Eliza: The Womb of Creation

Eliza:  The Womb of Creation

This past week no channeled messages came to me and few words for writing, as well. It was as if I was submerged into a space separate from the rest of the world; as if I were wrapped up like a fetus in mother’s womb. To what purpose did I have this experience, I do not know as yet. Still, it was great to detach, if only momentarily, from expectations, my own and others, and to just be.

I spent some time just resting, watching old sci fi movies, reading and taking some walks in the cold November air. One book that I managed to read was part of the Ascension series by David Joshua Stone. Mr. Stone was a prolific writer of some 15 books on Ascension and the Ascended Master Teachings. While I don’t necessarily follow everything he says about ascension or the masters, it was still comforting to touch back on teachings that I have encountered several times during the course of this lifetime. Mr. Stone took his information from several different sources and combined it in an easy to read format that would not intimidate any spiritual seeker with an open mind. Mr. Stone left the planet, passing over in 2005, so much of what he has to say about ascension has not been updated recently; however, there are many things that one can adapt into their lives on a daily basis listed out in the books. The primary message of the books is that ascension is universal and can be approached through any religion, by the adaptation of spiritual practices (meditation, mantra and prayer) as well as right living. Since he channeled much of his material, seeking verification on the various sources of the books, Mr. Stone did encourage people to learn to channel, while being suitably protected and seeking only the highest sources for information. He felt it was necessary to access first the soul as teacher, then other ascended master or celestial mentors, including one’s own monad or I AM Presence. These teachings are, unabashedly, from the ascended master teachings that have come down through theosophy (sacred knowledge) and integrated with the various channeled material coming from ascended masters, as well as teachings received through then living masters, including Sai Baba (passed 2011).

One important thing to note from Mr. Stone’s teachings is the fact that prophecy is only good at the moment it is received. In other words, the various prophecies from the Bible and other sources, including Edgar Cayce, no longer hold true. Prophecy allows humans to make the choice to change. Once the change takes effect, the prophecy is no longer valid. So the Cayce prophecies of severe earth changes, massive flooding and land submergence, as well as severe climate changes and the revelation of long hidden secrets no longer holds sway. Things have changed. People have changed. Some so-called prophets hang onto their visions long after they are no longer valid, most likely from a need to be right. It is better to let go and to be thankful that people can respond and change before the prophecy need take effect. Free will allows us to change the future, and some day we will discover that we can also change our past, as well. Time is really more circular (as in spirals of time) in nature, not linear as our society has led us to believe.

It is not my place or intention to encourage people to read these books; I just found them interesting for me, helpful in clarifying some points that I was a bit confused or tenuous about. One area that needed clarification, in my mind, was the process of ascension itself. It seems there are quite a few steps, 33, in fact, on the way back to Source. Those steps can be taken in one lifetime or several. The first seven steps or initiations are taken while in a physical body; the last are taken on the spiritual planes of existence, the celestial realms of light. Focus, determination, devotion and compassion all contribute to making initiation an easier process; one does not require intellectual prowess as Sophia, god’s wisdom, will envelop the initiate’s mind as she proceeds on the path. I would encourage those who are interested to read these books. The path that one follows must be chosen by the individual personality, not by some outside force.

If one is concerned as to whether or not they are suited for ascension know that all of us, each incarnated individual, is a son or daughter of the Father / Mother God. It matters not if you have sinned in the past, whether in this life or others. What matters is your dedication to doing whatever is required of you, in service to others, to balance those transgressions. Your path may lead you to work with children, the poor, with prisoners, to assist with disasters, to teach, to write about your spiritual journey, to make art and creative expression, to build using new ecologically sound methods and materials, to farm organically… the list is endless and each is a way of helping yourself and others ground the new world that lies before us.

I would admit that the concept of “sin” is a Christian one, but I do come from a Christian background and genetic base. One of my great, great (etc.) grandfathers was a Puritan preacher from England, who came over to the new colony of Massachusetts in the early 1600’s. A more eastern concept of “sin” would be karma, but it is a concept that is little understood in the West. Although the concept of karma has even entered the consciousness of the average person (non-spiritual or even religious) most people feel that it is either “good” or “bad”. If something that appears negative happens, they attribute it to “bad” karma and look at you or themselves as being bad people. In the East, where the concept arose through the teachings of Hindu sages and gurus, karma is seen as being neutral. It all depends on how the individual dealing with the return of karma experiences it or colors it as being “bad” or “good”. This is dualistic thinking, which is something we have to contend with while living in 3D. One can begin to transcend this way of thinking by seeing the karma as an opportunity to balance out whatever happened in this life or another through service.

