Journal Entry 12.11.2013

Park Butte October

Journal Entry 12.11.2013

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Well, how does everyone feel today? Squashed? Ecstatic? Tired? Want to find a nice comfy cave for a while?

Well, now I know I have a lot of male energy. I just put a piece of furniture together without once looking at the directions! And even used a tool!

Cold persists, both inside and outside, although I feel stronger today. Did have an overwhelming urge to nap this afternoon, but managed to finish the work day without finding a dusty corner.

When I tune in, I instantly feel really light energies, heart-warming glow. Very nice. Need an open heart to feel it.

This morning had the usual discussions with guides. At one point, I’m not sure if I was quite dreaming or what, but I visualized a crystal basin in front of me. It was filled with a dark liquid and looked kind of gunky. I heard a voice say, “You’re the alchemist; transform it!”

With a feeling (not a thought) I changed the fluid into liquid gold. Something to do with clearing some remaining energies from a lifetime or two in the Sirius system. There was a reassuring, “Good!” behind me. I couldn’t see who was speaking. Yes, we have whatever we need to change our world inside and we’re going to surprise ourselves in the process, more than once.

Here’s another meditation session that I experienced or was channeled through me as I was writing:

Today, we have a new guest, a Sirian Emissary of Light, who wishes to speak to us.

Greetings, from the Blue Star, I AM here in peace, to give guidance to you now.

We meet here in the center of the Golden Heart to return those gifts that are yours which you left behind when incarnating upon Gaia. We are here to assist you in dissolving those baseline frequencies that have prevented you from moving up into the higher frequencies wherein your beloved planet now resides. We are here to give to you our love and understanding, as well as our guidance, as you go through this process of transformation; for you are about to be released from the endless loop of karma in which you found yourself after coming into incarnation.

Your SOUL has determined the timing of this process and it is NOW; so we will commence.

As he is speaking, I gaze upon or rather up to the Sirian Emissary, for he is very tall, at least seven feet tall. He has a slender, elegant figure of great strength, vitality and grace. He is wearing a dark blue suit that clings to his long limbs, over which is draped a long light blue loose caftan like robe embroidered with gold and silver threads into beautiful leaf and flower patterns. Upon his head is a small turban like hat, with a great blue diamond pinned to the front above his forehead. The Sirian’s hair is very dark, almost black and hangs down his back in waves. He has deep violet eyes that are set wider than that of an Earth human; they are also very large and lustrous. His skin is dark, with a bluish cast, but quite smooth like the skin of a twenty-year old. His nose is long and straight; his lips small and perfectly formed. His ears, peeping out from the dark hair are small and set lower on the head than an Earth human’s, but are quite perfectly formed. In all, he is a magnificent being. He is also has the appearance of glowing slightly and is surrounded by a golden aura that emanates great peace and wisdom. I suspect he is actually a being of 6D or higher, appearing in this manner for my benefit.

Indeed, my wise daughter, normally I do not carry this form but come in this manner so your human sensibilities will be put at ease for the time being. In time, you will become accustomed to my presence and I will be able to visit you in my Light Form.

He bows and seats himself at the table across from where I am already seated. We are seated within a light-filled space, within the center of the Golden Heart chamber. As I gaze into the Sirian’s beautiful eyes, I feel my heart center begin to glow and my body to relax. All is well.

The Sirian finally addresses me, again: Dear one, you have journeyed far and now are embarked in the journey of returning back to Source, rejoining up with those parts of Yourself that you forgot when you came into incarnation upon this blessed planet. Now, you are learning just what has held up your process and how you can be freed from the karmic bonds that have kept you from moving upward into the higher frequency levels. All of this, including this meeting, has been planned by your SOUL to prepare you to adjust in frequency levels, so that you might be free to manifest that which is so desired by SOUL. And as you are part of the ALL THAT IS, your journey and process will affect ALL, including those other incarnations of Yourself that exist in other dimensions, timelines and planets. YOU are in the process of reawakening to the reality that YOU are a multidimensional being, and we are here to assist you in getting started with the next part of your journey.

As you have determined in the recent past, not only do you have connections to Venus and the Pleiades, you also have a strong connection to the binary solar system of Sirius, for once you were a Sirian Ascended Master of great strength and wisdom. And now, we are here to present to you the gifts that you left behind when you voluntarily chose to relinquish that high status.

To you we now give the mastery of the record keeper, one who looks on, observes and reports to Source.

To you we now return the Sword of Truth that you might always speak and come from Truth, your truth in the Moment.

To you we now return your connection with Divine Mind so that you are always guided from within and connected to Source.

To you we return your inner wisdom, which exists within your heart center from which you were sundered when you entered this earthly incarnation.

We bid you to integrate these gifts into your waking human consciousness that you might dissolve the base dimensional frequencies that are holding you from stepping forward into the ascension process.

Thank you, my lord,” I reply, stunned and thankful to receive back what has been lost from my waking consciousness most of this lifetime and from other lifetimes, as well, as all is a part of the ALL.

The Sirian emissary looked down at his hands, resting on the table in front of him, and then looked up again into my eyes, “It is time for you to go now. Rest and integrate these new energies into your being. They will assist you in rising up and breaking through the veils of forgetfulness that you willingly took on before this lifetime. Little did you know just how long you would remain here, but now is the time to break free and rise up in frequency so that you might enter the New World, whole and complete.”

