White Cloud: Opening to Spirit


White Cloud: Opening to Spirit with Personal Thoughts from Eliza

In the year 2013, I experienced an interesting encounter with the spirits or souls of departed Wallowa Band Nez Perce or Niimupu (The People) as expressed in their own language. As I had been camping several days in the beloved land of Wallowa, it wasn’t entirely unexpected, but not consciously looked for. When I got out of my car, after being tickled by a sudden inward nudge, I climbed up the side of the humped grassy moraine, thinking that I would take some photos of the mountains. Chief Joseph Mountain loomed up just to the south, Mt. Howard to the southeast, and Mt. Ruth to the southwest. The tilted flatlands of the Wallowa Valley extended to the west, north, and east. Beyond were the golden prairie of the Zumwalt and the deeply carved canyons of the Imnaha and Snake River drainages. It was a bold land, a powerful land and one that has attracted strong people over the ages. One of the larger bands of the great Nez Perce people, the Non-Treaty Wallowa Band, once claimed this land as their own until forced by the U.S. government to give it up in the late 19th century.

Slowly, very slowly, the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce Nation are reestablishing a presence in the valley and the region, by buying Joseph Canyon, a deep rugged canyon that once served as a corridor to travel to and from summer camp in the Wallowa Valley to the winter camps in the warmer sheltered canyons on the Grand Ronde, Imnaha and Snake Rivers. The Nez Perce are also actively forging relationships with the communities of the Wallowa area, as well as with the visitors who are drawn to the beauty of the area. They are in the process of developing a Wallowa Band Nez Perce Trail Interpretative Center Site, where they intend to hold annual gatherings, teach visitors about the Nez Perce War and the flight of the Wallowa Band, as well as develop a community for their own far-flung peoples, the local communities and visitors.

Now, why would I mention this? Well, this is happening in what I could call, my neighborhood, the extended area of the Blue Mountains and related communities. It is also a manifestation of the cycle of return. The people, disenfranchised by a distant and disinterested government, stripped of their homeland and ultimately driven through river, mountain, canyon, and plains to be stripped unceremoniously of their freedom, belongings and even lives, are now regrouping, coming together and growing something for the future of their tribe and the rest of us. It is a positive outreaching that the Nez Perce are accomplishing in the Wallowa area. It has meaning for all of us. An entire people can overcome the trauma of the past and heal, and in doing so, help all of us to rediscover our personal power to be individuals and live together in beauty and harmony.

So, I topped the hill and looked out over the trees that line one of the numerous irrigation ditches in the area. The brown and red slopes of the imposing Chief Joseph Mountain rose above, etched against the blue summer skies, with the forested bench and lower slopes easing towards the lateral moraines that line the shore of Wallowa Lake. As I dropped down the hill, now beginning to realize that the area of the site, Iwetemlaykin, was far larger than I had previously thought. I also felt a rising sense of grief wash over me. It was not my own, but the lingering effect of the history of the place.


Arriving at the bottom of the slope, I stepped onto a flatter area and immediately sensed a presence that seemed to be looking through my eyes. It was male, strong, dignified, compassionate, quiet but at the same time, grieving for what was now gone. I understood this presence to be one of the Niimupu and part of the Wallowa Band who were driven from this place. One must understand the power of place and the intense love that the people had (and have) for this place, a love that I was beginning to touch within myself. In the words of Young Chief Joseph, “I buried him (Old Chief Joseph) in that valley of the winding water. I love that land more than all the rest of the world.”

Together, we walked along the gravel path that edged a tiny grouping of trees. The sense of sharing space with another being was very strong. I could also “see” him; tall, dark-skinned, strong angular bony face, dark eyes, black hair, but felt more of his presence with me. We talked. I asked for a name and received, “White Cloud.” I accepted this but also sensed he did not wish to reveal what was no longer important to him, his true name.

Without thinking, I made a call to Archangel Michael to free any wandering spirits lingering in the place due to past trauma. As I climbed back up another portion of the moraine, I felt a release of some of the sense of grief and a feeling of gratitude and thanks filled me. As I reached the crest of the hill, I saw a movement to the west of where I stood and realized that it was a bear. Surprised, I prepared my camera in the hope of capturing a shot or two of my find.

