Higher Self: On Embracing Change


Higher Self and Eliza:  On Embracing Change

This morning, I received some lovely comments in response to my latest journal entry, 11.23.2013.  As I replied, I felt or “saw” an inner image and these words came forth:

“And I am getting the image that while you are solo now; you won’t be for long, for each of you is a beacon of light in the place where you live.  It won’t be so much as what we have known as a group, with a leader and follower.  Others who are coming online will simply recognize your frequency level and be attracted to your light, not to take it away but in order to lift up their own.  It will come from a deep intuitive knowing.  It will be a sacred thing and will unfold naturally like the petals of a flower responding to the Sun.  You only need to hold your neutral center and be who You are in as much fullness as you can manage.  You will surprise yourself, too, for as the Light increases, so will the love and it will be through Love that you gather together, not to survive, but to thrive and to heal the earth upon which you stand, along with the elementals, celestials and light beings. “

My guides, the Light Collective, are standing here, peeking over my shoulder as it were as I type.  They are very excited to be a part of this grand transformation and transcendence of HUmanity.   You see, dear ones, our creators were and are ourselves, as part of our multi-dimensionality.  We have multiple expressions of “me” in many different places.  We won’t necessarily rejoin immediately with all other “parts” but we will become aware of them, nevertheless.

What I am getting at is that the true beginning of the journey for Humanity is about to unfold.  The journey got sidetracked near its beginning due to the interference of some 4D beings that discovered our planet and decided to take it over and use the indigenous population as a food source.  They discovered that humans were emotional beings and if kept at a lower vibration these same emotions could be held at a frequency of fear.  Our fear became their “food”.  Our fear was perpetuated by keeping us bound in a sticky web by the belief in poverty and lack and the natural superiority of a chosen few.  It was an unnatural state of being in which the humanity upon this planet existed, but it was not to last, as the relentless cycles of existence wait for no one, including our erstwhile captors, a fact that they were well aware of, thence the various efforts on their part to hold up or derail the inevitable transformational process that was awaiting humanity.

Despite all efforts to keep the HUman genome from coming online, it’s happening anyway, in response to the increasing intensity of cosmic light frequencies streaming in from the Great Central Sun of the Universe, through the dark heart of our galaxy, through the center of Solaris, our sun, and into the center of our planet, Gaia.  As the rays penetrate the earth, so they penetrate our bodies and begin to activate the so-called “junk” DNA.  This DNA exists at a higher frequency than can presently be measured by scientists and is beyond their understanding, at least for now, as the belief system of “modern” science still exists in a limited structure of pre-conceived and agreed upon theories.  Nothing in their experience has been, up until recently, been able to conceive that the human genome exists on more than one frequency level.  Only the leading edge of physicists have any idea of the potential that exists within human DNA.

As the frequency level of the planet increases and your body’s personal signature rises, your DNA responds, the connections are made between your lower self and higher self, with little effort.  So it will be that each of you will begin to discover that you suddenly know things without having been told, that you have “new” gifts and abilities, that you are beginning to be telepathic, so many wonderful things.  And it has all been locked away, hidden within that “junk” DNA.  I would say that is a great cosmic joke on those who sought to keep HUmanity locked up and under control.

You may question my words, but remember, dear ones, although HUmanity’s future was temporarily hijacked, it is now time for the true beginning to unfold.  And in the process of experiencing the extremities of polarity and duality, we have learned so much about what is not love.  We have served Creator to explore the very edges of consciousness in this particular Universe.  We have reached the edge of all possible expressions of not-love, so that we could express fully what IS love.  And we will do so as the HUman genome is pre-programmed to respond instantly to Love.  Our bodies carry within them, within the genes, the essence of unconditional Love.  Our very human bodies are literally walking libraries of Light and Love.  As the DNA comes online in response to the rise in frequency, people will come online as a natural response to that love and light.  It will be the most natural thing in the world, entirely intuitive and seemingly without effort for many.

Some people will go into resistance as it will seem that everything that they have counted on is being ripped from their hands.  They will fear for their sanity.  They will cling to outdated ideas and notions simply because of the belief that they have to hold onto that last little bit of what has been known or all will be lost.  These efforts will be to no avail; everything that has come from a lower vibration will be stripped away from each of us.  The important thing is to realize that this is not an attack upon humanity, but deep purpose, done to wake us up from our age-long sleep.  It is time to set aside the tatters of 3D and to don our robes of many colors, for we are the saviors of humanity and it is through the common people that the salvation of this world will come.

