The Angels: The choice to live in Joy is yours

Morning Light on Strawberry Lake

The Angels: The Choice to Live in Joy is Yours

via Eliza Ayres

Note to Readers: When I sat down I wasn’t sure if anything would emerge; I never am. However, I do have faith in the enduring relationship and closeness of the angels to me and to all of us during these times of intense change. The angels are a part of our greater Being and are available to anyone who takes the time to ask and go within for an answer. It will come.

As another aside, this blog is now officially one year of age. I want to thank all my readers, new and old, for your support. We are a growing community of light and love, spreading our influence throughout the planet. I hope I have added to it through my humble efforts here. Many blessings to each of you.

The Angels:

We are the angelic legions of the Divine Mother. We come forth today on this beautiful summer day in the northern latitudes (at least in Washington State!) to offer heart to heart communication to our sisters and brothers on the ground.

Dearest ones, we see that many of you are troubled, as ancient miscreated thoughts and emotions continue to up well into your consciousness. You may ask yourself, “Haven’t I cleared this already?” Know that this is a continuation of the clearing that the entire collective of humanity is currently experiencing and not for you alone. What you become conscious of and release, are one less item to be released by those who come behind you. Simply stated, there is more than one layer on an onion; you are simply removing another one as you confront these sometimes strangely intense feelings that do not correspond to anything currently happening in your daily life. Sometimes there will be a slight correlation behind what is going on in daily life and the emotion / thought, but often there will not be one. This fact, should you become aware of it, will assist to clue you into the possibility that you are not the originator of the thought / emotion, but that it has chosen to be released to the Light through you.

Do not feel that you are being punished by being ‘forced’ to go through this process; it is part of what many of you came here to do. This is particularly true of the older light workers, many now into their mature years, which have undergone decades of clearing old traumas and deep cleansing of karmic and genetic lines. These old seasoned light warriors are tired now, exhausted from their labors and look to the younger light workers to shoulder the work, made somewhat easier by their efforts.

Keep in mind that every bit of light work that you can manage to accomplish allows the ascension of all humanity to come ever closer. Those working through the heavier energies just a few years ago, now find it easier to maintain a detached equanimity of being, although surrounded by the densest of third-dimensional frequencies and behavior.

Visualize yourself as an island of light in a sea of darkness. Your lightness of heart will attract the dark so it might be neutralized and balanced. Each being who manages to discover the peace within strengthens the hold of the light upon this world and allows the Christic grid surrounding the planet to become ever brighter.

When surveying the news carried on mass media, do you allow yourself to fall into a flunk of despair and fear or are you able to view the content with an air of detachment and compassion? It is your choice. If you have truly entered the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension and have touched the fifth and higher within your meditations and spiritual exercises, you now have the ability to make choices as to what you will accept into your world. You can choose to detach from the mayhem that still exists as the rigidly dualistic systems of the old world continue to deteriorate or you can choose to engage the new energies by developing new ways of being. Follow the directions given by your heart, through the feelings emanating from your high heart center. Know that you contain everything you need to complete your journey within your own being once you have made that connection through the heart with your greater Self.

Nothing that we say today is new. We merely wish to continue to encourage and give you the knowledge that you are doing well, that there is still much work to be done and that the ascension of humanity is ongoing. It will not be accomplished overnight. There is a rhythm and flow to the work of reawakening to consciousness; it will vary from individual to individual. Do not feel forsaken if those whom you love do not presently appear to be interested in what you do. Most of you who read these words are pioneers and are stepping beyond the self-imposed boundaries of the Matrix in which most of humanity has been caught up in for the last several centuries. It takes explorers and pioneers, those who are willing to take a risk in not conforming to the conditioning of their parents and mentors, to step beyond into the wilderness of the unknown.

The vast unknown that is currently being conquered or won over through peaceful means is the vast layer of the astral plane surrounding your planet. It has grown to tremendous size through the miscreations of generations and is now being dismantled by the efforts of the light workers so that the physical manifestation of the Golden Age may come into being upon the surface of this beloved planet.

The balancing factor in this battle or engagement, if we may use military terms, is the unknown quantity of each of you, the gifts and graces with which you have been endowed through many lifetimes spent here and in other worlds and dimensions. With the full blossoming of these gifts and inner knowledge will come many wonders and many changes in the way people are able to live and work upon this planet.

In the past, some of the knowledge of how to use energy, especially the use of crystals, genetic engineering and other kinds of knowledge have been put to selfish and dangerous uses. The light beings that over light this world chose to remove access to much of this knowledge until now as some humans are reaching spiritual maturity and can be trusted to use this knowledge for the good of the whole in the future. And there will be a future, but before it can come to being, the past with its dark memories and fears of the fall of Atlantis and other civilizations, must be brought into the light of the new day, and released from the great unconscious of humanity.

The Fall did not happen as has been depicted through the Bible and mythology. It occurred gradually over a great period of time and its opposite, the Ascension and rising up of humanity will also occur gradually for the collective. Thus follow the grand cycles of the Universe, in their vast sweep of ‘time’ far beyond the ken of most individuals. However, those who are in touch with their own multidimensionality can ‘see’ into these cycles and know that change will come. And for those who choose to make it their mission to change themselves and to open to the fullness of their being, that spiritual maturity, the ascension into the higher frequencies of peace, love and light of the fifth and higher dimensions will be anchored into their daily life. Change will come without effort and peace will prevail in these hearts and minds. They will be free to choose what will manifest into their lives; free to live in peace and joy, in communion with the earth and sky, with the elementals and with the greater portion of life that exists in an unmanifested state of beingness.

