Eliza: Transformation; The Dance of Shiva

Spring Prairie

Transformation – The Dance of Shiva

by Eliza Ayres

During this lifetime, I’ve gone through cycles where I would study intensely spirituality and then I would reach a plateau, drop everything and pursue a different course. Right now I am in the process of taking in new information from several sources, all at once. It does seem that our lives are accelerating, to the point where it almost seems overwhelming. At the same time, simultaneously, it seems that nothing is happening, that all is remaining the same. It is not; huge changes are looming within and around each of us, just some of us are not willing to look at them and to respond.

I have responded because I can hardly do otherwise; it is how I constructed myself before coming into embodiment. The “I” that I refer to is my soul; each of us selected our birthdate, our parents and family, our body type, our gifts, our race and country, and what the major events of our lives might be, as reflected in our natal and progressive astrological charts.

However, despite the preparation, things are changing more rapidly than was anticipated in the planning sessions before birth. What has changed? We have changed, we, the wayshowers who came here, those of us who have dedicated their lives to transmute the negative energies of this world for the sake of their brothers and sisters who have been lost in an endless cycle of rebirth and reincarnation.

For myself, I have learned that I am an old soul. I knew this already a long time ago. It is something that you just know. Typically the title means one who has had a great deal of experience being a human, living on this planet. It doesn’t mean that I am a saint, a prophet, a healer or a teacher. I am and have been here, again and again, for centuries, doing the work, not always succeeding, but always persevering. Being an old soul does not give you any special qualities. Sometimes old souls become very arrogant, very tired of being here. They can lie about themselves and avoid doing the work, the dharma that they came to do. However, they cannot escape the wheel until the work is completed, all lies are exposed, all is forgiven and ascension a reality, accomplished and done.

I have been wondering why I am exposing portions of my life to the gaze of others, on purpose, spots and all; now I begin to understand. By being “real” and forthright, I am attempting to let others begin to comprehend what it takes to ascend. It is not a road of roses, fluffy love or cherubs. Demons lurk in shadows, people wish you to become their guru or teacher, vigilance is required to not succumb to temptation and let go completely. Ascension comes only to those who are balanced in their bodies, energy centers and rays, who have the needed self-discipline to undergo and pass the tests that come, sometimes daily, sometimes moment by moment. This is not to say that the path of the initiate cannot have beauty and joy as well as challenge, but challenge is certainly there every day, every hour, every minute, from breath to breath.

This past month I found myself challenged by some old demons, criticism, doubt and fear. These are demons that have made up the foundational structures of the third dimensional world in which I have spent most of this life. As of the great shift last December, those constructs have been withdrawn from the planet. However, the structures still remain, however fragile, held together by the thoughts of the ones who wish that world to keep on going forever. It is up to each one of us to extricate ourselves from the constructs, from the fear, the doubt and judgment that we, ourselves, have used in our life due to conditioning and an attempt to fit in to the world in which we found ourselves.

It has been a strange world, filled with anger, lust and violence. I have never felt comfortable being here, yet here I remain and as a consequence, have to deal with the hand dealt to me at birth… the hand I dealt to myself, for myself, in order to grow and learn about self. Accepting responsibility for one’s situation in life is not a popular move in our society. Too often we find it easier to play the victim and blame others for what is or is not happening to us. During those rare occasions when we are “on top”, we sometimes become the victimizers. This is a common pattern that humanity has followed during the past centuries, but it is not a natural one, rather it has been imposed, often by old souls or those members of what has been expressed as “Dark Team”.

Now, in some of the new age groups and alternative media sources, it has been popular to criticize those men and women who are in high stations, wealthy and powerful. It is easy to criticize our leaders for we have never done what they are doing or have we? Actually, if you look at a few of your past lives, you will probably find that, yes, you have done all those things and more. I am not excusing the behavior of these people of wealth and power, only attempting to point out that it is quite foolish to judge others. Unless you walk in that person’s shoes, you cannot understand their dharma and what they came here to accomplish.

