The Angels: Are you Open to Change?

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The Angels:  Are You Open to Change?

via Eliza Ayres

The rumbles of change, internal and external are currently reverberating across the face of the planet. Are you open to change happening in your life?

We are the angelic legions of the Divine Mother and speak as a collective. We are One with the Mother / Father God, one with Creator. We are one with you, also.

We come to you today to speak of the necessity of letting go of expectation and even of disappointment. Things have a way of working out when you least expect it, if you are willing to forgo the need to control the world outside yourself.

You have been told that the Universe loves you. It loves you so much that those things you place your attention upon will visit you, sometimes repeatedly, until you realize that, yes, you are the creator of your own world. It is how you choose to apply your attention that determines what you will experience.

Science is discovering that each person is a focus of intention and attention. The observer will always affect the outcome of an experiment. The observer is both the observed and the act of observing. It is a loop of intention, attention and playing out of experience.

As a being with free will, it is your responsibility, then, to determine what you wish to experience in life.

Not many people are ready or willing to accept such a responsibility, but those who are intent on attaining ascension in this lifetime or the next, must make this intention in order to master their creations.

The tools needed to attain ascension are simple. The application and daily usage of these tools takes determination, focus and a willingness to release judgment, of self and others. It also takes a willingness to live in joy and wonder, even while the world around you implodes with violence and chaos.


The events of the past week have challenged the emotional bodies of many. Some are seeking security through outer measures, whether by moving from the affected areas, simplifying their lives, living closer to the earth, buying guns and supplies. We do not recommend any choice over another. It is up to each individual to follow the guidance of their inner being and heart center. We will caution you, however; if you are determined to react in fear, fearful events may come upon you.

It is very important to review the simple tools of meditation, grounding, centering, going to the higher mind, uniting with the soul in the heart center and so on. Learn how to use these tools and methods and then live them.

Whatever choices you make now will determine what you are to experience in the remainder of the intense period of transition as the various timelines or “worlds” begin to separate out.

When we say “worlds” we mean an expression of frequency. Each individual will find their level as a result of their intention and attention, in accordance with the raising up of their frequency levels or the lowering of them due to reacting through fear. And even though you may not be personally affected by lower frequencies, you will observe them as you are not going anywhere.

Life is happening here on planet Earth. You can choose to step out of the drama currently being played out or to remain in it. You can choose to live in hell or to be one of those who are bringing heaven to earth.

Before 12/21/12, many lightworkers were seeking to be brought magically into a new world without effort on their part. Where is the mastery in this? You are all masters, every one of you who now walks upon the face of the planet. It is up to you to determine in what manner you wish to demonstrate that mastery and at what pace.

We do not seek to judge whatever an individual chooses as their experience. Each soul has placed its soul extensions here, during these extraordinary times, as a means of learning more about itself. The learning curve is very steep and intense, but meeting the challenge of the times will be extremely rewarding in terms of self-knowledge and wisdom.

Understand that you will not be magically translated physically to another world. Neither will you experience those other planes of existence spiritually unless you work on connecting through the inner planes and even then you will continue to observe the events of the world around you. How you choose to react or not to those events is how your mastery is tested. This kind of mastery cannot be accomplished by one who will not let go of the prevailing mores of society and the constructs of fear and control of the departing paradigm. In short, if you choose to act as victim or abuser, scenarios related to these roles will continue to play out in your life. Be the observer and let go of judgment. Be love and you will see love reflected in the faces of those who surround you. Allow others to play in their own creations if they choose not to play in yours.

Change must come from within the individual before it is reflected in the outer world. If you wish to see change in your world, be that change, from inside. Learn to work with the soul, with the archangels, the animal and mineral kingdoms from the inside; join with your monad. Do the individual work and return to the state of living master of your own world. Since you are the observer, the observed and the act of observing, change will be reflected in your daily activities.

Although you may be willing to accept change into your life, understand that many individuals are not. They have and will continue to choose to play in the wake of the departing paradigm, even as it crashes to the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to release judgment and to forgive yourself for any lapses that you might experience, as well, as the waves of emotional and mental turmoil roil through the atmosphere.


As you develop your inner senses you will find yourself both more sensitive to the existence of thought-forms and how they can impact your behavior and emotions. You can choose to detach from self-judgment and judgment of others as you are momentarily overtaken by the surprise wave of emotion as a thought or old memory enters your mind.

