Peregrinations on an Autumn Day


Journal Entry: Peregrinations on an Autumn Day

When you focus your consciousness in present time and ask a question, you will be given an answer quickly. The trick is in allowing the answer to come organically and to have the patience and discernment so that you can receive it. Sometimes the answers dance around us, like cats, elusive, graceful and mischievous. Other times, the answer will land on your foot, like a heavy book. And early this morning, I received a “visitation.”

No, I have never visibly seen any of my guides and mentors, although I get a sense of them. Grand, serene, patient… oh, so very patient, sometimes mischievous, and very practical in their approach, these beings do not seek to be placed on a pedestal or worshipped. And neither do I.

My visitor was the very same Great Divine Director who I was writing about yesterday. Yes, I can distinguish energies and get names when it’s appropriate. In a flood of download, I was informed that my higher self is a distinguished colleague of Sanat Kumara and GDD, in other words, a Cosmic Being… and from another Universe altogether. Okay, so how does that serve the humble very human portion presently residing on Gaia? No, not going to get pumped up about what I am somewhere else; I still have to bathe, get dressed, wash my hair, go to work, clean the house, wash the dishes… and occasionally do something creative.

I can hear the amusement. If you didn’t already know it, the masters are a merry bunch. I mean who wouldn’t be when you have mastered alchemy and can be anywhere and do anything whenever you want? We are honored that they choose to serve humanity so that others can live a life of abundance, grace and beauty as well. And they honor us, the ones who are coming awake and moving towards mastery, because we are doing the hard labor. We are the ones who are striving and anchoring the light into our bodies, acting as transformers, undergoing the experiences of daily living, interacting with dimly lit humans who live in constant reactionary mode… and trying to remember to be unconditional and allowing of their process, as well as our own.

Do you feel like a juggler in a three-ring circus? You’re not alone.

It would appear that I am going for simplicity here, in my writings. Simple is not dumb or stupid. Simple is stripped of complexity, presented with freshness, so that anyone who can read will understand if they are ready to do so.

As I both write my own “personal” thoughts and channel, I have observed that the audience laps up the channeled bits and neglects the “human” portion. Curious that, but I feel that it is a habit that people still retain as they are still seeking someone out there to give them satisfaction, to show them “the way.” News flash, folks… there is only your way and you need to find it for yourselves. Yes, you can utilize the presentations of others, but always keeping in mind not to give your power away to those individuals. Been there, done that, too many times to do it again.

Ascension is all about self-love and sovereignty of self. And, at times, it can be a very lonely process or at least appear to be until you quiet down and realize that you’re never alone, ever. You are surrounded by a host of angels, guides and elementals who are more than willing to assist with any reasonable request. No, you can’t have the pink Cadillac until you pay for it or learn to master the portion of alchemy called manifestation. And no, I haven’t quite managed to make an apple appear in my hand yet, but am working on it. Right now, I’m still buying them in the store.

Each of us is a unique facet of the Creator. In short, we are Creator and do our creating with every breath, every moment as we wrap thought and emotion together to form an electromagnetic thought form. Granted that most of these thought forms are quite unconscious in their making, but they are our own.

No… hold on there, I’m not trying to load on the guilt trip; that has been the intent of most religious teachings, especially in the West to use guilt and fear to control. No, not going there. We’ve suffered long enough at the hands of unbalanced individuals who have vaunted their hollow sanctity and specious piety before the rest of the population, especially the poor and vulnerable ones, with their promises of salvation IF you hand them money, possessions, prestige and power over your life, past, present and future. No, that little con game is no longer going to work for anyone.

Take a breath, let your body relax, release the need to punish yourself for a perceived wrong-doing and remember the rigid structures of 3D no longer exist. The tension, the judgment, the criticism that creeps into your awareness is part of a pattern of reactionary habits that your ego has taken on to keep you safe, to help you fit in, to help you be safe; never mind that “fitting in” to a toxic environment is not the way to discover the pathway to ascension; it’s actually quite the opposite.