It was a young black bear, gleaming reddish-brown in the sunlight. The sighting, coming so close upon my prayer, was to me, at any rate, a sign from the spirits of the place. The bear, especially reddish ones, are one of my power animals, a being of healing power and quiet strength. I knew that I was being thanked for being there and for making prayer on behalf of the people who once called this place sacred. And no, I never felt any fear for my safety. I seldom do when in nature.

I left that place filled with my own longing; to return again.

The next morning, I woke to feel my heart center burning. It is a sign to me that a presence wishes to speak with me. Being in that space of betwixt and between, when we walk in two worlds, the land of dreams and what passes for our present-day reality, I am particularly sensitive to receiving messages, not necessarily in language, but downloads of light frequencies, as well as feelings and sensations,  rushing through my body. Often, my body feels very, very hot, like the Kundalini fires are rushing through my meridians and power centers. So it was this morning. I had visitors. Plural. Five visitors. And now, here is their message delivered to me in a non-verbal fashion, through their “spokesperson”, White Cloud:

(Remember; always use your own discernment when reading any channeled message.)

A Message from White Cloud, via Eliza

I AM White Cloud. I come in peace for all humanity. I have walked upon the land in human form, as a man who was a chief of a proud people, one of many who served the people and protected the land upon which we lived. Now, I walk the path of Spirit and act as a guide to many who are open to being taught and receiving instruction from the realms of light. We serve the many; we teach the few who in turn will teach the many to see as we see and feel as we feel. We do not control, coerce or cajole, for we have been the unwilling recipients of these energies extending from others who lived in fear and hated the sight of a free and proud people. Instead, we embrace the path of peace and the way of community, growing relationships between individuals, the people and the lands in which they live.


We are a collective of spirit, who has lived lives most recently as those called Native Americans, the indigenous people living on the lands now called North America. We stood in the way of the westward flow of immigrants, who, in fleeing sore circumstances in their own native lands, now sought to find new ones. Some of these new people were willing to live with us in peace, ranching the land, raising cattle and horses. Others sought greedily to seize the wealth of the land for themselves. They wanted to tear the earth open, seeking gold, silver, and jewels for instant wealth. Others wished to plow the grasslands and sow crops. We tried to tell them that the soils were poor and only supported the wild grasses; that there were long periods of drought and short hot summers, but our words were ignored.

We were in the way of “progress”. The settlers wanted the land and our cattle and horses for their own. Being “Indians” we were considered by many who thought shallowly that we were subhuman; we did not deserve to thrive in these beautiful lands. And so, the government that had promised us these lands “for eternity” allowed the settlers to move us from them. And we were chased headlong through canyon, mountain and plain with an entire army after us.

Men, women, children, old ones, horses, and cattle died along the trail of tears, marked by the debris of a once proud people. We were followed by the weary, angry and confused soldiers who also died, from heat, cold, exposure and hardship and the occasional skirmish when our forces met each other. In the end, we stood defeated, but although we were scattered to the four winds, our people won the battle; we won the hearts of the people who now saw us as a symbol for what was the core desire of every American, the opportunity to live peacefully in freedom.

Today your world stands on the brink of great change and opportunity. The winds of change are tearing apart the veils of illusion that supported the foundation of the “modern” world. Its institutions are toppling and being exposed as bastions of deceit and corruption. The few have controlled the many and still the masses in some places like these United States are mind-controlled, locked into fear, corrupted by social conditioning into believing that they need to listen to someone outside of themselves for direction. Again, we stand in the way, but this time we have no bodies to destroy, no lands to seize. We are truly free from fear and while we would love to walk upon our beloved hills, we have chosen to remain in the land of spirit so we might serve those who are in human bodies now.

The headlines of the media sources are filled with fear-mongering stories designed to keep people from acting out of their best interest. It is desired by your so-called leaders to keep the people unsettled and open to be abused by authority. We have experienced such treatment. One can only oppose this kind of behavior and thinking by being strong and flexible; not by fighting, but by coming into one’s individual power. This way of being seems contradictory to all the fears being projected in your direction. It is natural to want to fight or flee; it is part of the hard-wiring that exists in herd animals for their survival, but you are not a herd animal – you are a human being, a soul temporarily housed in a physical vehicle. You have free will and with that will, intent and focus, you can create new opportunities and expand your world far beyond the boundaries in which your leaders and their controllers attempt to bind you.


