White Cloud and me: A Conversation


A Conversation with White Cloud – by Eliza Ayres

A reader notified me that my latest contactee, White Cloud, has acted as a guide for Blossom Goodchild, a well-known Australian channeler, for many years. So, I sat down to have a little chat with this Native American healer, known as White Cloud.

Me: Are you the same White Cloud who is channeled through Blossom?

WC: Yes.

Me: Have we made contact before?

WC: Yes (A man of few words).

At this time, an image springs to mind. Nearly twenty years ago, I dabbled into shamanism. One of my guides was a Native American whom I called, “Wolf”, because we could both shape change into wolves and other animals. He seemed very familiar to me and very powerful. I discontinued shamanism being disenchanted with the people who involved in it (not Native Americans) and the fact that I seemed to be gathering a huge crowd of power animals. Although the red bear was a favorite, there was also a white flying horse, red-tailed hawk, deer, cougar, koala bear, and others. The journeys had been wonderful, but I didn’t feel like it was the way for me to go, at least for the time being.

Apparently “Wolf” was White Cloud. He explains wordlessly that names are not important and “Wolf” was acceptable for where I was at the time. I was a lone wolf, hurt, trying to heal and struggling with insecurity.

WC: That is so. You were in a difficult place, still emerging from long-term trauma. You were not ready to explore the inner worlds, although you were a talented traveler. You are ready now. And your telepathic channels are exceptionally clear and pure for one who is largely self-taught.

Me: Thank you. (Inner laugh) I have very persistent guides and mentors.

WC: You set this up for yourself, knowing that you would need help along the way. It is and has been a difficult journey this lifetime, but one not without its rewards. Am I correct in saying this?

Me: Yes. Although I have spent the last thirteen years largely alone, except for work, I have grown tremendously in ways that I would have been hard-pressed to visualize earlier.

WC: Just so. The way has been prepared. The student is ready for the teacher, although we teach each other in this kind of relationship. You are a powerful being who is in the process of rapidly waking up to your personal power and your connection and role in the ongoing evolution of this planet.

Me: My role, as you put it, is evolving. Right now, I’m focusing on writing and channeling, but of late have begun to bring in the work of others to my website. I feel like I am part of a weaving of a web of lightworkers, working in community, to strengthen and support each other in our often lonely journeys. Perhaps I need to refocus on my own work more and will give it thought.

WC: You have strong intuitive powers and often work without thinking, going against the conditioning of your childhood. In doing so, you are following the flow of spirit emanating from your center. Keep on with your work, personal and communal. The New Earth is all about community and the collective of humanity. Who better to begin community, even thru the Internet, than the wayshowers and light workers such as yourself.

Me: What can we offer each other?

WC: Any person with a pure “voice”, a willingness to work with us, an open mind and strong spirit, serves as a vital anchor point for our work in bringing the higher frequencies to your planet. It takes the ground crew to get the work done. You are, as you have written in a recent message, our hands and feet. Without you, all of you, the work could not be accomplished. It was for this that you came.

He paused a moment. I could feel his dark bright eyes searching my “face”. We were standing on a sunlit hill, above a golden plain. Colorful hills rose in the distance; the land was scarred with the ancient marks of long-disappeared flood waters. He continued:

WC: We have worked together, in the “past”. You have been a healer, too, although that is not your focus in this lifetime.

Me: Yes. I wanted very much to be a healer for a long time… and then I didn’t. It was something that seemed to be known to me already. I knew things that my teachers were telling me. I just knew them. It came almost too easily, so I quit going in that direction. I knew that I needed to focus on my inner journey, but it has taken me hither and yon, into unexpected directions.

WC: You have been remembering and pulling together the threads of many lifetimes spent here on this planet, in many guises. And now, you are strong and ready to do the work for which you have come, along with others like yourself… for it is not just one who will lead the multitude this time, but the many that have come to prepare the way by walking the path themselves, in the spiral dance of return.


Me: Yes. Well put.

WC: You are not intimidated by my presence anymore…

Me: No. I feel that you and I are equals, partners. I am willing to work with you and other ascended masters, and have begun that work already.

A rare smile lit his rugged face, as White Cloud studied me. I could feel him examining my energy field.

WC: You have come far, dear one. You have farther to go upon this road that you have chosen for yourself, but we can now walk together. It is good.

Suddenly tears start in my eyes as his quiet words penetrate my defenses. I have come far, but will go farther, climbing the hills, steps and staircases, but this time not alone. Of course, we are never alone. Our mentors and guides are always with us, but until we accept our own power often they will not show themselves to us. They do not want us to completely rely on them; we need to master our own natures and open up to our own power and gifts that each of us brings here.

