Eliza: Bringing Heaven to Earth

Golden Beech

Bringing Heaven to Earth

 by Eliza Ayres

I was very happy when I woke up on Friday, December 21st, 2012, now seven years ago. Apparently, I brought back with me (from wherever / whenever I had been) an impression that I finally understood my “mission”. What I had read in one of the posts from “Cosmic Awareness” the previous evening was a confirmation of what I had felt for a long time. I was not going to be beamed up into some heavenly world; rather, I was going to remain here on Earth. And I was to continue to work with the good people here, my friends and neighbors and those whom I have not yet met “in the flesh”. I was pleased and content.

As usual, I went to work, rather than setting aside the day for meditation. During the day, my fellow co-workers and I were called out for a moment of silence in remembrance of the children slain just that week in Connecticut. As we stood there silently, I felt a waterfall of light descend upon our little group, infusing not only ourselves but the surrounding community. The rest of the day, I felt a great deal of bodily discomfort, an edge of a headache and nausea, indicators that the light was permeating my physical vessel. Having experienced these sensations often over the past years, I lived with it and continued on with my duties. What was different this time was despite the real physical discomfort, I was able to go to the gym after work and get some exercise. Indeed, the entire week had been a good one for me; no longer did I feel the need to curl up in a dark corner and ride out the pain.

On the weekend, I woke up with a terrific headache and fatigue. This time I did not wake up with any insights about what might have happened or not with ascension. However, as I was drawn to reading various channeled messages, there grew within me a sense of verification of the process through which I had just gone through; indeed, which I had been going through for quite some time. It was the process of re-opening up to the realization of my full multidimensionality.

During the past months, even years, I had been visited by various non-physical beings who seemed quite intent that I remember who I was and what I was doing here. And what has been changing all during this period is my perception of what and who I am (still in process!). The revelations still are coming and still present a challenge for my mind to accept, that is how great I AM and, indeed, how great everyone who is reading this is. Through our long journey immersed in the heavy energies of the third dimensionality and conditioning of this planet, we have forgotten that we are still connected to Source and always have been. We are, already, fully multidimensional beings; we just have forgotten. Now as the Veil thins we are beginning to wake up to the full majesty of our beings and as star beings and lightworkers bring that growing awareness to the rest of humanity.

Awhile back, I started reading one of the books of the Sirian Revelation Trilogy, “No More Secrets; No More Lies, “A Handbook to Starseed Awakening” by Patricia Cori. Within this book, there is a condensed version of the information that has been presented through various means on the Internet, emerging from other sources and investigations, into what lies behind the motivations and actions of our erstwhile controllers on this planet. I quickly realized that I also need to read the first two books to get a better picture of what the Sirians are presenting, but it was obvious to me that humanity, Homo sapiens, have a special destiny and a divine inheritance.

Briefly the book describes the roots of humanity, how Homo sapiens was created by combining the genetic material of four star races, three of whom were on the verge of disappearing and that of Homo erectus, at that time Earth’s foremost ape species, and binding all together with the light codes of the Realms of Light. Although the four races were placed in parts of the planet that was conducive to their adaption to their new home, they were meant to eventually come together and blend into one race, a process that has already begun to occur with interracial marriage. These original divisions of humanity were what came to be known as the black, red, yellow and white races, corresponding to the four directions held sacred by indigenous peoples all over the world. They were placed in parts of the planet that corresponded to the genetic disposition of their forebears so they could adjust to this planet. The fifth element forever bound humanity to Gaia, the genetic material from the indigenous Homo erectus, the first being to walk on two feet upon this planet from the days of the earliest dawn. The creators then bound these new races together as humanity with their own star codes, which would connect them forever with the realms of Light.