We are the Sleeping Beauty who has been locked away in the tower, surrounded by the overgrown and dangerous forest.  We are the Prince who has valiantly sought her, the beloved.  As our divine masculine and divine feminine essence are reunited, our purpose will be clear, to awaken to the realization that our saviors are ourselves, that we already know what to do and that we are willing to work together for the good of the All That Is.  We have all experienced the dark and light; we know what needs to be done.  We know what it is that we want to see in a cleansed world, wiped clean of the remnants of abuse and trauma.  We know what it is to be healed for within this transformation and your acceptance of the process, will come healing, instant healing of everything that has ever stood in your way from being able to create what it is that you want most, a world filled with abundance, health, well-being, love and joy for all.

HUmanity is by nature a generous being.  It has only been by trimming our genome that we could be contained for a time, but no more.  The cycles have moved on.  The cosmic tide is irresistible.  What we see playing out in our world is merely the rinse cycle.  This, too, shall pass.  The world and each of us are undergoing a gigantic cleansing of all remaining sticky substance of resistance.  You can assist your body vehicle to go through the transformation process as you take command and regain conscious mastery over what you take into the body, what you think, learning to come into neutral, and focusing your intent to be all that you can be.  Each of us will approach this process in our own way and that is as it should be, for although HUmanity is a collective being, each one of us is a unique expression, a unique note in the symphony of Creation.

You are consciousness and your body is a temporary abode, a home, a vehicle.  Your body is conscious and sentient.  Every cell is awake and aware.  Even as we have been shoving things into our bodies like negative thoughts, eating junk food and watching football and violent movies, our bodies have been striving to keep together in order to present the physical platform so the soul essence that is “you” can exist here in the lower frequencies.  Without this physical vehicle, “you” would still be in a light body or in a higher expression of “self” elsewhere in multidimensionality.  “You” came here for a purpose, not to eat Oreos, but to be here when the human genome began to come online, so you could guide the vehicle and become a working partner with this marvelous creation, carrying the physical body into the higher frequency levels step by step, higher and higher, embracing the changes in structure as you both go, until one day your body would be completely transformed into a vessel of living light, a crystalline marvel, capable of holding every signature of frequency found in the Universe.  “You” are the captain of your ship.  Would you sink it now, just on the edge of transformation, or would you rather sail together into the sunrise of a marvelous new world?

For each of us this undergoing this transformation will take some releasing of our emotional ties to eating certain foods, engaging in certain activities, holding negative thoughts, blaming others for our problems.  In short, we need to move into a fuller expression of maturity.  We need to accept that we are powerful beings of light, utilizing physical vehicles in order to express and exist in this frequency level.  We are all ascending now and with ascension comes the realization that “you” need to accept responsibility for everything that you do, think, especially how you treat your body, what thoughts you direct towards it, how you encourage it or not to accept the changes that are coming upon it.  Yes, the body is sentient and aware, but it can also be frightened by the changes, so you are here to steady it, to calm it, and to encourage it as changes come in response to the rise in vibration.

Think of your body as a spirited horse.  Become a horse whisperer for your body.  Work with the body, not against it.  Listen to the needs of the body.  It is intelligent.  It knows what it needs to thrive.  As a marvelous creation, it has the capacity to do things that are now unimaginable to the rational mind, that construct that has limited the potential of the body within the 3D structures.   The body is capable of instantaneous healing, if you cooperate by holding the intent to hold your focus on what is the highest and greatest good for all.  Nothing is impossible as the bonds have been released that have held humanity down have now been released.  It is time to fly together towards your greatest dream.

Can you now see the need to go within, to listen to your sacred heart?  You, as consciousness and your body make up the “lower” self.  As you reconnect to higher self, you are consciously opening up avenues of expression that ignite the latent DNA, allowing you to be able to express here and now fully all the gifts and graces of higher self.  The body is your hands and feet, how you move, a vehicle to carry your expression through the world.  Listen to it, guide it, work with it; it is your greatest asset in your endeavor to bring this world back into balance.  And you do this as a unique expression of Source.  You are here to be of service, for you are an expression of the Will of the Creator, the First Ray of Creation.  You are here to be the fullness of unconditional love, to express fully the blueprint originally set forth by Source.  Discover the source of your inner wisdom, that spring of pure light essence that will come forth from the Heart of Source.

Your body is seeded with unlimited potential to carry your consciousness into the fullness of expression of all you are as a unique aspect of Source.  Your body carries the ability to connect your consciousness all the way to Source.  You do not need to go home until you are called.  You can do your work here, for Source, for the human collective, and most especially, for Gaia, the world that you now call Home.  Home is, indeed, where the heart is and Gaia is the heart of your Mother, while you stand upon her lovely surface.