Me: Yes, I have come far, but now I feel it is time for me to join up with others in community, not out of fear or need, but because we need to learn to work effectively together for the good of the whole.

WC: That is so, but do not neglect your own journey by looking outside of your own heart. Build your inner connections and work on recreating your world the way you want it to be and you will naturally flow in the direction that will find you working with others.

Me: Thank you for that. I will give this some “no thought” time, “ I said, with a smile, referring to the teachings of the Archangels through Jim Self.

WC: Yes, continue with the work. I’ll be in touch.

Me: Thank you, White Cloud.

WC: My thanks to you, dear one, for bringing forward the new developments happening in the Native American community, a community that you might have more contact with in the future, if you are so moved to do so. There is a natural flow of energy within your spirit that resonates with their teachings and powerful connection with Mother Earth.

Me: Yes, that connection is even reflected in my work as an artist.

WC: Indeed. And now it is time to go. I have enjoyed this conversation together.

At Dawn's Early Light

Me: I have, too. Thank you.

White Cloud smiled, again, and then gradually faded from my inner eye, the sense of his presence lingering with me. It was good.

As I continue with this work of channeling messages, it is apparent that our friends, the ascended masters, galactics, archangels and others, are willing to work with whoever is willing to work with them. They will not interfere with free will. I wasn’t ready for this work years ago, because I was dealing with my own insecurities, fears, etc. It wasn’t until I began to reach a place of feeling good about myself, being willing to forgive myself and others for past experiences, that I could open to this work. It takes someone who is strong, yet flexible, whose spirit will not be overcome by those who visit.

I am not a trance channel, but am quite awake and aware when I work, typing the words out as they flow into my consciousness. And yes, the dialogue that comes through me will have a different sound and character from that which would come through another individual, although that doesn’t nullify the fact that I have had such an experience. And I do not feel a need to defend my work. It will stand or fall on its own merit. Once it leaves me, it is up to the reader to discern if the words or the energy behind the words has any meaning for them.

I do know that I am developing a strength and resilience that I did not think was possible just a couple of years ago. With a growing sense of self-worth, I know that I am proceeding in the direction in which I need to follow, best to display and bring into manifestation my gifts and graces, that which I can offer to the collective for the evolution and ascension of humanity and of our beloved planet.

Go in peace, dear ones, and discover for yourselves what it is that you bring to the world. It is a delight to live in constant amazement of what comes to awareness next. Live in joy, wonder and beauty, for you are Love, and it is for this you have come into the world – to shine your light into the darkness and bring the light of a new dawn breaking on the horizon, a harbinger for change, renewal and transformation.

Much love and light, I am your sister, Eliza.

Copyright © 2013-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.  Recordings and/or videos of this written material are not permitted.  http://www.bluedragonjournal.com/

27 thoughts on “White Cloud and me: A Conversation

  1. Thank you! I enjoyed reading. I am a non trance channeler too, it all comes telepathically as if my partner in this is just sitting in front of me and we would have a normal conversation. I can hear their voices in my heart. And I learned that we receive all different parts of the same things even in the same thing and the same messengers to bring together the big jigsaw. Love and blessings my dear sister in and of the light. ❤

  2. truly beautiful dearest Elizabeth your journey is indeed an inspiration. I look forward to your writings Much love light and blessings

  3. Dearest Elizabeth,
    I am deeply moved by your conversations and relationship with White Cloud. I feel the deep truth of what you both are saying. Please continue!
    With Love,

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  5. Thank you for bringing this through. It resonates on so many levels. I had some intense vibrations-connections while reading the message. 💜Nicole

    • Like I wrote, White Cloud is one intense, although loving being. He is a healer of healers. And obviously working with many people at different levels. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing about your experience and your gifts. I so resonate with the above. I too have been on a long solitary journey until I was ready to share my gifts of healing and channeling. I also feel the yearning to connect with others as a global community, since we all work for the same purpose. We are not alone, I keep meeting new old friends and companions along the way too!

    Much Love to you, I honor your courage and precious gifts.


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  9. Hello, Elizabeth!
    This comment is much longer than those already posted. I apologize.

    Light and Love comprise a great part of the Way to Ascension. This is, if you will, ‘higher concept’ vision to humankind’s better future. Of the 7 billion or so humans on Earth, the people who have the best vision regarding Light and Love may be those “primitive types” in the “undeveloped”, more non-industrialized or less materialistic societies. They’re probably better attuned to Ascension frequencies. Everything operates on frequencies/vibrations. Those of us caught up (entrapped) in the “developed [western] societies” are too embroiled in daily survival to see “the Light” and feel “Love”. We’re too busy to tune in. That’s a broad observation, but it surely seems to be so.

