Eliza: Accepting and Moving into Your Power


On Accepting and Moving into Your Power

by Eliza Ayres

Within a twenty-four hour period our beautiful golden Indian summer has fled. In its wake comes rain and wind, the long upwind to winter in these regions. It is a time to reflect on what has gone before and what is still to come, as leaves and flowers emerge in the spring.

Speaking of local weather, how are y’all feeling today? I can tell you that the energies of the upcoming solar eclipse are making themselves felt. Went to bed early, again, last night and I am still feeling tired. So, it’s time to rest, do light housework and keep a generally low profile. Yet I find my spirit is willing to flow forth, full throttle and to continue writing this piece.

This past week, I’ve had some very interesting exchanges via email with individuals from many places. Seems I am now being looked to as some kind of “expert” just because I’ve written some words down and channeled a few pieces. Yes, I have accepted the realization that I am a master, but the very human part of me is still moving through the various stations of ascension. Bit by bit… and I can’t do it for you. I can make suggestions, listen (or read) your stories, but I am only capable of directing the course of my own journey. Only YOU can determine your own journey, what to do, where to go and when.

It is allowing yourself to TRUST what you feel in your heart center and in your body, that you are able to break free from fear and procrastination. Do you trust your intuition or do you require confirmation for every move and every decision? If so, then you haven’t allowed yourself to move into complete and utter trust of your soul’s whispers to you. Trust is required to go forth. And do realize, also, that each one of us has a self-timer. For some, the timer went off, rather loudly, years ago. For others, it is yet to go off. This is as it should be. So be kind to yourself and to others, never, ever compare your journey to another or think that your journey is better than another’s. They may surprise you and jump ahead altogether in the blink of an eye, but even if they do, it does not matter. What you are doing, matters, to you.

What I hope people will find, in these humble words, are the missing pieces to their puzzles, the glimmer of understanding, the stir of discontent with being stuck, something to ignite the fire within, simply inspiration. If you feel inspired to explore the inner world then I’ve done my job as an initiator. Other than that, I totally and empathically refuse to be a guru or leader for anyone. Ponder these words, then go out and decide for yourself what your path is. I ain’t going to take you by the hand and lead you to the Promised Land.

I fully understand the feeling of being beaten down, wounded and bereft. I have lived through these same feelings. When I briefly look back to see from where I have come, I can hardly recognize myself as being that woman or that girl.

Occasionally, I take out old family pictures but find that the memories associated with them are rapidly fading. And I don’t care. I have never been a sentimental person; I have let go of so many possessions that have been in my family since childhood because they do not serve any purpose for the person I am today. So it is with old memories; I refuse to live in the past and chose to let go of any restraints on my being just because of social mores that say family is everything.

I do honor my family for creating the mutual crucible for the beginnings of my journey in this lifetime. I wasn’t there to balance karma or learn lessons; no, I was there to gain the needed impetus to discover my own inner strength and fortitude for the journey ahead. And I could not do it with my human family or with my friends. As Judith Dagley explained during her session with energy sensitives, I chose, as did the others, situations and people in my life that would challenge me to want to change myself, to move beyond the known. If I had not been confronted in some manner, I would not have wanted or needed to change. And the willingness to go through fire, to release, to experience and explore at the edges of human consciousness is what drove me ever forward.

My life has not fit the usual expectations of my culture, at least those illusions presented by the media. I do not have children or a spouse. I do not have a career. I do not have a social circle of friends. I have sought a solitary life; have needed it in order to sort out what is mine and what is not. For years, I was not even conscious of this process, but it has been a vital part of my journey. And I have come to rely heavily on my intuition, those subtle inner promptings which I have come to understand emanate from my soul and from my guides. I have plunged into the depths of loneliness, released the need and have reemerged a being coming into Wholeness.

Boldly I have come forth to share my journey, not as something to emulate, but to allow those who still hold doubt and fear within, to know that it can be done by anyone. On the surface, I am an ordinary person, but my spirit is fiery and strong and its presence is growing ever stronger within. There is sureness in my actions, although I have moments when the very lazy human still wants to just hang out. This is a process and takes some concentration. It isn’t hard, but you need to focus and dedicate your life to ascension. You need to really want it, as I do. This inner desire is what has driven me to overcome my fears through the years and to bring me to the place where I am today.

By being willing to step into your personal power, you are demonstrating that you are willing to come into acceptance of all that you are, through all multidimensionality. You may not be aware of your many lifetimes here and on other planets, solar systems and universes, but your soul and monad are.