Realize that these old memories and thoughts are coming up for release. Choose to detach and let them flow through you, disconnecting from the energy of the emotion attached to the thought. Much of what you experience in this subtle fashion is not “yours” but belongs to those who have chosen to run your life for you before you chose the path of self-mastery, whether they be your erst-while controllers or those whom you have loved, parents, children, friends, work associates and neighbors.

Understand dear ones that humanity is in the process of reopening into a unified field of consciousness. You are a collective, yet each individual will experience today and in the days to come different things depending on where their attention is placed. Each member of humanity, as cells of the collective body of humanity, will experience their own scenario and yet be influenced by what goes on in the life of others. As an individual and as a collective, the miscreations of humanity are being cleared; just how difficult that clearing may be, is up to the choices made by each member of the collective.

As wayshowers and leaders of humanity, chosen to guide the lost and sleeping masses into a new age, into a higher frequency and manner of living, it is up to you to choose, or not, to attain your own self-mastery so your manner of being will shine out as an example to the ones who live and work around you. Each of you has the opportunity to be a shining light, perhaps living quietly at first, but as your mastery increases perhaps becoming that teacher or guide who is just the one needed to bring calm and loving change into the world of those they love.

If you are unsure that you have the needed wisdom and knowledge to obtain mastery, know now that what you need is within. Discover a way to connect with your soul and monad and you will have access to all that you require to re-member what you chose to forget upon coming here. The veils of forgetfulness are being lifted for each person. Just how fast you are able to assimilate the “new” knowledge and knowingness will be dependent on your willingness to detach from the expectations of others and from your own self-judgment.

Cross that Bridge when you come to it...

Learn to like yourself. Learn to love yourself for your life and experience starts from the center of your being, from the heart, and flows out into the world that you see around you. That world is a reflection of your consciousness and will undergo transformation even as you are willing to accept the mastery you left behind in the higher worlds.

Understand that you cannot force change onto another for that is a violation of free will. Each individual has their own speed as to how they will allow change to affect their lives, but change is inevitable as the sun rising and setting. It will come, whether in the form of revolution or evolution. It is your choice. Your response to this change, whether to react or act or simply be, will determine the course of your life in the years to come.

There is an old expression in parts of your world, “He had a change of heart…” that is used to explain sudden turn-a-rounds in the actions of an individual reflected through the choice to open his /her heart to those who are around them. It is not so much as a change of heart but the fact that the individual somehow connected with the wisdom of the heart and so changed the manner of his / her reaction or not to the world around them. You can experience change, the change you want to experience, by choosing to connect with your heart, the avenue for connecting with the higher worlds.

By connecting with your heart center, you can be the change you want to see and experience in your world. It must start from the center and move out as a wave into the world. Be a part of that wave of love that is engulfing the world, driving out the darkness and shining light upon long hidden secrets, both dark and terrible and light and loving. You are love and you are loved, whatever you choose to do.

You have been taught to look outside of yourself for salvation, whether through another individual, your church, the government, your family or spouse, a business associate or others. In these energies, however, it is necessary to turn away from seeking outside to seeking within. When you make the connection you will know. Fear will dissipate and reveal itself as an illusion spun out of a desire to control and dominate. You will know what to do as you learn to tune into your inner guidance and wisdom.

One who walked among you as a Teacher once said, “Seek the Kingdom of God within.” The kingdom of which this one spoke is your connection with your soul and monad through your own heart center. In coming to center, you are returning Home, no matter what circumstances are reflected in your outer life.

Go with our blessings, beloveds, for you are loved by us and by your Mother / Father God. If you need assistance or guidance, call upon us and we will be there. We are one with you in the eternal Now.

Thank you, beloved Angels of the Divine Mother.

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21 thoughts on “The Angels: Are you Open to Change?

  1. Awesome 😀 Thank you my guides for guiding me here (no pun intended ;)) also thank you to Tazjima and The Angels. It is truly a blessing to be at a place now in my energy, heart that I can truly not only comprehend what is said, but have the energy that is given translated by my heart to be of use immediately. What a blessing it is to be here!

  2. Reblogged this on clearskies, bluewater and commented:
    Dear Readers, In light of what I have been thinking about and experiencing lately, I would like to share this message with you, from Blue Dragon journal. It is a channeled message, and contains much wisdom and clear advice for all of us on the path of love and evolution. I will be back again soon with some thoughts of my own. Blessings and love, Leigh

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