So what happened to humanity? What went wrong? Well, the Annunaki of the wandering planet Nibiru felt that Gaia belonged to them. They discovered the genetic seeding of humanity and decided to take that incipient race and strip them of much of their genetic inheritance and create a slave race for their own purposes. This “rape of the nest of humanity” took place some 100,000 years ago and we have been, more or less, a slave race from that time on. Through their genetic manipulation and through clever and pervasive mental, emotional and physical manipulation by using fear, the minions of the Annunaki have managed to keep humanity divided by the creation of unnatural divisions through religion, racism, creed, political beliefs, education, economics and by poisoning bodies and minds through the use of mass media, war, poverty and disease. Knowing that they were a tiny minority and desiring to keep a growing population under control, our controllers designed teachings and beliefs into the systems they created. First, primarily through religion and local leaders, through war and pestilence, humanity was controlled. Religious leaders taught that humanity was a fallen race and deserved to be punished by a faceless God, that humanity was to blame for the destruction of their world. The sinking of Atlantis, through the misuse of free will and crystal power, left an indelible wound in the subconscious of the race. What humanity did not realize, were not allowed to know, was the fact that everything that has taken place on the planet that has led to the destruction of nations, peoples, cultures and finally of the environment and of the planet, have actually been the miscreations of the dark minority that has ruled this planet for so long.

The responsibility for all the wars, disease, the deaths and the misery that humanity has been put through in the last several millennia can be placed squarely on the collective shoulders of the dark controllers and their minions. However, as a collective who has undergone and experienced both the role of victim and victimizer, this karma has become the karma of us all. We have all played various roles in this long drama, so rather than seeking out those who are the latest perpetrators, it is time for us all to come together and heal ourselves and each other. And the suffering has served to bring the race to spiritual maturity, where the desire for freedom is greater than the fear of death and destruction. The race is now posed to step beyond the controls, beyond the Matrix, and to take up its divine destiny. Some of us, as starseeds and lightworkers, have come here to assist in the birth of this race as it prepares to reconnect with its galactic Light Family and the rest of the Universe.

To read a newspaper or watch a news show on television, it would appear that the dark powers are still in control. However, much has changed during the changing of cycles. The overlords of our controllers, the Annunaki, have given up their claim to the planet and its people and have returned to the Galactic Federation. And now the institutions erected by the powers that were (TPTW) are even now undergoing a process of entropy, decay, as the power underlying their creation and maintenance has been withdrawn. Although not entirely apparent to the casual reader or viewer on the Internet or television, TPTW has suffered huge setbacks in the recent months and years as their primary source of control over the planet through the various financial avenues of banking and investment corporations have been in the process of collapsing in on themselves. The traps that TPTW erected in their determination to bring the entire planet under a one world government have failed. Still, in their self-perpetuated blindness, they do not see what others are beginning to plainly see – their time is over.

Some people are finally beginning to see that the various institutions set up by our erstwhile controllers have not been and never have acted in our interest, but only in the interest of keeping the control of the planet in the hands of a tiny minority, barely 2,000 individuals. And now these very corporations, the educational systems, the banking system, various religious establishments, education, as well as corrupt governments, seem to be falling apart or on the verge of falling apart. Worldwide, lightworkers have been waiting impatiently for the final crash of these institutions to occur; for the arrests to begin; for the governments to fall. There has also been an anticipation, indeed a hope held by some of the lightworkers and spiritual warriors, that great planetary calamities would happen with the resulting deaths of thousands, millions and in some cases, billions of the earth’s population. None of the worst predictions and prophecies have played out, not even those of Edgar Cayce or Nostradamus.

So what has happened? An opportunity has opened up, a divine dispensation if you will, for even those who have once been dedicated to the purposes and goals of the dark to change their ways and come to the light. The institutions that have been set up to divide and control humanity can now be transformed and refocused, to bring healing and unity to the world. It is a process that will take some time as the change of heart of these formerly dark-oriented individuals and organizations undergo an internal transformation.

What has not occurred to many lightworkers is the realization that all who live on this planet are part of the collective being, humanity. Even some lightworkers have taken on the judgmental attitudes of the erstwhile controllers, condemning humanity as being a failed and undeserving species. Heaven knows better and is presenting humanity with a way to redeem itself. If you know anything about redemption as a process, it is one that must start within the individual not from without. As such, even those who have willingly or unwillingly been a part of the dark agenda, are now being given and will continue to be given an opportunity to come back into the light. And those who have played the role of the victim are now being given the opportunity to step into and claim their power. The power of which I speak is not a power over other fellow beings, but a taking back of individual sovereignty, which will enable each living being to take control of their own destiny and to join with their brothers and sisters in the healing of their communities and world.