You, as a human being, have played many roles on both sides of duality. As a human being, you have sampled all of life; you have been saint and sinner; condemned and judged; man and woman; victim and victimizer. Now, it is time, for me at least, to let go of any judgment of self or others because I fully realize that I have walked in their shoes. I have journeyed across the sands of the Sahara, floated down the Nile in a barge and walked through the magnificent forests of North America before the advent of the white man. I have taught children, fought and died in wars, been burnt at the stake by the Inquisition, instructed young women in the arts of divination and worked as a gardener. I am been many things, played many roles, but now, I have emerged from the heart of darkness and am going forth, boldly, into the Light.

We are part of a collective, too. As each person comes into alignment with their soul, they begin to expand their awareness of their connections with others. There starts the beginning of true community, the joining of heart energy. These people don’t need to be your neighbors, yet, they might be, but until you progress far enough into your own journey to be able to feel the transmuting flame of forgiveness and the resulting compassion for any, ANY human condition, there is no real foundation for beginning community.

I just read another message from the Celestial Team that suggests it is time to integrate the Divine Masculine into each of us. Every day, if we but glance at the television set or read the news on the Internet (who does newspapers, anymore?), we see the gasping remnants of an old and dying paradigm still being played out in front of the world. These tired fighters, with their gray and lined faces, are the last of the old rule of the patriarchy, where it is was more important to be right and in control, than to be alive. This extremely misaligned masculine energy has come to be interpreted as the only way for men to be; it is not. If we ever want to see world peace in our time, we need to balance within masculine and feminine energies, to come back into Wholeness.

It matters not if you came into the world as a female or a male; your body is a vehicle, it is NOT you. It is a temporal container for your soul essence. As such, the real you is multidimensional and you carry both masculine and feminine energies. Through the sacred marriage of these two essences, you come into wholeness, the union of heaven and earth, all within your seemingly singular vehicle. Did you know that your body is contained within your spiritual body and not the other way around? Ponder that for a moment, dear ones.

Yesterday, I sat across from a murderer and was not afraid. All my co-workers who knew whom I was going to see bid me to be safe, but I knew I was safe, that there was no reason for me to fear the encounter. And so it was, I was perfectly at ease, able to assist the offender with his needs and to be pleasant in all my interactions. I know what he has done, yet when sitting across from him and talking through the window that divided us, we were just human beings interacting for a few moments. He is the one who has to live with what he has done; I do not choose to carry that burden by condemning him further. He does not condemn himself, yet, for he is a psychopath and unable to feel any empathy for others. This is one of the greatest degrees of separation from Source that a human can experience. If I were to judge him now, I would be judging myself, for he represents a mirror into the darkest experiences that I have lived through on this planet. In other lifetimes, I have killed and enjoyed it; it was an experience. It has been transmuted and transformed into the strength of will and determination that empowers me today. It has become my protector, my defense, my strength. It is fully and divinely masculine in its essence and I have met my spiritual male counterpart in my dreams. He is beautiful.

The source of violence and inhumanity towards others comes from a deep fear and sense of shame. Each of us carries this energy in greater or lesser degrees, but as long as we carry it within, violence will continue to play out in the world around us. We may feel that it has nothing to do with us, but it does. Denial will not erase your responsibility or mine to clear out our own closets. We all need to shine the light of forgiveness into those dusty corners, to come clean with our conscience and to accept what we are today and know that we now have choices. And we need to forgive those who act as our mirrors and to honor them for their service to us, for without them, we would not feel the need to change.

With the removal of the underlying foundations of the 3D structures, each of us has been granted the freedom to make choices. No longer will you be expected to carry the belief system of your family, society, teachers or mentors into the coming years. You can decide for yourself what you want to do next. And you can change your direction in an instant if it feels right. Tuning into your own inner voice and body feelings is quite necessary for this journey.

The realization that you need to become self-reliant and to speak up for yourself can be intimidating. According to your nature, proceed step by step. By building on a foundation of trust, forgiveness, self-love and acceptance, you will allow your world and awareness to expand. There are no limits, dear ones, other than the ones that you place on your own progress. Release your fears; step out and through the imaginary security of your self-created cage and fly.

The secret, if there is one; of coming into your power is full acceptance of self. It starts at an individual level and expands from there. And everything that you do during the process of coming into full consciousness is reflected into the world around you. Since humanity is a collective and we are One being, we are interconnected in ways that are yet to be discovered by science. Know that with each step that you take or I take, we free another human being from their self-created bonds. And for those who follow us, the way becomes easier. What took lifetimes to accomplish, is now taking years. And we are being told by tuned in sources that the shift is accelerating. We have gone way past what even the heavenly hosts expected that we would be capable of accomplishing and the rate of change is ever quickening, so release your fears, let go and plunge into the ever quickening river of energy. It will carry you forth into the new world.