You are here out of Love.  You are here to bring this world into balance as part of the ongoing sweep of this Universe.  Now is the time to step out of doubt and fear and to become reacquainted with your power and sovereignty that you left at the doorstep upon incarnation.  You are masters all.  Engage with that concept.  Step into self-love; forgive yourself and others, and be all that you are.  Know that the process of waking up will happen whether or not you want it to, but the way will be easier if you engage consciously in the process and assist your body first to master the new energy.  Then you will be in a position to act as wayshower for others, for not all will come online at once. Each of you has a self-timer and you who are now reading these words have begun to activate your self-knowledge earlier than others, by divine design, by the design of your soul and higher self.

Be open to change for it will be the only constant in your lives from now on.  The sheer velocity of change will astound many, but personally I am quite delighted.  In the winds of change, I can scent the sweet smell of Home.  We are literally bringing heaven to earth, as the planet rises in frequency.  Our bodies are programmed to respond to the rise in the frequency level of the planet, allowing our consciousness to break free of what has bound us to 3D.  We are free, but first we need to let go of the habitual ways that have carried us blindly through life.

Those brave ones who have gone before us, through the ages, and more recently, have created a path for us to follow.  Each of us will go forth in our own way, as unique expressions of Source.  And we will come together as One and one in our beautiful diversity, for that is the way of this particular planet’s expression as she is, also, a living library of light and love.  It is Her diversity of expression that will attract visitors here from all over the Universe to see and delight in her beauty.

Go, dear ones, and rejoice.  The light fall is increasing and it will become a mighty flood, cleansing this world of the last remnants of the old energies.  You will find yourself singing your special note in a swelling chorus of thanksgiving.  Step forth and claim your mastery and be all that you can be in the fullness of your divine expression, for you are god incarnate and you are loved and cherished, all.

I AM Eliza, your sister in light and love, your sister in balanced creation, your sister in bringing you greetings from those who love you.  Namasté; I bow before the divinity within each of you.



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11 thoughts on “Higher Self: On Embracing Change

  1. Tears and more tears of self worth.
    We are really… making the journey together.
    I embrace every word you wrote, whole heartily.


  2. Beautiful post, we are indeed flowing our hearts home, bringing heaven to earth. We will come out of our isolation of these years to find our brothers and sisters about us. Oh, family reunions! Sanat Kamara promised this and i am holding him to it! There is so much joy and relief, knowing it is a done deal. Into the light and love…..blessings of love, linda

  3. Eliza, I am new to this site and find it very resonant. (I read your Nov 24 first and felt a kinship
    immediately as the holidays year round have become a ‘bit much’ and the time span from
    Halloween thru New Years does pack a wallop).

    Your reference to 4D entities in this sharing was particularly noteworthy for me personally as
    it sort of “blows out of the water” the concept that the ‘ascension’ paradigm is a progression
    out of 3D and into a “better’ world.

    The comments regarding 4D negative machinations make it apparent that a rise in dimensional frequency does not necessarily guarantee ‘Heaven on Earth’.

    Is there a missing link and is it possible that the ‘undefinable’ (in dimensional terms) concept of unconditional love may be that link?

    • Hi, Rose. Regarding the Shift, we’ve moved from 3D into 4D, but there are a lot of people stuck in the old paradigm. The planet’s frequency is increasing everyday, so it is important that we rise our frequency levels to match hers. Eventually, we’ll move into 5D, but when depends on the collective agreement as we make up the nervous system, as it were, of Gaia. It won’t take 100%, just enough people to raise the frequency level and then those who are open to receiving the upgrades will move up.

      The 4D entities referenced were from another Universe, a darker one, a kind of bleed thru. I’m not as similar with the tale as some. Bottom line, they don’t belong here and have done great mischief. They will be run out by the rising frequencies and probably leave embodiment.

      Remember, also, we’re working with multiple dimensions and different timelines. Nothing is linear anymore, even stories. Allow for flow and new information. If it resonates, keep it for now but be open to changing your understanding the next day.

      Apparently there are two Gaia’s now, one that resonates at 3D / 4D and the other one at 5D / 6D. Those who are ascending are going to the latter. The ones resisting are at the former. The gatekeepers and way-showers move from one to another, keeping the portals open for those who are ready to step into the higher frequency levels. It does take preparation and leaving behind all that is of the old energies, especially the need to plan and the belief in linear time progression. Doesn’t pertain anymore and life will begin to get more fluid. When? Don’t know, just be open to change, adapt and flow, release, release and let go. Find a neutral space and learn to be the calm center of the storm, for the cosmic winds are blowing hard right now.

      Welcome! Eliza

    • The “better” world concept comes from religion which was birthed within the old paradigm. There are many universes and much that we have no language for right now. It is better to keep an open mind and listen to your heart, step by step, moving into the new world with your eyes wide open.

      Love, Eliza

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