Journal Entry – Personal Thoughts on Blogging


Journal Entry – Personal Thoughts on Blogging

On my side of the world, it is still Friday the 13th, and I have been the recipient of a concerted attack on the part of another blogger who has taken offense with my copyright posted at the end of my channeled pieces. While these are “channeled” pieces, I am the author and have the right to put a copyright on them if I so desire. The offense was apparently caused because I had posted no voice or video replication. I have revised the copyright to state that if someone wants to use my material that they contact me for permission.

The critic thought I wasn’t giving the “great unwashed” a chance to read my material, although the first comment referred to the blind not being able to hear it since I wouldn’t allow anyone else to put the work into video or MP2 form, so it could be heard. I have considered making my own voice pieces just so others could hear my voice and the frequencies carried by the words as I recite them, but being techno-illiterate (to a point) haven’t gone in that direction, yet.

Still, in this person’s comments it felt like a huge wave of anger being projected to me. I understand anger, but don’t usually direct it towards unwitting people. I have received this kind of attack before, but not for about a year when G. Stankov took issue with some of my work. This isn’t about me, for I don’t accept the critic’s judgment that my work is indicative of the fact that I’m depressed or whatever. It seems an over-the-top tantrum for an adult to throw out. And since I am very empathic, I do feel the energies being directed towards me, but now I’m not going to accept the criticism as being about me. It is totally about the sender, bless their heart.

We’re all going through adjustments as we incorporate the new energies and allow the photonic rays to flush out the darkness, but, dear ones, do we have to attack other people in the process? Is this the way to bring peace to the world? I say, do your own processing by punching a pillow, writing in your own journal, and talking to the sofa, but let other people deal with their own stuff. We all have enough to contend with, without being subject to attack by an light-worker.

So, now I’m the dark heart of Light Work. Well, I embrace that image. I am in the process of integrating dark and light, to become Whole, again. There is no more polarity or duality; it doesn’t exist any more except in the habitual beliefs of lack or self-judgment.

Was this an attack done out of some sort of jealousy? I don’t know. And, so yes, according to the critic, I only present my material to those who donate. If you look at my website, I don’t even have a “DONATE” button. I do have a day job and write this material out of a desire to share my process with others, in hopes that they will see that they are not alone.

I have not asked anyone to become a follower, to take classes from me or buy readings. If I was a reader (currently, I am not one) I might request an energy exchange, which is only fair. I understand that there are still some people who object to readers and channelers charging for their work, but there are those who do make a living from their work. Energy work is quite demanding, as is bringing through a coherent message in readable form. The judgment that all “spiritual” work should be free is a misunderstanding. If there isn’t an energy exchange of some sort, it isn’t an even exchange. My work is currently free and I hope it will remain so.

BTW, if the said critic mentioned above is curious and still reading this blog, I do moderate ALL comments. Those that are derogatory and misleading are deleted. If any reader does not resonate with this work and the manner in which I present it, they are welcome to stop reading it. I would hope that any mature adult would understand that this blog is a creative outlet for me. If it becomes too uncomfortable, I have other creative outlets that have nothing to do with online writing.

So, I’ve said my piece. If anyone has comments, feel free to write. Just realize that not all comments get posted. I have been very fortunate, however, to seldom have to delete any. A comment that carries vicious energy is very disruptive to this space and as owner and author, I will delete it.

Thank you all for reading and following this blog. This weekend, the blog is 1.5 years old. I really appreciate all the emails, too, and yes, Chetan, the questions that I have received. I know that I have friends and compatriots all over the globe and this knowledge truly warms my heart.

Hugs and kisses,


© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres and Blue Dragon Journal 2012-19. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. No videos or recordings are permitted. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Eliza Ayres and Blue Dragon Journal with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

46 thoughts on “Journal Entry – Personal Thoughts on Blogging

  1. Blind people have a utility so everything is read to them by the pc, you can also put a statement that people should contact you if they need more than the written post. I did not read your entire dissertation on the matter. With all the energy that is floating around, many people who are have difficulty assimilating the energy, go off in tangents. So these things happen, Don’t be offended by these things, it’s just that they are letting go and you happened to be convenient for there outbursts of energy. Things will settle down in due time. I hope this helps your frustration.

