White Cloud & the Light Collective: A Message


White Cloud & the Light Collective

by Eliza Ayres

As the golden rays of autumn light your skies in the northern latitudes, you are witnessing the demise of the old paradigm of war, divisive politics, financial manipulation, fear and greed. So much has changed in so little time; still, it isn’t enough for some who insist on urging others to “do” more. We respectfully submit that this behavior and manner of thought is still ego-driven. Yes, there is much to do, but it will take some time to adjust to the new energies. There has been so much change that many people find themselves feeling rather bewildered, tired and exhausted. Know that if they have the intent and desire to experience Ascension in this lifetime, then they will. Many will not; that is their free will choice and one that needs to be respected.

Our scribe has struggled through the last week to regain balance after being submerged into the heavy energies that she deals with on a daily basis at work. She is doing part of her mission by simply being there, as a beacon of light, treating the inmates with respect and compassion. A human angel in disguise, she is simply being what she is, in doing her job. It is quite enough to deal with right now, and challenging enough without getting more immersed in protests and other “outer” manifestations.

Each of you has a reason for being where you now find yourself, whether living in relationship, having a big extended family or living alone, without family. You are where you need to be, or you would be actively changing… or will be soon changing location / work / circumstance when the inner desire overpowers any lingering fear your human ego may still retain in regards to making changes in your life.

The rainbow of light workers now embodied on the planet is very colorful indeed. You are from so many different worlds, dimensions, galaxies and universes. Some of you have never existed in form before; it is a challenge just to walk around and be relatively “normal”. Others of you have spent many lifetimes on the planet and are well versed in dealing with its heavy energies – that are, fortunately, becoming “lighter” every day. Each one of you is unique and the only one who can do what you came here for, your mission. It is for you to discover what that mission is and as many channeled beings have said before, you may be doing your mission by simply being here.

As your light body expands and as your physical body is able to hold more light and still function with integrity, you will be able to do more. For some of the older lightworkers, the constant downloads and upgrades of light and codes has become an exhausting process, for they have spent literally decades and years dealing with using their physical bodies as transformers, stepping down the light so it could be successfully anchored here. The next generations have different missions and inner agendas. Seek within what drives your interest, what brings you joy, what excites and delights and you will discover what your mission might be.

Realize also that sometimes completing your “mission” involves moving out of your comfort zone. Living as human beings, many light workers have successfully adjusted to the materialism that has driven the old paradigm; others have not. Some struggle financially, emotionally, psychically and physically; all these experiences have merit and have been designed by the soul as possibilities before embodiment. It is so very important not to judge anyone for what they are doing or not doing, for in doing so you are still acting out of polarity and ego.

It is coming to the awareness of some of the leading edge light workers that the dark ones that they have opposed have acted to the benefit of the light. Without the blatant over-the-top, aggressive war mongering, crazy financial manipulations, regressive and repressive laws, militarized policing of the public, focused attacks on common law and the Constitution, and other posturing by the Powers that Were, the people would not now be waking up. Every person who has sacrificed their life, living or health, the sight of every injured soldier, every desperate homeowner, every unemployed citizen has compelled the citizens of the world, with a semblance of awareness outside themselves, to look the paper tiger in the eye and see it for what it truly is; a chimera, an illusion designed for one thing – to control the world, through destruction, darkness and chaos. People are discovering that they are powerful, in and of themselves, and they are in the process of taking back that power. That is their mission.

As a light worker, you can choose to join the picket lines, the protests, the political process or you can choose to do your light work and engage in re-building and reconnecting your light body and rebuilding the planet by doing positive and regenerative activities like gardening, building community, sharing stories, blogging and writing, doing creative activities, healing and educating the newly awakened. Many of the light workers are meant to teach the ones who come with questions and they will come, first in their hundreds and then thousands and then millions. By preparing yourself as best you can, by transmuting your own “stuff”, discovering your inner teacher, you are preparing yourself to meet those who do not have your background in spirituality, at least in this life time.

Many of the light workers have been preparing for this transitional period for lifetimes. Others have come in with their spiritual gifts more intact, with the ability to dream walk or experience lucid dreams, to channel and communicate freely with spirit, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and other yet undefined senses and gifts. Each of you has something to offer; do not belittle yourself by comparing yourself with those who seem “ahead” of you in development, strength, grace or knowledge. You will develop what you need in order to complete your mission by having faith and trust in yourself, in the guidance that you receive 24/7 whether or not you are currently aware of it; and in forgiving yourself for any perceived shortcomings. You are perfect in the eyes of your Mother / Father God, for they see you as you are, a beautiful light being.

