Council of Nine: A Celebration of Life

Black Lake

The Council of Nine – A Celebration of Life –

 via Eliza Ayres

We are the Council of Nine and we come to you today to welcome you to a celebration of life. Life and its vibrant energies surround you at all moments of your life. How do you respond to its presence? Do you turn away and deny the life that flows through your own body or do you embrace it? We encourage you to let go of your resistance and allow your awareness to expand.

Do you see the birds flying through the trees, singing their spring mating songs, rejoicing in the increased warmth of the sunshine? Do you feel the late winter wind gentling with the warm moisture of oncoming spring? Of course, if there is a blizzard outside your house you will not be responding to the wind but hiding from it, shivering and perhaps feeling confused. Is spring just around the corner? Or if you live in the southern latitudes, fall is knocking at your doors and the birds are migrating to warmer climes. Are you willing to stay put or will you follow them on their journey, at least in your thoughts?

It is not hard to see that your world is changing. Just observe the changes in the weather patterns. What was predictable no longer “fits”. The same can be said of how you were first conditioned and trained to deal with the “world” around you, by your parents, your extended family, teachers, political and religious leaders. Do you fit that world any more or have you grown beyond its narrow borders? Do you despair of leaving friends and family behind as you continue to grow beyond the garden’s walls and out into the world around you? Do you know yourself anymore?

Are you afraid of what you are feeling these days? Are the pat answers that your mother or father or teacher gave you as a child no longer applicable, no longer serve to console you or to at least put to bed your desire to step into the unknown and uncontrolled? What and who are you becoming? What are you releasing?

These questions and others that may be popping up in your minds during this period of intense transition are perhaps unsettling, but necessary. The old bonds of control, conditioning, and judgment are in the process of being broken down, within your own bodies and awareness and in the world around you. Everywhere you are asked to be witness to the breakdown of institutions, where what was held to be immutable and unchangeable, even incorruptible, is now found to be lacking in substance and reliability. All is in a state of flux and a process of being revealed, a process where the layers of hidden lies and untruths that were the foundation of your world construct are now being ripped away and exposed.

It is kind of like witnessing the fact that the house your father built is standing on a bed of quicksand. It is a breathtaking moment of discovery that all you once identified with or resisted is now being obliterated through a process of intense change. And you may find that you are quite willing to step away and begin afresh, slowly learning to let go of the control of time and stepping into the moment, into the ever present Now.

You can choose to resist the change that is occurring, but it will overtake you and pass you by if you do so. Or you can flow with the wave and ride the surf, landing on a whole new beach, a whole new frequency level that will find you discovering and remembering the truth of your greater multidimensionality, your beauty, power and wisdom. And most of all, you are beginning to remember that you are Love and are connected to the great web of Life that surrounds you in the world, both the invisible and the visible, as represented by the forms you see, the bodies of your fellow humans, the animals, the plants and the physical earth.

Many are the challenges to old mindsets that you have inherited from your parents and through your upbringing as a child. Many of the wayshowers have been struggling to release from these constrictive patterns for years, letting go of layer after layer of construct, only to discover yet another layer, like a nightmare layer cake or endless onion. More recently, though, you have perhaps discovered that it is becoming easier to work through and release what comes up for transmutation. The increasingly strong cosmic energies emanating through your world is supporting your process, allowing you to move through the release process with more ease and sureness.

You may be rediscovering and utilizing basic spiritual tools that allow for you to ground, center and expand your inner vision of what your world consists of, both within and without. You are perhaps slowly coming to the realization of just how much your intention and attention affect how events in your daily world happen. Your emotions and thoughts are powerful. It is time to recognize that simple but profound fact. You do indeed create what is in your world and the period in which it takes to bring a thought into manifestation is swiftly decreasing. You can choose to struggle with this realization or to embrace it and come into acceptance of the powerful being that you truly are.