I rose from my chair where I had been sitting, and feeling that this was a formal occasion, bowed briefly and then turned and left the room, exiting the door through which I had first entered this strange lighted room. As I came outside, I turned and found myself gazing at the giant golden heart. Upon the surface of the heart were carved symbols in the Language of Light. The surface was glistening and gleaming gold, heavily embossed with symbols and sacred geometries. And the heart seemed to breathe and hum, almost like it was quite alive.

I stood before the Heart for a few moments and then reached out my right hand, palm upward. I silently bid the heart to shrink, smaller and smaller until it was tiny enough to pick up and place in one hand. Then I lifted it up carefully and placed it into my heart center.

No, this doesn’t make sense to the logical mind, but nothing in 5D will, so we best get used to it, wouldn’t you say?
With that, the meditation ended and I returned to full waking consciousness, wondering what all that meant. It would take a while for me to sort out, I thought.

Then, from within I heard a voice, the very same voice of the Sirian emissary. He said, “We are ever with you, in the Now Moment. Call upon us when you have a question or need assurance. It is our part of this story to guide you from henceforth. Know that you can visit us within the great Golden Heart whenever you wish or we can come to you in your dreams, for instruction and guidance. And know that your life will begin to change as you dissolve the ties that currently bind you to those in your life who no longer resonate at your frequency.

You see, dear one, you cannot change how you think until you rise up in frequency, for it is the frequency level in which you exist that determines your thoughts. We understand that this is not how you have been taught, but, nevertheless, this is TRUTH. As you rise up, you will leave behind all that does no longer resonate. In truth, it will be far easier to do this then to sit and pluck one stone after another out of a pile of debris that needs to be cleared. Just dissolve the base cause of your limitation and suppression and be done with it. And so it is. Your soul has chosen the accelerated path, so you might return and serve others to also move through this process, quickly and efficiently. And when you fully understand it, we will teach you more.

Go forth with our blessings and know that you are loved.

And with that, I was left in silence to sort out my thoughts and feelings. I knew in my heart of hearts that nothing would ever be the same and that it was quite alright with me.*

Blessed be,

Copyright © 2012-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered from its written form, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. No replication via voice or video is allowed.

Photo: North Cascades, Yellow Aster Butte, from

*The meditation is based on a class by Karen Doonan. Very nice, indeed.

23 thoughts on “Journal Entry 12.11.2013

  1. Dear Eliza,
    “You see, dear one, you cannot change how you think until you rise up in frequency, for it is the frequency level in which you exist that determines your thoughts.”

    I have studied a little of Paul Selig and his guides as they are into those frequencies.
    Like a radio station…just change the station to a higher one. Then no need to worry about all the clearing, your not on that other station anymore.

    You are…Record keeper!
    And my personal favorite Truth Giver.

    Much success in your integration.


  2. Wow, How truly wonderful….. Very Very Pleased for you Eliza, really happy this has happened for you, must be an Amazing feeling… Its humbling and makes me realise How far I still have to go but I know I’ll get there too. All the best for you, Fiona xxx

    • Again, there is no space or time in the eternal Now. You are there, in your heart center. Our human rational mind and ego don’t want us to know that we are powerful, but they don’t rule any more. Establish your sovereignty and you will begin to “KNOW” that you are powerful. The gifts, etc., come online when you are ready…and it ain’t a race, darling. Much love, Eliza

  3. Wonderful! Reading your Blog from the beginning, and it is getting on a higher level time by time.
    The feeling i am getting now is overwelming grateful and emotional.
    Thank you and bless your heart.


    • Chetan, I’m still working in a 3D environment, have to eat, wash my clothes and go grocery shopping…so, no, I’m not very “far” away. Space and time are a 3D concept, anyway, and that going, going, gone. Be in YOUR space, in your power and in your wisdom. You will find the path step by step.


  4. I was intending to reblog this post and somehow grabbed the previous day’s post as well. Both are relevant to “now” as I see these same themes being reflected in several posts by other people. Some amazing synchronicity at work here. And I am captivated by your lovely descriptions.

    But I still wonder if we will even realize that it has happened when it happens? Or will we look back and say to ourselves, oh, gee, look at that, I guess it DID happen, didn’t it? That would be my Law of Confusion at work… we have the right to remain oblivious… 😉

    (and do we REALLY need drones before we can progress to flying saucers??? well that’s my rant for today!)

    • I can’t really answer that one for you, Lisa. It has to come from your own heart and inner work. Completely self-directed. That’s what Self-mastery is all about. If you don’t feel like giving anything or anybody up yet, that’s your choice and I certainly won’t judge you for making it, as you are completely sovereign at this point and beyond. This kind of change, the sheer magnitude of it can be overwhelming. I know; I have a very 3D job, myself. One day at a time, one step at a time and plenty of rest and breathing. Meanwhile, get acquainted with your heart space and learn to feel what is right for YOU. Love, Eliza

  5. Dear Eliza you are a special soul who speaks in ways that open up ones soul and brings thoughts of the past back to the now. The heart you described is very much like the golden globe that entered my room the day my mother was buried. I saw symbols on its surface as it spun but this one burst filling the room with white light was very beautiful. As it burst the weight I felt sitting on my chest left 🙂

    • Thank you. What a wonderful experience to share, about your mother’s passing. Our loved ones do enjoy sending us messages of assurance to let us know that they’re okay. And the basic outline of the meditation is based on one by Karen Doonan, of Crystal Sanctuary, et al. I did embellish the basic meditation with what I was seeing internally during the ritual. I just looked up at your reference to the weight on your chest…unexpressed grief, which was “cured” when you received your vision. Beautiful! Life is so wonderous and teaches us so much if we are open to receiving. Much love, Eliza

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