Eliza: Coming to Still Point

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Eliza: Coming to Still Point

The moon is waxing and the equinox is swiftly approaching, Spring for the northern hemisphere and autumn for the southern. The equinox is always a time of change and with the completion of the first tri-semester after the Great Shift, even more so.

Are you in neutral yet? Have you arrived at still point and can view the world from a peaceful place? Not many of us are, myself included, but I am working on it. I am in the process of becoming aware.

Are you feeling a bit bipolar these days, not in terms of feeling mentally ill, but a little unstable in your moods? Are you going from happy to sad to angry to frustrated and back to calm and happy, all in a matter of minutes? Do you feel like, at times, that you are losing your “mind”, that you cannot remember simple words and phrases or even what you ate for last night’s dinner? Well, you’re not alone. Many people are feeling somewhat displaced from the world that they thought they knew so well, which is swiftly proving to be unreliable and at times, unconscionable.

Perhaps you are becoming more uncomfortable with ways of doing things and thinking about things that you have always identified as being “you” in the past. Perhaps you are beginning to understand that your childhood conditioning and that as a young adult, no longer suit. Perhaps you are beginning to realize that you do not know yourself very well. You are beginning to realize that for most of your life, you have been unconscious of being unconscious.

The third dimension is going away; more than one source has told us this, but what does it mean? What does it mean for the man or woman on the street? It means freedom for one thing. And with the advent of freedom into our lives, we begin to understand that we have never been free while living within the thought structures of the third dimension. Choice does not reign there. Reactive thinking and emotion does.

To awake to the notion that you have never been free in your entire life or at least when you have been unconsciously reacting to the judgments and rigid structures that make up the matrix of the third dimension, is a disturbing thing for most people, especially those of us who are lightworkers. Many of the lightworker community are still dealing with releasing the ties of the third dimension. It takes a willingness to look at ourselves, how we react to other people, how we judge ourselves in contrast to others, how we look to others for advice and direction, how we have relied upon those values that were taught to us by our parents, our teachers, our religious and community leaders. Much more than a willingness to look at ourselves, there is a need to take responsibility for each thought, each emotion, each reaction that we experience, and to realize that in unconsciously reacting to the world around us, we have been and continue to give our power away to others and to the now crumbling matrix of the third dimension.

What can we do to move beyond this reactionary mode of behavior? We can learn to observe ourselves from a neutral point of view, one that is removed from the hustle and bustle of the third dimensional world, a place that is within, that is protected, that is quiet and is completely free of judgment. We can learn to go within our mind, into the area of the pineal gland that is a connection point for the soul within the body, as well as the secret chamber of the Heart.

The secret chamber of the Heart, as it has been called by esoteric teachings, is simply the place where the Christ within resides. This is the Christ energy of your higher self that is a portion of your multidimensional self, most of which resides outside your physical body. The Christ is part of your awareness that is aligned with sixth dimensional and higher thought. In combination with your Divine mind and sacred Heart, you can attune with universal wisdom and begin to flow with the rhythm of the Universe. With these two parts of yourself in balance, you will arrive at a point of neutrality, a zero point, where the emotions and thought forms of others can no longer move you from balance and equanimity.

By no means will you be turning away from Life by learning to become more neutral in your responses. Instead, life will be able to offer you so much more. You will be living in the moment, in the divine Present, rather than being constantly fearful of the past and projecting the past into your future, as most people do in the third dimension.

By living in the present, you will be able to take whatever and whoever comes into your life with equanimity, grace and ease. You will have freed yourself of the matrix of expectation and disappointment. You will be living in the moment, with peace and free from worry and concern. No thing or any person will be perceived as a threat to your person. You will begin to perceive that you are interconnected to all other persons, and as such it will be seen as impossibility to see another person as being scary or strange, for they are only another part of your being yet unexplored. Your natural sense of curiosity will be engaged and the stranger before you will no longer be threatening. Your peace will radiate out from your calm center and peace will be instilled within all those who are around you.

By living in a neutral calm manner and radiating a gentle sense of peace and serenity, you may find other people reacting strangely to you. Rather than being calm and centered in return, they may lash out in anger, even outrage when they see that you are no longer reacting to those things which cause fear to arise in their own emotional bodies. Your calm and peaceful demeanor will be deemed as a threat simply because it is a different reaction than what the other person or persons have been conditioned to believe is reasonable. They have been conditioned to believe that anyone who is different is dangerous. This is one of the main limiting factors of third-dimensional thought and one that has led to much despair, destruction and disease.