    • Thanks, Steve. And I do realize that people are having difficulties with the energies right now, which is only going to get worst for them if they don’t do their at home work, internally. And actually, besides feeling the energy all day, I have done better than I would have in the past. I can actually retain some semblance of equanimity, even though I will stand my ground on this one and not take in the energies to be absorbed into my own body system. I’ve done that all my life; not going there now. I have my own work to do and thanks to this person for mirroring my own inner darkness. BTW, love your tag, NitePagan. I was a druid and seer in a few lifetimes… Blessings, Eliza.

      • Being a sensitive, people can connect with me. This afternoon was feeling this bad energy, maybe was the killings in Colorado, am better now, sometimes I don’t know where it’s coming from. Seems the janitor was an angel or an angel directed his actions. I am always trying to help someone, so I absorb a lot of their negative energies. I came up with NitePagan years ago, just seemed to stick, so always use, almost like my real name. I read a description of Pleiadians recently , think I could be Pleiadian or at least have similar energy.

      • I actually wasn’t aware of the killings. That was probably a lot of the energy that I was picking up on, too. Thanks for pointing it out. Really helps to know that it isn’t all mine. Sensitives and empaths have taken on the energies of others for lifetimes. Now is the time to let go of that practice and work on your own self-mastery. In mastering self, you do assist others by rising up in frequencies, affecting the entire environment around you.

        BTW, if you haven’t heard yet, Judith Dagley is holding another tele-gathering this coming Monday. You can connect to her website at: The first one was great! And exciting for one who has lived on the edge of society for years to be with others of similar frequency.

        Thank you, thank you, everyone for being YOU! Love, Eliza

    • What a cool bit of technology. Wish my cousin had that when she was young. I used to watch her reading her Braille books and thought, what clever fingers!

  2. Eliza, you are right, in that your Blog is just that, ‘yours’ – a creative expression which you are gifting to other Light=workers. You never ask for money or donations, and I have to say that some channellers seem very, very, keen to do this! in my opinion inordinately so 🙂 What puzzles me is why people carry on reading anything/anywhere if it doesn’t resonate – why waste their time and energy. Carry on being ‘you’ and I wish you only Love and abundance. Pauline ♥

  3. Good for you Eliza. Your work should be under your guidelines.
    I accidentally posted someones work on my site and when contacted I apologized and immediately removed said post so as to not offend and also comply. I honestly missed that part and was thankful that the writer was understanding and forgiving.
    So I respectfully ask if you will allow me to post your work at:
    I also work a day job and do not ask for donations for my site though I am seeking advertisers for the future.
    Well… Good luck with your problem blogger. Sending good intentions your way.
    Love and Light

  4. For others, who might feel that I’ve been insensitive towards the blind; I have a cousin who has been legally blind since childhood. And another cousin who suffered from a brain tumor as a child and lives with a partially paralyzed face. I do know what it is to deal with social stigma, myself, as well, as an ultra-sensitive being. Open your hearts, dear ones. We come here to express and experience different facets of the ALL THAT IS, but within the heart, we are ONE.

  5. Your work is so beautyful, keep it coming. Your writings brighten my days. And it does not matter if anyone tryes to put a label ony, you are loved. 🙂

  6. I live on the wet side of the Cascades and have found much joy in reading your website. I hope you continue writing as it makes my feel I am not along in my journey. I haven’t written before. I guess it took someone giving you a bad time to write. Much love, Christa

    • Christa, I used to live in the Puget Sound Region. Been away from there for over six years now, first to the coast and then to Eastern WA. Glad to hear you’re enjoying reading. And welcome! You’re definitely NOT alone. Love, Eliza

  7. Dear Eliza,
    I have heard a saying that any “attack is a cry for help”.
    This attack is just your way of more clearly defining where you are going and Who You Are.
    Thank you for keeping us abreast of your progress.
    I Am illuminated by it. Always and in all ways.
    I would imagine right now a strong bright light energy flowing through you, as your truth shines out.

    Blessed be,

    • It is probably a cry for help as are suicide threats; both are a form of self-harm and self-hatred. And a cry from the ego who is probably feeling rather disempowered right about now. It is an echo from the dark side of all of us. We’ve all experienced it; now, we need to integrate and welcome back the lost child inside.

