Eliza: Pralaya – A Period of Transition


Eliza: Pralaya – A Period of Transition

Note: To the reader with a short attention span, I apologize for the following wall of words. I’ve been undergoing a period of processing a lot of material and this writing is a reflection of much inner work. It is on-going. My opinions are my own and subject to change. I would appreciate comments to be on topic and not lengthy discussions of other individual opinions. I will answer questions, if appropriate, but I do not claim to be a spiritual teacher or mentor. And I do not desire a following. So read the following with a grain of salt taking into consideration your responsibility for your own creations.

Ah, where to start. Well, at the beginning, I suppose, but there is not really any beginning. For the last couple of weeks, I have been dealing with typical (for me) late winter symptoms of sinus headache, fatigue, sore and swollen throat and bodily discomfort. It has felt like my body no longer fit me, like it was some strange contraption in which I found myself, dragging it around, unable or unwilling to exercise, not wanting to eat, just wanting to find a quiet corner and to sleep. I did not even feel like writing, until now… Talk about pent up energy!

It is apparent that this is yet another transitional period that I am undergoing, as I would imagine many are, as well. Other writers speak of the changes to our bodies as wrought by the ongoing ascension energies, finally moving into physicality, hence all the pains and adjustments required.

I have also been engaged in reading a series of messages given by an unnamed scribe that covers the various lifetimes of a large, important soul group, one that cannot be named here, for the privacy of the members, as well as the scribe. Yet the stories brought forth within this series of messages have illustrated for me the vastness and interwoven quality of our story as occupants of this world. Some of us were here when the world was created and some of us linger here yet.

Reincarnation is not generally taught in Western religions. It is dismissed by theologians as an Eastern superstition, although over half the world’s population believes in reincarnation. And more Westerners, having been exposed to the teachings of Buddha and the ancient Hindu religion, have found the prospect of reincarnation both appealing and a daunting prospect as well.

Then there are the laws of karma and dharma, very little understood by Westerners. Karma or the law of return simply defines the process whereby the soul, embodied in a new body in each lifetime has to balance or repay for the misdeeds of a former lifetime or re-balances the energies involved between two people and/or groups of peoples. These echoes can replay for series of lifetimes, in different cultures, yet the actors in the drama merely change garments or bodies. If a parent neglects or kills a child in one lifetime, he/she will find themselves the child of their former child or again taking care of their former child. In every lifetime there is an opportunity to balance the energy existing between the two individuals. It is for each individual to determine whether or not they will master the temptations of the physical world and come into balance in their interactions with themselves, other people, their communities and all life.

Dharma is when an individual performs a work or works that contribute to the whole. Gandhi’s dharma in that particular lifetime was to aid India in becoming independent from Britain. His great work was nearly destroyed by the formation of Pakistan, a division in the ancient Indian people that has echoes coming down to us from the invasion of Alexander and the later one of the Moguls, and still earlier invasions and wars as recorded in the ancient Vedic texts.

War and violence can never be used for good. War destroys culture, people, and communities and puts souls on a tangent where the energies must be confronted and balanced, or carried into successive generations, as well as through different cultural periods. What is done today will affect our children’s children. What most people do not realize is that they, themselves, will be their children’s children. More to the point, they will certainly come back into the culture that they just destroyed. Today’s Western war leaders will reincarnate into the cultures of India, Pakistan and the Middle East. As soul families we move around the world, in a pattern, reincarnating in cultures and affecting them in a negative or positive fashion. In bringing commerce, arts and culture to a nation and people, we bring a positive influence. In bringing war and destruction, we consign that people, our future lives, to discomfort and lives of trial.

There is another lesson from learning about one’s reincarnations as well as that of other people especially those who are of a historic or mythical nature. When the embodiment is done, the particular work or phase for that individual soul is also done. One may be a movie star in one life time and a street cleaner in another. Or one might be a spiritual teacher and prophet in one life time and a simple merchant in another. The lesson here is that no person is more divine or more special than another, whether ascended or not.

There is not an only son of god as has been taught by Christianity. All souls undergo various lifetimes and experiences for a reason – which reason is for the greater soul to learn about itself. To give another individual magical powers or to believe that that person is capable of saving you, now, in your current lifetime, is to give your power away and to involve the other soul in karmic responsibility. The ascended masters have no desire to “carry” the world on their backs. And according to Universal law they cannot do so, for that would be a violation of individual free will. We each need to be our own savior by aligning with the will of our greater multidimensional Self.

So, what is the ultimate intent of reincarnation? It is to experience everything that can be experienced while in a body, in a physical world. It is a process of the soul learning about itself, in a slowed down environment where the consequences of actions are not always immediately apparent, at least if not dealing with an irritated samurai warrior. And so how does this affect our current situation in the world?

