The Light Collective: On Expansion

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The Light Collective:  On Expansion

via Eliza Ayres

The past two nights, I have been listening to a presentation on “Are you an Energy Sensitive?”  The answer to that question is, of course, yes, as it is for many star seeds.  Ultra-sensitive beings naturally make up about 20 per cent of the human population on the planet. Of that particular population group, star seeds probably make up about 1.5 percent.  And if you happen to extremely sensitive, you know from experience that your gifts have not been freely accepted or understood by many within your own family, your friends and especially not by those who call themselves the “experts” in any field, be it religion, medicine, banking, science, the military, retail or the government.  Indeed, most of us have been shut down by others or openly ignored when we have given forth our unique perspectives on what we were experiencing in any moment.  So, why are we here?  The Light Collective has come to bring us their perspective on this question:

The Light Collective:

We are the Light Collective, a gathering of ascended masters, light beings, galactic beings and elemental beings representing Mother Gaia.  We come here to acknowledge those who carry within very special gifts, who are here as divine frontrunners for the rest of humanity.

As has been explained in other messages by this channel and others, the task of the star-seeded ones was to incarnate into the human genome, thereby infiltrating the human collective from within.  You were scattered across the surface of the planet, into every race, culture, economic strata, as well as conditioned by every religious instruction or none at all that was available.  There, within the families that you chose, you experienced circumstances that began to trigger for you ancient memories of trauma.  With various degrees of success or not, you either chose to contract from the energies or to expand into them, integrating what you discovered there, most of what had little or nothing to do with your present life circumstances.   You began to awaken to the realization that you were more than you seemed to appear as a human being.  And so you continued to question everything and everyone around you and, for some, to leave family and friends to go forth on your own individual quest to self-discovery.

From the first, the energies or frequency level into which you were born were in dissonance to the ones that you carried in your little bodies.  You came into embodiment carrying frequency levels much higher than the rest of humanity.  For some of you, perhaps all, this was a great hardship, yet it was an experience and experiment that you undertook willingly.  Each of you volunteered for this task; none of you came into embodiment unwillingly.  And those who were members of the families into which you embodied also volunteered and agreed to play out their particular roles, as those who would serve as triggers to reawaken you to your gifts, as well as to trigger ancient memories of trauma, that which had been experienced by you in other lifetimes (actually parallel lifetimes) as well as those experienced by the human collective.

Most of you choose to experience victim consciousness as much of the life stories of humanity for the past several millenniums have been ones of pain, suffering and limitation.  Through your own experiences of abuse and neglect, you re-experienced the traumas of the human collective, although for the most part your present sufferings were but an echo of traumas suffered by your own being in past lives.  As there is no time or space outside of the third dimension, these lifetimes have actually been going on simultaneously with the one in which you are focused at this moment.  The trials and tribulations that you have managed to overcome in this lifetime have echoes and repercussions in all other timelines and embodiments.

So why have you taken on this difficult task, especially as a volunteer?  You are all Masters and have done so out of the love that you are.  You have done so to bring humanity out of limitation and darkness.  You have done so, acting as a seed of light impregnating humanity with the energies of evolution.  And now that humanity has become pregnant with its own evolution, you remain to act as mid-wives to bring humanity into the new frequencies.  And you are a front-runner of what humanity is to become.  Your gifts are those that all humanity will share once they have adjusted and expanded into the new frequency levels.

Your gifts have been garnered and refined through many, many lifetimes.  You did not just wake up one day and begin feel things, to have prescient dreams or to channel without much practice and dedication to your own spiritual development throughout multiple lifetimes.  And as an energy sensitive in those lifetimes, you sometimes experienced great trauma as your gifts were considered unholy or in flagrant violation of the limited beliefs of much of human society during those particular times.

So why reawaken to the trauma of the ages?  To what purpose did you wish to be triggered into re-experiencing what you had suffered through in other ages?  As an expert in deciphering and understanding frequencies, you intuitively knew what was true to you.  Eventually, through your misadventures, your innate gifts would come online and so they did and so they are, especially since the great Shift into the higher frequencies has occurred for the planet.  Even though much of the human collective has not yet shifted into the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension, you have for you intuitively recognize these energies as being familiar.  And as the planet continues to rise higher into the frequencies of the lower fifth dimension, you will feel more at home, for it is these frequency levels that you carried within in the beginning of this lifetime, as a tender babe in arms.