  8. Good on you Eliza for standing your ground, this is your work and your choice what is done with it. This person of whom you speak could be one of the so called ‘fakes’ out their, and their is quite a few. Also people editing other peoples words, i read a transcript of a well known blogger, within this same field, a few days ago on Facebook and it sounded completely unlike her and was sensationalised as if it were something for sale, this also had an accompanying video which was sacred geometry and voice. Anyway, I love your blogs.. The one from the Sirians on the12th has helped me immensely as I felt them in my heart centre as I was re-reading your blog, partly aloud and knew what it was, I have now felt this four times and am going through chakra upgrade and it feels Wonderful and the whole experience has been totally amazing… So Thank You immensely, your words are greatly felt and appreciated by me. Enjoy your weekend, With A Smile, Fiona 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks, Fiona. What you speak of is something I wanted stopped… certainly without my permission. If they want a channeled message, then let them open up to channeling the material themselves. The light beings are eager to connect with people. And thank you for sharing your experience with the material. I’ve felt that kind of thing with other people’s messages, not so much my own… but the beings do remind us that we’re frequency and frequency decoders. The REAL message is in the words as they are given. And someday, I’ll have to set up a way to record my own material. I do feel the energy as I channel the material, too. And when I read it, I often say…”Did I write that?” The words that come through me of course are filtered through my mind and experiences, etc., but the energy behind them is real. And if it doesn’t resonate, leave it and find something that doesn’t. Not every message will. Depends on where you are in your expansion and growth. I’m reading material today that I couldn’t understand at all just a few months ago. We change everyday and will continue to change, so it’s best to keep an open mind about things and feel your way clear. Thanks, again, everyone for your wonderful support. Eliza

  9. I have been exposed to this kind of anger from a similar source, though not quite as directly as you were. I still found it disconcerting and short shighted (how ironic..?). In any case this is not intended as a criticism of orhers’ challenges, but a note in support of and love and appreciation for you and your expression. I have absolutely loved your pieces since you returned to journaling for your blog and I look forward to reading the new ones. You are well within your rights, and your boundaries are quite healthy — an example for others if I may say so. You are also a terrific writer from a technical and stylistic standpoint. Please don’t feel discouraged by those who are in such need they think changing you is their answer. Love and hugs, Ellen ❤

  10. My dear sister Eliza, you do a wonderful light-job with your blog and the journal entries. I enjoy them so much and people who really are looking for heartwisdom and explanations can learn much from it. And it is Your blog alone, you write and give the guidelines for this blog. Don’t let yourself be confused, misled or in any other way un-motivated. Just delete those comments and don’t think anymore about them. I have them too and one woman who constantly writes me and blames me for so mayn things. I send her my love, delete this and that’s it. And btw, there is a new attempt to miscredit channels and lightworkers for their job, a desperate attempt of the dark side to hold on on their regime. Go your way girl, you are a wonderful lovefilled soul and I know you are on your own right way up up up. I love you so much ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Thank you, Isabel. Your words fill my heart with love and my eyes with tears of joy. And what you wrote about the dark resonates with me, for even if this one who attacked me or another channel isn’t working consciously for the dark, they are doing their work by continuing to work with low frequency fear, criticism and judgment. All human beings have the ability to channel and someday it will even be quite passé, as we will all be telepathic. It’s just part of a process to reintegrate our higher self into our human vehicle and so open ourselves to expansion and growth. And it is frightening to some as channeling places the one who does the channeling work outside the box into which we have been too long stuffed inside. Still, channeling is only a tiny bit of the changes going on within humanity and those who resist, knowingly or unknowingly will be swept aside by the flood of new energies. Thanks, again, to all who have written of their support and to those who feel it, but are yet too shy to write. I love you all. Eliza

      • Yes, it is sad, but even many lightworkers contribute unconsciously and unintentionally in these attacks. I can only send them my love and forgive them as a friend of me and I we have been also a target for attacks some days ago. People need to open up for unconditional love and we can help them in sending them our unconditional love. Bit for bit it will open the doors of their hearts. ❤ ❤ ❤

  11. Criticism is always expected.
    In the gathering of robins, kingfishers, larks, sunbirds, cuckoos, canaries, nightingales etc. few crows may appear to spoil the show! During spring here, we get baskets of beautiful alphonso mangoes; if one of those could be found rotten it needs to be simply removed……..:-D

    • Mangoes, yum!

      Ravens, cousins to crows, are some of my favorite birds dwelling in the high mountains as they do. I’ve camped near their nests; very entertaining family units. Crows are also very intelligent if somewhat aggressive birds.