In balance to learning to live with an increased awareness of your true power, you also must need to learn to trust your heart, to listen within to your rhythm, to your particular soul note and symphony that your soul has written for you to perform during this lifetime. What is your purpose in being here? Not everyone is a Mozart or a great artist or actor, a writer or successful businessman or great military leader. Not everyone can be president, but everyone can gift the world with their presence, the full presence and beauty of their particular soul.

As the constructs of the third dimension continue to disintegrate and collapse, the chaos spreads, but beneath the chaos there is a new pattern emerging. Nature is made up of patterns based on sacred geometry. All life emerges from thoughts, through waves and motion. The patterns that are emerging through the storm of change are already there, pre-existing as the fifth dimension and higher frequencies that already interpenetrate your world. They have always been there; you have just not been open to their vibratory level.

Your fears and identification with the thought constructs of the third dimension have, until now, prevented most of you from moving into the higher frequency levels of being through your own thoughts and feelings. Your fears, perpetuated by constant outside pressures through controllers, in the guise of family, leaders, teachers and peers, as well as manipulation of your emotional and physical environment, have acted as an invisible fence or cage in which to keep you from expanding into your true soul potential. That fence, that cage has now been cast down; it is up to you to move beyond and into the great unknown that is truly what and who you are.

As you continue to deconstruct your attachment to the third dimension, you will find that you can see more, feel more, sense more even that, which you cannot see, touch, hear or feel with your present physical senses. You are opening up your other higher bodies in response to the higher frequency levels that you are now beginning to access. With practice, you will be able to experience sensation in totally different way than you do now. You will be able to think with your heart and to feel with your mind. You will see unseen worlds and speak through your mind with unseen beings. These gifts and abilities are natural, as natural as rain and will be yours; again, as they were long ago before you came into physical embodiment.

See the changes that are occurring in your life with more rapidity as the changes that naturally occur when there is a transition, whether it is as in the world of nature, the green leaves of summer growing brown and crispy and falling to the ground. These transitions are designed, through divine intent, to allow you to move gracefully into the new world, if you so choose. It is your choice to allow or to resist and none others.

We realize that change presents challenge to human nature. Many humans are highly resistant to change, preferring to follow ancient patterns of behavior or what they deem to be ancient patterns of behavior. However, we see that none of the patterns now being dissolved in your world are ancient, but have been artificially placed over the top of more ancient, grounded cultures. Much of the rhythms of life lived by your ancestors has been overlain by a shallow, poorly rooted culture of competition, consumerism and militarism. Still, these structures are being broken apart by the beginning of new roots of cooperation, right living, mutual respect and acceptance of diversity and the blessing of conscious living on a living planet.

Old ways of living with the earth will be re-discovered, presented to all by the record-keepers of the planet, the indigenous people who have carried the secrets of the old ways despite great hardship and danger. And these old ways will be complemented and built upon by new technologies that work in concert with the planet, not in opposition to life. The great forests and grasslands will grow, again. The deserts will bloom and the climate will stabilize, becoming warmer and wetter in some areas and drier and warmer in others.

As the emotional and mental bodies of the inhabitants of the planet come into balance and are infused with soul energy, so, too, will the body of the planet glow with new light, emanating from her center out into space like a glowing ball of light. Great crystal cities of light and more isolated farms and small communities will be scattered out across the globe as people come to work together to create a dazzling, life-enhancing new world. Your planet will be a beacon of light for those worlds who still struggle to overcome their own trial through darkness and separation. You will be teachers and mentors for those people and those worlds, if you so choose.

The process of ascension is ongoing and will continue through many stages of transition. This is but one. Not all humans will ascend in the coming months and years, but will continue to grow and learn in a more allowing atmosphere in the next generations, leading up to another window of opportunity for planetary ascension in some 3,000 to 3,600 years from now. This is the way life proceeds, quickly for some, slower for others. There is no judgment as each soul determines for its soul extensions what experiences it wishes to undergo while in physical form.

There are those among you who will choose to move on beyond the boundaries of physical existence to return in your great light bodies from whence you came on this mission to assist the population of this planet to approach ascension. And there will be others of you who choose to stay, ascended yet able to retain physical form in order to assist those who are still opening up and learning. There will be much to do and much to be. Discover for yourself what your path will be and follow it, out of joy and out of a desire to serve others.

