Eliza: Opening up to Your Divinity is a Sacred Mission

Staghorn Sumac

Opening Up to Your Divinity is a Sacred Mission

by Eliza Ayres

In the past week or so, I have experienced nearly nightly visitations from various ascended beings. I am beginning to take this as a matter of course, but a few years ago, I would have questioned my sanity. Let’s face it – the role of being a Light worker on this planet has been a long, lonely road for most of us. We’ve been sprinkled like spare salt over the face of the earth, into various fields of endeavors, some as parents, some as singles, some gay, some straight, and in every country across the planet. Many of us have had to live with partners, spouses and children who were not awake and resistant to any change whatsoever in their carefully constructed lives. Others of us have been travelers, moving across the globe, some in groups visiting the energy centers of the planet. And still others have begun to shape incipient communities, often much to the displeasure of surrounding neighbors suspicious of anything to do with spirituality outside traditional religions.

I have lived a divided life for a long time. While I am in the process of coming out (as it were) as a star seed and Light worker by running this blog, most of my co-workers and neighbors do not have a clue as to what constitutes the “real” me. And I suppose this is reflective of my lack of understanding of same. However, now that we are moving into an energy that is more conducive to light work, it is time that we all begin to explore and open up to our divinity, our true Self, our multi-dimensional being, as an individual starseed and as part of collective humanity.

One thing that I discovered this past weekend was that spiritual work can be very uplifting… quite literally. On Friday night, my guides came in and we began to do a careful Kundalini “exercise” that lasted perhaps a couple of hours. It took me practically all the next day to come down enough so I could function. Good thing I did not have to go to work. The energies were pulsing through me and I kind of floated on a sea of bliss most of the day. Didn’t get much accomplished and didn’t care.

Last night, my Higher Self came in with its Twin Flame and we “discussed” the relationships that exist between the soul extension personality and the “higher” spiritual bodies. If you have ever seen one of those Russian doll sets where the largest doll open to reveal a smaller one, and then that one reveals another smaller yet and so on… well, that is a faint echo of what we are to our greater collective consciousness. We are Them and they are us. As the veils go down–and they went down with a big thud on 12/21/12—we can begin to open up to these greater parts of ourselves. By greater I do not mean better or more spiritual. We are and have always been a part of the Whole; we just forgot as part of our role-playing on this planet.

As starseed and Light workers, we came here to free the people of Earth who have been caught up in a limited consciousness field for thousands of years. We took on the commission knowing that some of us would also get caught up in the strong negative energy fields existing here; however, being the bravest of the bravest, or perhaps not bothering to read the fine print at the bottom of the contract, we came in, as babies, into a strange place.

The title of the science fiction book, “Stranger in a Strange Land”, always resonated with me, as I know it has for other starseeds. Despite the difficulties of adapting to the local customs, I personally fell in love with planet Earth or Terra as I like to call her. Although stripped of her natural resources, she still offered me many moments of beauty and peace as I spent years hiking and backpacking in the wonderful mountains and sea shores of the Pacific Northwest of North America. I found beauty in the wild life and wild flowers, peace in walking the canyons, woods and ridges, soaking in the natural wonders all around me. I saw how many of her inhabitants were less than kind to her (to the planet) and her life forms, but they were asleep in a fear-filled nightmare. They did not realize that they were hurting themselves by hurting their environment. Like the behavior found in some of the mentally imbalanced, they cut upon themselves by cutting or littering or defiling the wilds.

This was and is a people who have been systematically stripped of their spiritual connection to the planet, to life and to each other. Now, it is time for them to begin to reopen to that connection and it is our job, as Light workers, to lead by example. If you were ever unsure of your connection to Spirit and to Home, don’t be. Realize that your thoughts create your world. What you dwell on will manifest in your world. If you linger in fear and hesitate, circumstances creating more doubt and fear will arise.

In my decision to begin this blog six months ago, I knew that I was opening a door that could never be shut, unless I chose to do so. I have encountered through this Internet connection some wonderful people… and a few not so wonderful to balance the experience. I have taken a stand in creating a space that I hope offers an example, not to follow, but to inspire others whether they consider themselves starseed or Light workers or just regular folk who are searching for meaning in their lives.

On the surface, I live a regular American life. I get up in the morning, go to work, go to the gym and then come home to household chores and my two cats. To my neighbors, I’m a quiet but friendly sort who spends a lot of time alone, walking, writing and gardening. However, inside, deep within my being I am undergoing a massive reconstruction project, otherwise known as ascension. And from what I have read about the ascension process, it is not an overnight happening, but occurs gradually over a long (or shorter) period in order to allow the body to adapt to the increase of the energies that it can carry. As evidenced by my experience with the Goddess Kundalini, it will take a little more time for me to carry those energies gracefully, yet every day I can carry more.

What is the benefit in being a human guinea pig since physical ascension has never before occurred on this massive scale? Well, it allows each of us to become transformers and transmitters of the light energy that is daily being beamed to the planet from the various galactic light ships stationed around the solar system, as well as Cosmic energies being directed by heavenly bodies (i.e., stars) and the ascended masters. In the past, most humans who ascended dropped their physical body once their monad descended into it, as the process literally blew out the fuses of the body’s electromagnetic system. This time, ascension is going more slowly to allow our bodies to gradually adapt to the increases. We can speed up the process individually, but do seek the guidance of your soul and Monad when doing so.