Another approach to facing the hardships that arise from life experiences is to see them as opportunities for growth. One learns to let go of material things and materialistic proclivities when your house and belongings are ripped away during a vicious tornado or hurricane. The people of the Mid-West and Eastern seaboard of the United States are discovering this for themselves. You can choose to rebuild and stay in the same place, move or change how you see life. The experiences that come upon each of us, whether the loss of a job, a relationship, material goods, a loved one… all are opportunities for the individual to grow. Some people learn from their experiences, others do not, choosing instead to become more isolated and insular in their attitudes, choosing to experience change as being something fearful and intimidating instead of a release from constrictive patterns. It comes down to personal choice as to whether or not a person will accept and learn from a life lesson.

Important in all of this is to remember to not compare yourself or your path with any other person’s. As each of us is a puzzle piece of Father / Mother God, we all bring a unique point of view and life experience to the whole. It was for this purpose that God sought to divide himself, again and again, until reaching the level of the monad. From there, each monad divided itself into twelve fingers of fire, descending down into the mental plane to create souls. In turn, each soul extended twelve more fingers down into physicality to create individual personalities. It is at the level of the personality that the individual begins the journey home to Source. The journey only begins with the first initiation when the personality turns its attention to spirituality, whether through the path of the religion she grew up in or by finding her own individual path outside the confines of religion. One way or another is not the only way or the best way; that is something that each person must determine for them. One can be an extremely holy person by simply attending mass, repeating the Rosary to Mother Mary and doing charitable works, and holding their thoughts always on God. Another pathway would be in becoming a holistic doctor and treating the poor and impoverished souls of third world areas.

Know also that each soul determines what the individual will learn in each lifetime spent in physicality. Although it would appear that some people do experience horrifying lifetimes spent in war-torn countries, subjected to famine, poverty and abuse, the soul who chose the experience did so in order to teach the individual personality to come into a place of surrender and to seek reconnection with itself, the soul. Did you know that the soul does not pay attention to the individualized personality until it calls out to God / Goddess; until then, the soul focuses on its own connection to its higher self, the monad or soul family. So when people complain that God does not care for them, it is not true. God cannot reach out to the personality until the individual man, woman or child calls for help. This is cosmic law. There can be no interference in the life of the person until they acknowledge their desire to know their higher self. Invoking one of the many names of God / Goddess will focus the attention of the soul onto its individualized personality. Remember, according to ascended master teachings, each soul has at least twelve personalities or soul extensions. Some of these may be in between lifetimes, some living on other planets, and some learning on higher spiritual planes and others in physical embodiment on Earth.

For the individual personality to begin its path home it must appear to suffer so that it might grow in strength, determination and focus, keeping in mind that the personality is a soul extension or just a small portion of the whole extended into physicality to experience for the soul and the greater whole. The soul is eternal and does not suffer, but is enriched through the efforts of its individualized personalities. It will do what is necessary to balance out experiences between negative and positive lifetimes in order to experience the All That Is in its grand totality, as is possible while embodied. Due to the sometimes severe nature of physicality, the learning curve is shortened greatly, unless the personality refuses utterly to attempt reconnection to the soul and becomes lost in matter. Even this is an experience for we cannot exist on the physical plane without connection to the soul. If the soul withdraws, the body dies; it is as simple as that. The presence of the soul extension within the body and its departure at the time of death has even been recorded by scientists. When it is time for the personality to reconnect to the soul consciously the soul will create just the right experiences to push us in the right direction. There are no mistakes, just learning opportunities.

Within each of us is a seed atom that connects us to the monad, as the light filament (seen as the gray cord) connects to our pineal gland and heart, binding our body vehicle to the soul. In unawakened individuals, this filament is fragile and the energy that descends from the soul is merely there to enliven the body while the soul extension is present. When death of the body occurs, the soul connection is withdrawn. The body returns to the earth and the personality takes up residence in whatever level of spiritual plane is appropriate depending on her last thoughts at the point of death (a whole area of teaching… how to die). One of the first lessons that the personality must undertake is to understand that they are not the body. The body is merely a vehicle that allows the soul extension to experience and learn from physicality and all that is available on the physical plane.

When the time comes as the individual decides to reach out to something higher than them, they often think that they need to seek the counsel of others and surrender or give their power away to these other people. This kind of experience is one to teach the soul that the only way back to god is through inner knowing, the use of intuition, while using the teachings of religion and spiritual paths as guides, adapting the ways to the individual need while not constraining the soul from expanding the individual’s point of view. Each person needs to learn not to give their power away to any one, whether it is a guru, a minister, a parent, a teacher, a spouse or even an ascended master. As each person is a unique part of the whole, each path will be different. The important thing is to acknowledge and allow inner knowing to guide your way. In time, as you connect to the soul and then to your monad, you will begin to know what is right for you and even this will change if you allow it as you grow and move along the path.