If you are able to come into acceptance that you are a powerful being, you reflect this knowing into the whole world. And suddenly, you see other people coming alive to the same realization. And you begin to wonder, how did that happen? We are connected by a great web of light, and like a spider’s web, when one human heart opens, the reverberations echo all over the planet.

There is a lot of fear to overcome, a lot of personal and collective stuff to be released, yet it is happening. The exposure of the once-hidden manipulations of our world by every institution created by man is happening at a more rapid rate. Your reaction to these exposures speaks loudly as to how far you have come in retaining your composure and neutral stance; if you go out of neutral and begin to condemn, you have not arrived at still point, you still have work to do on releasing judgment of yourself.

I have known for a long time that I carry a great deal of masculine energy in my female body. I have accepted the warrior within; he gives me strength and determination. The warrior lends me the fire with which to bring forth these words. For so long, I hid away from my power, denying its existence or its relationship to me. Now, I am moving into acceptance of the fact that I am a powerful being. The sensation of power flowing me has not changed my physical appearance; I’m just more present. I can speak up more readily, although communication is also an act of discernment and allowing people their own experience. I’m not here to direct anyone or to tell them what to do; I am here to demonstrate that one can move into their power and be the person that they were always meant to be. It matters not that I might not appear to be successful from a materialistic point of view; what matters is that I am learning who I am on a daily basis. And what I am encompasses Creation.

Like all of you who read these words, I am a work in progress. I came here to do a job. On the way, I forgot what I came here for, but now I am in the process of remembering. I am in the process of reconnecting to those portions of self from which I have felt temporarily separated. In reality, I have never been separate, but in the act of pretending that I was powerless, I have experienced what it feels like and by doing so, I have been able to move through that feeling and to transmute it. The process is called alchemy, changing base metal into gold, ordinary human being into a human angel. And you are all undergoing the same process, whether you realize it or not.

Although you may think that you are weak, vulnerable and a failure, you are not. To be able to play in the game of duality at all, you have to contain great inner strength, resilience and determination. To experience the depths of duality as we have on this planet, is to be able to advance in your service to the Universe, for you now know the extremes to which physical life can take you. You know, in your heart, that you can survive whatever you are up against. Even if you carry doubt and fear within, you know that you can move into them, through them and out the other side, releasing all of the baggage and transmuting it into pure energy.

Courage, dear ones, comes from the heart. When you connect to your heart, to the secret chamber that exists within, your courage will ignite like the flame on the altar there. Courage will carry you through any hesitations that you may experience in the coming days. We yet face many challenges ahead, but we will anchor the energies of heaven on earth, because we have faced down our inner demons and integrated those paper tigers into our own being.

I’m going to stop for now, before I end up writing a book. I hope you have found something of value in this writing; if not, that’s okay, too. You are the one who must determine what to let in and what to let loose.

Being afraid of your power is like being afraid of a wild animal. You are afraid that you might be destroyed by it or that you might destroy others. You have done these things in other lifetimes, but not now. The energies of now support integration, compassion, acceptance and allowing. Trust that you will be safe, that you are safe in the hands of the Creator, of the Mother / Father God who adore and love you.

I AM ever your sister, Eliza


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14 thoughts on “Eliza: Accepting and Moving into Your Power

  1. Thank you Elizabeth this message spoke volumes to me and my heart. I can already feel the changes occurring within. It was not too long, it was just right!
    Namaste, Luther

    • Thank you, Lisa.

      Ray Bradbury was one of my favorite authors as a teenager. His stories opened my young eyes to new worlds of imagination.

  2. New term for me Alchemy.
    Transmuting without the gift of spirit…doing by my heart self.
    Maybe like random acts of kindness. All the time!!

  3. Great Elisa. Expressing the right words as you did in the beauty of what you just wrote, comes only from the heart of your heart, the heart where everybody is, the Heart of the ONE. Recovering our own power, is just part of what we always have been, our real Freedom And Autonomy that comes together with real Happiness and Love. Living in the State of being, our heart only moves in the direction of the right Vibration for the moment and that moment only comes full of Love no mater what.
    We are greatfull for the Love that you radiated to every body loved Elisa.

  4. dear Eliza, I too appreciate your powerfully written prose here with this heartfelt post. The truth of your words, hard-won from your own life experience, is palpable to all who read these words.
    I bow to you and namaste, from one Lightworker to another. Blessings! Leigh

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