      Next time I hear from this individual, I’m simply delete the message. I think the intense energies I was feeling yesterday was a combination of what was going on in the world and other concerns. Still, I’ve made clear that I do have boundaries. And some day, criticism will be a thing of the vanished past. Thankfully.

  12. Eliza:

    Thanks for all you do.

    If I may offer to you another angle to look at, I have a very profound hearing loss so I have to read the materials online. Whenever someone would post only their videos and without any captions (many videos can be set up to have captions such as through I found it frustrating because they sure had very interesting titles that I wanted to know what it was about.

    My love and positive thoughts on all this. ❤

    • Thank you, Linda, for presenting your point of view as one who suffers from a loss of one of the physical senses. I have excellent hearing, but also get impatient with videos often, as I would rather read and hear at the same time. Love, Eliza.

  13. I have never commented before, but today is my birthday, and I want you to know that I have greatly appreciated your post messages in all their incarnations over the past year or so that I have been reading them. You have an understanding and deep abiding wisdom that only an old soul can gather, and better still, an ability to express yourself and your channeled beings with clarity and purpose. I feel a resonance with your body or work and perspective, and clearly, so do many others.

    I was dismayed to see that someone is harassing you (probably not even realizing that’s what they are doing) and taking exception (ego) to your free will choices regarding your creations and expressions, which you offer freely to the public. I re-post articles from many channels and writers, and sometimes people question me about the material or find it confusing. I say “If it resonates with you, great, but if it doesn’t don’t worry about it. Or write to the author.” (I always link to my sources.)

    I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, and I do have training in energy work. I see nothing wrong with charging for the work I do. I know that even though I do not offer or directly intend to do energy work on people, despite years of training in various energetic healing modalities, I am very present and conscious about my work, and I know that there is an energetic component to my work that makes it stand out to my clients, and brings some of them back.

    People make a lot of wrong assumptions about healing and creative expression. The life of an Empath or HSP is not without challenge, and I have struggled to bring in enough work to make ends meet, despite my advanced training, solid skill set, and experience working in a lot of environments. When working for myself overhead takes a big chunk, and when working for others at 50% rate or less, I do the hard part and they get most of the fee. This is not a job that should be worked 40 hours, and when working on call there is a commute for EACH hour worked! Thus these conditions impact the fee charged, which some people think is a rip-off. Most massage therapists and healers I know either have full-time work and can only dedicate their limited free time to it on the side, as you do, or like me, live simply and have multiple jobs necessitating a lot of time running here and there, and working days, nights and weekends when and if work is available. For someone to make wrong assumptions about our motivations, or to condemn us for charging for the energy exchange, when we are in touch with our gifts and willing to share them (whether for income or not) is definitely -their- ego expressing an unhealed wound. (I had to do school all over again when I moved back to MA from CA, so late in life I have $18,000 in student loans I can’t pay yet, because I can only afford to pay interest after 4 years, despite 15 years of experience in my career. Does that make me greedy or a rip-off? I don’t think so. But I am not going to raise my rates, which are mid-level in the range for my area.). All I know is that I have a gift in my hands, I find it fulfilling on so many levels to see how a client’s energy shifts after a session. I know that eventually I will transcend the struggle, because my work is a labor of love.

    Know, too, that the love and wisdom you pour into your expressions is profound, inspiring and healing to receive. For that, I am grateful and moved.

    Many Blessings, Eliza!


    • Thank you, Phoenix, for your long share. I, too, was a massage therapist at one time and told that I have “healing hands.” Due to physical problems and lack of endurance, I gave up that work for my present one, although I miss interacting with individuals. Like you stated, the money is not enough to live well on, especially if you work for another as I did. So now I hope my healing energy is manifesting through my other creations, most specifically these writings, at present. Thanks for taking the time to comment to such depth. We are sisters in experience and spirit. Much love, Eliza

      • Thank you…a birthday is like a personal New Year… a great time to reflect, reassess and shift direction….though due to a snowstorm, the party I planned to attend got postponed. But I am happy to be home having a quiet evening. I hadn’t realized you were once a massage therapist, too, but I can’t really say that I am surprised!

        Love & Blessings, Phoenix

  14. Sending you Love and much gratitude for sharing your journal entries and channelings with us readers. It is a wonderful boost to open my computer and see that you’ve posted an entry. It is a gift to us.
    Happy Sunday 🙂
    Love to you, Eliza.

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