Eliza: “The Unified Field”

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Eliza:  “The Unified Field”

A deep calm has settled upon me, wrapping me up in a warm blanket of love. It feels good to receive verification that what I am and what I am doing here is contributing ultimately to the Whole. While working as an individual, apparently focusing on my own path, I am also working with a “group” from the unified field.

Now, my conscious mind doesn’t understand what a unified field is, but my heart knows. It is “Home.” And as I settle and anchor more of the energies of Self, home is also settling into my higher heart. And as my body manages to carry more of the frequencies of upper 4D and 5D, these frequencies are emanating out from my body and into my surroundings. Without my “doing” anything, I am affecting everyone with whom I come in contact; everyone that I drive past on the highway; everyone that I work around, including the inmates and the plants and animals in the environment. Such is the power of the unified field.

It is a humbling realization and one that is greatly heartening. For in knowing these things through the heart connection, I realize that all my experiences here and elsewhere have led me to this moment. And, of course, I am not alone in this work, but “we” are scattered hither and yon across the face of the planet. And we work with our galactic brethren, as well as ascended masters, Archangels and light beings.

Years ago, I was told by one of my mentors that I was a light being. I accepted that information and stored it away. I understand a little better what my friend was communicating to me, but it is still hard for the rational mind and human ego to wrap their thoughts around. So, I step aside and let them be.

I always had some trouble with esoteric teachers who taught that it was necessary to destroy, subsume and bury the ego. Somehow that manner of thinking was very dualistic in its approach. The ego has served well; it was designed to protect the body when danger threatened. And now, that I am reacting less and less to outer stimuli, not being fearful, the power of the ego is diminished, but in a fully natural way. There is no fear that I will be overtaken or subdued or dominated.

I have learned to listen to my body. In fact, one psychologist thought I was overly tuned in to my body, but that is what happens when you deal with chronic fatigue syndrome for years. I learned to monitor my energy levels and take advantage of the good days to go walking or to do some gardening. There were plenty of days when it was all I could do to get out of bed. I have largely overcome the debilitating effects, but still when the energies are super intense during a new or full moon, I sometimes have to physically withdraw and concentrate on resting.

Where we are going, into the fifth dimension, is out of the scope of the human ego. It will still be needed while the chaotic changes are going, but see it as an ally, one that will warn you of potential physical danger. And as you detach from a need to react to situations around you, the ego will have less and less opportunity to engage you in a defensive position. When you are in love, there is nothing to fear. Nothing. And I have intuitively known this since my college years.

My body is glowing right now and I am resting after a busy day at work. I can only imagine what I will feel like in six months as I incorporate (place into the body) more of the higher frequencies. It has been said that someday we will start to literally glow visibly, in a similar fashion as Jesus did when he descended from the mountain upon his transfiguration.

Yes, much adventure is in store and I am looking forward to the changes that will unfold upon this earth. There is much to redress, much to heal, but now is a time to go within, find that inner calm so you can carry successfully a greater degree of light. Then you will naturally become the healing agent that you wish to see in others.

Our society has taught many of us very successfully not to depend on ourselves, to look to authorities for solutions. However, it is apparent that those beings that have been labeled as authority figures are losing touch with “reality”. Our world is in a profound state of flux. There will be an intensification of polarities, not a lessening, at least for a time. And many souls will simply pass from this world. Developing a sense of inner calm seems to me an excellent strategy for navigating these interesting times with grace and dignity.

I am discovering that I am less and less interested in the information out there. I still feel a desire to communicate, but realize that this, too, may change. For now, I will continue to write because it pleases me to do so.

An aside for a little story: I once read a book by a man called William Samuels. He lived in Alabama, I believe. After reading the book, I was inspired to write to Mr. Samuels. He wrote me back and told me that one day I would be a writer. And so I am. And it is pleasing to me. He told me that my letter was like the clear ringing of a bell on a crisp morning, high, clear and pure. I have held that image in my heart. We are given little gifts like that along the way to make it easier to keep to the path and do the work, whatever it entails.

Follow your heart, be the light upon your path, shine forth that light to those you encounter. You are never alone, always loved and supported by legions of angels and unseen beings. Faith, trust and an open heart will carry you far as they have carried me. And the journey is not yet over… in fact, it has just begun. Ever upward and onward we go.

Much love, Eliza


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10 thoughts on “Eliza: “The Unified Field”

  1. definitely clear as a bell! thank you for your clarity Sister Light!
    i too have been reading much less of what is out there, as so much more within is giving the same messages. still it’s fun to see if there is any “news” and i enjoy Linda Dillon very much… when practices are suggested tho… i don’t seem to want to “do” them… feel more interested in just seeing how my day unfolds, knowing we are always connected and there’s no hurry to be anywhere else than here/now. as of now, i am ready for bed! sweet dreams! love and blessings to you!

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I still read a few blogs, what draws my attention. One does tend to pick up tidbits here and there. Sweet dreams, dear lady.

  2. so lovely to be in your stream again. seems life is drawing all to a simpler way of being…..I am so glad that you have gone back to being you……
    Much Love & Light,

  3. Hi there, it is so true – i can feel the crispness, clarity and joy of your words. I can also feel the “mature authority”, it is calming and relaxed and a beautiful and needed voice. Much love.

  4. My heartfelt thanks to my dear readers and friends (yes, we do “know” each other in the Unified Field of Being). I’m glad that I was brave enough to strike out boldly as I wont to do periodically. It is very empowering and highly recommended. Since I’m not worrying about what other people think, I’ve freed up my imagination and muse to go forth and write more pieces. I think I have discovered my mission, at least for now, as a communicator to those who are coming online and even those who have been around awhile who need a simple loving word of encouragement now and then. We’ve been separated by distance, nationality, race, belief, gender, religion, financial status and other artificial barriers for long enough. I’ll do my part with my writings to dissolve those barriers as these words reach their way around the earth, winging on their way like doves of peace. Blessings to all, dearly beloved ones, my sisters and brothers. Eliza

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