To begin the path of initiation, the beginning step to ascension, you must come to a point of surrender to higher source, whatever name you give it. If you had a life of abundance, peace and love would you be able to grow or chose to just stagnate? While it is nice to have a break now and then, the individual who is determined to develop the needed inner strength will choose difficult circumstances that encourage inner growth. So it has been for those of us who are wayshowers for humanity; many of us have chosen to live in families broken by war, economic hardship, abuse or other difficulties. Many of us have had to leave traditional religions so we could find our way on our own, learning to trust our intuitional nudges and yearnings, our anxieties as our inner compasses. Not every life time has to be a difficult one, but in this particular time that we are now living, there is a unique opportunity for mass ascension. Accordingly, many souls have chosen to take on difficulties in their younger years so they might develop the needed independence of spirit to undertake the daunting project of reconnecting with their soul, creating the rainbow bridge between the soul and monad and taking the first three initiations upon the spiritual path. For more information on each of the initiations, see the David Stone books or other ascended master teachings.

There are as many paths to God as there are individuals in this world and more. And those who chose to walk the path of the Goddess go with her blessing, as well, for she rules Matter, while the Father rules Spirit. The Mother is our teacher while we exist on the physical plane, whether or not we wish to acknowledge her presence. She nurtures, nourishes, guides and protects those who call to her names, being more present in Mater than the Father who exists beyond form, and who works through the agency of the spiritual hierarchy. Our ancestors knew this connection instinctively. These days with our greater intellectual ability and individualized personalities, most of us have transcended tribal knowledge and living, sometimes to the detriment of our bodies and lives, but it was a necessary step in the development of the human race. While some of us have left the Mother behind, she has ever remained with us, waiting patiently for the time when we would return to ways more that are more holistic and sound for the whole of humanity, the planet and all life contained here. The Mother in her many faces will assist us in the healing of our planet and the forging of new connections between humanity and other life forms, for god exists in all things.

Even in learning through reading about initiation and ascension is not the same as experiencing in within one’s body. During the years since Mr. Stone wrote his first book, many things have been experienced by the lightworker community as a whole. One of the most important or at least something that seems to affect most people on the spiritual path these days is what has become known as ascension flu or as Dr. Georgi Stankov has presented it, “Light Body Process.” I feel that the compression of time is driving the intensification of the symptoms involved when one is experiencing bouts of this “flu.” Just this past three weeks, I have experienced a profoundly debilitating period where I had to take some time off from work. No matter what the cause, it has been quite a bout, one of the most severe that I have experienced in quite a while. There have been headaches, pressure on the crown chakra, tenseness in the neck, swollen lymph glands, achy muscles, fatigue, extended and colorful dreams, a desperate need for more sleep and an inability to concentrate enough to write or at times to even think clearly. Needless to say, it wasn’t the time to push myself so I chose to make the most of the Thanksgiving weekend to get in a lot more needed rest and relaxation. I know that I will be experiencing more bouts of this flu, but it is not life-threatening. In fact, it life-affirming in that my body is changing to the corresponding changes in the frequency of the planet. And I am feeling better.

In the course of the past two years especially I have seen changes emerging in how I view the world. Some of the changes are reflected in these writings; others are taking form and still others are in a nebulous state, waiting in the etheric plane to come into manifestation. I do not know where my path will take me; I just surrender to what comes and follow my inner guidance and the guidance received in dreams, meditations and “chats” that I have with my mentors. Along with way, I have seen the growth of more gifts, the ability to channel, more creativity, as well as more patience and inner strength. Altogether, I feel more whole than in my earlier years and it feels good.

When I take my walks now outside, I find myself seeing more, the intricate patterns found in nature, the beauty of simple contour lines on the horizon, the vitality of changing clouds in a stormy sky or the simplicity of a fallen leaf on the ground. Years ago, I shared an apartment with another woman for a short time. We went on many walks around town together. On the way, I would point out this or that tree to her, naming it and sharing my love for trees in general. One day she looked at me and said, “You know, before I took these walks with you, I never saw trees.”

The impact from that simple remark never left me. It showed that I have a gift I can share with others, so on this blog you see samples of my photography. While I am not a professional, I do manage to frame up an image that is pleasing to the eye and inner being. In placing these images on my blog, I am sharing a part of me that sees the world in a unique way. Not everyone sees trees, but there is always some way people can learn to contribute to whole, by sharing who they are from the inside out. I encourage people to discover their gifts for each of us have at least one to share. In doing so, you will learn more about how special you are, how unique and beautiful, how worthy of God’s love and your own.

Each of us is on a journey, to reconnect with our soul, to learn who and why we are, to reconnect with our monad, our spiritual family, and for some, to reconnect with their galactic and/or inter-galactic family. We are each a son and daughter of our parents, Father / Mother God. If you are just starting on your journey or well on the way, know that you are in the process of becoming more of yourself each day, first by anchoring your soul within your physical body and then your monad. Then you begin to open up to the universe and all its beauty. There are many steps on the way, but the path lies ahead for each of us as well as many different points where decisions can be made. There is much room for growth, for service along the path, for any and all who make the decision to start from the beginning. Some of us are further along, some of us are just beginning, even some of us have already taken ascension in many lifetimes, but all us are brothers and sisters together, here to share our experiences, our beauty and our joy in our discoveries along the way.

Much joy to you on your journey!

I AM Eliza, your sister in love and light.

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