For many years, the only thread that kept our scribe going was a feeling of divine discontent. She kept pushing herself forward in areas that interested her, first spiritual healing, then reading and studying about the Ascended Masters, experiencing first hand channeled messages, and most definitely stepping out of her comfort zone by literally picking herself up and moving two states away from family and friends. So, you see, she has already done those things that many people find themselves compelled to do these days as the light waxes strong in this world and people have to confront their fears and sense of inadequacy head on. She may move on when the time is right, but it is not now. Through the power of the Internet, she can reach seekers and others who resonate on or near her wave length, through the magic of the written word. No, world peace will not emerge due to her work, but perhaps small changes will emerge through some of the individuals who she touches with the energies we plant within her communiques. Sometimes just the experience of feeling the supportive, loving energies after a difficult day is all one needs to motivate them to do a little more for themselves in terms of their individual spiritual journey.

We do not seek to build a religion or change people’s minds or to influence them to do things; each of these things is up to the free will and soul contract of the individual involved. Also, we will work with those who reach out to us, in order to learn, to expand, to heal and to grow. For those who are not ready to communicate with us or even to believe in us, we respect their free will and choices. It is up to the individual to decide when move ahead and to decide when they are ready to proceed and open to becoming an initiate on the path of return. Sometimes that decision comes after much pondering; for others, in an instant – the heart opens and the person never looks back on their old life.

For those light workers who have embodied upon the planet and have not yet awakened, know that their wake up call may be a little more forceful than what you may have experienced, yet do not judge. Experience is what each soul desires and experience comes in many different ways. No one person is better than another and this equation includes those who have been called the dark. Someone had to volunteer to play the villains in this game and they have done so with gusto.

Condemnation is judgment. You have all played different roles, on this planet or on another, at various times during your journey and so it is with those who are currently experiencing the abrupt downfall of all their long-held hopes, dreams, beliefs and yes, their “truths”. Learn to free yourself of judgment, of one another and mostly especially of yourself. One cannot go forward into ascension without releasing this to God and to the loving energies of the Violet Flame for transmutation.

All the living beings upon the planet, including animals and all living creatures, humanity, the elementals and unseen helpers, those who exist in different dimensions and worlds within the world, all of you create a collective consciousness, beautiful in its diversity of color, light and love. Those of you who currently exist in human form are in the process of putting off the limiting thought forms of the departing paradigm. We encourage you to allow your horizons and understanding of Self to expand much, much wider than ever before and still your dreams will not match what is yet to be revealed.

You are truly magnificent in the midst of your turmoil and striving. Humanity’s collective heart is expanding and with that growth, the ability for the light to expand and penetrate into the hearts of the sleeping majority of the world’s population. Yet even the most skeptical of light workers must realize that the sleepers have and are awakening, quickly. With the latest threat of nuclear war, the populaces from countries all over the world realize that they, too, would be in danger and that war is no longer an option to solve problems. Indeed, every system of the old paradigm is now being seen and being revealed as entirely unsuitable for dealing with going forward.

Understand that it is in your very nature, imprinted in your DNA, to be positive, loving beings. For those who do not feel this way, perhaps you need to look within before lashing out at your neighbor. In the words of a great teacher, “Remove the log from your eyes, before you seek to remove the mote from your neighbor’s.”

Breathe, dear ones, and know that you have the power within, the creativity and imagination needed to deal with any problem that currently exists no matter how seemingly insurmountable it might appear now. As each of the wayshowers and leading edge light workers comes online with their light bodies through the ascension process, the way will become easier for each succeeding group; this has been proven through the work and experience of teachers such as Jim Self. For those who follow in your footsteps, because of your individual efforts in coming into alignment with Self, opening your heart, becoming reconnected to your Merkabah, Cube and Unified Field, you will be assisting those who follow close at your heels. And you will marvel at the ease that they undergo the process of Ascension when you might have struggled for years on your own journey. It matters not; there are always scouts and wayshowers who must find the way forward and those who carve out the path behind them. Then the wagon parties of emigrants arrive and create a road and cities of light and gardens and wonders galore. The forests are replanted, the mountains, streams and valleys cleansed of all pollution. It will happen; it is happening. Dream the dream and go forward on your own path; you will be followed. You will be honored for what you do and what you are – the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strong.

Beloved ones, we love you for the light you hold and honor you as you appear to struggle to discover new ways of doing things. You delight in creating puzzles for yourself; know that you will solve this one. Enjoy the process; that is part of the reason you are here, to experience this amazing, challenging and vital transitional period as a darkened world is turned into a beautiful paradise once again.