Instead of responding to the anger or outrage in a like manner, you have a choice. You have stepped out of the third dimension and into the fourth and are now swiftly moving towards the fifth dimension in your vibrational field, but you can just as swiftly fall back into the third dimension by reacting. You can choose now, to react or not, and by not reacting as expected and maintaining your neutrality, you will remain in the higher vibrational levels and not descend back from whence you have come. It is simply a matter of retraining your mind and learning to trust the wisdom that emanates from your heart space. It is simply a matter of learning to “like” yourself and to open to the love within so it may flow forth, to bless you and others, in its beautiful warmth and compassionate acceptance of all life.

With the disappearance of the third dimension, we need to learn to live from a point of view that is more accepting of others, that allows other people their experiences without judgment. It is not our place to rule others, but to rule ourselves from our own hearts and to do it without judgment. There is still much to release, mostly self-judgment, but also judgment of events and experiences that are the current outplaying of the lingering effects of the third-dimensional vibration and structures. Those structures are now crumbling. The resulting revelations of conspiracy, corruption and criminal activities by corporate, political, religious, medical, educational leaders have left people with a sense of overwhelm and anger.

There is a natural resentment that comes with the realization that you trusted where trust was not deserved, in your judgment, all the while forgetting that you may have also suspended your own inner intuitive knowledge of just such a thing in order to “fit in” to the mindset of your friends, family and loved ones. This judgment of what is out “there” is in truth a self-judgment that you would be so stupid to be taken in or treated unjustly. As all that you see is a part of self, this judgment is…well, needs to be let go. The old biblical saying, “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” is so true. In judging your external world, you are still judging self because it is a part of Self, your multi-dimensional self experiencing itself in a physical environment. Everything out there is a part of you and is completely neutral until your thoughts assign it as “bad” or “good” depending on your point of view and how you have been conditioned to react, as well as the emotion you assign to the thought form.

Most people do not realize that thought forms are quite real and do not dissipate once forgotten. Thought forms create and enhance the environment. Heavy thought forms, those of anger, judgment and despair, drag down one’s feeling especially if you are a sensitive being, as many lightworkers are. Lighter thought forms, those of love, hope and trust, are uplifting to those who encounter them. The thought forms created through acts of violence, destruction and suffering can linger on in places where battles or wars have been fought. I encountered some of these places on my brief travels to Britain in the early 1980’s. The limiting thought forms of the third dimension that exist in areas will have to be transmuted by those who can move up their own personal vibrational levels to the point where they can direct healing energies to release and transmute the lower vibrational levels, and to finally break up the heavy matrixes built up through the ages. This is the work of some of the lightworkers currently residing on the planet. They have come here to realign the energies, physical and subtle energies of the planet that have been brought out of alignment due to the miscreations of humans.

Now it might seem that I am judging the experiences that brought on the heavy thought forms. I am not, merely pointing out that thought has substance although thoughts cannot be seen or felt by most people. True sensitives can feel where an area is saturated by heavy thought forms, making it difficult for them to live in depressed areas or in large cities surrounded with the thoughts of others pressing in on them. I have chosen myself to live in a smaller town, but I also work at a prison, which is naturally a place which can hold profoundly negative thought forms, coming both from staff and offenders. It has been a testing ground for my ability to hold myself in neutrality. I have not always succeeded, but am taking steps to gain awareness and gather new tools in order to be able to move through this challenging environment with grace and sureness.

Daily we are all undergoing challenges. Remembering that we came here to learn from the challenges and to lend our support, of our light and love, to those more entrenched in the matrix of the third dimensional vibration, will assist in giving each of us the needed desire and will to continue with our mission. Although it feels like some of us forgot to read the fine print on the contract prior to embodiment, we did choose to be here. And we were chosen out of many for the spaces were limited. And now is our time to act and to be.

Each of us needs to step out of the third dimensional vibrational matrix where one has no choice but to react and into the fourth dimensional vibration where one is free to make choices. We have the opportunity now to choose just how far we want to go on the path of return. We have the choice whether or not to continue on our journey of exploration. We have the choice to open up to all that we are and to be an example to those whose eyes have not opened up to the reality that choice has now become available to all. First we must be willing to step beyond reacting to events and people around us, including those on a world-wide level, as well as events and people in our daily life, those who surround us at home, at work and in the community. We can now make a choice to continue to judge ourselves and others or to move beyond those limitations and embrace experience as it comes to our door and into our world through media and disembodied thoughts and emotions. And if we continue to judge ourselves and others, we must realize that it is our responsibility to accept the consequences as well.