These are the same frequencies that you chose to shut yourself off to in order to fit in and to be safe within the structures of limitation in which you found yourself living.  It is no wonder that you experienced a sense of great loss and longing for something that you could no longer remember ever having.  You longed for Home.  You longed to be around those who would understand and accept you, just as you are, without condition or limitation.  And in your longing, through the Law of Resonance, you drove yourself further and further from what you sought.  We tell you now, release the longing, the sense of being alone, for you are never alone, dear ones.  We are at your side, always.  And as you are able to release these feelings, you will begin to draw those things that you have so longed for to yourself through a nature organic process.  You will reconnect with those whom you love; the process has already begun.

Another channel, Judith Dagley, has brought forth an important understanding for all energy sensitives to become aware of now:  you came in with a two-part blue print or life plan.  The first part of the blueprint was to experience victim consciousness, to re-experience to some degree, the old traumas of the past, awakening within a desire to search for meaning in an attempt to understand the age-old question, “Why me?”  And in some instances, choosing to leave family and home in the midst of your search, you began to slowly discover the truth of your being, that you were not powerless, but extremely powerful.  And if you have not yet awakened to this truth, dear ones, we will reiterate this truth to you now:

Those of you who chose to come into embodiment within the human collective have come here to act as frontrunners for the next level of human evolution, to break the bonds binding a reluctant humanity to the earth and lead them forth into the process of becoming fully conscious galactic beings.

And how is this great feat to be accomplished?  That’s where the second part of your blueprint comes into play.  Now, fully supported by the incoming cosmic rays, and waves of light and love, your myriad gifts are rapidly coming online.  You are beginning to have unusual extra-sensory experiences, perhaps a persistent ringing in the ears, or hearing voices within, waking up having chats and conversations with beings that you thought were imaginary or so far above you that for a long time you have discounted your worthiness in receiving such visitations.  Perhaps you have doubted your sanity or been concerned about your health, yet most of you realize if you were to confess your inner state to a psychiatrist, they would leap into action by placing you immediately on psychotropic drugs to stamp out the voices, the newly reawakened meta-senses.

You see, dear ones, as an awakening human being you are an open threat to the powers that were.  So all of you, young and old, have been conditioned to some degree to believe that you must put yourself, your body, your life, into the hands of experts, to let them do the thinking for you.  This pattern of belief has been designed to prevent your gifts from coming online; to quash the first glimmering of the next evolutionary phase of humanity for this time has long been foretold by mystics, shamans and seers.  And those who have long controlled humanity are well aware of your presence, yet they cannot harm you if you do not acquiesce to their control.  You are protected by your gifts and by universal free will.

We tell you now, that if you are hearing voices within and choose to put yourself into the hands of a doctor who will inevitably respond to the demands of his own conditioning to place you on psychotropic medications, you will be shortening your present embodiment.  And not only that, you will also be negating your soul’s desire to be of assistance to humanity, here and now, in this lifetime.

So, have faith, dear ones, it is time to take back your power and individual sovereignty.  It is time to trust what you are feeling within.  It is time to understand that not all that you feel has anything to do with you; most of it doesn’t, but pertains to the present state of confusion existing within the human collective as a whole during this trying period of transition from one energy frequency to another.  However, you only need to deal with what is yours to experience.  By becoming familiar with your own unique frequency signature, you will be able to discern for yourself what is yours and what is not.  That which is not yours can be removed by you from your energy field with a simple command.  And that which is yours is there to be felt through and integrated and then released.  The process of alchemy that you are here to undergo is simple enough, but it takes your focus and your desire to accept the reality that you are a powerful sovereign being and have the right to do these things.  And what you integrate here and now affects the wholeness of your multidimensionality, on every level and in every embodiment or condition throughout the Cosmos.   Also, by embracing your own process, you affect all those around you.  As you are lifted up by your own efforts, you lift all those around you, as well. Think on that, dear ones.

Yes, we understand that many of those who call themselves energy-sensitives might not be willing to step into the light, to come out of the closet as it were, and admit to being powerful beings.  It means stepping beyond the shadows cast by family and friends and being willing to stand on your own, to accept responsibility for acknowledging the gifts that you carry within.  Your new assignment is to be a living demonstration of one who has come into an acceptance that they are more than what has been defined as being “human”.   We urge you to accept this assignment with the all of the enthusiasm that is naturally yours.  And in doing so, you will reawaken to the joy and love that you naturally carry within.

Now is the time to consciously step beyond all belief in boundaries and limitations and to embrace this new world that humanity is entering.  And it is you, the energy sensitives, who will lead your brothers and sisters into those very same frequencies that feel like “Home” to you.  With your calm, neutral presence you will serve to comfort and teach those who hesitate and resist change.  As you are able to accept change with grace and serenity, so, too, will your particular frequency radiate out to those who are near you.  As your energy body expands you will affect more and more people without doing anything other than being in alignment with your experience of the moment.  It is this way, that you will aid humanity to eventually emerge into full consciousness, as each individual comes into the realization that it is time to accept their own power and sovereignty and to release all belief of limitation.