Fear is a product of the linear mind. Fear was first used to keep you physically safe. In times of danger, you will feel a knot or tightness in your belly (abdomen); this is how your body communicates to you that you need to do something to avoid looming danger. However, this bodily function has been turned against you and used to control you from wanting to venture forth and to escape the unseen bonds. So now you must set aside the linear mind and discover the place where no thought exists, within your heart center. There, without words, you will discover how to recreate and direct your attention and focus, to become as quiet as a still mountain lake; to reflect into your waking consciousness the wisdom of your higher self.

It is one thing to think yourself as being an individual with free will; it is another to actually be free, free of fear, free of feeling obligated to take on other people’s energies, free to live as you want, free to be in command of your desires. Freedom does not mean that you have a right to seize from another person anything that you want, but that is how your leaders act. It is not the way of the spiritual person to do such things. A person who is control of one’s base desires will intuitively know how not to interfere, how to work cooperatively, how to dwell in peace even with those who are uncomfortable around their presence.

A man who is at peace with himself is seen as a threat to some for they jealously wish for that peace themselves but do not feel that they deserve it. The sense of self-hatred, fear, and loathing looms large for these unsettled beings and so they seize the belongings of others, thinking that by having more they will be protected from the chaos that is just around the corner. Destruction always comes to these people, in one form or another, because it is self-created, but they do not understand. They blame their circumstances and difficulties always on others, often on those who appear weaker than themselves. In doing so, they expose their own weakness. We see this attitude being played out today at the national level, as the United States imperialism plays out against the rest of the world and is increasingly being isolated by its war-mongering and attempts to intimidate and control other states. It worked in the past, but people are changing. The time for empires is over; the time for cooperation between peoples is now, here, for the sake of future generations and the healing of our Mother Earth.

Stand tall, dear ones, and reach for the light. Discover the connections that you have with the earth, with your own heart, and with each other. Live in peace, prosper and be creative. You have the gifts of the spirit within, like dormant seeds. Find a way to allow the seeds to spring forth, in the bright sunlight, to feed and guide your way to new opportunities to live in beauty, power, and grace.

Each of you is worthy and loved by the Great Spirit who is the Creator of us all. We stand with you, as guides and mentors. We have stood there you stand now, but the cycle and energies are now supporting growth and change, even as the old world which destroyed our dreams of peace is now falling apart. Step aside from the toppling behemoths of illusory power and control; step free of those who would control you or kill you to keep you from connecting with the power that dwells within. It is your time to take advantage of the rising tide of energetic frequencies that support spiritual growth, for the individual and for communities as a whole.

You are a being of free will; now it is time for you to make a decision. Do you wish to continue to dwell in fear, self-denial, and self-hatred or are you willing to break free to the other side of the curtain and see yourself revealed as a radiant being of light, capable of living in peace and harmony within a physical vehicle, on a physical planet? We hope it is the latter, but it is your choice.

In spirit now, we walk through the hills and plains of our old homeland, but we can be anywhere at the speed of thought. So can you, if you can discover the ease and love of spirit that lives within each of you.

Go and walk in freedom’s light. We will be there, waiting, when you emerge on the other side in the lighted worlds.

I AM White Cloud and I speak in the name of my brothers and sisters of light and love throughout the world.


White Cloud, I am honored to bring forth your message.

Dear lady, we are grateful that you were willing to receive it. Many thanks. Go in peace.

Copyright © 2013-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.  Recordings and/or videos of this written material are not permitted.  http://www.bluedragonjournal.com/

24 thoughts on “White Cloud: Opening to Spirit

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    • Thank you, dear Laura. I can tell you that on this last trip, I was more than once in tears as I felt the love for this beautiful land take root in my heart. While I cannot live there now, I can visit. Thankfully! Love, Elizabeth.

    • That’s interesting. I haven’t read much of Blossom’s work except the more recent posted on Golden Age of Gaia. Didn’t know about White Cloud until the other day when he “dropped” in for a visit. And I’m not sure if I have read any of Leanne’s work, but I’ll look for it. Thanks.

      Well, curious. I have connections with AA Michael, Mary and the Arcturians, too, although I haven’t channeled anything from them as yet. I’ve worked with Michael for over 20 years. He’s gotten me through some tough times. And Mother Mary has “visited” me on occasion. I work with the Arcturian healing masters nearly on a nightly basis. So, we all work together in one way or another, not just through channeling.