Release judgment of yourself and most certainly free yourself of the need to compare your “progress” to that of others around you. Each of you is precious and loved by the Creator, by your Father/Mother God; there is none who can replace you or who has your unique qualities. Discover what these qualities are by allowing yourself to immerse in playful exploration and celebration of everyday life. Release yourself from a need to perform up to standards; discover your own standards, your own rhythm and flow of learning and letting go. You may discover that your note, your rhythm does indeed move with the rhythm of your soul family and true multidimensional self.

There is so much for you to discover in this new world that surrounds you. By engaging this exploration in a gentle way, suited to your own pace, you will find yourself opening up like a flower responding to the light of the sun, gracefully and joyfully.

Be aware of the chaos around you, but know that you no longer have any need to engage with it or to pursue it. You can be in this world and observe the chaos as theater, as it is unreal and not a part of what you truly are, a beautiful being of light experiencing a life in a physical body. You do not need to perform according to the expectations of others. Find your own note, your own calling, what brings joy to your heart in your own way and go forth with a wide-open heart. Do not seek to hide or protect yourself from others but to learn to embrace life in all its grand diversity and multiplicity.

The birds sing up the Sun every morning and carry its light with them through the night. Can you do any less? Learn to celebrate life around you, every moment, every day, and observe the changes within and without with an eye free of judgment and limitation. The vistas are expansive, the possibilities and potentials are endless. With cooperation and sharing of resources and gifts, your world will be remade in a new image, in a new way. And you can choose to be a part of that celebration right now.

Our blessings flow out to you. Call upon us or whatever guide or mentor you wish to assist you to move through the challenges that still lay ahead. Go forth in joy and with wide-open eyes and hearts; go forth as little children taking in the delights and challenges of the world with equal enthusiasm.


Thank you, beloved Council of Nine.

Copyright © 2013-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.  No recordings and/or videos of this written material are permitted.

15 thoughts on “Council of Nine: A Celebration of Life

  1. so very interesting ! much of what the council has said to you has been spoken to me as well, ‘a step into the unknown ‘ has a strong meaning, but especially the part you referred to of the sacred geometry in nature…a very similar message was given to me several weeks ago ‘in nature there is order, not chaos’ & was shown to me through some of my photo images. As you mentioned before, there is a new ‘Emergence’ in the air, & even the birds are singing a new song loud & clear & it is more than just the arrival of spring ! Lately the intensity of light permerating Mother-Earth seems to have more purpose other than the repeated symptons of fatigue & turmoil…it clearly is calling us out & away from ourselves…the ‘Me’ syndrome, & wants us to ‘grow’…release & project this energy received into LOve, Strength & Healing to All life around us…emcompassing All of Mother-Earth. The Heart of the Divine Mother that physically embodies the Earth is awakening, re-charging in unison with the Creator Sun…the pure God spark within us is maturing & we are being asked to think clearly & positively, think ‘Big’…more than human vision…see All possibilities as they are endless…’will you wield your new found power or succumb under it… becoming a creator is so much more than the narrow view of an individual’s wants & needs…how do you expect to create heaven on Earth if you think small & only of yourself ‘ !…..Nature already holds the balance, the harmony & symmetry to make All work !…we must re-connect with her & meld in the ‘One’ LOving All powerful embrace in complete faith & trust !!! As Jennifer Farley recently said in her channel, if we only knew a fraction of the knowledge we have forgotten, we would certainly know how easy this All is ! It was never meant to be difficult, Creator only wishes us to see divinity, be who we really are, but this can only happen through a warm, LOving & Compassionate Heart. Thank you Elizabeth ! Have a glorious day !………Bev

    • Thanks, Bev. Apparently we’re actually “hard-wired” to know things that have been forgotten. Once we step outside the limitations that we have been accustomed to through the last 13000 years or so, we will be able to access knowledge that has always been there. We just forgot about our connection for various reasons. Yes, these messages all seem to be very interconnected. Love, Elizabeth

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