It is a great thing you do, just by being here, with your natural sensitivity and abilities to discern frequencies.  You are not going insane. You are merely in the process of reawakening and remembering who and what you are, in the fullness of your expression within multidimensionality.  In response to the incoming energies, your latent DNA signatures are coming online.  There is no need to fear any longer.  You do not need to protect yourself or contract from the energies.  You need to expand and integrate and to feel into the new energies.  With your own expanding energy field, with the acceptance and living out of your personal sovereignty, you will be impervious to the efforts of others to control you.  As you come into a state of self-awareness, it is your choice alone whether or not to resist or to go forth and accept the reality of your gifts and innate power.  Only you can defeat your own purpose in being here.  Since the shift late in 2012, the energies are fully supporting your transformational process.  Your time to leave the belief in yourself as victim has arrived; now it is time to step into your innate power as a sovereign being.

As you begin to realize the importance of your being here, we know that you will accept that knowledge with grace and rededicate yourself to the task at hand – coming into full alignment and acceptance of all that you are, a powerful, fully multidimensional being of great strength and gifts.  The fullness of what you are in expression is written in your DNA.  Live it, be it, accept it as being what you truly are.

There will be many new experiences as your abilities begin to come online.  With the onslaught of cosmic energies, this is an inevitable process and is not to be avoided if you are to serve your soul’s purpose for you being here.  Embrace the new perspective and awaken your sense of curiosity and delight in new experiences.  Remember who you are and who you serve, the human collective, of which you are now a part.  Embrace this transitional period as a process of rebirth into the wholeness that you experience in the higher dimensions.  You are going Home and you are taking your brothers and sisters with you.

We stand in awe of what you are accomplishing here, in so short a time, and we honor you, for in whatever stage of being you find yourself now, you have made a difference by being here.  Without you, the transition of humanity from the limiting structures of 3D to 5D would be impossible.

Know that you are loved and supported, that none of you walks alone.  You are accompanied by angels and elementals, which only need to be acknowledged to assist and work with you as you remember and reconnect to all that you are.  You, dear ones, are truly a gift to the All That Is, and know that you are always connected all the way to Source if you but acknowledge this connection.  You are sons and daughters of the most High God.  Accept it; live it; be it, living and experiencing your blessed full multidimensionality while incarnate on a beautiful living planet that is also in the process of returning to the fullness of her expression in fifth dimensional frequencies.

Go forth with our blessings.  Namasté.

Thank you, beloved Light Collective

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24 thoughts on “The Light Collective: On Expansion

    • I’ve read that article and do not resonate with it, at all. The Great Divine Director and Quan Yin are members of the Karmic Board and are also some of my mentors. Enough said. Eliza

  1. Thanks very much for this beautiful message, dear Elizabeth, posted on Thanksgiving day.

    I particularly resonate with the following passage (below), based on my own story, and listening to someone I recently met, and who seem to be ready to take a “deeper dive!”

    Much gratitude, sister of Light

    “The first part of the blueprint was to experience victim consciousness, to re-experience to some degree, the old traumas of the past, awakening within a desire to search for meaning in an attempt to understand the age-old question, “Why me?” And in some instances, choosing to leave family and home in the midst of your search, you began to slowly discover the truth of your being, that you were not powerless, but extremely powerful.”

  2. So appreciate your contribution through this message. I personally didn’t experience victim consciousness or trauma in this life, but i recognize it as the root of fear from memories of other lifetimes – being hurt, or killed, or driven out because of my sensitive gifts. I always thought of it as my “Joan of Arc complex” 🙂 and throughout the many years of my adulthood, when meeting with other sensitives, i rejoiced in my heart, and privately called them “the Sisterhood of Joan of Arc”. Whether this exists literally in another dimension, i don’t know… but it has been a consolation to meet a few others along the way. Since the internet and finding bloggers like you, and posts like this, I feel tremendously supported and the Sisterhood grows and grows!!!
    Thank you, My Blessing,


      Jennifer, you may want to look at the above link. Shekina works with ultra-sensitives, people who have come in on the Blue Ray, much like the Indigos only sensitive to a high degree. She told me that I came in on the Rose Ray, which is very rare. Haven’t figured that one out yet, lol.

      There are actual etheric Sisterhoods, which once existed on the planet during the Atlantean and Lemurian periods. They will return when the time is right.

      Love, Eliza

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