What can we do then to change the world? Well, first we must change ourselves by being willing to look critically at our own actions. This past month or more, I have found myself falling into a pattern of criticizing the actions of a co-worker. It is a pattern that is common, all too common in the workplace. While it is true that her work ethic is not like mine, it doesn’t mean that it is okay for me to criticize her. It means I need to look into myself and see why I feel I need to criticize her, to see the pattern from which this particular behavior emanates.

I actually know why I criticize those that I am not comfortable with, as I grew up in a family where I had a mother who was critical of others, especially me. So I saw it as an acceptable way to move through the world when I was feeling insecure about my own status. It is not acceptable, however, for one who wishes to ascend in this lifetime or in the next. And it is a pattern that needs to be deleted from my being, pulled out, examined and transmuted. It probably stems from lifetimes of being an obedient wife to strong, dominate men; self-hatred and resentment are often driven into the flesh when one cannot possibly speak up without fear. Now that some of that fear of instant destruction is dissipated, the old wounds leak out as criticism of others. It is a fear that is common to those who have been victimized and have taken self-hatred into their bodies.

There are many other groups of people who are working together to change the underlying energies of this world. During the great shift, something huge did occur. The structures of the third dimension began to be dismantled. They are going, although it will take some time for the outplaying in the physical to become apparent. What will happen and is happening now is that the basic foundation of each of our worlds is also coming undone. If we chose to resist change and do nothing different, we will find ourselves swiftly losing ground and being drawn down into the astral plane, where all the thoughts that have ever been thought but never acted upon exist still.

Think a moment about that – all the murderous thoughts of mankind, all the lecherous thoughts, all the loving thoughts, every thought that has not been acted upon still exists. And what you dwell on, day by day, where you put your thoughts and resulting actions, is where you will find yourself, either in heaven or hell, and there will be no one but yourself to blame. And yet, hope remains even for those who are so lost in self-hatred, guilt and fear that they cannot even begin to attempt to move from that miasma in which they find themselves.

Hope remains because there are people who came here to walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear so they might understand and know all there is to know about the darkest corners of the third dimension. They have walked through the valley without compass or map, shorn of their mastery, knowledge and wisdom, but always following instinctively a course set out for them before birth, and encouraged by inner knowing, the silent voice of their higher self and guides. This is the dharma chosen by the few who have come here to free their brothers and sisters from darkness, not for fame or abundance, but love.

In order to be able to assist others, they must first undergo strenuous tests of character. Can they rise above the duality that exists in this world? Can they master every thought, every act of creation in every moment that they walk upon this earth? Can they arrive at a point of neutrality, the still-point, where the voice of the heart is louder than the voice of the collective? This is the work of the initiate, not to escape to a fairy land of love and roses, but to work in the darkest places, to work without thought of reward and treasure or high position, to work out of love, from a place where heaven dwells within and yearns to be revealed to all.

You are such a one, although you may not deem yourself worthy. It is for you to choose your course. What direction do you wish to go, what path do you wish to follow? What voice do you wish to listen to, the loud voice of the mob or the still, quiet voice of the soul? It is your choice, every moment of every day, moment by moment, to keep the inner balance, to observe, to be neutral in the face of whatever comes before you. Can you do this?

Well, I certainly can’t answer those questions for my readers, only for myself. I will try my very best to do these things for my brothers and sisters, no matter who or what they are and have been in this world, because I have walked in their shoes, through lifetime after lifetime. I have fought and died, been killed and victimized, have done many things that I am not proud of, yet have returned to balance the account and pay the debt. I am here because I chose to be, here and now, during the beginning of a new world and epoch of this world, a golden age that is yet beginning, first in our hearts and then in full bloom. When? Only our actions and thoughts will determine the timing of this new age. Only our acceptance of self as divine, as well as the acceptance of all who are here with us, will bring in the new age, into full physical existence and beauty. Will you stand there with me when the shining crystal cities finally manifest upon the surface? It is your choice and your work to do.

