The Light Collective: “Reclaiming Your Sovereignty”


The Light Collective:  “Reclaiming Your Sovereignty”

via Eliza Ayres 

We are the Light Collective, a gathering of angelic and light beings, ascended masters and members of the Elemental Kingdom.

Our theme tonight is: “reclaiming your sovereignty.”

A day or two ago, our scribe woke up, went to her laptop and began a short piece announcing to her readership that she was changing the focus of her blog. And now, in the midst of that process, she is deleting all material that was not authored by her. Outwardly, this may seem to be a drastic move to some, but to our scribe, it is in keeping with being intensely involved with reclaiming sovereignty. It is a phase and a process.

One must go within before one can expand outward. Many of you are starseed and highly sensitive to the environment in which you have found yourself. It has been easy, too easy for some to either become completely overwhelmed or by others, to completely over-adapt and temporarily lose sight and feeling of “self”. Now is a time for moving into balance and becoming reacquainted with who you really are.

We are here to remind you that you do not need to please others, to seek popularity as has been done in the past, or to be something that you are not. What exactly this will entail will differ with each individual. The important thing is to not be afraid of what other people might think, and go into your project with enthusiasm and joy.

As many of you are realizing, ascension also is a process. For many, now is a period of transition wherein you might be experiencing quite an ebb and flow of emotions and feelings, as well as unexpected thoughts and remembrances. We encourage you to simply allow this flow, without judgment and without attempting to hold onto anything that surfaces within your consciousness.

No longer are you being held by unseen forces to meet standards devised by others or a system outside of yourself. It is time to create, to explore and to let go of outdated beliefs, judgments, memories, jobs and even relationships that are no longer working for the parties involved.

You have been set free to chose whether or not you wish to keep those beliefs and expectations that are not of your own making. It is time to release what is not yours. It is time to set yourself free from the need to control or to be controlled by another person or persons, by ideas, standards or institutions. It is time to reclaim your sovereignty, over your own energy field and over your life.

Sovereignty is not quite the same as control. Sovereignty is being in command and making choices, in the moment, and directing the energies in the manner that you want them to manifest, while remaining at peace within your own energy field.

Most people have been used to conforming to the control of other people or systems. In the old way of being, your energies have often been siphoned off to feed others through the use of fear. Fear is energy. Love is energy. What would you choose to have in your life? It is your choice.

It can be very intimidating, at least initially, to step beyond the old imaginary boundaries, but we know in doing so you will begin to discover within a new joy in life, renewed vitality, as well as a sense of eagerness and anticipation in exploring what was once the great forbidden and feared unknown.

Discovering your own power, trusting your intuition and inner guidance, seeking the inner strength to move through any lingering fear and doubts about your direction and abilities… all will carry you forth into new experience, possibilities and delights.

Reclaiming your sovereignty also means to reclaim your right to feel. It is through your feelings that you interpret the world, not through the working of your rational mind. It is why many starseed, most of whom are ultra-sensitive to feelings, their own and those of other people, get overwhelmed by sensory overload and by belief systems that conflict with their own inner knowing. No wonder so many people are confused. Clarity will be required for navigating the rough waters that lie ahead. Clarity is gained by going within and learning to listen to the still quiet voice of inner guidance.

Part of the difficulty most people have with allowing themselves to feel is that they have been taught that it is wrong to express themselves. As children they have been told, again and again, to behave, to calm down, to deny their feelings, not to trust their intuition, to doubt the inner workings of their own minds and to feel shame for even having emotions. We say, let go of the need to judge and allow for these energies to flow through you. Do not attempt to dam the river. Instead, you can learn to maneuver with the greatest of ease through once what was thought to be treacherous waters.

Imagine yourself a kayaker surfing the waves in a great and wild river; the energies are like the river now. Claim your power and sovereignty by learning to work with the energies. It might even be fun and empowering. It is a process of reclaiming your mastery. It is a process of learning to be true to yourself and to embrace your inner divinity. Like a rose coming into bud, you are ready to bloom.

You might ask how I can do this; it seems so overwhelming. That is where trust comes in. You need to let go, flow into the moment, into the experience and be. And trust that you will not fail; that you cannot fail. As you gain self-confidence, you will feel more comfortable dealing with the ebb and flows of the energies. You need to be able to “feel” into this process, not to think about what you’re going to do as, more often than not, what you do will not make “sense” to your ego or rational mind. Your body uses your feelings to communicate. Learn to listen and to trust. And in time, as you open to your intuition, you will discover other gifts that you can utilize, such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, and other “psychic” gifts.

You are energy. Energy cannot hurt you as you are an eternal being. Learning to trust starts from within and flows outward. And you will discover along the way that true strength is demonstrated by being centered, allowing experience and by being flexible and gracious to all life.