One more nugget for thought – without the Dark, there would no growth. Complacency and stagnation has brought down more than one civilization. It is in the dark, moist soil that the seed rests until the warmth of the spring sunlight triggers the impulse to grow, to stretch and to become. So it is with this world. Dark and light are indeed a polarity, a mystery and a paradox – one on which to ponder in a quiet moment. Now is the time of return of light to this world, this galaxy and this Universe. It must start small, but the ripples will affect worlds unseen, far beyond the edges of your present awareness. Be like the seed, responding to the light without words or judgment, beliefs or prejudice; just be who you are and you will go far. We have faith in your abilities and the gifts of spirit that you have yet to uncover that lie within each of you.

Namaste. Go in peace, with light and love. You are Love. You are Light. You are the Christed One, each and every one of you.

Thank you, White Cloud and the Light Collective.

Copyright © 2013-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. Recordings and/or videos of this written material are not permitted.  http://www.bluedragonjournal.com/

43 thoughts on “White Cloud & the Light Collective: A Message

  1. Reblogged this on Spirit Train Chronicles and commented:

    This post was pushing at my consciousness for a couple of days as I have observed the outpouring of love, compassion for the ones who were lost during 9-11, as well as all the lives lost in the recent “War against Terrorism” manufactured as it was and is. What has been hidden is now in the process of being revealed and for some, it is a painful process to undergo. Compassion, forgiveness and love for ourselves and each other needs to be foremost in our hearts these days. Much love and blessings, Elizabeth / Tazjima Amariah Kumara

  2. I read the blog of the other channel who also channels White Cloud today. Then I saw yours. I never realized it was the exhaustion I was feeling of just simply being around others to be the light beacon until it was explained here. Thanks again for all that you do. Love and blessings! 🙂

  3. A wonderful message, encouraging and enlightening. As the Mother said, the dark played their role. Let us forgive them and in looking forward create our wonderful new world. Thank you and White Cloud for this message ❤

  4. This was wonderful. It helped to know there is a reason for the exhaustion and feelings of discouragement, and for the trials and tribulations which befell me for so many years. And also to see one loved one in the past as possibly performing his role to awaken me. Thank you for this very inspiring and soothing communication.

  5. Dankeschön !

    May there be PEACE !

    “Peace Pilgrim: An American Sage who Walked Her Talk”

    For my inner PEACE, I currently go into silence and silent mantra chanting.

    Om Narayan Shanti,

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  8. Thank you both! It is true what White Cloud says – I for one find your channellings very comforting after an intense and busy week at work. When I haven’t had time to tune in myself, this is an easy and quick way to get my spiritual ‘fix’ and to raise my frequencies!

    • And hopefully, a step towards empowering yourself in discovering how to maintain your balance in this intense period of change. I’m grateful to be of assistance.


  9. thank you Elizabeth for a soothing message, it reminded me that we are all here just to walk each other home. Simple, pure , letting go of all the drama….
    Bright Blessings!

  10. Thank you Elizabeth, truly wonderfully peaceful.
    I hope it’s ok with you : I am going to reblog it too with all the source link at the galactic post on blogspot. So lovely to underline the unique path of each of us. namaste, 🙂

  11. WOW Elizabeth we are living in the time of great change indeed and we humanity will over come as the darken days unfold into the Light ; as like minded humans link up there over all intents worldwide in the new energies that are amping up as the rest of 2013 unfolds, the company of Heaven is with us . In outer space around planet earth there is now many millions of Star Ships and Mother Ships thousands of miles long , outside of our human sight yet they are there and keeping a tab on what is transforming down on earth. WE now have many Millions of Light workers worldwide amping up there LOVE & LIGHT energies to help Gaia and to help many humans now who are about to wake up, and for the ones who have woken up over the last year and a half . The best is yet to come and when first contact happens there will be around the earth millions of UFO ships landing and hovering in the sky’s for all to see…..WOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE We are the one’s we have been waiting for indeed…

  12. Thank you Elisabeth,a member of my site just put this up today, wow!!! beautiful,I have put the link on the main page of my site for The Federation of Light and White Cloud,together with links to White Cloud’s other chanellers,it looks like there are 3 with a possible 4th one not certain yet,Blossom said he told her he will be speaking through 5,he is also reaching people and guiding them to my site,I have just had another lady join my site today.

