Eliza: Emergence

Almost Spring


by Eliza Ayres

Spring is sprouting in my neck of the woods, the bulbs are coming up, it’s raining outside and snow is falling in the mountains. Sweet!

So what’s happening, y’all? Waking up to headaches, sinus congestion, stuffy noses, red and burning dry eyes, aches and pains, depression, muscle stiffness, fatigue, etc., etc.? I have been. The ascension symptoms, et al, continue.

Good news, though – we are receiving messages from various sources that the Shift IS happening. We’re in the fifth dimension, just don’t know it yet. Most of the world’s population is still fast asleep, but even they are having broken sleep right about now, waking up, wondering what day it is and why did that last dream disturb their slumber…

We are emerging into a new world, but the spring clean-up comes first before the fun times or fall clean-up if you happen to live in the southern hemisphere. We are working through ages of suppressed emotions and thoughts, which have been deeply buried in our mental and emotional bodies and are now in the process of being surrendered consciously or unconsciously to the barrage of light waves plunging through our bodies and the atmosphere.

For myself, I have been replaying bits and portions of this life time, although it feels like another life, so remote do I feel now to the past happenings. Occasionally some rawness surfaces for consideration, but for the most part, I simply let the images and feelings slide on by.

My guides have been quiet of late hence no messages. They are there, just very silent. I feel they are observing how much I can master of this ongoing process on my own.

As part of my personal work, I use my Reiki skills to assist in calming and healing any emotional upset that arises as a part of daily living, especially in my day job working at a prison with some pretty needy, intense beings. Need to remind myself to breathe throughout the day and to ground solidly into the earth. We all need to be reminded of the simple and basic spiritual tools that are available to assist us in living our lives.

We are spiritual beings living a human existence, one that is challenging as we are moving from not only an age but also from one dimension to another higher one. Change is a constant factor in our lives right now and it can only get more intense, depending on where you are living and the people you interact with on a daily basis.

It’s time to center, ground, breathe and use whatever resources we have in our daily life. It’s time to incorporate our reality as spiritual beings and to accept ourselves as amazing, capable and adaptive persons, no matter if we have “succeeded” in the eyes of the world. The world is changing and so will the values that are important to people. Seek out what is important to you and let go of what is not. It is time to take back our personal power and find ways to work together, cooperatively and collectively, in ways that allow for full creativity and well-being for each individual.

Looking around the world, you can see that there is a long way to go yet before everyone on the planet is accepted and loved for who they are not what they are or could be. Yet we have come a long, long way in a relatively short time and it can only get better. Our emergence into the new world is being supported by the cosmic energies and the assistance of Heaven, our galactic brothers and sisters and by our own Higher Selves.

Even though I sometimes wake up fatigued, it only takes a moment or two of concentration with grounding and centering and “connecting” to feel a deep inner strength and sense of well-being. We are truly re-connecting with our Wholeness and it is quite exciting to be a part of the process.

My best wishes and thoughts go out to all of you, sisters and brothers, wherever you currently reside on this lovely planet of ours. Namaste.

Eliza Ayres

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15 thoughts on “Eliza: Emergence

  1. That is lovely Elizabeth. Thank you for the words of encouragement.

    Love and light, Nicole
    * I am a new reader from the PNW of North America.

  2. For example manifestation is definitely possible now but not necessarily how we would expect.

    I think they’re there but telling us to pull the oars as equals. Honestly seeking guidance from self or Elizabeth or SaLuSa is equal “source”. And perhaps equally disembodied! 😉

  3. Thank you, Elizabeth! Ascension symptoms, no kidding! I don’t normally have this many “allergy symptoms” while it is raining (western Oregon). While I am (for the most part) able to maintain emotional centeredness and alignment, my eyes have never burned so much over the last week! The physical aspect is definitely feeling tweaked. This too, shall pass….sooner than later may be appreciated! Like you, also had revisits to un-thought-about moments or persons in life; but no attachment. Almost like deleting them out of memory “for good”. And, we journey on!

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  5. Dear Elizabeth….Thank you for this & a perfect title ‘Emergence’…even though spring is still a few weeks away in my area, my sensitivity levels have red lined this week…with a deep sense something most profound is ‘Emerging’ or about to happen ! This really is abit strange, like I surely have never been on this road…symptons appearing that I never felt before….ears ringing, swollen irritated eyes, nerves on edge, most difficult to sleep, even bruises appearing for no reason that I am aware of….most peculiar indeed ! Even in nature something feels not right…this morning there were several birds in an old oak tree near my home, & they were singing so loud it was like a siren that kept reverberating across the frozen lake…then suddenly they all stopped & flew away….really seemed so odd to me…I always was & am a sensitive one, but this is different…this is something new…something hard to physically describe. I also work full time, along with all the other chores, of home & family…so this week has been a huge challenge in maintaining composure. When I ask my spirit awareness what is happening ….I also receive that I am entering the 5D awareness, hold on, as it is not a smooth transition….& amongst other things that is difficult for me to express. She also is not quite as chatty as normal….’this stretch of the road you must walk alone….trust in this’. I must tell you that your chosen words for your site ‘Blue Dragon’ has specific past spoken meaning for me, & I know I am meant to be speaking with you at this time…..Thank you dear Elizabeth…your soul shines !…Have a glorious day !….Bev

    • Thanks, Bev. Words sometimes are not enough to express what is happening within and so it should be… Love, Elizabeth

  6. Greetings Blue Dragon, from yet another Dragon–Red Crystal Dragon!

    I sincerely enjoy reading your posts and messages and they do provide a sweet inspiration along the way. It is good to think and realize that there are indeed ‘ascension symptoms’ – I never thought of my recurring sore throats that way; quite an interesting perspective!

    Spring has not quite arrived on the east coast (central jersey) but birds are certainly more active and visible than ever; we are awaiting crocuses in our neck of the garden state, the first flowers of the year.

    Wishing you, Elizabeth, and all brothers and sisters, much Peace Profound!


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