We are quite literally bringing heaven to earth. Our planet, the one that we have adopted during this great work, is set to blossom into radiant beauty once the fifth dimensional energies become stronger. We can allow this to happen by focusing on opening up to our true nature, as multidimensional beings embodied here and now. Life does become very interesting when you start expanding your neighborhood to include the Universe.

While processing these very strong energies and undergoing the tests that come with the process of Ascension, do seek out the means to keep grounded and in your body, through meditation, exercise, good food, finding like-minded people with which to share, spending time outside and in nature and anything that gives you some joy and laughter in your life.

We are the Ones we were looking for and now is the time to get on with the project of bringing the fifth dimension into being, a new world and a new age for humanity and our lovely blue-green planet, Terra.


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44 thoughts on “Eliza: Opening up to Your Divinity is a Sacred Mission

  1. Thank you for writing this. Reading these blogs helps to mot feel so isolated and that there are people around the world who experience the same as me . My journey is making me feel a loner because I don’t know anybody personally who is taking the same journey . other spiritual people that I personally know wouldn’t even understand if I tried to explain. I did try but I probably appeared to talk rubbish The concept of earth vibrations and frequencies lost them completely . This is a journey that I appear to be taking alone . At least I am happy in the knowledge that there are many people who ate feeling just the same. Reading blogs like yours is a huge help so thank you once again. BB

    • Most of us can attest to feeling exactly as you have, dear one. Another reason for expanding your consciousness — you are never alone. Your ability to express your feelings and experiences will blossom as you move into your multidimensionality. Mine did — yours will, too. Many blessings! Elizabeth

  2. Thank you for inspiring the rest of us to ‘come out of the spiritual closet’. This is exactly what I needed, as though you were speaking directly to me. Your words have Divine resonance ❤ Blessings, Dear One~ ❤

  3. Thank you for your insight and for being you! I got tears in my eyes while reading this as I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who felt this way. Had to laugh about not reading the small print on contracts though … I usually don’t even have the patience to read the large print! LOL.

  4. Tears of love, gratitude and joy. “being the bravest of the bravest, or perhaps not bothering to read the fine print at the bottom of the contract, we came in” very funny . . . thank you for this perceptive, joyous message . . . Scott

  5. Thank you Elizabeth!! I am sitting here with tears of gratitude streaming…..I could have written every word, but you did it with such eloquence and clarity and grace.

    “Stranger in a Strange Land”, I have used that title for years as well.

    Now I remember, and I AM filled with joyful anticipation, Trust without doubt. Ahhhhhhh!

  6. Reposted this on two suitable Facebook sites where I know there are seekers for whom this is manna in the desert. Thanks as always for your pioneering work Elizabeth.

  7. I thank all of you here for expressing my own thoughts and feelings so very well – especially the loner, Stranger In a Strange Land, and having glossed over the fine print at the bottom of the contract. 🙂 And thank you, Elizabeth, for your blog. I’ve just been “asking” for something to help me keep going, as it seems to be like moving through molasses in these times.

  8. Thank you, Elizabeth ! English is not my native language in this lifetime yet I feel such a strong connection to you and all of us sprinkled over the Earth ….It’s really a most exiting time to be here and now, apart but together for our shared mission !

  9. I enjoyed reading your article. Got me thinking about our relationship with the animals. I would like to see a time when we can walk in the forests, and not be harmed by any of the animals. I think this is part of the ascension process, and healing.

    • I’ve walked in the woods for over 30 years and have not been harmed by the animals. It’s all a matter of being there, with Nature. Animals are emotional beings and pick up quickly on people’s fear of them. I’ve seen bears, coyotes, minks, moose, deer, wapiti and foxes and have felt the presence of cougars nearby, as well. Not a scratch from any of them there creatures. Ascension is in process, at least to those of us who are open to the possibility, still, and willing to commit. Thanks for your comment. Elizabeth

  10. I enjoyed this blog as it reminds me so much of myself of the loneliness we lightworks/starseeds have to go through to shine. For many of us we quietly are the beacons in the background as we go out and about doing business in our daily lives. Blessings, Linda

  11. Amazing- And god is being an Indigo a challenge. I purely wish to begin to know the ingredients to manifest such a person as yourself Elizabeth, to be there for even me as a friend and kindred. thank you for sharing- glad to be reminded im not alone. MUCH LOVE and Instant Light energy fulfilling ALL who read and see this now. [enjoy this light]
    Love, Four!

    • Another Chetan question! I don’t believe any light workers came into the animals. However, it has been known for a part of a soul to come into animal and plant beings in order to experience life from that perspective. Animals are much closer to Source than we are, in many ways, being more in tune with their Oversoul or Devic (angelic) energies. And they respond well to people who carry light because of their emotional natures. Animals have much to teach us, especially how to live with an open heart. E

      • Please don’t laugh at the questions of an ignorant person! The answers to these questions are as important to me as milk to your twin cats!!

      • You are not an ignorant person, Chetan. I love your questions. BTW, my cats don’t drink milk. I don’t have any in the house. They drink water like I do. You, my brother, are curious and lively. It is all good. Love, Elizabeth.

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