Ascension is a step by step process and one that is not for the faint of heart. And it is all about the heart, activating the heart, setting the flame burning on the altar of the hidden chamber of the heart. It is for you to discover how to go about this. Meeting your “maker” is all about going within and discovering the secrets that lie within.

I first felt that heart flame over 20 years ago when I was doing violet flame degrees. I found that I could invoke the presence of the flame simply by concentrating on it and breathing slowly, but deeply. Fanning the flame, if you will, during this simple process you focus your attention on your heart center.

There are others who can give you the technical terms and meditations, but I will dispense with these as I feel that they are all mere trappings, layers of illusion laid upon what is really a very simple process. And I will let you find your own way beyond the flame. Half the fun of ascension is the process of bumbling around and picking up the path through the brambles.

Do any of you remember the fairy tale about the Sleeping Beauty? Male or female, if you have not yet awakened, you are the sleeping beauty. The kiss is the touch of the soul upon the altar of being within, only this time you are not lying there passive on a dusty bed… you are also the prince who goes trudging through the forest to find the sleeping beauty. Both prince and beauty, wrapped in one, you are both the saved and the savior. It is through the balance of masculine and feminine energies that the flame is ignited (by the way, it is already burning there or you wouldn’t be alive).

When ignition comes, the flames fill the chest cavity and through focus can eventually envelope the entire auric field, burning away any remaining dross. Before you can get to this part, however, comes the period of necessary clearing and cleaning. Remember the brambles and the overgrown trees? Ancient, buried thought forms that need clearing away. Good news is, though, that most of that has already been done by the ones who have gone before you… and the scouring qualities of the incoming cosmic rays.

Feeling a little down in the dumps these days? You’re not alone. I’ve been dealing with a sore throat, fatigue and lumpy glands for weeks. And more good news, the sun is turning on, again. Someone hit the “on” button and the sun is beginning to wind up, turn on and send out massive Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) that are being directed to the surface of our planet. So brace yourselves, be prepared to require rest and relaxation, go within, meditate or wash dishes if you’re like me and require an active form of meditation, namely work. Be creative. Explore your inner being. Go outside and dig in the garden or walk in the park. Turn off the radio, MP3, cell phone, television and other electronic gadgets… unless you’re a writer like me who is currently dependent on a laptop. Whatever happened to quill pens and fool’s cap?

So what is the point of this ramble? Well, enjoy yourself. Ascension can be challenging, but the way is being cleared for more of humanity to undergo the process. The age of the lone initiate is over. It doesn’t mean that it is a cake walk, but you do have the opportunity and much assistance to discover what works for you as you undergo this wondrous process of anchoring the fullness of your multidimensionality into a human body. And upon arrival, you have many choices before you. The real secret of ascension is that it never ends. The service never ends. There are great adventures and further challenges that await you and you will chose to undergo them because you enjoy adventure and because you are Love.

So, it’s off to breakfast as I still need to eat. Have a lovely day, afternoon or evening, as the world turns.



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7 thoughts on “Peregrinations on an Autumn Day

  1. Hi Eliza,
    I thank you for pointing out how we are all looking for love in all the wrong places….namely out there.
    So as you go through your moments in life I am one of those who love to see your actions (creations) of your life. As we are all one so then my life also is that.
    Your giving spirit inspires me.

    Light and giggles,

  2. i still buy my apples in the store too! :-)))
    (interesting tidbit -as it has shown up in two classes i had on different occasions, both mary magdalen and mother mary mentioned holding out your hand and manifesting a piece of fruit as what we will be able to do on the last step (12) of the 4th dimension.) so, something fun to look forward to!
    Love your rambles, and i agree with the lovely comment above by Rajkumar.
    Blessings on your heart and on your day…. Jennifer

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I’m enjoying the rambles quite a lot. No planning, just spur of the moment. Sometimes there is a theme, sometimes not, so always different. Blessings, Eliza

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