    • Thank you and your member for posting this piece. It is curious that prior to “meeting” White Cloud at Joseph, Oregon, I had no notion of him. I was vaguely aware of Blossom’s work, especially the pieces posted on The Golden Age of Gaia, mostly Federation of light channels. Guess going in, I didn’t have any preconceived ideas about his presence. I’m not sure whether or not I am one of the “five” channelers who will be presenting his work in the future; I just started channeling a little over a year ago and have never done a “live” message. Not being very comfortable with public speaking, I’m not even sure that I would enjoy the process! Yet, I’m certainly willing to work with White Cloud if he wants me to be one of his scribes. Right now, I am content to let what ever will unfold naturally. Thanks, again, for your comments and those from your members that I read on the post. At this time, I probably won’t join your forum, not being very fond of them, but I congratulate you on putting a great website together for people to “meet” each other online. Many blessings, Elizabeth

      • Thank you Elisabeth, yes it is best you stay focused and grounded,Blossom doesn’t join sites either,this is why White Cloud contacted me,I talk a lot!!!! lol especially about him and The Federation of light,plus I have 3 admins. that are Angels in human form.
        Leanne only started channeling a few months ago,White Cloud has asked her if she will speak for him (direct voice mediumship) she says she is not ready yet,so it will be when it will be,she came with me to meet Blossom at an event Blossom had here in Australia,White Cloud came through at that event as did The Federation of Light,this is only the second time The Federation of Light have ’spoken’ through Blossom (the first being in Sedona) the energy that came through at Blossom’s event was yet another ‘activation’,we are blessed and as The Federation say as you rise so too do your neighbours:)
        Blessings Kerrie/Zoolithe

        P.S. I asked White Cloud for a sign yesterday that your White Cloud is the same one,a car pulled up with the number plates KER11Y
        I said to my friend look that is my name:) I said hello guys (to upstairs) then a tune came on the car radio from an old TV show we had here in Australia called Skippy the bush Kangaroo,I smiled and thanked White Cloud for my sign as White Cloud had spoken about Skippy at Blossom’s 11:11 gathering,he said Blossom is laughing I have shown an image of a Kangaroo called you call Skippy,that is what you will be doing Skipping! (I also noticed the plates had #11) on them! here is the link to the meditation,it made me smile as I didn’t attend Blossom’s 11:11 event, as I live in another state,I have flown 3 times to visit Blossom and get a few messages from White Cloud, but I felt I needed to be in The Blue Mountains, so I had my own group in a cave there,we were doing one of Blossom’s taped White Cloud meditations, we all felt a breeze and I felt White Cloud’s presence and the first thing he says at Blossom’s 11:11 gathering is can you feel the breeze:) (funny thing is I felt a cool breeze when Jesus came to me too) and when White Cloud spoke to me through Blossom once he showed Blossom an image of Jesus’s heart! it feels as if all our connections are to do with the Christ light (not meaning religion at all)


      • Kerrie,
        Thank you for the link. I’ll look into it. And the sign (which White Cloud is really good at giving — I got a bear!). I had a “conversation” with White Cloud this morning and began to realize that I “know” him already. Not going to divulge that information, however. WC will do so when we’re all ready. He has a very warm, loving presence.

        One thing people need to understand, it is a partnership when you’re channeling a non-corporeal being. His/her energy flows through my body, quite a pleasant sensation, lighting up my heart center (that’s how I know it’s “high” energy). Being a direct voice medium is a bit different, as I would be stepping aside and allowing the being to utilize my vocal cords. And from what I have observed, mannerisms and even appearance change, also. That doesn’t happen with channeling as I do it now. And blogging is quite a bit different than sitting or standing on a stage in front of a hundred people!

        Our guides don’t try to get us to rush fences if we’re not comfortable. Medium-ship can be quite exhausting. And as most of you know, so can just the simple matter of anchoring light. We are given what we are ready for, sometimes before we think we’re ready…

        White Cloud actually hasn’t asked me (yet) whether I will be willing to be a voice medium… well, actually he might have in a roundabout way last weekend during a general discussion I had with my guides. Not willing to go there yet. It took all my courage last year to start up this blog!

        Thank you for the understanding and do continue your work with White Cloud in your own special way. You have a very bubbly nature and it is a pleasure to “feel”.

        Love and hugs, Elizabeth

  13. “No, world peace will not emerge due to her work, but perhaps small changes will emerge through some of the individuals who she touches with the energies we plant within her communiques.”
    I feel that it will emerge due to her work ♥
    And that “limiting thought forms of the departing paradigm” may have us feel that we make small ripples, but we are ‘expanding’ rapidly and immensely are we not? : )

    Thank you ♥

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  17. Thank you for an uplifting and deeply meaningful message for me personally! I found it only yesterday evening but propably it was meant so, as recently I´ve been pondering about my own life path. Anyway your text is a great comfort for me.
    I´ve translated it into Finnish language and posted in my blog. I´ll keep fingers crossed that all those who need to find it, will indeed.

    • Thank you, Heli, for your lovely comment. And thanks so much for translating the message so your people, the Finns, can read it! I had an “uncle” (married to a first cousin of my mother) who was of Finnish descent.

      And thanks to all other readers who translate these messages and supporting this work, from myself and the other authors whose work is published on this blog.

      Much love, Elizabeth

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