Do not think for a moment that being an ascended master and in charge of this planet is a bed of roses. Do not place these beings on pedestals and worship them. For these brothers and sisters who are a step or two ahead of us in their evolutionary process, do this work out of love for you, each one of you and out of a love for creation, for all life. They are each an aspect of god, as you are. They do the work out of love as you do. Open your hearts and mind to them and seek out their counsel, for although they are not perfect, they are wise in the ways of humanity, for they too have walked the path through the valley of the shadow and have emerged on the other side. They are not your saviors, but they are your friends and will guide and mentor your progress if you permit and only then for they follow the universal laws, the law of free will and the Law of One, where the many are one and the one are many. All life is sacred in the eyes of the sacred laws, all life, even the most humble of beings, even me, even you.

Why the “Shiva” in the title? Well, Shiva is an aspect of God that breaks down all that is false. Shiva does his dance as the destroyer to expose our demons and to allow us to transform and rebuild. Shiva is now dancing within my being, and transforming me, each cell and each thought. Right now it is a process of bringing to light all that is not of the light that must be let go and released, which means every fear that is secreted within my flesh through my own actions and thoughts within this lifetime and as a result of genetics and blood karma. Shiva dances through me and awakens the mistress within to respond to his advances. As masculine and feminine come into balance, so I come into mastery. I must learn to accept all aspects of duality in neutrality before I can come before Sanat Kumara and enter Shamballa, and so I will endeavor to do this, for all life, so that heaven can come to earth and dwell in men’s hearts.

Namaste; go with my blessings and love, my sisters and brothers.

Eliza Ayres

Copyright © 2013-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. https://bluedragonjournal.com/

17 thoughts on “Eliza: Transformation; The Dance of Shiva

  1. I saw Arcturians craft working on our DNA transformation in my meditations
    We are given wonderful signs , dear Elizabeth
    ( ( SUN ) )

  2. Thanks Elizabeth for another great script. Be sure you’re really helping a lot of people. I feel Shiva working inside me too. I suddenly remember things from the past that have been forgotten for so many years and I know I just have to transmute them and set them free. It’s an amazing thing. Please keep enlighting the path and keep that door well open… we will get through it eventually.

  3. Thanks Elisabeth for the wise commentary. You give much to ponder upon; as an old soul, I still have much to learn and transmute. After my initial disappointment of not having “ascended into lightbody” on 12/21/12 and after some depression about it, I am more determined than ever to work on some remaining issues and grow more spiritually. As it turned out, a very close friend needed my help in January and February in which I was the only one she knew that had that particular resource she needed help with. I was more than glad to help her and everything worked out just fine for her. So, I guess I am still needed here on the ground . . . and so it is.

    Love and Light

  4. I Love this !….quite an indepth view of the spiritual journey that All must take in fulfilling our unique destinies & purpose & your very defined view on your own personal & wonderful journey ! I always find it interesting as some can put to words their utmost feelings in this way, like others maybe to music, to others a visual means like myself as being a nature photgrapher, but All beautifully connected to express the living flow of energy of the spirit, of creation….yes All an individual creative process meant to be let go & shared with others, as it really wouldn’t have much value or meaning if we treated this gift as a hidden treasure !…it is what keeps the flow of spirit moving & growing & it is very specific to be expressed this way…always has been & always will be….so THank you for sharing this ! I’m sure at a deeper level you feel accomplishment & fulfillment when you post these messages as the spirit moves you to do so, & when you do, you feel as though another step forward has been achieved towards the finish line. Our own unique connection with spirit moves us so gloriously different but as each sound, of each musical instrument tuned to perfect pitch will eventually come together as a glorious symphony of harimony in bringing heaven to earth ! Your choice in words, phrases & under tones within your postings, as I said before I resonate with, as I’ve heard this before as spoken from the voice inside of me. Some may ask, well how do you know ? It is how I know the individual cries of each one of my 3 cats, or grander still, it is how a parent in a penguin colony goes off in search of food then returns & finds their own chicks within a grouping of hundreds all looking alike, all crying for food….how do they know…they just do, as some of us know, & as many will learn to know !….have a delightful evening & my blessings in that the spirit keeps moving you…to a most rewarding end of your journey !!! Bev

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