With the advent of the new light energies on the planet and the return of the Divine Feminine to the world, there will begin to be a re-balancing of the energies. Each of us carries within our being both sides of the coin, the Yin and Yang, the dark and light, the female and male energies. During the last six millennia, the focus has been primarily on the masculine energies, as our controllers were determined to not only keep us separated from our Father and the Family of Light, but to rip us from our roots, our genetic and spiritual connection to the physical manifestation of our Mother, the planet itself. Now we have been given an opportunity to bring this polarity, these energies into balance, both within ourselves and in the world, with the healing of our bodies and the earth. As we re-discover natural ways of working with the planet and her elemental kingdoms, the planet will, again, return to being the living Garden of Eden that she was meant to be. We will, as one people, bring Heaven to Earth. And this planet will be an ascended physical planet, fully integrated with her multidimensionality.

Our creators, our Family of Light was prevented from interfering with the control mechanisms put in place by the Annunaki so long ago, but now there exists an opportunity for humanity to be freed from the darkness that has plagued the planet for so long. In response to the turn of cycles, the advent of light began on this planet some time ago and is even now beginning to manifest as a planet-wide process of ascension, as the light codes of the Realms of Light placed into humanity’s genetic makeup so long ago are now being activated in response to the increase of cosmic rays and unconditional love being beamed onto this planet. Now is the time for humanity to begin to awaken. It is a process that will take some time, perhaps another 3,600 years, according to one of the most recent messages from Cosmic Awareness, at which time humanity as a collective will ascend.

What has occurred with the Shift is the stripping away of the power behind the dark. For the first time in its entire history as a race, humanity will have an opportunity to step beyond the artificial barriers of limitation, pain, and division, imposed upon it by the overlords and their minions. Although created from the genetic material of four star races, humanity was always meant to blend into one race, collective humanity and to take up its place in the stars along with the other galactic star races. This will take place as it has been foretold. And it is up to those of us who are here as emissaries of our own races, as star seed, lightworkers and spiritual warriors, to assist in making this happen. We are here as physical guides, mentors, and teachers. Our own missions will begin to become more apparent as the days pass and we are able to assimilate into our waking consciousness what has occurred. It is a time to let go any sense of disappointment and to resolve to be here now, with the planet, with its people and with all life upon it.

It is the time that we stop looking for a savior or for our galactic neighbors to save us and the planet. Under the control of the Annunaki and their minions, the various leaders of the dark agenda, the planet has suffered heavily from intentional abuse, pollution, and degradation of its waters, air and soil. Human life is still threatened by the poisons that have been placed into the atmosphere, the soil, and the waters, in our food and into our bodies. It is time to wake up and come together, along with our neighbors, our people and to take back our world. For even if we have come here as starseed, by living in this world and being a part of it, it has indeed become our world to save and heal.

What is different for the starseed and awakened lightworkers is that now we are being presented with the opportunity to bring forth our fifth dimensional (and beyond!) consciousness into our physical bodies. During the course of the last 70 years or so, our four bodies (physical, etheric, emotional and mental) have been adjusting to the growing intensity of the light being beamed upon the planet. Now our bodies, at least in the forerunners, are nearly fully adjusted to the changes; our etheric DNA, the so-called “junk” DNA is being downloaded and activated within our bodies. With the activation of the etheric DNA in the physical body comes the downloading of the star codes, placed there so long ago by our galactic creators, by our fathers and mothers, by our Family of Light. In short, we are now in the process of waking up to the full potentiality of being ascended masters in physical bodies.