Well, according to some visionaries, our world has been in a transitional period which first started in 1987, at the time of the Harmonic Convergence. This cycle is known as Pralaya, a period of intense transformation, which occurs at the changing of cycles, from Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga or from Dark Age to Golden Age. Many of the prophecies of great destruction at the end of the Dark Age reflect race memory of other transitional periods where whole cultures perished in fire, storm and flood. It has happened before; the tale of the fall of Atlantis is etched on our collective race memory as one such time. It was thought that these kinds of events would overtake us at the end of this particular epoch, as well. However, according to a couple of sources, the Rishis or Heavenly Hosts in charge of our world decided to postpone the ultimate destruction for a time, in order to allow the darkness upon this planet to dissipate. They did so in hopes that humanity would turn to the light and the violent earth changes, as predicted, would no longer be needed in order to dissipate and remove any lingering darkness. It remains to be seen, however, if the transitional period will be extended, again, as the article suggested might happen should the Rishis deem it necessary.

The current political and social unrest in the world is a reflection of the “churning” of dark and light within each individual, each culture and the natural world. The planet is in the midst of cleansing herself of the pollution created by the misuse of resources, as well as the collective negative thoughts created by the misuse of thought by the human race. Most people do not realize the power of thought. Your thoughts, every one, are etched upon the Akasha and can be read, at least in part by talented psychics and advanced souls undergoing ascension, for the sake of learning about the consequences of actions taken and not taken.

Nature will come more to the forethought of every man, woman and child in the coming days, months and years, as the planet continues to change its weather patterns. Yes, the planet is becoming warmer, the Polar Regions are in the process of shrinking and many areas that have been cold will be much warmer. Areas that have been deserts will bloom, coast lines will be inundated with higher water, some islands will disappear and there will be much change in the world maps. People will be forced to move from the coasts so that those areas can rest from the consequences of human impact.

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will shake and remodel the land. Whole cities will be vacated and peoples forced to move to new areas. The existing populations of those inland areas will have to absorb the influx of new residents and adjust to changes. There will be a re-emphasis on cooperation and living together in harmony or else there will be great chaos and destruction, if people fail to work together. Such is the test of this transitional stage.

People are resistant to change, so change will come to them whether or not they like. Those who are open to changing consciously will not need to suffer as much or will have greater ability to listen to intuitive messages allowing for greater preparation, greater detachment towards whatever comes into their personal sphere of experience.

The extent and length of this transitional period will depend on how each one of us responds to change and how much we can release of the darkness that dwells within each of us. For you see, in my little excursion through past lifetimes of others, I have discovered that there always exists an opportunity to transform a life of karmic repayment to one of dharmic completion. Are you adding to the legacy of humanity through the creation of art, music, literature, dance, plays and social interaction, acting with diplomacy and patience or are you bent in gathering material wealth and power to yourself, while destroying the lives of others in through acts of violence and greed? Are you intent in living a life spent in cooperating with your family and neighbors and co-workers, or you intent in punishing and destroying the works of others, even of whole communities, cultures and sovereign countries? Do you regard everyone who is not of your own family, belief system or culture as being an enemy or are you willing to live with others and to enjoy the variety offered by experiencing the diversity that exists among different cultures and systems? It is a choice or a series of choices that each of us makes at every moment in our lives.

Currently, the period of Pralaya is supposed to last until 2015, to give humanity more time to balance their karma, by releasing the darkness that currently infects the planet. The darkness on the planet was determined to be too great to allow the earth changes to go forward, so they have been dampened down, for now. There is a period of adjustment that humanity has been granted, by the grace of Heaven, so that the darkness that abides in each person can be released and a new way can be found so that all might live in abundance, harmony and peace.

We all know that women and children have been much abused during the years of the Kali Yuga where there has been a dominance of masculine energy. The divine feminine has been purposefully occluded or hidden, destroyed where deemed necessary in order to keep males in dominant positions of power in society. Many of the lightworkers have purposefully embodied into difficult family and social circumstances where they have suffered abuse, physical, sexual and emotional, from their own families or through war and social disorder. We came into these circumstances so that we might experience the trauma that occurs when there is an imbalance between male and female energies. Then we were and hopefully are in the process of transforming this imbalance through acts of forgiveness.

Duality or the balance of energies is expected to work through waves, with neither side completely dominant, both working in harmony with other. Females are respected for their gifts and qualities, the power of intuition and procreation through giving birth to future generations and males (or the masculine nature within women) for their strength in carrying out actions deemed by intuitive thought (from the feminine side of the soul) to be harmonious and complete. Each man and woman, when in complete balance and alignment carries both energies. As above, so below – through our incarnations we have the opportunity to bring heaven to earth.

