Eliza: Opening to Love



by Eliza Ayres

How is everyone doing with the energies? Right now, I’m feeling particularly squashed or at least my body is – the typical sore throat, exhaustion cycle that my body undergoes after a BIG influx of light. Can you feel it? The light, I mean… and, oh my gosh, the LOVE!

This past week my heart has FELT the love being sent my way or generally as people read the blog… or I’m just becoming sensitized to the general outpouring of love from HUMANITY. It is amazing and yet, it feels like coming HOME.

Last night, I was listening to an older presentation given by Blossom Goodchild and White Cloud. In the delivery, White Cloud told the audience that love is our home, not some little cottage, but LOVE. And he told them that we are love. Did we believe it then? Do we believe it now? And what does it mean – you ARE love? Does that mean you have to let go your irritation with your neighbor’s dog? Let go of your judgment of a murderer as being a wicked, evil person? Let go of your judgment of the Pope, of politicians, of the Power Elite, of your ex-spouse… or, gasp, of yourself?


And, yes, it can be hard to do so don’t be too hard on yourself. You, as an embodied consciousness, are in the process of transmuting and transforming centuries, even millions of years of human conditioning. However, you’ll be happy to note, that once you begin to let go of your need to analyze everything (did I get it right?) and open up to the Unity Field in which we all exist, you will discover for yourself that, indeed, you are Love.

However, and isn’t there always… a however… it is by going step by slow step that you let go. Yes, you will still find yourself getting angry and upset at someone else’s alleged stupidity. Yes, you will discover that you still get your various buttons pushed, but instead of lashing out at the individual or group involved, pause for a moment and thank them.

Whoa! Thank someone who has had the gall to upset ME? Oops, egoic thinking here! Only the ego feels the need to defend itself from the world, the soul does not. And what is gall but a bitter juice that we want to spit out in disgust. This gall we feel, that we taste on our tongue in emotional response to perceived attack on ourselves, is a form of self-judgment.

Anyone with a small degree of awareness of the human condition realizes that we learn by observation. This applies to our individual and collective journey. We act as mirrors to each other. And what is being mirrored in the collective right now is all the denial, all the self-hatred, loathing and feeling separate from Source, oozing out of the collective unconscious so it can be transmuted.

What happens to manure when left to heat up in a pile, then carefully mixed and laid-out to dry in the sun? It becomes compost, black gold, beloved by organic gardeners the world over. What is happening to the dark secrets that are being revealed? They are being exposed and transmuted, changed back into their original form to be reutilized by the whole of creation. Energy never goes anywhere; energy is eternal and you, my friend, are energy or consciousness.

Yes, the plant outside your door is a conscious being. The stone, upon which you step, is conscious. The chair, on which you place your bottom, is conscious. All things, including your body suit, are made up of vibrations and waves. For years, I’ve been able to “see” the waves if I just slightly unfocused my eyes. And I could see light auras around living beings… not the colored ones that are seen by talented clairvoyants, but a halo of light, especially around the crown chakras of people.

Yes, consciousness exists at several levels and you would be surprised to learn that animals and plants are more in tune with Source and spirit than most so-called spiritual people, myself included. No, I do not have the vocabulary or knowledge to go into a long-winded discussion about the existence of spirit in all things – I just “know” it does and have for years.

When I look back on the understandings that my heart delivered to me, but that weren’t always accepted by me or by those to whom I tried to communicate them – well, it was clear that I understood things at a very profound level. One of these understandings was that God is in all things. I even had a discussion with a minister about this. He disagreed with me, for if God is in all things, where does Evil come from? Well, the only answer to that question is God. And that was something that my friend, the minister, was not willing to accept. Instead, he dismissed my point of view as being that of a pantheist. I feel that I was tuning into the heart of Gaia, intuitively making the connections with what I observed in nature and around me.

Storm Clouds

So what is Love? Jim Self has told us that it isn’t the simple emotional (simple?) connection between two people. He said that love is simply (!) the force that moves oceans, creates worlds, brings stars into existence, that binds the galaxies together, that connects everything that we can possibly experience in the physical realm. Love is All That Is and the highest vibration that exists. Its definition exists beyond the ability of human language to describe, delineate and categorize. Our ego would attempt to categorize and label love, but it exists outside and encompasses the ego. It is all, the binding force that keeps the planets spinning, your heart pumping, the flowers growing, the winds blowing and the tides moving.

