Great Divine Director: Communique

Communique from the Great Divine Director

via Eliza Ayres

I AM Lord Chananda Gia, the Great Divine Director. It has been awhile since we last spoke through our messenger, but there were many things she needed to do in other places and other times. It is confusing to some who are new to our way of being, living in a Multiverse. One cannot comprehend that you, as an individual are part of a greater being, first your soul and then your soul family, and beyond. It is possible to simultaneously live many lives at the same moment. With the intense energies impacting the planet during the past few weeks, our messenger’s soul felt it better to withdraw somewhat and to allow our messenger to rest. And so she has come through the ordeal ready to serve, again, as she has always, with an eager and generous heart.

We come to you with tidings of great joy. The time of year approaches that has traditionally served as the celebration of the birthday of Yeshua. Know that this time of year served much longer as a festival of light, serving as a time when hearth fires were renewed and when people knew that after three days of stillness, the sun would again begin to rise towards the equinox. Light would again take precedence over the darkness of the night of the spirit.

Notice that I say “night” of the spirit. It is true that when autumn approaches in the northern latitudes of your planet, the nights get longer and the weather colder. It does not mean that the spirits of the people diminish in power, for your ancestors would turn to each other and create time to tell stories, make songs and dances, to build furniture, to weave and sew garments, to make stews and bake cakes and bread. They learned to share their experiences through story-telling and poetry. They learned to plan for the coming season for planting and gathering. They worked with nature, going within, praying and fasting. Some of their wise ones would measure the movement of the stars and moon and report back to the elders and the women’s council; others would dream or travel to other worlds within and bring back their tales and wisdom.

Where do you go on a cold night? Do you sit in front of a television set, beer in hand, eating chips or do you sit with your children, telling them stories or reading from a book? Do the members of your family talk to each other or do they sit in separate rooms, watching different shows, playing on the computer or on a game set? Do you exercise your creativity through journaling, dreaming, art work, music, dance and theatre? Or are you content with letting someone else supply you with entertainment?

Building a new world takes courage, determination, focus and imagination. Exercise your eye-mage, your inner eye by taking your attention away from the repetitious news and gossip that is fed to you and create stories, see images of yourself in other settings, places, times and spaces. Learn to speak to your soul, to your soul family, to your family of light. Learn to listen to your heart and reason with your mind. What is it that you wish to see and do and be in the new world? You are the creator; you are in charge. Be strong. Be daring. Be courageous, even outrageous… and you will discover soon enough that even your most outrageous dreams will fall short of what is to come, what is coming just around the corner.

Many changes must come upon the earth, but with the undivided focus of the lightworkers and starseed, the changes will come — be willing to dream them into existence.

We go now, but will return soon to speak to you, again.


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7 thoughts on “Great Divine Director: Communique

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  2. This was such a smooth and easy message, thank you Elizabeth. I’m a little from column a and column b but I must confess it is mostly watching sesame street with my sons. I actually think it’s a funnier show now than when I watched it when I was a kid. 🙂 So much creative genius went into that show, and Jim Henson was/is an amazing guy.

  3. Wow. That sure gives us a lot to think about. Thanks. I am happy today because I spent the whole night writing up a 14 page business plan for a new business that may some day empower hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Hopefully it will become a reality!

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