As starseed and lightworkers, we have an advantage that most of humanity does not; many of us are already awake, but millions of lightworkers are still asleep, as well as the billions of the rest of the world’s population. We are here to tip the scales, to assist in opening the eyes of our fellow lightworkers and then those of the general population who are beginning to stir under the influence of the rising frequency of the planet, asking questions and seeking answers. To whom can these newly awakened ones find their answers? By looking within and by being led to read the books and videos created by wayshowers, as well as to discover spiritual groups and communities already in existence or soon to be created that can assist them into getting started on their individual journey to spiritual re-connection with Source. The connections are already there in the etheric; they just need to be activated and brought into the physical through conscious intent, faith, focus, and belief. We are here to demonstrate what it is to be physical ascended masters, not for ourselves because many of us have ascended on other worlds, in other solar systems, galaxies, and universes, but to do it here, for these people so they can resume their own collective journey to ascension and become a galactic star race on their own.

As we ground that light (information) into the planet, it raises the vibrational level of everyone and everything that we encounter during the course of our day. Those of us who are aware of what has happened, what is happening, and what can happen, as we are able to access the knowledge of our multidimensional being, which exists on many planes, in the “past” and the “future”, as well as other planets and even universes, we can bring that knowledge and apply it to our everyday life here. The potential for creativity and new developments in science, medicine, spirituality, government, etc. are huge. By coming together as “families of light” here on the planet, we can inspire new directions and new healing for humanity. No longer need we fear that our communities will be subjected to ridicule or even by destruction. It is the time for the light and unconditional love of the Father and Mother to come forward, through humanity who are their children, true children of the stars.

What is required for us to be able to manifest our full ascended consciousness and abilities, is to believe it can and is happening. What is required is an adjustment in attitude and perception. In short as lightworkers and starseed we need lose the wish for a “savior” or need to escape the daily trials and lessons by ascending or being removed to a “higher” place, i.e., a fifth-dimensional heaven world. We are the “saviors” — we are the ones who we have been waiting for, the so-called second coming of the Christ (grounding the light of our I AM Presence here as Lord Maitreya did through the physical vessel of Jesus) and now is the time to get down to the real work of being here now on this planet, to anchor the light and unconditional love of Source, the All That Is, here and now.

We are the conduits for this light to reach these people, our family members, our co-workers, our neighbors, citizens of other countries, tribes, and nations – we are here to be the wayshowers to demonstrate that by bringing our full multidimensional awareness and abilities through into the physical plane that it possible for any member of the human race to do so, also. We cannot accomplish this sacred work by disappearing to a higher plane. We cannot look for another to do our work for us. We are perfectly placed to hold the light and to give humanity an opportunity to expand their horizons, to adjust their attitudes and to gradually move collectively forwards their spiritual destiny. Some of us will remain as ascended masters here on the physical plane for the duration; some of us will leave as our own personal contracts are completed. As our personal awareness expands, we will know what it is for each of us to do. The assignments are varied as each of us carries unique qualities and gifts. It is for you to discover just what you have to offer to the collective.

Not only are we acting as conduits of light (Father) but also of love, unconditional love (Mother) for as a people, humanity has forgotten that it is loved by Source and by their Family of Light. It will take the feeling of that love, being that love as a demonstration to bring home to the people of this planet that they are deserving and worthy of love, too. For too long have these people been subjected to abuse and derision; it will take time for the healing to be accomplished. It will take patience and fortitude; even some of the starseeds have suffered greatly in their own time on this planet, either short or of long duration. All must come into an acceptance and love for self and then move into an acceptance and universal love of their brothers and sisters, the other people, animals and life forms that grace this still beautiful planet and still expand that love to include their Family of Light and the Universes that exist beyond this one.

For myself, in the short-term, I feel that for now, I can best assist in this process by continuing with my writing. Perhaps in the future my role will expand or change; I don’t know how as yet. I do know that in waking up on Friday morning, I was very happy to accept my role as a wayshower and beacon of light for those who are on the verge of discovering who and what they are, true multidimensional beings, worthy of an opportunity to grow into themselves and to become what they were meant to be from the first, a fully God-realized physical being living on a beautiful sacred planet. We are here to assist humanity and ourselves to bring heaven to earth and it is a wonderful project to contemplate and meditate upon. December 21, 2012, has come and gone; now it is time to get to work.

