Eliza: Ascension Starts With You


Eliza:  Ascension Starts With You

Lately, I was reminded yet again that each of us needs to do the work to attain ascension – again. Yes, all of you reading these words, all of us who live on the planet have ascended before. It may be news to some of you, but it’s in your face now for a reason. You’ve done this before, individually, more than once on other worlds; else you wouldn’t be here as a student in this very intense Schoolhouse Earth project. As a collective, WE are working towards a mass ascension, but each one of us needs to take responsibility for gaining self-mastery and raising up our own frequency levels.

By doing so, raising up your own frequency levels, you raise up the frequency levels of the collective, a little bit, step by step. But no one person can do it all by themselves. No savior is going to step out of the mists and yell, “You’re all saved; now, go and have a blissful life!” No shipload of galactic cousins is going to step out of their ship and say, “Well, hey… do I have a great ascension pod for you! Come on in and we’ll get you hooked up right away!” Doing that kind of thing, interfering with another being’s process of mastership is an excellent way to bring down your own vibrations and to create a karmic debt. No balanced being from a higher dimensional plane is going to do that for you, for in doing so they are interfering with your individual free will and your own creative abilities. It is for you to master your own thoughts and emotions, to determine where and what you wish to focus your intent upon, not someone from outside of your self. Each one of us needs to figure out the best path to take in order to come into mastery. And do realize that ascension is an ongoing process; it never ends… Never. Ever. Ends.

From ascension as a planetary being, you will go on to serve in other capacities, even by dropping your Masterhood temporarily by descending into a lower vibrational field and going through the steps all over again; which is exactly what we are all doing right now. Why are we doing this? Why are we not playing in the fields of Elysium instead of working 8 to 4, dealing with personal finances, driving a car, paying taxes, working through our “stuff” and a lot times, everyone else’s stuff…? Well, you volunteered to come here, didn’t you? You may have forgotten, but as you manage to raise your own vibratory levels and come into your own, you begin to remember, “Oh, yeah… I remember. Something about signing on the dotted line…” Then the pregnant pause, “But, you know, I didn’t really read the entire contract very well.”

Newsflash, folks: You DID read the contract. You did know what you were getting into by coming here, by forgetting about the 99% rest of YOU that exists as Light Body out there. And now is the time to own up to the fact that you are responsible for going forward or you can decide to forget the whole thing and just slide to base along with the rest of the multitudes.

You came here partially because you were bored with the higher dimensions. It isn’t very boring here, is it? Something is always happening, even if you only “feel” the energies. I can tell you honestly, I started realizing just how connected we all are on the day after Princess Diana died. Or on 9/11. I was overwhelmed with the grief that most everyone (except those who planned those events) felt for the great loss of these people, friends, family, co-workers and an admired celebrity figure who was turning her life around in spectacular fashion. These sacrifices, done out of love, woke many of us up, opened our heart centers and got us thinking from a heart level: “What can I do to change the world?”

What can you do? Raise up your frequency level. Focus on being in your heart, not your egoic mind. Clear out the closets of all the secrets and crap that you have ever dealt with, in this lifetime and all others. Transmute the darkness within, shine a light on all that is hidden… within.


Yes, waking up is hard to do. Many of you feel that you need to go into the world and save others from themselves. Reminder – to do so is to bring your frequency level down and to incur more karmic ties that bind you to the lower frequency levels – you do not need to save another, you are your own savior.

Yes, you will go through the classic stages of grief as originally delineated by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: denial, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Denial begins with denying your own power, by continuing to look outside of yourself for a guru, a master, a galactic being to save you. Denial occurs also when you refuse to look within to discover what gifts and mastery already exist within YOU.

Bargaining – You might chose to strike out at others out there who are preventing you from ascending, who are in the process of destroying the planet, who are out to “get” you. You might feel a need to defend yourself, to fight, to follow someone else’s ideas or methods on how to go about ascension, to blame others for what is happening outside of your own energy field. Meanwhile the weeds are growing metaphorically in your own backyard.

I’m not sure that the Kubler-Ross depiction entirely suits what I’m trying to express here, but there are certainly periods of depression or at least a need to withdraw from the world while choosing to go about ascension. And as the waves of energy, CMEs, cosmic rays and what-have-you crash upon the shoreline of our beings, we feel another layer of darkness, of old dirt and miscreation lift up and move through our energy fields. The dark enters your field because that is a BIG part of what you are doing here; transmuting the negative energies into neutral… not positive, but finding balance. It is in balance you raise your frequency levels. Not by being totally light or totally something other than YOU.

Acceptance – Level by level you begin to accept new knowledge about who and what you are. I feel that we are slowly being fed information from our guides and mentors, through the channels and wayshowers, as we can handle it. Too much too soon and we will shut down with a big dose of denial, “Oh, that’s SOOOO not me! Won’t goooo there, no sireee!” And yet, given a little to settle down, we do begin to accept that some new bit of information about ourselves just might be true. For example, did many of you accept that you might be a light-worker some twenty years ago? Had you ever heard of a starseed until maybe two or three years ago? When did the term, “Indigo” start showing up? When were we told that we were all really light beings? Bit by digestible bit, we’re being led, through our inner Teacher, our own Christ Self and I AM Presence, to discover our way through and up the ladder of ascension.

And as we rise up in frequency, we take on more energy clearing – the work does not end. Bliss arrives, but it is necessary to learn to hold the higher frequency level, because we can fall, and fall hard if we seek to “save” any other person from themselves. Mastery is self-mastery and it happens one individual at a time. As one individual comes into mastery, he/she attracts others who are nearing that point and by acknowledging that they can do the same, that they can also ascend, they are set free of self-doubt, self-judgment, self-hatred… freed of the need to go out and save the world. It is in being your own savior that you are “saving” the world. Your frequency levels do affect everyone and everything around you, but don’t expect it to always be a “nice” effect.