So, back to White Cloud’s description of where we live, Love. What does that mean? It means that to have any hope of proceeding into the New World, we have to let go of our baggage of judgment, self-condemnation, projection onto others, victimization, passive-aggressive behaviors and blaming ourselves or others for the present circumstances in which we live. We need to let go of the baggage, place it on the compost heap, forgive ourselves and others for any perceived crimes, misbehaviors or misdeeds, and step forward into a new, bright world where all can exist in peace and abundance.

Ah, you say, but what about the Power Elite and their acts of aggression towards the rest of humanity? Yes, they are guilty of great wrongs, but is punishing these individuals going to solve your problems, place food on your table, ease your desire to punish yourself for falling for the conditioning, eating the poisoned food, taking the poisoned medicines and believing the lies? Your need to punish someone else stems from a need to punish yourself, plain and simple.

I have sat in a chair across a tiny table from murderers, rapists and thieves. I can tell you that they are human beings, like the rest of us. They get up in the morning, look into the mirror and see and remember what they have done. They look at their tiny cell, the hard bed, the plain food that they have to eat daily, their highly regimented lives and remember. Some are able to move beyond and find “God” in their lives or a measure of forgiveness; many go mad, driven to distraction by confinement and by their own demons. And yet, they are people and share the same humanity as the rest of us. Our treatment of them, whether deserved or not, is a statement about how we feel we should be punished; we would rather not dwell on reviewing past acts of omission or commission, but stuff them away into a dark corner of our unconsciousness. News flash – as of 12/12/12, that no longer works.

Each of us is now being confronted by our individual “demons”, those unprocessed thought forms that most of us hoped were forevermore buried out of sight. As the light of the Cosmic Rays penetrates the layers of resistance and pockets of darkness, all is being brought out to be revealed, transformed and made into a new foundation for the new world, i.e., transformed from manure to compost.

So it is with everything that we have ever resisted. If we have done our work properly and with diligence, we are beginning to see our world reflect the inner harmony that exists within. If we have not done our work, but have lingered in anger, grief, blaming and denial, then it’s time to get to work. Lay out the secrets, the self-doubt, the self-hatred and move beyond it. There is no need, and indeed, little time to dwell on the whys or wherefores of each deed or thought, but to let them go like a wisp of straw into the wind for the storm of change is upon us all. Whether it will be a hurricane or a mild tropical breeze depends on you and how you’ve worked to allow your heart to open to your true identity, love and light.

And know, dear ones, that you are greater than you seem. When fear grabs at your gut, go into the fear, feel it; don’t back away. Sink into the fear and you will discover that it melts away.

Once, when I was backpacking with a friend, I felt a great fear come over me as a tightening in my gut, the classic intuitive sign of “danger!” Earlier in the day, we had seen the huge paw prints of a cougar in the soft earth of the edge of the trail. I was certain that the cougar or another large beastie was somewhere in the near vicinity of our camp. All that was between us and the gnashing teeth of a carnivore was a flimsy nylon tent. Did I get upset and wake up my companion? No, I allowed myself to sink down into the fear and called up the violet flame. I called upon Archangel Michael and his blue-flame angels to erect a crystalline dome over our camp. I felt into my heart and expanded my own heart flame until I felt the fear dissolving. My body warmed with the energies and I began to relax and sink into sleep. In the morning, I compared notes with my companion. She had also felt fearful, but had managed to go to sleep anyway. Later, we saw the large prints of a very big coyote or a wolf, not far from the camp as we hiked out… And we were fine; two women, at least ten miles from the next encampment.

You are not fear. You are not meant to be limited, conditioned or kept in a cage. You are a light being, a being of LIGHT who has volunteered to come here and assist in transforming a world back into alignment with Source. By living as if you are love and light, you become what you focus upon. You will see your world changing. You will observe changes in how you see and experience everything and everyone around you. You will see yourself in others and learn from what you see and experience. You will feel the energies of other people, creatures, plants and the living earth upon which you walk. You will begin to sense the presence of many unseen beings, tiny and large, as your own perception of consciousness and what it entails expands.


Just the other morning, I woke up to yet another “discussion” with my guides. And I felt like I was huge, that I couldn’t possibly fit back into that tiny human body. I could “feel” my grandness and potential. I knew that I would be changing my role soon, from student to teacher. I wasn’t sure whether or not I felt ready for these changes, but that they would soon be upon me. The energies are supporting expansion now, and I know that I need to expand with them. Resistance is futile, so we go with the flow, growing and expanding and acknowledging the Love that we are. As the old saying goes, we are never given anything by Spirit that we are not ready for. Oh, my!