The imbalance of darkness within each one of us must be transformed through personal experience, determination and the will to forgive. Reincarnation teaches us that we have all been the victim and the victimizer; now we must move beyond the cycle of destruction and the desire for punishment and retaliation and move into the Middle Way, where the darkness is seen for what it is, an imbalance of energy, thought and intent. We must move from judging the actions of others as being good or evil; they simply are. There are consequences of actions taken that destroy the lives of others. And there are consequences to not forgiving yourself for acts of commission or omission.

At the end of each lifetime, we stand before a Council of Inner Teachers, some of whom are ascended masters and some who are in the process of ascension, just a step or two beyond where we are now. We are told to describe our reasons for everything undertaken during a lifetime. There are some souls who deny responsibility of their actions, who will not listen to the Council and who even defy the Council. It was an eye-opener for me to realize that even Ascended Masters do not have control over the acts of individual souls. It is for the soul to master its own incarnations. Mastery comes from within.

Despite the teachings of many religions, there is no outside savior that will come to save you. In fact, those masters who have been the objects of centuries of worship and adulation from the masses, through religious doctrine and prayer, will be the first to admit that they, too, have made mistakes and continue to make mistakes. They are not all-powerful and it is Beings beyond the various masters who oversee our world who are making the adjustments to the transitional period. Although little spoken of outside of limited groups, there are ascended or nearly ascended masters who continue to embody into physical form since it is through physical life that lasting change can occur. Change comes slowly if at all in the heaven worlds. The greatest soul growth takes place while you are in physical form, whether you will accept that notion or not.

So what are the Masters hoping for the world? Well, when the cycle of transition or Pralaya is complete, our world will step into a new cycle, a permanent golden age. This present transition period, which is the culmination of 52,000 years, is a departure from the previous system of cycles as the entire Universe is in the process of moving from darkness into light. The period for experiencing the extremes of duality are ending; duality will not go away entirely, but will be more subtle, still allowing for soul growth and experience without the chaos and destruction resulting from the current and departing extremes of darkness and light. The Grand Experiment in extreme duality is coming to an end. Whole soul families will be undergoing ascension or moving to new worlds that are more conducive to their further soul growth.

What can you do as an individual during these final days of transition? Learn to forgive yourself and others. Learn to love yourself and to accept yourself as you are, not as you think you should be in order to conform to the artificial expectations of others. Before you can learn to love your fellow man or woman, you need to accept that you, yourself, are a beautiful, powerful being of light. Whatever you have accomplished, whatever you think you are based on the ideals of society, are nothing to what you truly are, a facet of the diamond Mind of God, part of the Whole of Creation.

You came here to experience physical life, in all its variety, pleasure and pain. You have lived both lives of darkness and ones of great beauty and light, as well as many, many lives of little consequence, even “rest” lives where you did nothing to further your soul’s experience and knowledge of Self. Self-judgment and judgment of others needs to stop for all are one collective soul, the great Soul of Humanity, made up of families of souls, living out interwoven life-times, played out simultaneously in No-Time.

Ultimately it comes down to each one of us realizing consciously that we must live through the Law of One – the One are many and many are One. Each one of us, as embodied souls and as part of our soul families, is one being in the process of learning about itself. We can live this way, accepting others as part of our universal family and living in balance, peace and harmony.

Before we can get to that place, however, there is much work to be done. Society as it has existed in the last years of the Kali Yuga must change. It has not worked for anyone except for a small group of powerful individuals who have pulled the strings from behind government leaders and institutions to command great material wealth and power. There has been a war waged on the rest of humanity by these individuals and their paid minions and mercenaries, waged primarily through the manipulation of the economy, misuse of political power, through war and through political and religious division.

The time of these divisive institutions is at an end; they are crumbling of their own weight and hollow-out existence. They are but edifices designed of illusion, powder and smoke and they will and are in the process of crumbling. The peoples of the world are uniting in their efforts to overcome the restrictions unfairly place upon them by unjust law, subjugation of women and children, slave labor, seizing of person, property and power from the masses and the conditioning of individuals to believe that they are limited and powerless to determine their own future. None of this is true. The individual is extremely powerful and the erstwhile controllers know this and have used it to their advantage by suppressing knowledge of our divinity and the true purpose of physical existence – to convince individuals to give away their power to their families, to their society’s leaders, to their religions and/or political parties. Since our world and universe is based on free will, by giving our power away to others, we still reap the consequences whether for good or ill.

