Journal Entry 11.30.2013


Journal Entry 11.30.2013

Holidays.  For some of us this simple word has been dreaded, for it appeared to bring up memories of family debacles in the past.  For others, it has brought up hopes of sharing a wonderful time with family and friends in the future.  However, all this is dualistic thinking, something we need to let go of so we can live in the Now moment.  It can be difficult, if you allow yourself to be overcome by the fears, beliefs and remembered emotions that naturally come up during this time of the year for many of us.  And the resistance that comes up in releasing these old dynamics simply indicates that we haven’t yet moved in self-acceptance, self-love and have yet to embrace ourselves as a sovereign being.

It is not that we need to leave the concept of holidays behind; we need to leave our memories, beliefs and habits that have stemmed from our choices and behavior revolving around holidays behind.  None of this baggage can enter the new frequencies and holding onto to it will prevent us from living as sovereign beings.  We will continue to compare our journey with others and wonder why we’re not going anywhere.  We will still be acting out of victim consciousness, “Why don’t I feel any different?  Why don’t I feel the magic?”  Our reaction to the word, “holiday”, is an indication that we are still acting out of victim consciousness, the “poor me” syndrome.  So, are you ready to move out of reacting?

Dear ones, you are the magic.  And for this magic to be activated you have to decide to step into your sovereignty, to love yourself and to be in the present.  As the old thoughts and emotions associated with holidays or any day of the year come up, feel them, thank them for reminding you that you have the ability to change your world and let them go.  It is not necessary to believe any more that you have to “balance” your karma, as the belief in karma was another human construct to limit your consciousness, to blame yourself for what was coming up.  Blame and judgment need to be released or you will continue to recreate circumstances that reflect those energies back into your face.

After all, it is your creativity that is the magic.  You really do create your world, every day, every moment.  And when your world doesn’t reflect what you want it to, release that sense of longing for something else.  Discover the calm place within, your heart space, breathe deeply and feel what you are in the moment.  Is there anything there that is judging you?  No.  Is there anything to fear?  No.  Only your continued beliefs in something “out there” that is fearful creates such things to play out in your life.

We are not telling you to ignore what is going on in the world, but to realize that it isn’t about you; most of what is happening has nothing to do with you.  Observe from a calm place, center on your love stream and let it flow out from you like a river of light into the world.  Your being here will act as a healing balm upon those who are around you.  And as your ability to hold your center increases, your energy field will expand, affecting a greater number of people, without the need to “do” anything but be here.

It is not necessary to “change” any one, simply to be in self-love, which as it flows out to others, becomes your connection to the unified field of Christ Consciousness.  The strength of your commitment to this course of self-love will be your donation to the healing of this planet and its people.

It is a curious thing how when I write these pieces that the energies of the Light Collective inter-braid with my own.  I guess it is a step for me of self-acceptance, accepting self as a multidimensional being, as it is certainly being reflected back to me in my writings.

On Thanksgiving, I felt a bit lost.  Old feelings of not being good enough and depression were coming up.  Memories of old Thanksgiving gatherings that had been fun also came up; there was a longing for what had been and could never be quite the same again.  However, did I want to return to the old days?  No, that wasn’t it at all.  These feelings were simply revealing themselves in order to begin another layer of clearing.  This will continue until we have thoroughly cleaned out our closets and aired out the rooms, filling with the light and love of our heart centers in the now.  So, I will dig in and go for it in another bout of clearing, this time realizing that I can be grateful for the opportunity to do so.  Every bit cleared out raises my frequency level so that I might continue to reconnect with the various parts of my being that truly are Here and Now.

Dear ones, we are in a challenging transitional period, but as the Comet Ison having so lately blessing us with a tremendous download of Christ Consciousness, as well as all the amazing planetary configurations, solar and lunar eclipses and other starry wonders… it is quite evident that we are being tremendously supported so we CAN get through this transition and do so with all the grace and joy that we are beginning to feel emerge from our own heart centers.

Language can be limiting being a 3D construct; however, perhaps you can feel my enthusiasm as I write these words.  There is a quiet serenity and a growing acknowledgment to self that I am a powerful being and it feels good.  So, I am quite willing to release to the Sun, to our beloved Solaris, all that comes up for release.  And so it is.

Hugs and kisses coming your way,



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