Your light will bring out whatever needs to be flushed out of hiding. Hence you see the outplaying of this exposure of the underlying darkness of the dying paradigm. Our modern world has been based on a foundation of lies and deceit. It is now being exposed for what it truly is – an illusion built upon fear and control of the many by a few self-created “power elite”. However, you do not need to “go out” and “fight” those power elite, their institutions or their peregrinations; you need to focus on your own inner development as YOU are the only one here.

The process of ascension is filled with paradox. Most of what you will experience cannot be expressed fully in words (Just a note here: This is why creativity is SO important – music, poetry, art, dance – can express some of what gets missed in prose). The higher frequency levels are levels where words do not exist; there is no need for them there as there is no need to curb or control or direct through thought forms. As we use words here, within the limitations of language, what emerges is simply an attempt to communicate on a lower level, to reach people who have not yet or are hesitant to delve into their own inner being, perhaps out of a fear of what they might discover there.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was approached by another woman to lead a class on channeling. I said no; I’m not a teacher and have no intention to lead people through a process that I personally feel that each of us approaching ascension need to explore on one’s own. Just a personal opinion and perhaps there is a little self-judgment there, also, in not feeling that I am “good” enough to teach channeling. Nevertheless, I feel my decision was right for me as I am currently concentrating on my own journey. I hope by example I can stimulate the desire within others to do the same. I started writing and then the channeling happened. I was given encouragement to channel by a friend and the rest “happened” because I chose to allow it to do so. I gave myself permission to anchor another little bit of the light of my greater Being into my physical vehicle.

Ascension doesn’t just happen to you – you make it happen, by being curious, open-minded, willing to step out of your comfort zone, willing to come into acceptance of whatever comes your way and to take responsibility for it as your own creation and an opportunity to grow and experience. That’s what we came here for, experience. If we had been fully content with our existence in the higher planes of non-physicality, you betcha we would all still be there (actually most of us is STILL there, the part that we anchoring here now by bringing heaven to earth). We are naturally curious beings, eager to take on new challenges, new worlds, new assignments and new creations. And now we are fully embarked on one of the greatest happenings in an entire Universe – bringing back a darkened world into the Unified Field of Creation, back into the Love of the Creator. We can do it for we are Love. Be all you can be, here and now; experience the Love that you are. And then you really will be in bliss… and still able to enjoy the pleasures of physical existence on a beautiful planet.

We can all be guides, mentors, cheerleaders and occasionally healers (really, energy-realigners) for each other, but each of us needs to do the “work” of ascension. And the work consists of being playful, being open to change, being open to self-discovery, anchoring the light and growing into the beauty and power and love that you already are in the light worlds. You are in the process of anchoring that Light Body into your physical vehicle, but don’t expect the whole thing to fit. You are REALLY BIG! So, go forth, my brothers and sisters, in joy, with the delight of children, the unconditional love of animals, angels and ascended masters and be all that you can be for you are becoming more than you can presently imagine.

With much love and affection for all of you, I AM Eliza. Namaste: I bow to the Divinity within all of you.

Copyright © 2012-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.  Recordings and/or videos of this written material are not permitted.  http://www.bluedragonjournal.com/

17 thoughts on “Eliza: Ascension Starts With You

  1. I clap my hands for your excellent article, Elizabeth! Well said and with lots of wisdom. Thank you for sharing this wonderful insights with us. Love and blessings to you my dear sister in the light. ❤

  2. Thank you Elizabeth,
    Your words open me up to the possibilities that we all have .
    I understand your opening up to your purpose in channeling the other side of you. The place we both freely express our feeling without words. You have enlarged your spirit to incorporate mine here on the earth and I love you for it. Bill’s words were so down to earth yet so expansive also. No new age bypass of just letting stuff go pass us as say a TV, channel. No we have a chance right now, to choose for our selves, a higher frequency. That in it’s self is monumental.

  3. Thanks Elizabeth for sharing this! I have also been enjoying many of your reblogs of others that I have used your website as the go-to site first. Love and blessings. xo

  4. Actually I’ve met those beings several times now. No, they didn’t offer to save me, but have helped. Just meeting them is enough. That’s all I need to know they’re really there.

    The point is that you want your students to learn by experience. If the teacher always does it for the student, the student will always ask the teacher to do it, and will never learn to do it themselves. Well, presumably… 😉 Sometimes, a leg up is just what we need to spread our wings… And that help is always appreciated!

  5. Dear Elizabeth! PLEASE keep on writing and sharing words like those you just did! I AM in awe by reading them and I so share all of it in my heart. I could not express it better than you just did and how Bill did in his video. Straight to the point, shaking a core up! This is needed as the playdate and kindergarden is over; time for the real work is here and it start with ourselves! Saint Germain is been telling this too in the channelings for a while and it might sound “hars” but is truth! Thank you for that! I Love you! wonderful !!! blogged on pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com

    • Thanks, Meline! Sometimes I wonder if the words are too harsh, but then it feels like the Ruby Ray is working through me. It’s plain-spoken, to the point, almost to the point of uncomfortability since the light is pushing out the darkness. Now is not the time to hide the old secrets within, but to release them FOREVER! During this current dispensation, we have an opportunity to GROW and EXPAND like never before as a COLLECTIVE. It’s very exciting, unnerving and full of potential. Thanks for your support and encouragement!

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