There is so much awareness and perception available right now if you but slow down and connect within, ground and anchor, let go of the baggage and let go of resistance. Allow yourself to trust the process. Even if you don’t feel that you “know” anything, realize that the place from which real knowledge and wisdom comes is from your connection through your heart to your soul. There is no limitation there, no censorship, and no charge for entrance. The wisdom that you take from your connection with your soul is free, but you need to make the effort and place your desire to learn out in front of all other considerations.

Focus, intent and attention will assist you in the creation of a whole new world, one in which there is abundance not just for yourself and your family, but for all, because you will KNOW that everyone is a part of your Self. Abundance, clean air, water and earth, beauty, grace, wisdom, and yes, love and light, exists all around you. The new world is already here, but to enter it you need to make the first step, through your intent to move into Love. And you will discover that you never left, that you just forgot for a moment or two.

You are Love. You are Light. You are magnificent. And you are just on the verge of remembrance. Take the next step upward on the spiral that is taking each of us Home.



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24 thoughts on “Eliza: Opening to Love

    • Thank you, Isabel. It is amazing to me what emerges sometimes. The soul moves through all of us if we but step aside and allow. Many thanks for your continued work, too.

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  4. Why is it that most things that accompany life’s big challenges are 4-letter words? Love, hate, fear, hope… And of course the usual expletives… 😀

    Thank you Elizabeth – currently processing my own crossroads, and realizing the only way forward is to take the bull by the horns, and trust myself to know I’ll be able to lead it to greener pastures.

  5. Thanks, dear Elizabeth, for this beautiful writing. Love, with a capital L, is really in the air these days. I was reading about it this afternoon in a chapter of a book describing the transition we all go through as human beings – also called the bardo by some Buddhists.

    • Thank you, Gilles! Good to hear from you, too. I have heard of bardo, but don’t know much about Buddhism, at least in this lifetime!

      Looked up “bardo” – a transitional state, or in-between state, between life and death or being reborn. Interesting concept and so true. I would encourage others reading this to do some research into this concept. It might give you some insights into what and how you are experiencing this transition. Thanks, Gilles, for the tip. Perhaps I’ll write something! Writing has become a compulsion for me. As my English friend noted, the muse of writing can be very persistent.

      Love, Elizabeth

      • Good evening dear Elizabeth.

        Nice to hear from you as well and glad that the concept of the “bardo” piqued your interest. Please find below two paragraphs from The Matter of the Mind (by Djwhal Kuhl via Kathlyn Kingdon) that address this notion of “oceanic love” I was talking about, in the context of someone’s transition.

        Have a lovely evening, and happy musing!

        “As the perception of soaring through the tunnel of light comes to a close, most perceive themselves as still in their familiar body, often looking down at their own body and even seeing themselves dressed in certain items of clothing. Of course, what is actually happening is that the mind is projecting a familiar image of the “I,” which it believes and attempts to reinforce. At this point, usually the awareness begins to look around and describe to the mind what is going on. This is often the great state of peace and calm knowing about which those who have had near-death experiences speak after their awareness returns to their physical bodies.”

        “Generally, one finds oneself suspended in an unimaginable and oceanic continuum of grace and pure love. It is in this state of suspended animation that one remembers why she took birth. Often, one will become aware of all the opportunities of love that surrounded her in life—even if she was unable to see them while in the moment of their arising. More profoundly, one remembers that she came from this oceanic love and likely took birth to remind others of the infinite force of love from which all sprang and to which all return again and again.”

        Page 145

  6. One more thing, dear Elizabeth.

    As I reread your message entitled “Opening to Love,” I couldn’t help noticing the synchronicity and timing with Sanat Kumara’s message to Julie Miller, sent on the same day. His message is entitled “Love is the Answer” and His last few words echo yours:

    “Love is what you are also all about – simply come home to it, dear ones.”

    Thanks for being in the flow!

    • And by happenstance, Sanat Kumara is one my guides and lovingly attends many morning “meetings” with me. Many blessings, my dear brother in light.

      • Thanks, dear Sister.

        As for “happenstance,” my dictionary says ‘chance circumstance.’ This cannot be the case!

        Many thanks for lighting the path for us.

        In Gratitude

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