    Now, being unable to attune toward Ascension is precisely the blinding muck that the majority of humankind is mired in . . . all as fiendishly schemed by parasitic, anti-life (in my opinion) beings/monsters running and ruining this material existence. Merely getting enough food and untainted/non-toxic water for only today is a big challenge for a large portion of humankind. Daily.

    Such planet-wide expenditure of energy to merely exist until tomorrow devours time and energy that could otherwise be used for Ascension development; individually, and collectively as a species. This is imposed chaos. Monster-imposed chaos = our (humankind’s) otherwise positive energy getting fed to anti-life monsters — basically, casting our pearls before swine.

    Your writing, here, gently admonishes us to use our energy for positive endeavors. On this we agree 100%. If we don’t positively channel our energy, it goes into feeding negativity. Bad! People veer away from Ascension.

    You propound very noble ideas, expressing them from your own self as well as White Cloud. However, most of humankind is so mired in muck that it can’t see enough to begin grasping such Truth. That shortcoming is a shame. So, Truth is most probably another piece of the Way in addition to Light and Love. People –not all, but some– open their eyes when encountering Truth about root causes why humankind is mostly mired in the muck of merely eeking out an existence, as opposed to thriving and advancing. Most aspire to the heights of Ascension and to thrive and advance, even if they have no name for this feeling, this sense urges them toward ‘higher, greater purposes’.

    The matter therefore becomes: “What is blocking Truth?” People ought to encounter more Truth to foster Ascension growth. Truth is a considerable element of Light. The blockage must be vanquished. Correct? Then Ascension and Love will ensue. Right? At the very least there will be better conditions for Love, Light and Ascension. For now, parasitic, anti-life forces are doing their damnedest to block Truth, Light and Love. (Pardon my realism. I’m a realist based on facts. Facts = Truth)

    Here is where you and I may not see eye-to-eye. Personally, I don’t believe that these evil, monstrous, anti-life beings can be loved into alignment with us sentient lifeforms striving for Ascension. Evil seems to observably have physical form and spiritual (demonic) essence. This conclusion is tangible based on ‘the works’ of these ‘monsters’. They surely seem to be beyond salvation/Ascension. They can’t/won’t or refuse to go/ascend with us, and they block us from going or getting there (i.e., Ascension) by way of Light and Love. They won’t yield their obstructionism. Thus, they must be eliminated or somehow bypassed altogether.

    Perhaps you’ve attained higher development on the Way to Ascension. Consequently, you may have profound knowledge about loving such wicked beings into becoming adherents to Light and Love and, eventually, Ascension even for them. For example, in the Holy Bible, Saul of Tarsus morphs into Paul, an after-Jesus Christ apostle, who helps save many souls. But, allegedly, that was divine intervention. The anti-life monsters blocking humankind’s Ascension (individually and collectively) are here to con, capture, steal and eternally enslave souls/spirits — our Ascension-bound essence. How does humankind ‘Love’ such evil thieves of Free Will into joining and becoming as we are?

    Are they inclined to become an individual soul and forfeit the power or whatever accrued ‘reward’ they get for reaping souls from humankind?

    I pose that question. Why? I don’t see the “Love” and “Light” positive answer regarding evil.

    Evil, anti-life monsters seem to have to perish on both the material and spiritual planes if the majority –Majority– of humankind on Earth is to ascend. If evil ones do not perish, they will escalate efforts to block the majority of humankind’s Ascension. They’ve been escalating. It’s an exponential intensification of wickedness to block humankind. Worse, evil has been succeeding.

    The alternative is that only a few ‘awakened ones’ ascend while the majority of humankind is lost and left behind. I don’t believe that is/was the purpose of the missions of ‘Light workers’ and ‘Way showers’, present and past, here on Earth. Such good, sentient life (workers and showers) have had their eyes on the Big Picture to help as much of humankind as possible toward Ascension. Do you agree?

    Do you see a reconciliation and/or resolution for facilitating Ascension that excludes destroying monstrous beings that are anti-life forces? If you see such a way, what is it?

    Thanks in advance. Overall, I like the very positive vibe of your writing/article/report. I’ve never posted any comment on such a blog/webpage. In fact, I can count on 1 hand the total visits I’ve made to such websites. I know humankind isn’t the only sentient species. But I don’t necessarily buy the talk of ‘Zetas, Pleiadians, Dracons/Dragonians, Arcturians’, Galactic Space Council, etc., etc. I also don’t necessarily believe in “channeling”, consciously/awake and/or subconsciously, and “messages from lords”. Sorry.