I AM Eliza, your sister in light and love; I wish you many blessings on your own journey.


Editor’s Note:  In retrospect of several years, the much hailed date of 12/21/12, came and passed without any actual ‘instant’ Shift taking place.  The minions of Dark Team refused to honor their contract between the positive Galactic Forces, humanity, and themselves.  Nevertheless, with the entry of the Solar System into the leading edge of the Photon Belt, the frequency of the planet is rising.  As a result, the constructs of the dark are falling apart, as no thing that is not of the Light can survive in these higher vibrations.  Any system that is out of alignment will be destroyed ultimately.  The Shift is still in process and will continue until the Ascension window closes on an undetermined date.  Those who are caught up in ego delusions are not going to ascend no matter what label they place upon themselves.  

Copyright © 2012-19 by Eliza Ayres. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. http://www.bluedragonjournal.com/

14 thoughts on “Eliza: Bringing Heaven to Earth

    • Their actions will continue to play out for a while, but the energies that have supported such activities has been withdrawn. Just how long? Sorry, my crystal ball is not revealing the answer. And yes, we still get chem trails in our skies… I have photos of them. Today they are not obvious due to our wintery winds and clouds. Perhaps visualizing their disappearance and working consciously with the elementals will assist in speeding up the effort to clear up our beautiful skies. Some sources have said that our galactic families are also participating in the clean-up. People as a whole need to wake up to the poisonous reality of chem trails and the other poisons still being introduced into our food, water and soils by governments and corporations. Until they demand its ending, these desecrations will continue for a time. How long, I don’t know. I want it to end now. And many thanks for your comment.

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  2. Fantastic! Very well written Elizabeth! I can even use this as ascension 101! Thank you very much. I would have preferred things to move much quicker but perhaps now we can manifest a speeding of the awakening. Love & light, Zeynep

  3. Elizabeth, beautiful message again. Thank you!

    I have come to understand, have been taught by Self, how the “Point of Perception” works. For years I have been “struggling” with health issues, serious ones. One day, I began to “hear” Directives as to the choices that lay before me. I distinctly heard by focusing on HEALTH, feeling it, seeing it, BEing it, thinking it, and acting as though health is mine, that is what I shall have. By following through with this Directive along with a deep inner resolve to really do this, I have healed this body, and still to this day, in the process of doing so even more. I have managed to stay out of a wheelchair, and not only that, but am back at a gym, fully without reserve or FEAR, working out with free weights. This body has not ever been stronger in this Present Moment, going all the way back to childhood. (I was so convinced I would never go back to body building again, I threw out all my books, all my notes, all my everything. And here I am, doing the impossible right now! Lesson learned…..I will NOT throw out my Classical Ballet books! IF I choose to do so, I will dance again!)

    NOW I am learning how to focus on more then one aspect of My Life. My health aspect is purring like a kitten, so with faith and full trust in MySelf, I go on to other aspects of My Life. I am finding out how satisfying and FUN this is, creating what I choose! I am presently focusing on another aspect of My Life, creating as I go, flying by the seat of my pants, and knowing, just knowing, that by living as though it already IS, that is what I shall see manifest. How exciting!

    All I can say, that with a deep conviction within to create a “dream” into “reality”, and living/BEing that conviction in your daily Life, anything is possible. ANYTHING!

    Namaste, Elizabeth. How grateful I am to you for sharing your Talent with the written word. And thank you for listening to me. I hope I have encouraged all who read this small “epic” from My Life.

    • Thank you, Amy, for the wonderful share. I’ve come back from health issues, too, having chronic fatigue syndrome, but nothing as serious as your now former condition. You have truly demonstrated what one person can do in their own life to move out fear. Thanks, again! Many blessings to you. Elizabeth

      • Many Blessings to you as well, Elizabeth. We truly have arrived, haven’t we? (((HUGS))) ~AA~

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