The things that must be accomplished to make this a better world for all people are making the basic necessities available to all humans, no matter where they live or how they live. Food, water, shelter and the peaceful ability and means to make a living are basic needs for all, before they can embark on a journey to rediscovering their divinity. Until these basic needs are taken care of for all, there will continue to be unrest, poverty, disease and destruction.

And our planet as a living Being needs to be viewed with respect. As a people, we need to find ways to live in harmony with the elementals and powers of nature. We are dependent on the bounty of our world to give a physical platform on which we can live out our incarnations. Other worlds have been destroyed. Will we destroy this one, too?

Next, basic tenets of living need to be taught to those who are currently ignorant. The Law of One and the process of soul growth through reincarnation should be taught so that all people understand that one must be responsible now for current actions as they will affect themselves in future generations.

Our current religions have been unable to convey the simplicity of universal law, primarily because the religions have been used to sow division, contention, fear and superstition among people so that they might remain separated and powerless to effect the changes as needed in their lives, communities and nations. Controversial or not, it is a simple fact that humanity as a whole needs to move beyond the limited teachings of religion. Worship of other beings, whether living or existing on a spiritual plane, is still a process of giving away individual power. The only divinity that anyone needs to “worship” or regard with respect is the divinity that exists within each individual – this is the new path that humanity must take if there is to be peace among brother and sister, one that will require a great deal of releasing of old paradigms and beliefs for many.

So you see dear reader that our world is at once more simple and more complicated than perhaps you have been formerly aware. Individually we are very powerful and most of us have not yet learned how to use that power wisely. We have an opportunity to learn now, very quickly, for it is a matter of re-learning and remembering who we truly are, the sons and daughters of our Creator. We do not need priests to tell us this.

Mentors and teachers can guide our efforts, but they cannot and will not do the work for us. Each of us need to learn to tune into and reconnect with the source of Divinity that exists within each of us, within our own heart flame, the living Christ or Buddha, the reflection of our own connection with Source and with the rest of Life. Each of us needs to discover what method will enable us to come into alignment with our soul’s purpose for being here, experiencing physical embodiment. Our path is as individual as we are, as living flames of the Divine.

Many sources that I have read agree that we are currently in a period of transition – it is evident by reading the newspaper and viewing both alternative and mass media sources. However, there is a disagreement on the amount of time involved for the needed changes to occur and how long it will take individuals and soul groups to ascend. Magical thinking or hoping that change will come about without effort will not work in the physical world – there are basic Universe laws that must be obeyed and followed.

There is an agreement, however, that darkness upon this particular planet will no longer be tolerated to the extent that it has been in the past. Some of the most stubborn souls, who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions, will be removed from this world, so that the rest of the remaining population has a better chance to learn to work together. There will be a lessening of the cycles of duality so that learning on the soul level can take place without the amount of suffering that has been experienced in past epochs upon this planet.

However, when all is considered, there is no time or space when viewed from the level of the Soul. There is merely the endless opportunity of the individual to learn to come into alignment with soul and to surrender to divine intent — so that all life might live in harmony, abundance, beauty and peace. Eventually, all souls will make the journey of return to Source.

I am still in process of learning about these things and have attempted to reword what I have read and experienced in my own words. I know that there are many who encounter my writings who know much more than I. However, each of us has to come to our own understanding in our own way, and that takes processing the material and knowledge within and deciding what it is that we understand now, what resonates and what will require more study. In this way, we all approach understanding in our own way, following the path that was specifically designed for ourselves by our Self.

Understanding cannot be given to another individual; they must come to it in their own way and in their own time. Take this time to learn about yourself and then to learn about yourself further through the echoes of your own lifetimes spent and to be spent in other cultures, times and places.

Isn’t life a wonder? There is so much to learn, experience and to be. It is an opportunity – let us see it as such.

Blessings to all, I AM your sister in light and love, Eliza

Copyright © 2013-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. https://bluedragonjournal.com/

13 thoughts on “Eliza: Pralaya – A Period of Transition

  1. Thank you for another fabulous message that hit all the right spots Elizabeth. Love walking this journey & having guide full posts like yours to light the way. Biggest hugs, Lise ❤

  2. Thank you for these inspiring thoughts! I also love the pine cone for your site picture. I collect them as well. Love and Light! Luther

  3. Greetings!
    What a wonderful and concise way to fully express what we are going through as individuals and as a collective. As I read your post my being resonates with the harmony chord that touches my soul.
    I truly enjoy reading your posts, you have a great way with words and conveying your messages.
    Thank you for all you do to shine light to our path.
    Big hug of Love and Light,

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