    I’m writing this to you because you say in your writing that you’ve taken the [self development] path without very formal, regimented ‘teachers’ or ‘guides’. You’ve blazed your own trail and forged your own way; even being a ‘loner’ for the past 13 years. Well, me too! On that basis, I relate. But I’ve had zero guides and/or channelers of whom I’m consciously aware. My subconscious (dream-state or spirit self) and consciousness (Earth-bound personality) are fairly well attuned to each other. We communicate! So, my best guess is that if I’d experienced any “outside intervention”, I’d most probably know about it.

    Two factors:
    1) I probably have what most people call a “dynamic personality”. I could be locking myself out of encounters with other entities such as your encounters with WC, red bear, red-tailed hawk, koala, etc. My ‘shell’ may be too hard by my own make-up.

    2) There is what (for lack of a more accurate name/phrase) a circuit of “cosmic intelligence” or Supreme Creator positive energy. We all have the ability to attune to it. You already do it. You said at times you “just know” the Truth. How? You got it from the Cosmic Intelligence circuit. It is a universal language, as is Pure Love. You (or anyone) can tune into it like a radio station. I mention this because it is the reason I don’t see “channeling” as necessary to “just know” Profound Knowledge. Actually, attuning to our Supreme Creator is farther along the Way of Ascension than having (the crutch of) a “guide” or “channeler” — IMHO.

    Having written all that I have said here, I concur more with your Way than I do with mine. Why? Because you’re directly appealing on the higher level of Light & Love. I do, too, but indirectly. I’m what I regard as a Truth teller. We both are ‘Light workers’. However, I see too little of humankind ready to take the giant step to Light & Love when they’re embitteringly besieged by tyrannically Draconian living conditions imposed by parasitic monsters. People seek Truth. They want answers to, “Why is life so tough/difficult/impossible/unpleasant?” Sometimes, their question is: “Why does life suck?” (pardon me) When they encounter and assimilate some Truth into their personal belief systems, they are ready for you and the Way of Light & Love. But most people first have to elevate their awareness to prepare to accept your way.

    Best wishes to you to succeed in your Light-worker, Way-shower mission. Being a ‘loner’ can and does work OK. But smart networking is not a bad concept. I’m a loner. Because folks call me “teacher”, I guess I have students, not collaborators or networked colleagues. You’re already networking by being on this webpage and several others. May your Light-worker efforts have far-reaching positive effects.

    • That’s where magic and alchemy come in. By raising our vibrations into the 5D, we can open the way for others. Neutrality, compassion and joy.

      Mind you, I have my moments of being a total grump like anyone, but a lot less than I used to.

      Thanks for the lengthy comment. Interesting points. I would have to read it at some length to answer all your questions. Point one – you are asking questions. That means you are looking. It’s a start.

      Self is where you start; everything else is drama.

      Another thing — EVERYTHING emanates from Creator — Evil and good. I’m an intuitive communicator. My channelings come from aspects of my greater being. You channel, too, in your own way; we all do.

      Take care and Love, Elizabeth

    • Hope this helps
      Words of wisdom from White Cloud through Blossom

      In your world there are many lost souls. Automatically, when you are watching
      your electrical box, you see a picture of a particular violent incident and you
      condemn. If you learn to give Love to these souls who have created the violence,
      then that is the way to rid your world of the terrors that lie within it. When you see
      a murderer, or a very darkened soul that has abused children perhaps, ones
      automatic thought is to say ‘I’d kill him if I found him, lock him up’…. Do you
      not see that all negative thoughts are being sent to him on mass? As some of you
      may be aware, a thought when it is concentrated upon, is an energy, which
      becomes a reality. If you want your world to be one that is a paradise in your head
      and your dreams, do not think of ridding your environment of these souls. Can you
      imagine what the effect would be if all on mass, that were watching in their homes,
      sent that darkened soul Love? Surely that would be the better option of the two.



  10. I agree. Love is the only answer. Love is all there is. Where love is absent it is because there is fear. And the only way to remove the fear is to continually show love. That is it. Not always easy, but as simple concept nonetheless.

    Show love.
    Be love.
    As often and as much as you can.

    Be well
    Blessings and much love to you

  11. Dear Elizabeth,
    I had to come back here and read White Cloud’s message to you again. It has been a very challenging couple of years and knowing what you have been through and what White Cloud said to you has helped me immensely. Thank you xxx

    • It’s a curious thing, since receiving this couple of messages, nothing else has come through. It was like a stair step for me, enabling me to clear a life as a Native American. I do not feel any more attachment to the energy of White Cloud. On the other hand, young Chief Joseph IS one of my guides. Yes, it has been a challenging few years… actually most of my life, but I’m feeling better about myself than ever before. Much love to you… Eliza

  12. Thank you for your inspiring words. I also am on this journey and struggled with self confidence. Still am to a degree. Again thank you. White Eagle is my guide and I feel very close to bear
    Love Bev

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