      Yes, I’m blessed to work with these beings, but they do need boots on the ground as Bill Ballard puts it to get the work done here. Just doing my little part.

      Thanks for the comment and info. Love, Elizabeth

      • Elizabeth,Leanne’s channel’s are on my site:)
        The Arcturians guided me to The Blue Mountains here in Australia on the winter solstice of 2010,then I dreamt I was to go to Blackheath also on the Blue Mountains,someone joined my site and told me she was a member of David K Millar’s group of 40 and that the Australian branch anchored in the Etheric Arcturian crystal at that spot I went to under the guidance of The Arcturians through channel David K Millar.
        I met some people in Blackheath a little while later who invited me to go to a sacred fire,the house had no number but when I arrived there it had a sign ‘White Cloud’s house’.
        White Cloud contacted me in 2008 as I said when The Federation of Light postponed their light show,Blossom asked White Cloud for a sign that The Federation of Light were of light and he showed her an image of a rose,she said ok if I see a rose in 3 days I will know,I got White Cloud’s message and sent Blossom roses, a feather and a card with Walk boldly as the light and the love all is as it should be,she got them in the time she said!
        I had no idea about what she had said to White Cloud,I had only read Blossom’s books,I didn’t know her back then,so much has been happening Elizabeth,he has contacted another lady on my site recently in Wales,a few others have found my site by him coming to them,his daughter from a past life has joined my site,he helped her though a very difficult time.
        Mother Mary has made her presence know to me over the years in a dream and in meditation,she guides me now a lot,I have been told I am Arcturian a few times and that resonates with me,Jesus healed me Christmas eve 2006,AAMichael made his presence known to me in 2007, I have spoken to Commander Ashtar once in 2010,in 2011 just after 11/11 as I was doing White Cloud’s 11/11 meditation through Blossom and I saw a being from inner earth,I heard the name Claudadama I think it was,I was unsure and lovingly he told me to relax dear one, so I continued in my meditative state,he was lovely same as Ashtar,I said to Ashtar did I get your name right? I don’t follow you! he lovingly said it is others perceptions of me you don’t follow,I am a dog groomer and I have little knowledge of all this,yet I seem to understand what is asked of me,I feel at home with my guidance,I love my guides dearly,I love White Cloud as if he is family,I have sent your link to Blossom:) xxx

      • Thanks, Kerrie. In synchronicity, I live in the foothills of the Blue Mountains of Washington State. It was in the Blues (of which the Wallowas are a sub-range) that I “met” White Cloud.

        However humble your present job may be, you are anchoring the light here. Love, Elizabeth

  2. Love the synchronicity Elizabeth, I wonder if you live on the 33 parallel?
    A few years ago I had a vision of a lady with long black hair wearing a yellow rose and I heard the song the yellow rose of Texas,it was just as I was drifting off to sleep,I saw blue light and sensed AAMichael’s presence,I also felt White Cloud’s presence a few days later Jill a Reiki Master from Texas emailed me,White Cloud had contacted her and she had found my site,she said for 3 weeks he kept interrupting her classes, even her cell phone kept bringing up the opera house in Australia when turned off! she finally was able to tune in and get a message to me als she saw light going from Texas to Australia,she joined my site and looked into extraterrestrials,she was watching ancient aliens and she discovered that she lives on the sacred 33 parallel,she said guess what Kerrie The Blue Mountains in Australia is also on that parallel.
    I have recently moved 4 hrs away from The Blue Mountains to the coast,I found out it is on the 33 parallel also,there is a spring water that flows into the ocean here, the locals drink it,I was talking to a young man at the water and he told me it comes all the way from The Blue Mountains! This young man told me about his encounter with Jesus:) I am meeting so many people here awaking to their starseed awareness and wanting to know what is going on,there are a lot of sightings here.Peter a Melchizadeck Priest used to live here,he joined my site and I asked him if he knew about the sacred 33 parallel,he said yes very much so,he showed me a photo of him holding a crystal shaped like the 3 sisters ( mountains in The Blue Mountains) he was given this crystal in Mt Shasta he knew where it had to go,he took it to Leura in The Blue Mountains (The place I first went to with my crystals on the winter solstice of 2010)
    Love Kerrie/Zoolithe

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