Things don’t just “happen” to you, they materialize in your world when you continue to place your intention and attention on things that give you discomfort and bring up fears. Through the inconvertible Law of Attraction, what you place your attention on, “bad” or “good”, is what you get in your world. You are given more of what you focus on and nothing of what you want if your emotions and thoughts continue to be drawn to negative events and judgments. Until you learn to let go of judgment and to focus on those things that you want to come into your life, in a completely neutral fashion, you will continue to be faced with seeming obstacles, which are simply learning opportunities in reality.

Granted that many of the events playing out in the world seem brutal, confusing and chaotic, but this is a natural period of transition from one world to another. Transition is change and change is upsetting too many. Resistance is high in some regions that have highly stratified styles of living, whether in a democratic country, a monarchy or a dictatorship. Societies with class systems based on competition, an imbalance in power and security, as well as a sense of entitlement by some at the cost of the many… the wealthy and powerful citizens of these societies are currently feeling as if they are under siege. They are resisting any movement towards the freedom to choose for they feel that their edge over others will disappear if freedom comes to all and they are right. It will.

With the removal of the underlying constructs of the third dimension, the ability of a few to rule the many through limited and extremely rigid structures is waning and will be lost in this transition as people discover they now have choice. As the people embrace their new-found ability to choose the direction in which they will go they will most likely not choose to remain within the deteriorating and inadequate structures of the old world. The ones who have in in power, a tiny minority of individuals, realize and have for some time that it is the natural inclination of humans, despite all that they have been taught and conditioned to believe, to cooperate, to work together, to seek to bring abundance to all. Still there is resistance to change and fighting back and forth as new ideas and ways of being struggle to be accepted. The immediate result is chaos. The end result will be a promising future for young generations, for those who have been oppressed (women, children, the elderly, minorities) and for the planet, itself.

In realizing that each step you take in bringing yourself into neutral mode can affect the world around you can be a highly motivating force. You are truly powerful spiritual beings experiencing a human life in a physical body. It is a challenging life, but an opportunity to grow in self-awareness, to see how you can adapt to a heavier environment where change is not instantaneous, but comes nevertheless sometimes in unexpected ways. Being able to come from a neutral point of view, one that is balanced and lovingly without judgment, will aid you in overcoming any challenges you might face in the coming days of transition. And your calm presence and light can lend strength and determination to others within your life so they might, also, be able to choose a new way of being in the world.

My thoughts and love go out to all my sisters and brothers who are with me, far and wide, upon this journey together. These are amazing times in which to be alive. Let us cherish ourselves and each other as we make each day have meaning and opportunity for us to tap into our native wisdom and abilities, our gifts and graces that each one of us has brought here. We are learning to accept ourselves, to love ourselves and it is not an overnight process, so be kind to you and yours. Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back for coming so far. There is further to go, but it can be done one day at a time, by living in the present. The past no longer exists; the future is yet to be. We can choose to live now and be who we are meant to be, in the fullness of our beauty and grace, as spiritual beings fully anchored in a physical body.

Go in peace, as little children filled delight and excitement, with wide open eyes to explore the world within and without. It is all a reflection of the greater you, the star being that you truly are.

Eliza Ayres

Copyright © 2013-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. http://www.bluedragonjournal.com/

15 thoughts on “Eliza: Coming to Still Point

  1. Thank you! I’m not sure we can comlpetely overcome instincts but I also don’t think it serves to self-judge when we do react to something. And sometimes having a good ole tantrum can serve many purposes. Some strive for total balance and that’s somewhat worrisome too because after all we’re human. We’re here to think and feel and enjoy.

  2. A thought just occurred to me. While I have titled this piece “Still Point”, I could have also titled it, “The Observer.” To observe self and others, without judgment, is to allow. While you are passing through your life, you can learn to be unaffected by the emotions and thoughts of others. That isn’t saying that you will not experience emotion or thoughts. You are here to experience everything, to savor and enjoy life in all its fullness, not to be a stale piece of cheese in a cupboard. To be unaffected by emotions and thoughts of others means you have the choice of what you are going to do and how. You are no longer giving your power away to others, but truly being who you are and were always meant to be, a fully spiritual being anchored and functioning in a physical body, in a physical environment. Hope this helps! Elizabeth

    • Thank you so so much for these beautiful words which so resonate with me right now on this part of my journey. For a few days prior to reading this I was shown the roads ‘zero point’ but I was not fully understanding the meaning and asked for clarification. Your message fully explains and validates the meaning for me. To reach a neutral place, a still point, to become an observer. To detach from my thoughts and the emotions which have increased ten-fold in the last few days is so liberating. It is only at this point that peace can enter and I am really free. I am very grateful to have been led to your site. Lorna xx

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