Dare to step outside the box that you have been confined within most of your life. Be willing to expect the unexpected. You might discover some hidden delights, within and around you. Be open to the possibility that you are greater than you seem, not just an ordinary human being, but an extraordinary multidimensional being capable of navigating multi-timelines and dimensions and lifetimes. This you already are, but you are now in the midst of remembering what you left behind when coming into embodiment this time on this lovely water planet.

The transition will take time because your present focus, your human body exists in a physical universe, so have patience with yourself and your process. You are in the process of bringing heaven to earth, by anchoring the energies of your higher self through your physical body, not an easy task, as you are daily finding out. Not easy, but ultimately rewarding.

That is enough for now. Remember always that you are loved. You are cherished. You are admired and honored for the work you do. You are not alone. You are not abandoned. We are here, always at your side, your constant companions, watching and cheering you on as you continue on your journey of self-discovery, god exploring being a god. Many blessings attend you on your way.


Thank you, beloved Light Collective.

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13 thoughts on “The Light Collective: “Reclaiming Your Sovereignty”

    • I am honored, Raj, to receive such a compliment. I do go my own way and have the tendency to shock people when I seemingly reverse direction. I am actually quite gentle and quiet, but like a river, the current is strong and sure and scours out whatever lies in its way. Many thanks, Eliza

  1. Thank You, I so needed to hear this.
    I have been overwhelmed with information and am at a point where I don’t know what to believe. Trying to follow my own instinct but not really sure what that is, feeling a bit lost and alone. I know I’ll get there just not sure how yet….
    I’m glad you reduced your blog down, was a lot of different information as their is on Facebook. I wish you all the best with this. Thank You, Fiona xx

    • Fiona,
      It’s all a matter of learning what to keep and what to let go. Most of us have been taught to seek advice and guidance outside of our self. There is some understandable hesitation in opening up to trusting instinct and intuition. I guess it is my rebellious streak that keeps me going; I even argue with my guides at times. I question everything, listen and then decide. Feel into the information you are taking in and if you feel overwhelmed, withdraw or limit your sources. For instance, I hardly read any mass media sources any more. And now, I’m withdrawing from the amount of other blogs that I read. If I am drawn to reading a particular message, it is more to seek verification in what I am feeling inside… not what is going on outside or what other people feel I should or should not do. It is a time to be very selective, very discerning, while at the same time allowing other people to live their own lives as they chose, even if in great variance to what you see as being truth. Seek balance. Delete what no longer serves. Observe great art and music. Mozart’s music is very busy, but as he said himself, every note was important. Decide what notes and information are important, feed your spirit, not overwhelm it and let go of the rest. As you go within, eventually you will re-emerge, stronger and more you as your higher self will finally have a chance to anchor and blend its energies with your human ego. It’s allowing yourself to be a work in progress, one that does not end.
      Many blessings on your journey, dear lady. Eliza

  2. Reblogged this on Shimmering Blue and commented:
    I can’t even start to tell you how much I needed to hear this. All of it. Especially about “reclaiming your sovereign right to feel,” and how hard that is for so many of us who were told not to express ourselves as children. And you’re completely right, it IS time to release what’s not ours, so we can reclaim what does belong to us – like our own personal power! Thank you, thank you so much for sharing. It was much needed & appreciated. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you! I have been learning for some time now that if I do not respect my inner knowing things go badly every time. My intuition has always led me to greater respect and consideration of other living beings than the cultural standards, rules or laws around me. It would be a wonderful world indeed if we all felt and followed our deepest intuitive connection and love instead of the “letter of the law”.

  4. Thank you Elizabeth. I did a reading for a client earlier today and I channeled through so much of what you had written here. The word ‘I am a sovereign being’ was also shown to me a few days ago. So seeing your posting today was really verification from my guides to trust and believe what I am hearing coming through. Thank you so so much for this post. Ps I had actually unsubscribed last week from all the posts you were posting as I found I wasn’t reading them anymore but I still so resonate with what you put on. So well done for following your inner guidance. In loving light Lorna

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS INFO!!!! Sorry for “shouting” I just no other way to express through text the feeling reading these words…at this exact stage of my letting go process… means to me!!! This is truly an exciting and challenging process to undergo. The irony being that I have chosen to incarnate specifically FOR the challenge of forgetting and then remembering! Hahahahaha!! It’s so easy to lose sight of that and get caught up in the game. That’s why I absolutely treasure attracting information like you and many others are kind enough to share 🙂 Namaste!

    • Join the crowd of forgetful ones…who are waking up to glory. Blessed be! It is our time to be WHO we really are. Thanks for the enthusiastic comment, Andre.

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