What manner of life do you wish to choose for yourself, dear ones? Do you wish to linger in fear, distrust and constant struggle, or do you wish to step out of the miasma of the dying third dimension and live in the higher frequencies that allow choice and freedom from fear? It is your choice. And it is your responsibility to learn to accept yourself, to love yourself, to surrender your fears to the light, to accept and allow others their own choice, and to see that you do create whatever is in your world. If you do not like what you see, look again. In every ‘problem’ that crops up within your life, there is a solution. Understand, too, that you are not your ‘problem’. You are greater than you appear; the coming times will bring the fullness of your inner being more to your outer awareness as you are compelled through circumstance to deal with issues that arise within and without, affecting your daily life.

What has been hidden in the unconscious of humanity is coming up now for clearing. As the third dimension has been removed, humanity no longer has the option of putting those things, thoughts and desires that they do not wish to deal with into the unconscious. All the thoughts ever created but unmanifested will now come into your life. Choose to face these thoughts and their consequences by clearing your space or deal with the problems and struggles that arise; it is your responsibility, your choice, your mission and your joy to deal with this, for it is part of the why you all came here to live in these extraordinarily demanding times. You are light warriors. Have faith that you have what it takes to make the right choices for yourself. Be love in action. Be who you really are, deep inside, a gold mine of wisdom, compassion, beauty and strength.

Love has no boundaries. You also have no boundaries. Strive to discover what is within and what you can bring out into the light of your daily life, through living a life filled with wonder, joy and possibilities.

We rejoice in the knowledge that you are becoming more aware each day that the new world is already here. It is just waiting for you to acknowledge that you, indeed, deserve to be a part of it, now. We wait patiently as each of you takes a tentative step towards freeing yourself of the Matrix, which no longer has any power over you. Know that we are here to assist you and to bring comfort when needed; call upon us in your need. We are ever present, on the edge of your awareness, standing with you on the edge of a brand new day.

Thank you, beloved Angels.

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26 thoughts on “The Angels: The choice to live in Joy is yours

  1. Happy Birthday 🙂
    Thank you for yet another profound message. Earlier today (would have been the middle of the night for you) I was thinking of you, and wondering about a new message !
    I raise my cup of Bubbles to you, to your dedicated Light work.
    With much Love, and many hugs.

    • This message was personal to me. I went to the mountains feeling much grief, anger and rebellion. I came back stripped clean and eager to move on. Back to nature, back to being natural in the moment, placing one foot in front of the other, smelling the clean mountain air, listening to birdsong and falling water echoing below, looking upon the wonders of the Mother’s hand in beautiful flowers and grasses lighting up the mountainside. Ah, yes. Thanks, Brianna!

      • Blessed moment.
        Reading this, I can FEEL the purity of the place.
        All my Love to you. Have an amazing day. The sun just set here, in glorious colors. I do miss being in nature very very much.
        Right now the friends I could visit are … how can I put it… Emanating chaos energy.:)))))))) So, city 🙂
        Something will come up.
        Bubbles your way !

      • Love and light dear Sister ❤ thank you for the beautiful message! I hear the word Tula or something similar today, and then my mind went to you for some reason… just thought i'd mention it 🙂

      • Laura – I looked up the definition of Tula and Tulia, which appear to be variants of Tallulah (Choctaw!) meaning “leaping waters” or “strength”. Tulia is from Spanish. Interesting that you would pick up on this. I was recently in an area of “leaping waters” or waterfalls and I have some lifetimes as a Native American, although I am mostly aware of the male ones at this time. I am quite at home in the wilds and often hike alone. Much love, Elizabeth

      • Ah !! very interesting indeed ! I have been feeling very very close to the Native Americans for about 20 years or so.. and in particular again in the past week !! wow! very amazing indeed ❤ ❤ ❤
        Love you "leaping waters" 🙂 xoxo

  2. I find I do not walk in fear anymore, but my heart continues to be saddened by the deaths of so many of Mother’s innocent creatures, recently ‘millions’ of BEES from pesticides….just makes me ill….sick inside, what humanity is doing to kill & destroy Mother’s perfect & precious jewels ! From polluted water, from trees to BEES……I Love the BEES ! …I shout out to the Angels & All that is sacred & holy that Mother’s beloved creatures need help & protection !….interesting enough I don’t feel as concerned about human loss from wars in other countries….silly men fighting & killing over their silly beliefs….so much strength & energy being wasted as the ground below them, & the sky above them fills with sterility that will soon destroy their means of survival….how important will their minds & egos be then ? Such is the work of the ‘Wheel-master’ (I am told)….plundering & exploiting for wealth & ego greed over the grace of Mother-Earth ! We must believe we are Magic, because it sure is going take a lot of it to help heal all these wounds ! Please send the grandest of Prayers & Blessings to the BEES today…..will you ?
    & on a brighter note……Congratulations on your 1st Anniversary of Blogging !!! & don’t for 1 minute believe that you are not making a difference….as these are the most important beliefs that need to grow & expand….’You are making a Grand Difference”……Blessings Dear Elizabeth !……..Bev~

    • Thanks, Bev. Personally, I don’t use pesticides in my garden and grow herbs for the bees. They seem very happy. The garden is always humming with life. Love, Elizabeth

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