTube channel from the DRAGONS and it filled me with happiness and wonder. (For anyone who is interested, it’s the second of all the videos Matt has posted — so see it, go to Matt’s page and click on “organize videos”, and choose “organize from earliest to latest”.) Also, I know a woman who told me she is a Keeper of Dragons. Ooooooh. Yes. I also got a message from the Faeries and they invoked the DRAGONS to protect me. My wildest dreams, my most hear-felt dreams, are starting to come true. BELIEVE IT IN ORDER TO SEE IT. LOL!!

      I feel the same; I am so grateful that I am not alone anymore. I’m actually starting to be kind of cheerful about everything. THANK YOU AGAIN. Sarah

    • Isabel, thank you for the invite. I would certainly enjoy meeting Ifegena. I, too, had doubts for a long time about channeling. Now I wouldn’t be without it.

      Love, Eliza

  7. Hi Eliza, Believing in magic and a strong imagination seems to be a common thread for those of us who have remembered to awaken at this time. In my imagination I have many talents! For instance, I can purify water, I can heal people with my paintings, and I can send rainbow sprinkles into peoples hearts! Why not? 🙂 Love, Lisa

  8. Beautfully written and expressed! Ah, Tolkien . . . . And my brethren, the Sirians . . .
    I hope my emotional up-wellings yesterday while reading your post didn’t mess up your morning 😉

  9. I love this post!! I just recently found your blog because of a message from the Sirians, (my homeworld) and this morning just clicked on it to see what was up. I resonate so strongly with your connection to the works of Mercedes Lackey and Marion Zimmer Bradley. When I discovered their works it was like a part of me that was long repressed (and very inhibited by my childhood where my imagination was wildly frightening to my conservative parents) was unlocked. I read the Darkover books as if they were the history of my being, and have cleared past life pain, and learned how to use my extrasensory gifts in profound ways as a result of these stories. The time of “magic” or miracle working has returned to our world, and we have learned (as a result of our past experiences) how to use our energy and superpowers in alignment with the highest good for all, and will no longer be subject to misuse or manipulation. So beautiful to be able to use our imaginations freely and without fear! Love and Light to you!

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